Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year

Normally the last Monday of the year I don't post anything new. I find something that I had previously posted or take the lazy way out and post pictures. Well, since last week I totally flaked and was under the weather. Here we are!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Be nice to people and for the most part they will be nice to you. If not they are an asshole.
2. Congrats to Sean Riccio on finishing his card at the Wickendon pub.
3. This year I was into Christmas more than years past.
4. Twin Rivers is a pretty ghetto casino but their hotel is nice.
5. Chrissy welcome to the casino suspension list, 6 months will fly by.
6. Dave, congrats on the new rescue dog.
7. The older you get the more you realize naps are not a bad thing.
8. A few beers, a whole lotta laughs, with some friends is all you need when feeling down.
9. It's football square season.
10. Chicks at a strip club are automatically part of the show.
11. If Rhode Island is going to take bets then they should have more than 4 windows.
12. I am not sure who decided that Chinese food is a must for New Year's Eve but man that person was on to something.
13. Being 41 ain't so bad.
14. I still haven't quite figured out how to properly trim my beard without shaving it almost off.
15. My top 5 deserts - in no particular order - strawberry shortcake, Boston creme pie, Oreo cheese cake, apple pie and deep fried twinkies.
16. More bars should open on Christmas. Like any time after 4pm. Not early morning but as an escape to get away from in-laws.
17. Fantasy football is officially over.
18. Who is geared up for the Winter classic tomorrow? Hit me up if you aren't hung over and want to grab some lunch and watch.
19. Chrissy is still looking for a jobby job.
20. I'd like to thank anyone who has ever stopped by this random blog about nothing and useless rambling.

Here is to bigger and better things in 2019. Bigger game plans and execution. Pivots and exit strategies.

Let's all try to be nicer in 2019.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Gonna be quick

You guys have 10 shopping days left...till my birthday.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Totally normal to have someone just swap out your toilet for a comfort height toilet, right?
2. I had to buy a snake for a backed up drain in my kitchen. So if anyone is looking for one, hit me up.
3. I am probably the only person I know who is excited for Aquaman.
4. Congrats to Kung Fu Dave on the new job. UMass Lowell is lucky to have you.
5. Brothers bar in Hanover is a nice spot.
6. Chris Leaden has already received 6 orders for cheesecakes. Hit him up if you need one for the holidays.
7. The Macphails annual new years party is fast approaching.
8. Who wears vneck t-shirts?
9. Has anyone gotten the new ID yet? Why do I feel like there are many new hoops to jump through?
10. Blue cheese can really make or break your buffalo chicken experience.
11. It is always sad when you hear of someone taking their life. People always seem to have demons that they don't talk about.
12. I love butterscotch shots, it reminds me of Canada.
13. People are still quick to defend the Patriots even after 2 shitty games. Constructive criticism does not exist around here.
14. I plan to finally finish my card at wickendon pub on Saturday, December 29th.

Monday, December 10, 2018

2 weeks

There are only 2 weeks left to go shopping for Christmas.
I can't believe this year's almost over. Here is to hoping 2019 has less floods than 2018.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Colorado is nice. The people are nice. The weather is nice. The views are nice.
2. You have to crawl before you walk.
3. This was the first football Sunday I missed in God knows how long.
4. Almost 41 and still can not sleep in hotels.
5. Time zones and time travel are basically the same.
6. I don't know anything about drinking at high altitudes making you drunk faster. I experienced the exact opposite. Just drinking with no drunk in sight.
7. I could get on board with Sunday football being at 11 am though.
8. If Arizona is a dry heat then Colorado is a dry cold. Even though it was in the 20s you could easily get away with a sweatshirt.
9. There are "head shops" on every corner. That's what the locals call them. The one on Washington and Jacobs street is the best.
10. Happy Hour rules. Drink specials rock.
11. Fuck your bar if your stools have no backs.
12. Building codes, fire code and the Divinci codes all sound the fucking same after 3 1/2 hours.
13. The best part of travel is all the great food you can experience. The worst part of travel is just wanting a good home cooked meal.
14. Coors (I mean what animal drinks Coors Banquet on the regular anyway) and Coors light does not taste any better in the state of Colorado.
15. Once a month I feel like I experience going 2 steps forward and 3-5 steps back.
16. I don't mind Christmas shopping when there's drinking breaks involved.
17. Chris Leaden is taking orders for holiday cheese cakes, $35 a cake. Don't knock anyone's side hustle.
18. RWK heating and cooling are moving to Pembroke.
19. Cheddar cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers wrapped in bacon on top of a burger may actually change your life. I know it did mine.
20. Looks like the Cape house is booked for July 6th through the 13th. See ya there.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Season of giving

We are into the home stretch. This year is almost over. Let us all try to get nicer to each other, give a little more (if you can afford too), and just try to end this thing on some positive vibes.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Getting together for a good cause with good people is always a good time.
2. Thanks to everyone who showed up this last weekend and donated gifts.
3. The Cape on the off season is becoming overly crowded.
4. Forget trying to find parking down town iin Quincy now a days.
5. Always take time for yourself. Even if it is 30 minutes in a week.
6. Congrats on Supah P and his wife on buying a house in Lakeville.
7. As is the norm, Mike Foley is too cool for school when it comes to crawls.
8. Are you ever too old to look forward to your birthday?
9. I am looking forward to Luther season 5 next month.
10. Why do jeans always fit better after a few wears?
11. Every year I say I am going to do better with my time management and every year it's a fail.
12. The older you get the more you realize what is and what isn't important.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Less than a month

And just like that Christmas is less than a month away. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Kung Fu Dave may be more into MMA than Bill Smiddy.
2. Have you been watching Escape from Dannemora? It's fucking insane.
3. Being sick on the weekend sucks.
4. Mike G is in India again.
5. Apparently in India they have Uber Hire where you can block a person off and use them all day. Maybe Chrissy can start that here.
6. If you go out for Black Friday to save $35 on a TV you are bat shit crazy.
7. We all have that one friend who gets drunk and goes over the line, right?
8. Some days I wish things would just slow down.
9. Trying to get into whiskey is an expensive hobby to pick up.
10. Not being able to find my winter shit is super annoying. I can't be buying another pair of gloves only one to find mine a week later.
11. Hopefully I can get a good turn out for the first annual "I'm getting drunk for Christmas" pub crawl. That way we can make it a yearly event for Toys for Tots.
12. Is there anything more annoying that a twitching eye ball?
13. I feel like Doritos are underrated now a days. Ever since they have come out with a million new flavors. Give me nacho cheese or cool ranch any day.
14. I have been working on my patience issues.

Please pass this along to whomever you think wants to have a good time Saturday.

The First Annual -
I'm Drunk for Christmas Crawl
For Toys for Tots

Saturday December 1st in Quincy. Bring your unwrapped gifts to the first 2 bars.
Wear your best holiday gear. Elf's, reindeer, Santa's and ugly sweaters all welcome.

1-2:30 South Side Tavern Quincy
2:30-3:30 The Goal Post
3:30-4:30 Delaney's Pub
4:30-5:30 Angelo's pizza
5:30 -6:30 Paddy Barry's
6:30 -7:30 Rewild
7:30-8:30 the Fours
8:30 - 16C/Shaking crab/ Tully's Cafe

Please invite whoever you want. Anyone who wants to have a good time, lots of laughs and give to the less fortunate.

