Monday, August 30, 2010

Pour out a little Liquor -Microbiologist August H. Haffenreffer Jr. marveled at the longstanding popularity of the beer he helped concoct decades ago at the brewery his grandfather founded in the 1880s in Jamaica Plain.

Haffenreffer Private Stock Malt Liquor, nicknamed Green Death and Haffenwrecker by young beer drinkers for its potency and sale in 40-ounce green bottles, was hawked by Wilt Chamberlain in the 1970s and heralded in a song by the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. in the ’90s.

Mr. Haffenreffer, a longtime resident of Wellesley who worked for Millipore Corp. for 27 years after his family sold the brewery in the 1960s, died Aug. 14 at age 94 in South Dartmouth. He had suffered a heart attack while visiting his sister, according to his family.

Known as Augie to his family and friends, Mr. Haffenreffer “would talk about the beauty of the [beer’s] label and how successful it was,’’ said his daughter, Joan Haffenreffer Bartsch of Bronxville, N.Y.

His grandfather Rudolph founded Haffenreffer & Co. when competition was fierce among small breweries in the city. With its trademark smokestack, the Haffenreffer & Co. brewery sat on Washington Street and used cold filtered water pulled from nearby Stony Brook. The Boston Beer Co., which produces Samuel Adams Beer, now operates a small research brewery and gift shop on the site.

Mr. Haffenreffer’s father worked in the brewery and was a Jamaica Plain pharmacist. His mother Ruth (Hardy) was a nurse at Faulkner Hospital. She was a direct descendent of Stephen Hopkins, a Plymouth Colony settler and merchant who was a passenger on the Mayflower, said Mr. Haffenreffer’s family.

The oldest of three siblings, Mr. Haffenreffer graduated in the early 1930s from Roxbury Latin School, where he won a prize for his Latin studies and gave the class address at graduation.

“You never wanted to be up against him in Scrabble or a spelling bee,’’ said his daughter, who is chief administrative officer for