Monday, November 19, 2018

It is turkey time

Everyone knows that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I can really fuck up some turkey. Also pie. Also beers.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not everyone shares my affinity for all things turkey, Brades?
2. Fuck migraines!
3. It seems that everyone is looking for a new job.
4. You ever have one of those days where everything just seems to be going against you?
5. I hate going shopping this time of year. Not really because of the lines but more because people just walk around like zombies.
6. Random drinking days are my favorite drinking days.
7. Who is on board with the 1st Annual I'm getting drunk for Christmas pub crawl on December 1st? Doing it for toys for tots.
8. People who feel the need to constantly tell you how cold it is deserve a punch to the junk.
9. What time does the sun come out now? 7:30? What times that bitch setting? 4? I mean is the sun even putting in a full day of work?
10. People with dirty finger nails, why?
11. If you need anything for your house - Lowe's in Quincy is going out if business and everything is 10% - 40% off.
12. It's 2018, you would think breaking in new boots/shoes wouldn't have to be a thing anymore.

Hit me up if you are interested in crawling December 1st.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


This year is flying by. I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next week. There are only 7 more Fridays till the new year. Head is spinning.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I had no idea the Finger Lakes region of NY is basically an East coast Napa Valley. Shit ton of wineries, vineyards and breweries all on a lake. Bus tours to go wine hopping.
2. NY State gives you a ticket with no cost on it and you have to go to court. FML!
3. You ever get on a group text that is basically Pete and Repeat.
4. Is lunch fatigue a thing? Like bored of the same old same?
5. Has anyone found Chrissy a new job yet?
6. Who likes gin? If so holla atcha boy.
7. You ever just have one of those days that no matter what you do it's not the right thing?
8. Has anyone opted to get the new state ID?
9. You guys aren't going to believe me but TK is starting to go to Emma's over Barrett's. Who would have thought that?
10. Can you imagine paying crazy money to go to Nashville to watch the Pat's get rocked?
11. Going to bars without televisions is weird to me.
12. Are cell phone batteries even designed to last more than a year?
13. Outlaw King on Netflix is terrible. The trailer makes it look good. It is the polar opposite.
14. Sometimes you need a vacation from your vacation.

Gotta go. Hope your turkey day plans are in order. If not swing by Jeffrey's house.

Monday, November 5, 2018


Don't forget to vote tomorrow. I don't care what your political affiliation is, it is your civic duty to vote. If you don't vote then you can't complain.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Red Sox are partying up this WS win.
2. Dave loves MMA more than most people.
3. Is it "on accident" or "by accident"?
4. The new hotel at Twin Rivers is pretty nice.
5. Fantasy football can drive you insane.
6. I think I hate the whole fall back.
7. Little kids say the most honest things.
8. Breakfast dates are back to being the new hotness.
9. Coke is shutting down it's Needham plant, maybe sooner rather than later.
10. A bad haircut can really fuck up your day.

Sorry that's all the time I have for today. Gotta go and do some work.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Fuck face

So apparently, Christian Daniel Macphail had a problem with me savoring the Red Sox World Championship. Text messages and snap chat saying I'm phoning it in.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Christian is a fuck face (also this term needs to be used more often).
2. My neighbors are losing their minds any time it rains.
3. Tom Kelly would never bang any broad younger than his daughter.
4. If your child is into hockey, a BU terriers game is cheap and they sell beers.
5. Fantasy football is ruining my Sundays.
6. Grillo and Chrissy are going to the Sox parade/rolling rally on Wednesday if anyone wants to meet up.
7. Don't forget to read up on the question and vote next Tuesday.
8. We all follow "friends" on IG and Facebook, who after they post just make us say "Why"?
9. Anytime you can walk in and shop at the supermarket and not have to wait in line to check out - You are winning that day.
10. Fuck you squirrels. Stop murdering carved pumpkins.
11. I may have a problem - the past 6 days at work, I have gotten the same sandwich for lunch.
12. Does anyone really like Boston Beer works?
13. Jeffrey has a hard time bouncing back some days (but it's not a hangover - wink wink).
14. I know some people did Sober October. Who is doing no shave November? If so, do you shave every thing on Halloween?

Can't wait to see all the party pics of the parade.

Short and sweet

Congrats to the 2018 Boston Red Sox on a great season and one hell of all ride in the post season.

This team was underrated the whole year but proved they were the best MLB team, when it mattered most.

See you at the parade Wednesday!

Monday, October 22, 2018


The Mega Millions is at 1.6 Billion dollars. I know the odds are astrometrical but someone has to win and that kind of money is life altering and stressful.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently, Chrissy's 5 things list was 1 and done.
2. How many times do we celebrate birthdays now a days?
3. You ever have a rude server who you just want to punch in the face?
4. Cleaning out the fridge party is never a bad idea.
5. Job hunting is not the easiest thing.
6. Be the house that gives out full candy bars.
7. Kung Fu Favs says getting old stinks!
8. Cannot wait for The Knudsens house warming party.
9. Get your side hustle on.
10. Anyone want anything specific when I hit this 1.6 billion?
11. Napping is underrated.
12. Remember to eat when drinking.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Move over

It appears that Christian Daniel Macphail wants to start doing things that he learned.

Here is his list:

1) get Foley drunk enough he will trade away his 2 best players for nothing
2) beers are still expensive at Fenway but well worth it when you watch a comeback victory
3) Calnan still waiting on team robfrey to fix his house
4) something about Grillo
5) more shit that's pumpkin and I hate it

This is what I learned:
1. The seats in Tully's tavern are not bad. They have charger stations and TVs.
2. Traids happen.
3. Knowing Jackie Moon has its perks. Free beer.
4. Leaden wins fantasy baseball, he picks up the tab. We all win!
5. Shots after midnight are never the best idea.
6. If you sleep till 10 am that may be classified as a coma.
7. It seems like everyone is moving out of state. Florida seems like the it place.
8. We got jokes now?
9. Banking is way more complicated than it needs to be.
10. It is always Bud over Bud light for me.
11. Fenway was electric on Sunday night.
12. Just a quick FYI - if you show up at a community meeting be prepared to have neighbors you have never chatted with just stop you and tell you shit you dont need to know.

Till next week. Maybe Chrissy will have a longer list?

Monday, October 8, 2018

Oh well

The only good thing about getting a bad haircut is that I keep my hair short so it will grow back sooner rather than later.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy being on days means he can't go to the Bruins game with CVG.
2. The weekend always starts on Thursday.
3. All types of music was better when you were younger.
4. Hey mother nature ... Pick a season. Is it fall? Is it summer?
5. Everyone going apple picking, yet I don't see any apple pies.
6. Anyone looking to golf today?
7. The older I get the grumpier I become.
8. I dislike BWW a whole lot, don't @ me.
9. Sometimes you just need to unplug.
10. Congrats to Tom Kelly on becoming a grandfather.
11. Kung Fu Dave may be getting his real estate license. How many porno type sexcapades is that dude gonna have?
12. How do you make money with $1 Miller High Life drafts? I am not complaining just asking.
13. Not having beers in your fridge, when you have guests over is quite embarrassing.
14. Gummies are all the rage right now.
15. Rumor has it, coconut oil isn't just for cooking. It makes for an all natural lube.
16. How long till Columbus day is no longer a holiday?

Monday, October 1, 2018


Some people think that October is the best month of the year. Now, as someone who loves Fall I can see that.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Anytime you meet with a lawyer it is stressful.
2. Congrats to the Chiefdude and his wife, Mrs. Chiefdude(?) on their marriage this past weekend.
3. Stories of people betting to make their rent money never cease to amaze me.
4. Anyone looking to go golfing next Monday? Leaden is in.
5. Tomorrow is Christian Daniel Macphails 41st birthday. Rumor has it people are getting together for it on Thuraday night.
6. Jeffrey has made it to the championship match for his golf league. If he wins that maybe we celebrate that on Thursday too, no pressure.
7. Rob, Coach K, Bobbo, The brain behind the Beach Bums is selling his house in Hull and moving to Hanover (queue up the Jefferson's moving on up theme song - deluxe apartment in the sky).
8. The Macphails celebrated their anniversary like you knew they would. No not a swingers party with Suze and Sean but a Tough Mudder type race in Western Mass.
9. For a little guy, who is small in stature, Kung Fu Dave can eat.
10. Bruins season starts on Wednesday. Lot of talking heads about the make up of this team.
11. Speaking of the Bruins - $14 for a 24 oz beer at the Garden. Yes 2 beers is $30 with a tip.
12. Pumpkin spice Frosted Flakes? This shit is out if control.
13. Happy belated birthday to Julie Nickerson, Leadens still waiting to meet up for beers.
14. Guys who make comments about other guys having beards - what's your deal? Can't grow a beard? Wife won't allow you too? What gives bro?

Monday, September 24, 2018

Countdown is on

I know some people already have a countdown to Christmas but can we get through Halloween first, please?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Just when you think you have life figured out, it throws you a curve ball.
2. Shortest elimination pool ever.
3. Sundays are for relaxing.
4. Fall golf is where it's at.
5. Celtics media day today.
6. Three weeks in and I already hate fantasy football.
7. Talk radio is having a field day with this Patriots team.
8. Cancer is one mother fucker man.
9. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave is in a dating drought.
10. Gender reveal parties for your 5th child is obnoxious.
11. If you haven't watched Jack Ryan on Amazon prime you are missing.
12. Winning Keno is always a good time.

Off to do some work and warm up.

Monday, September 17, 2018


At what point in your life do you feel like an  actual adult? When you buy a house? Have a child? Get your first work raise? Move on from one job to the next?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Random bar hopping, by yourself, is not a bad thing.
2. I have cut my grass more this year than all previous years combined.
3. Going out and grabbing Chinese food with friends should happen more often.
4. If you don't share memes with your friends, are you really friends?
5. Sharks 1 guy from Revere 0.
6. Do you prefer corned beef or smoked shoulder?
7. Boston Harbor Distillery is a really cool old building from the 1800's.
8. Summer is officially ending this Friday. But you would never know with all the pumpkin spice shit out there.
9. How long till the fountains in downtown Quincy are being used by people to take baths and freshen up?
10. My prayers go out to everyone effected by the gas explosions north of the city.
11. When you find out your friend is dating Danielle from AAF.
12. Work rumors are the worst rumors.
13. Chrissy is working on filling out his chest with some ink.
14. You can find Chris Leaden every Sunday night at BWW.

Monday, September 10, 2018

Just like that

All is right in the world. Football is back. The Fall weather is approaching. My fantasy football team is in shambles.

This is what I learned today:
1. Christian Daniel Macphail is "permanently" on days now.
2. Some times you just need a weekend to loaf around.
3. It's totally normal to have to get more expensive food for your dog. Because he shits up blood.
4. At what age do you start a midlife crisis.
5. Have you ever over heard 2 people talking, and you are not in their conversation, that you want to ask if they are fucking stupid?
6. I am hearing the Bruins band wagon is gonna fill up early this year.
7. Who is planning the ski/snow tubing trip this year?
8. How can you have the audicity to bitch that it's 96 one day then you are cold when it's 70.
9. Fuck pumpkin spice everything.
10. I'm sad that summer beers are ending.
11. Rio is looking for a bigger badder house on the north shore. Only requirement is a pool.
12. Has anyone heard from Hong Kong Dave? He must be chicked up.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Guess who is back

Eminem drops a new album and Derek is back at work. Coincidence??

This is what I learned while away:
1. Add Eric Kjersgard to the list of people who bust my balls for both posting.
2. Is a kilt a dress?
3. You think you know someone but do you?
4. How many cats qualifies someone as a cat lady?
5. I was shocked to find out Jack's Abby has been around since 2011.
6. Steak and cheese should always be available in egg roll form.
7. Idle Hour in Quincy is more of a drinks place than food.
8. Who gets sick in September?
9. Everything is hibiscus flavor.
10. Peggy Oniels is now Blend.
11. Is there a word for slowly slipping into Insanity?
12. Rumor has it Christian Daniel Macphail may be looking for a new career.
13. It's sad to see summer go. It has been a wild ride mother nature.
14. Man insomnia is a mother fucker. It comes and goes like a big game of grown up peek-a-boo.
15. Do you give mouth hugs or receive them? Like if you were placing your dick in their mouth? Is that giving a mouth hug or taking?
16. A friend of mine says he shits blood and that's normal?
17. Barrel House Z is Weymouth is a good time. Great vibes.
18. College football is back!

Gotta rummage through my 617 emails!
See ya at Pearl Jam tonight.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Blogging in flight

I mean why not, right?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chicago is expensive as all fuck.
2. Not really sure how Starbucks got my name as Greg? I mean it does not sound like Derek in the least.
3. Fantasy football draft is Saturday. Let's see how that goes.
4. Is there anything better than in flight Wi-Fi?
5. The HVAC pub would be my go to spot if I lived out in Wrigleyville.
6. Pearl Jam was amazing. Eddie Vedder sounds great.
7. The taxes in Illinois are insane.
8. I'm impressed with the amount of booze that can be consumed before noon.
9. Chrissy may be looking to make a career change now that Coke was bought out.
10. Turning everyone we meet on to Irish Breakfast shots.
11. You would think at the age of 40 I would have figured out how to sleep in hotels. Nope!
12. Everything hurts. My hair fucking hurts at this point.
13. Anyone up for a Bruins game in Nashville? November 3rd?
14. Deep Eddy vodka is pretty good. Not as good as Titos but still.
15. Dancing on the bar is not frowned upon in Chicago, just ask Jeffrey.
16. I couldn't find one White Sox fan in Chicago. Cubbies or nothing.
17. EDM is alive and well in Chicago.
18. Always make friends with bartenders. It pays off always.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Summah is ova

Tom Kelly says summah is ova!!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. How is my left blinker light already out?
2. If I can wear jeans in August, believe me I will.
3. Chris Leaden's boss pulled back his vacation so if anyone is looking to watch his kids, hit him up.
4. Anyone have any recommendations for bars or restaurants in Chicago?
5. Who ever did this rain dance can stop now.
6. Speaking if rain, is there a more asshole thing to say than "we really need it." Oh really? We need 89 degree days with rain storms you fuck face?
7. Jason Foley's cousin moved to Quincy near me and I don't know if I should be excited or afraid.
8. Calnan needs some central air, if only I knew some guys.
9. I'll be lucky if my new lawn mower survives this whole year.
10. Most of Massachusetts does it's food shopping on Sundays.
11. No more training for Mario. Today is his first firefighter shift. Good luck Rio.
12. Jeffrey may be out for Pearl Jam. He had to spend all his cash on a new washer machine.
13. Panera delivery is all world.
14. Fuck you if you are rude to people in any service business. Yelling at the deli counter worker because you had to wait 7 minutes is wrong.

Probably won't be posting next week till Tuesday.

Monday, August 6, 2018


This fucking air quality sucks donkey ass.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. No more sunsets after 8pm. That's sad.
2. Overnight shift is not really for me.
3. These Redsox are straight fire right now.
4. Chrissy is out on vacation, again. Traveling all over this great country.
5. Sunburns are not forgiving man.
6. I am finding out made for Netflix movies are crap.
7. Glad to see Calnan is in mid season fantasy football form.
8. Everyone talking about this impending housing bubble burst but I ain't seeing shit
9. Chrissy is gonna be getting a lump sum payment for his retirement because his company got bought out. Anyone know any smart investors to invest his cash.
10. Fire fighter Long is killing the game.
11. Totally normal that Jeffrey's high school friend's wife is a stripper. And the kids bragging about it.
12. I don't like to call people stupid but man there are some dumb mother fuckers out there.
13. What kind of dress do you think Calnan shows up in for his fantasy football draft? Spaghetti strap is leading the votes.
14. Sorry to see the Quincy yellow bike program not work out.
15. What do you know about commercial real estate rentals?
16. Why is iced coffee never consistent?

Monday, July 30, 2018

Well that escalated quickly

It's August already. That happened fast. Seems like yesterday we were still in winter and there were floods.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not drinking is harder than it looks.
2. The new Mission Impossible is awesome.
3. Eric "Chiefdude" Kjersgard is looking for a house closer to Boston with a pool. If you know of any hit him up.
4. I probably have a small t-shirt addiction.
5. Beach days are the best days.
6. If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
7. I can not believe that the Pat's first preseason game is next Thursday.
8. Warm seltzers are not for me.
9. What positive word do you think epitomizes New England?
10. Naps are hit or miss. You can wake up and feel refreshed or wake up and think it's 2078.
11. Trying to get 12 guys together for fantasy football. Is like trying to wrestle a lubed up hippo.
12. I am really bad with putting sun screen on. Not bad in the sense like I'm forgetful more like I miss spots and have red blotches everywhere.
13. So proud of TK making it up to Portland for a few days.
14. Mario Long is killing it - Firefighter by day, control tech by night and landscaper in between.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Welcome to Florida

Apparently this week in New England it is going to feel like Florida - hot, humid and swampy.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Grillo has informed Calnan that he uninvited himself to next year's wedding. Bold move!
2. Random nights out with Leaden and Dave are always welcomed.
3. If you can always choose to drink outside.
4. Rumor has it Tooma would move back home if he had a job.
5. Chris Leaden is trying to get a group together to go to Trillium in Canton. Who is in?
6. Fuck most people.
7. Fantasy football is almost upon us, may be looking for a new board guy.
8. Congrats to Coach Ks kid winning a little League home run championship. Popping champagne like a boss.
9. It appears that the Food Netwerk doesn't actually have any cooking shows anymore.
10. Some days you just need to stay in and recharge your batteroer.
11. TK is going up to Portland, Maine this week for a little me time.
12. If you don't like naps then are you even human?

Monday, July 16, 2018

Moving and shaking

This is the fastest summer that I can remember. Feels like someone hit the fast forward button on this son of a bitch.

This is what I learned while being off for a week:
1. The wedding of 2019 is moving along. The house is closed on and now needs some paint and AC. If you know someone call Paddy.
2. If you live on the cape you are either a landscaper, artist or retired.
3. It's such a complex game you play trying to figure out how many beers you need for the beach and then after the beach. Drink too many at the beach you can't drive to get more for after.
4. Pretty sure I gained 15 lbs on vacation.
5. The beer Olympics were a great time. Rumor has it the Macphails are going to start their own next year.
6. Looking to golf this week hit Leaden up, he's on vacation.
7. How come it feels like wherever you put sun block on is where you burn first?
8. When I win the mega mills what do you guys want?
9. Speaking of winning Leaden has been crushing Keno.
10. Jeffrey is up at North Conway so I have Franklin till he gets back.
11. Congrats to Mario on becoming a Saugus firefighter.
12. Barrata where have you been my whole life?
13. Some days it's 2 steps forward 1 step back, others it's 2 stepa forward 5 steps back.
14. World cups over and now we get 4 years soccer free.
15. Everyone talking bout the Sox but when I watch on TV I see plenty of empty seats.
16. Ant man and the Wasp was more like a Wasp movie with Antman sprinkled in.

Monday, July 2, 2018


It's July 4th week and that is a celebration!!
Lots of cookouts and partying. May your beers be many and your hang overs few.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Do you do something "by accident" or "on accident"?
2. Another year and another sun burn in my belly button. What in the actual fuck.
3. All these mother fuckers bitching about how hot it is are the same cock knockers who bitched about the winter. Get a new hobby.
4. I had no idea that birds like to steal blueberries.
5. No surprise that both Rio and Chrissy are on vacation this week and the weather's gonna be 90 plus.
6. Good luck to the Macphails on the 5k tomorrow.
7. Nothing is more infuriating than getting your iced coffee all fucked up.
8. Why do I find myself buying things at Home Depot/Lowes that I don't really need.
9. If you are a male who works in the food service industry please cut your finger nails.
10. How come I can't find MGD anywhere?
11. Obviously, I have a problem throwing away older pairs of sneakers. Found 6 pairs and threw them away this weekend.
12. Hey Dunkin donuts don't think I didn't notice that the coffee rolls are now basically the same size as a donut and twice as much.

Don't forget cookout tomorrow at 3:30. I have plenty of food. Just bring whatever you want to drink.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wahhh wahhh wahhhh

All week long I had to listen to people bitch that I didn't post a blog this week. I never ever post when I am on vacation. Not about to start 10 years later.  So instead I will post a day early.

This is what I learned on my 2 week break:
1. Big golf tournament on July 7th if anyone is interested let Mario lnpe.
2. Hungover Jeffrey is a good for 9 holes in golf.
3. The new Jurassic Park movie is meh.
4. The bouncy house with the water slide is all set for the July 3rd party.
5. Drinking by yourself at a bar is underated. I mean I don't know who rated it in the first place but they are wrong.
6. Chrissy is alive and competing in a beer Olympics, July 14th. Come down to Pembroke to support him.
7. Calnans wedding of 2019 is already making cuts to the list. Sorry TK!
8. Speaking of TK, if you had under 2 weeks in the over/under - you win!
9. The Inn at Bay Point is expensive but very nice views.
10. The Nashville hots chicken sandwich from True North isn't as good as Hattie B's but it's fucking still good.
11. Another year and still coolers with wheels suck ass.
12. It is not even July and I have had 3 sunburns.
13. Rumor has it the Chiefdude is off of Facebook.
14. Also rumored is him and his lady are looking to downsize and move closer to Boston, perhaps on TKs street in Bridgewater.
15. What brand of hot dogs do you like? Kayem, Ball Park, Oscar meyer or Pearl? Or something entirely different?
16. The Chipman family pig roast is this Saturday if you are in Marshfield. Very family oriented.
17. Pretty sad, that no one just randomly goes into Fenway on game day and cops tickets any more.
18. Why the fuck did I have to wear a sweatshirt during June?
19. It's pretty impressive how much Lowes and Home Depot are so much alike yet so different.
20. Julie Nickerson is still single ready to mingle but now has a place to bring her one night stands, with her purchase of a condo in Whitman.
21. I love how people don't give a shit about soccer but once the world cup starts...out they mind!
22. Chrissy sends me count down days till Pearl Jam in Chicago, it's like an adult Christmas for him.

Monday, June 11, 2018

June June June

So this is 2018 huh? Up is down, cats living with dogs, 50 degrees in the morning 90 at noon, rain for an hour and Tom Kelly 8 days sober. I mean what in the fuck.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not drinking on a Saturday night is refreshing.
2. Jeep life means wearing sun screen at all times.
3. Ryan is planning a trip to Atlantic City. Who is in?
4. How come no one is ever up for random road trips to NH?
5. Hooters has $5 drink specials and $3 shots specials on Thursdays.
6. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave has been off the grid ever since his lady moved closer to him.
7. Does anyone know where you can buy some basement storage/shelving?
8. Big beach party on Saturday and Sunday for Father's day down in Hull. Grab your speedos and get ready.
9. Officer Calnan should be closing on his house soon. Heard a rumour Grillos gonna DJ the house warming party.
10. Some days you ever feel like nothing is going your way?
11. I am legit saddened by Anthony Bourdain committing suicide. He was like your drunk fun uncle.
12. Is anyone actually excited for this new Jurassic Park movie?

Aight I am off.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Today is the day

The Tom Kelly weight loss challenge officially begins today, June 5th.
He is going 6 long weeks without any booze. No beer, no liquor and no wine. Some people are betting on this (see Paddy for the offs), not me, I am going to be 100% supportive.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mikey Doyle was more upset that there was no Dot Day bowl off than he was that Chrissy missed his first dot day in 15 years.
2. Anyone want to go to Austin City limits?
3. Soccer mom's and old people hate the Jeep wave.
4. The Pour Yard is where it's at for some fun drinks and warm sunshine.
5. Tom Kelly made a rare appearance at a bar other than Barretts.
6. They really need to make ladies jeans front pockets bigger, amiright?
7. Who hates Elvis? I mean come on.
8. Grillo got caught up in Medford day so he didn't make Dot day either.
9. Glad to see Chuckie T rocking a convertible Benz.
10. Make sure you follow Orett on Twitter and Instagram @theroofdeckking so you can get the hook up at bars and clubs in Boston.
11. Is there anything worse than getting your coffee made wrong?
12. Anyone else sick of the Cavs vs Golden State?
13. Everyone needs hobbies.
14. Anyone up for a fishing charter? Looking to put it together this summer? HMU!!

Off to do some work and go through these 189 emails I hot since Friday.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

June baby

Let us stop fucking around with all this wacky ass weatger. Give me 70s at least.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Solo was better than I thought it was gonna be but still not good.
2. Chrissy has loaded up on fireworks for July 4th.
3. Dot day is Sunday. Who is in?
4. Has anyone heard from Mark Welch?
5. Totally normal to want to drive your motorcycle in the rain, right Dave?
6. Speaking of Dave heard he is a regular Piccaso.
7. I heard the MDC had a blast skipping the Cape this year and killing NH.
8. Chris Leaden is in summer function mode at The Charlie Horse.
9. Mark it down TK is going sober on June 5th. That's what he has to do for awaken 180.
10. Pissed at myself for not getting side steps for the Jeep.
11. Right now my new record is 12 beers before I piss.
12. The ocean is razor blades.
13. Glad to hear that some people  still do the old fashion yayo.
14. Bud light orange is my new beach jam. I still got love for you seltzers.
15. Where do you stand on steak fries?
16. It's one thing to miss a spot when putting on sun screen it's a totally nother to miss it two days in a row.
17. Can't get my lawn mower blade off, does that mean I have to throw my mower out?
18. I refuse to put my lawn furniture out until it's 70 for 3 days straight.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

We are a day early

Since I am at work today I figured why not just bang out a quick blog post.

This is what I learned this past week:
1. Mother fuckers are geared up with this legalization of gambling on sports. New Jersey should be taking bets next Monday.
2. Huge shout out to Padraig, travels all the way to Napa Valley to propose. Things are moving fast - house, engagement and now the bachelor party planning.
3. Couldn't find a good used car so I put that money down on a new Jeep. Guess I'm team #jeep now.
4. How come I haven't heard of any Memorial day parties?
5. Anyone ever change a lawn mower blade before?
6. Why do jeans fit better after wearing them for a few days?
7. Someone tell my brother Ryan it's frowned upon pulling your dick out in a bar.
8. I have no idea why but I am a fan of the food and drinks at Burton's.
9. Deadpool 2 is a god damn fucking riot.
10. Vodka lemonades are pretty dangerous.
11. I could go the rest of my life without ever having Chinese food agsin.
12. Congrats to TK on being a grand daddy. Nothing says grandpa like free baby sitting.
13. Pray for Mario's dog, Bruschi, who is all fucked up from vertigo and an ear infection.
14. Joey Martell and his lady are looking for a house. They are sick of condo living.
15. Dot day is only 2 weeks away, wonder what random shows up this year?
16. Hope everyone downloaded the mass state lottery keno ap. You can watch keno live on your fucking phone.
17. Fuck quinoa.
18. Keep chick peas and hummus far away from me too.

Have a great week. It is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s all week.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Pray for me

And my liver. This is going to be another rocky one with 2 Sox game this week and the C's crushing it in the playoffs. My wallet is already puking.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The weekend is never long enough.
2. People are all geared up for this royal wedding.
3. Joey Martell is working on some behind the scenes tour of Wrigley Field for us in August.
4. Tiger Woods is back baby!!
5. Scary Terry says there is no room on the Cs band wagon and I agree.
6. I live for drunk before noon snaps from Chrissy.
7. Nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of underwear that don't quite fit right.
8. I have already found 5 ticks on my dog. Be careful out there.
9. I can't remember what one of Bunker's kids is Kyle and what one is Alex so I just vall them both Kylex.
10. I don't know what's more difficult - finding a pair of sneakers that I like or a good used car.
11. Anyone interested in going to the Sox game Monday, May 28th?
12. Has anyone used a Home Equity line of credit vs a Home Equity loan? Benefits?
13. When you just want to rip your eye out with a spoon because it won't stop twitching.
14. We all have that one friend who asks for advice and when you give it to them they do whatever they fuck they want.
15. When is Calnan having a house warming party?
16. It appears as though everyone and their mother is going to the Pats Titans game in Nashville.
17. A woman told me I look just like my dog. Is that a compliment? Is it because we both have white, black and gray hair? Do I look like a dog?
18. I am excited for Deadpool 2 not so much for Solo.
19. Deleting my Facebook page was one of the only good things for me so far in 2018.
20. Pretty sure Chrissy got some girl from Massachusetts, who currently resides in New Orleans, killed.

Ok let me know who is going out for the Sox and Celts on Saturday night. Especially after watching the royal wedding.

Monday, May 7, 2018

It's officially...

Baseball season. We are still rocking out with the Celtics playoff run but we are playing with house money at this point. Players growing and getting playoff experience while Brad Stevens is being labeled a guru.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nashville is fucking expensive.
2. Martin BBQ joint > Jack's
Biscuit Love > Milk and Hobey
Hattie B's > all other fried chicken ever.
3. The Derby was a great time just wished the weather was better.
4. Pedal tours hurt your ass.
5. Johnny Cash museum was small but awesome.
6. If you are a famous country singer more than likely you have a bar on Broadway.
7. Other than the track, the Louisville area seemed pretty blah.
8. Think I probably put on 10-15 pounds from just drinking and eating for the past 5 days.
9. The ride from Nashville to Louisville is bizzare. Lots of time traveling. Half way through Kentucky all of a sudden you are back on Eastern standard Time.
10. Everyone is super nice.
11. No one is actually from Nashville - they all migrate from somewhere else in the country.
12. I can see why boatloads of ladies go for bachelorette weekends.
13. Hope you watched my snaps of Derby day!
14. Pretty sure I need a week to dry out.
15. Holy shit Hawaii.
16. That pipe breaking on the Carnival Cruise ship is a thing of nightmares for me.

Off to do some errands.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Sunday Funday are back

I don't know if it's because the weather is starting to change for the good or what but Sunday Funday is back!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Avengers is my favorite Marvel movie yet.
2. Being at a bar making friends is my kind of fun.
3. Cinco De Mayo is Saturday, what's your plan?
4. Surprised that me and tequila are fast becoming friends.
5. I am already in vacation mode.
6. Dick pics are like the new first base.
7. Guys don't trust a girl if she's afraid to rub your junk with her hands.
8. May 17th, I know people with plenty of Sox tickets if you are interested.
9. Derby outfits are all ready to go.
10. Tom Kelly is starting Awaken 180, let's wish him the best.
11. I do not flush public restroom toilets or touch the door handles. Just don't.
12. Three mandates in one week with Chris Leaden, people may start talking.
13. Sam Hunt or Luke Bryan? Who are you banging? Obviously, you aren't kicking either one out of bed.
14. Have you seen the new $30 scratch tickets? 122 1 million dollar prizes.
15. Concert season is coming. Day drinking is happening. Maybe 2018 is starting to come around.
16. Not every day two people walk away from the casino big time winners.

Alrighty, Nashville and the Derby this week so I doubt I will be posting next Monday but stranger things have happened.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Is April in like a lion and out like a lamb? Because this April has come in like a wrecking ball just smashing everyone's Spring dreams.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It's a prett weird feeling to not be planning a pub crawl right now.
2. Pretty sure Jeffrey has no off buttin, when the sun goes down.
3. Who knew finding a hat would be harder than finding outfits for the Derby?
4. I am not a fan of all you can eat brunch buffets.
5. Guess Kung Fu Dave is too busy to start a podcast.
6. Nora has 5 tickets to May 17th Redsox game if anyone wants em.
7. If someone says hey I have playoff tickets do you want them, you have to say yes without hesitation, right?
8. This new super flu is super fun!
9. Anyone know a good place to find some nice yet inexpensive luggage?
10. Not only is Tooma alive but he's got a new phone and is on Snapchat.
11. Summer beers are out, winter beers are gone so we are making steps in the right direction.
12. Wishing Coach K a speedy recovery from gall bladder removal.

Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Can we all agree that 2018 has not been my year? It feels like 2 steps forward and 5 steps back at this point. I think I'm just gonna nap till 2019 shows up.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Marathon Monday Sox game was cancelled for the first time since 1984, I was 6. Tom Kelly happened to be in town to watch the marathon, coincidence? I think not.
2. Everyone has that friend that you don't talk too all the time but when you do chat it's like it was just yesterday.
3. It may be harder to find a Derby hat than it is to get tickets to the actual Kentucky Derby.
4. I binged Lost in Space on Netflix. It was ok but hopefully they get a second season.
5. Bruins, Celtics, Redsox and the NFL draft coming up. What a time to be alive.
6. If you haven't sat a bar, grabbed some lunch and watched some sports solo then you ain't living.
7. Running out of propane while you are cooking is the worst.
8. First time in a long time no one busted my balls about not posting on a Monday holiday.
9. I don't know if I am more excited for Deadpool 2 or Avengers 3.
10. Mexican food is my jam and I am game to try it all.
11. I don't really deal with stress.
12. We are going to just jump from 40-50 degrees right to 80-90s.
13. Nothing sucks worse than getting your coffee wrong.  Can totally fuck up your morning.
14. Does anyone use Uber eats?
15. For the last 2 weeks my eyes won't stop watering, is this the start of getting allergies?
16. Good luck Ryan on your surgery today. Let's hope you don't break that nose again.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Pretty much over 2018.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Wrestlemania is starting to fade.
2. I can not remember a time the Marathon Monday game got rained out.
3. Having to be out of my house to replace some foam insulation for 24 hours blows.
4. The Red Sox season is over, TK officially jumped on the band wagon and X got hurt. Coincidence?
5. Why does stretching feel so great.
6. Finding a new wallet is not the easiest thing to do.
7. Neither is finding a suit jacket for the Derby.
8. Wind burn is worse than a sun burn, dont @ me!
9. The older I get the more I actually hate writing things down.
10. Too bad Chrissy never bumped into TKs wife in Aruba.
11. If your child was exceptional at baseball would you move to a warm weather state to play year round?
12. Burton's in Hingham is Cougarville and Jeffrey knew and wasn't telling anyone.
13. Apparently Rob is rocking 3 time shares in the Florida area, one actually in Disney. Maybe you gotta hand crank him off to use one but hey.
14. The Red Sox not having magnet schedules on opening day just added to 2018 totally sucking.
15. You ever randomly meet someone from Twitter in real life? It is wacky!
16. Still have 3 tickets to the derby. If anyone is interested or knows anyone interest.

Off to sort through my 378 emails I got from last Wednesday.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Where is the sun

Everyone knows April showers bring May flowers and Mayflowers bring Pilgrims.
But where is the god damn sun, son?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. No one can tell me when Easter turned into mini Christmas.
2. Happy 40th to Kristine "Robro" Robinson. Pretty sure it's a party in your underwear party at her house!
3. Congrats to Chrissy on surprising his wife with a trip to Aruba for her 40th.
4. Nine year old boys believe their penises have two modes - straight or squishy. So true!
5. Karaoke at the Cathay Center is still fun.
6. Who the fuck drinks Mai Tais? They taste like boozy fruit punch.
7. No one likes to go from zero to bombed and straight skip over buzzed.
8. Who is meeting up for Opening Day, Thursday?
9. People are ralyre ball sucking the Bruins right now.
10. Au Gratin potatoes should be more than an Easter thing.
11. Animals eat key lime pie.
12. Fucking snow on April 2nd, mother nature is a bitch.
13. I will always be a fan of breakfast for dinner.
14. Still can't find a place to get my beard trimmed up properly.

Later, see you on Thursday.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Opening day

So the Sox start the season on Thursday and it was 30 to start this morning. Fuck yeah!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I am bumping into more and more people at the Fowler house.
2. When my friends tell me they get random dick pics, I can't stop laughing. The dating game is no joke.
3. When you flood out you learn all about water displacement.
4. Find Mass money is crazy. Everyone seems to have cash floating around.
5. The Bruins are probably gonna be in the Stanley cup finals.
6. You didn't hear this from me but TKs plans on day drinking Thursday at Emmas.
7. Has anyone ever avtactua gotten a job on LinkedIn?
8. Pretty sure Chrissy working the pverovern and then drinking at 9 and going all day is impressive.
9. Why is it so hard to find a decent used car? Everyone seems like they want to fuck you over.
10. Does Lent end on Good Friday or Easter Sunday?
11. People look weird when they shave off their beards...WEIRD.
12. Hope you guys are playing Mega Millions this week.

A quick 12 pack because why not?

Monday, March 19, 2018


Wait Spring ain't sprung yet. How can it be 18 degrees in the spring? Mother nature you are drunk as fuck.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I love fundraisers.
2. Coal fired cheese pizza is meh.
3. My man Matty Paget is in love with the Fowler house.
4. Met Kung fu Dave's new main squeeze. She is a peach.
5. Glad to see Calnan alive and kicking on the south shore.
6. Who gets turkey burgers at kkaties?
7. Precinct 10 gets packed as fuck at night.
8. You can lease a fucking goat?
9. TK was on his best behavior at the parade. So his probation ended.
10. Drunk chinese food never gets old.
11. I think I need a vacation.
12. The son's of Italy in Quincy is a nice joint.
13. Ever heard of corned ribs? Me either.
14. Anyone have any suggestions on a used car?

Monday, March 12, 2018

Alive and kicking

First off, I would like to thank everyone who called, texted or reached out to make sure we didn't perish in the flood of 2018. Secondly, if you were anyway involved in the GoFundMe page - set up, donating or just passing it along. I sincerely appreciate it. I will do my best to personally thank everyone individually, it just has been a hectic whirl wind of a week.

This is what I learned these past 2 weeks:
1. Water is a mother fucker!
2. Mike Layden is alive.
3. You guys are all fucking great people.
4. The Bruins are legit.
5. The Sox haven't played a meaningful game yet but people are jumping off the band wagon.
6. Waiting around for contractors is tiresome.
7. I don't know who gets after it more during day time Bruins games - Rio or Jeffrey.
8. Glad I got to cross off getting rescued in a front end loader off my bucket list. Pretty sure it was right below threesome with two hotties.
9. Insurance is a scam beyond scam.
10. Insurance adjusters are the epitome of evil.
11. I am 1000000% sure I couldn't last in the real world doing physical labor every day.
12. Another week and yet another missed opportunity to go to the Wickendon pub.
13. Is there anything more annoying than a twitchy eye ball?
14. Do you celebrate losing weight if it is due to stress? You do right?
15. Jeffrey finds out about that hockey life this weekend when Julian plays in his first tournament.
16. Drinking anxiety is real.
17. Sad to see my Golden tee machine take on water.
18. Steak n cheese eggrolls are under rated.
19. RIP RG6...the truck didn't survive Riley.
20. What kind of asshole texts you a few days after being evacuated - maybe time to sell.
21. Sombreros, in Weymouth, is much better than Plaza Azteca and Acupolcos.
22. The Brew House in Braintree has good bar pizza.
23. I hope that Calnan is a surprise guest at Chrissy's wife's 40th bday Saturday, at Precinct 10 in Weymouth.
24. Will there St. Patty's day parade go on this Sunday?

Thanks again everyone. When the chips are down you guys all came through!

Monday, February 26, 2018

March is coming

As long as January was, February fucking flew by.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Getting a new phone is like buying a car. You get jammed up there for 2 hours.
2. I heard that Precinct 10 turns into hip hop central at night on Friday and Saturday nights.
3. Who knew Mark Welch kills the Mexican food game.
4. Riccio was in for the Wickendon pub on March 10th then he was out.
5. Bruins tickets going up $8 each next season.
6. I have no idea why but Sunday drinking is the most fun drinking.
7. Who gives up drinking during Lent?
8. Apparently Chrissy has an open invitation to everyone for our trip to Chicago.
9. Anyone know how to tie a bowtie? I'm gonna need to know for the derby.
10. Speaking of the Derby I have 3 extra tickets if you know anyone HMU.
11. Who the fuck cares about the closing ceremony of the Olympics.
12. $5 mimosas at Craig's Cafe is something.
13. TK is all about the Amstel lights right now.
14. Drunk Chrissy loves Karaoke!

Monday, February 19, 2018


It is going to be in the 70s this Wednesday? Some crazy ass weather we are having this winter.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Providence Bruins are a good take. Not a bad seat in the house.
2. Just spending money like a drunk sailor.
3. I like oysters but I don't think they agree with me.
4. Guess who is going to Pearl Jam in Chicago? Tickets are bought. Hotel is booked.
5. Does anyone actually buy a car during these Presidents day sales?
6. Who doesn't like a good steak?
7. Being made fun of for having soft hands is just jealousy.
8. Nashville and Louisville is all booked. The Derby is fast approaching.
9. Black Panther was pretty good. I mean it's not lose your mind type shit but it's good.
10. Kids are getting wiffles early this year.
11. No one celebrates birthdays quite like Jeffrey.
12. Mario is looking at buying a house near the water. Look for a house in Saugus to be for sale soon.
13. Congrats to Lauren Kelly crushing her goal of $7500 for the marathon.
14. The Boston Winery is a nice little spot. Still don't like wine though.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tick tock

Let us just skip all the bullshit and get to things I learned this weekend:

1. As you may know Tom Kelly's daughter, Lauren, is running the Boston Marathon. There is a meat raffle fund raiser this Saturday February 17th at the Boston Winery. If you could make it down and show some support that would be great.
2. Never ceases to amaze me when there is a line at Regina's at 4pm.
3. I think I may have been sleeping on the Fowler house all these years.
4. Joe Martell is alive and kicking. Working a ton but partying even harder.
5. The jalapeno burger from Porters is my new jam.
6. Wickendon pub March 10th? Anyone interested?
7. Airfare to Nashville is booked. Just gotta find a place in Louisville now.
8. Man hangry is such a thing.
9. People still get sucker punched?
10. Does anyone know someone who has actually won big $$ on a scratch ticket?
11. I am not a fan of veggie burgers. I think it's the quinoa that I didn't like.
12. Guess we are not going to Pearl Jam in Chicago.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Now what?

The super bowl is over. The Bruins and Celtics bandwagon is full. The Sox season is months away. Pretty much we are in sports purgatory.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. More people are into chili cook-offs than I realized.
2. Altered Carbon on Netflix is the shit.
3. $50 for 2 squares, half time buffet and beers from kick off till the game ends. Not too shabby.
4. How can you be a grown man with the fucking sniffles?
5. So far this year feels like 2 steps forward 3 steps back.
6. I have been craving some new ink.
7. Downtown Plymouth is great for bar hopping.
8. I don't think the balcony is for me.
9. I love the hype surrounding the Superbowl commercials.
10. Between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and every other streaming option it's going to start costing you more to subscribe than cable.
11. Planet fitness banning jump rope seems silly to me.
12. I had well over 30 squares. Not a sniff of a win.
13. The Macphails are getting new windows, furnace, central AC and insulation.
14. Tax season got people stressed the fuck out.
15. People acting like their mother died just because the Pats lost...come on.
16. Insomnia is a bitch, a real fucking bitch.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Give if you can

Tom Kellys daughter is running this year’s Boston Marathon, for the place where she works Journey Forward in Canton. This is a nonprofit organization which works with patients with severe disabilities and spinal cord injuries to achieve the most basic functions which we take for granted. All proceeds go to Journey Forward. Journey Forward is a member of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Neuro Recovery network.

Any donation would be appreciated. Thank you.

It's less than a week away

I hope that you have your Superbowl plans seen up. I know Joe Martell is looking for a bomb ass time.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People can be dicks for no good reason.
2. There is a fine line between being full and being a glutton.
3. Blisters is just the universe laughing at you trying to better yourself.
4. I still only drink hot coffee when I go to a diner.
5. If I don't get to the supermarket before 11 am on a Sunday, then most likely I ain't going. It's a crazy house in there.
6. People arguing Boot camp vs CrossFit is something.
7. John Brewer just casually on the evening news is such Brewer shit.
8. Anyone up for Pearl Jam in Chicago in August? Bueller?
9. Why don't they make dinner cereals? I mean breakfast for dinner is my jam.
10. At what age do kids really start following sports?
11. And at what age are you to old to go out for someones 21st birthday?
12. I highly recommend going out on a random weeknight, once every six months.
13. Who has an in for squares? You can never have too many.
14. Anyone looking for Bruins tickets April 8th? I got two. Last game of the season.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Onto the ship

The Pats are onto the Superbowl...again.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nothing worse than neck pain.
2. The gout has taken another one.
3. The Bruins are on fire. Hotter than that chick you took home in 2003 with herpes.
4. If you are around next Friday, Feb 2nd. I have entered a chili contest at the Cabby Shack in Plymouth at 6pm.
5. Square season is upon us.
6. Don't forget Chrissy's Superbowl bash in 2 weeks. Party starts at 3 the games at 630. Bring booze, beers or a food item. This party is kid friendly, so pack up your Rugrats.
7. Plaza Azteka has pitchers of Margaritas, Mojitos and other boozy drinks. My kind of heaven.
8. Heard the UFC in Boston was a huge success.
9. You can't be uncle of the year if you don't show up.
10. So who is down for a karaoke night?
11. I still have 2 tickets to the derby if you know anyone interested.
12. January is by far the longest of months.
13. Speaking of January, how many of you are doing dry January?
14. Rumor has it, Jeffrey is going to the casino this Saturday night for his boys 21st.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Who doesn't like a random Monday off for a holiday? I know I do. Even though I am working my ass off (well more like just at work but still).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mother nature is legit drunk right? Bitch is like -5 then 65...ha ha suck my left titty.
2. The Fowler house is not a bad place to watch a game.
3. Jeffrey on 9 is still a thing.
4. Glad to see Mike Foley using Uber now a days.
5. Loud clapper/yeller guy is one of my all-time favorites at the bar.
6. Wendy's is not cheap, if you order anything other than the 4 for $4.
7. Who is against nooners? If you are then you probably hate fun.
8. I hope Dave's heat unit is all fixed and we can finally get this podcast off the ground.
9. It is funny the older you get the smaller your circle of friends get. Do you trust less or just not into the whole feeling out stage?
10. Chrissy is getting ready for his annual super bowl party. Like in the past just text him with what you should bring.
11. Congrats to Brades on the new jobby job. You know I live to celebrate things.
12. Still no date on the Wickendon pub but I think Chrissy is backing out.
13. I think Mike Foley was legit pissed that Chrissy and Jeffrey are mini celebrities at the Imperial Terrace (may also have been the fact he didn't know the bar was so much fun).
14. I get it, you work at Home Depot, no need to be a dick when I ask a question. Obviously I don't know the answer because if I did I wouldn't ask, fuckface.
15. Good to see Colin sneaking out for a few hours.
16. I have been watching the Killing on Netflix and it's pretty good. Lots of twists and turns.

Guess I'll go look up some shit online.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Are we having fun yet

You know you live in New England when Sunday morning it is -6 when you wake up and then Monday it is 25 degrees and you are legit happy and saying man it's not really cold out today.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Smiddawg is living his best life in Southie. Living with the flavor of the week.
2. Random trips to the casino are always fun.
3. This god damn flu is like a boomerang. Just when you think it's gone blam right back in your grill.
4. Anytime there is talk about this podcast something happens with Kung Fu Dave. Now that mother fucker has no heat.
5. Thirteen straight days below freezing. That's Alaska like.
6. Pats play on Saturday night. Who else is pumped?
7. Is it weird that I have never been to Disney? I mean I have been to Universal and to Sea World.
8. Everyone should know how to play Craps.
9. Seems like everyone's hot water heaters are going due to the weather.
10. Oh yeah still no battery.
11. It is always great to see people you haven't seen in a long time but shitty when it's for a wake/funeral.
12. I made brownies from scratch and not a box, now I feel like Ducan Hines himself.
13. People hate old school rap. I mean how can that be?
14. Have you seen the show on Netflix "The toys that made us". Man it makes you feel like a kid all over again.

Gotta run. Little busy at work.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New year

Ok, how many of you have said New Year New me?? Don't be shy raise your hand...little bit higher. Now take your hand and slap yourself.  The calander changed but this Tuesday is no different than last Tuesday.  If you want to make changes then do it, not because all of a sudden it is 2018 but because today you wanted too.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The weekend still starts on Thursdays.
2. I have some really great family and friends.
3. Forty doesn't feel old.
4. I have no idea what strain of the flu is thats going around but man it wiped me out for 3 days. Cold sweats are no good. Plus I am a whiney bitch when i'm sick.
5. Alba is good food.
6. Drunk angry Jeffrey is not a fun time at a bar.
7. Where we watching the Georgia game Monday?
8. Mark Welch is alive and kicking.
9. Apparently beards are just make up for men.
10. Speaking of beards I can not for the life of me trim mine the way I want it. Shave it all off and start anew.
11. Pretty sure Chrissy and Leaden were trying to figure out a weekend that they could make a run to the Wickendon Pub. Pretty sure that will happen before the end of the year.
12. Fuck soup but not those Campbells chunky max soup commercials.
13. Jeffrey is already planning his New Years eve for next year.
14. Great to see Tooma. Hope he makes it back up at some point.
15. Tooma pays $220 a week to stay at a hotel. I think thats fucking brilliant. $30 a night for them to clean your sheets, heat, hot water and cable. Seems like a steal to me.
16. The pickle shots recipe is out there and Chrissy is trying to master the right combo as we speak.

I didn't do any new yeas resolutions but I did promise myself I would be more patient this upcoming year.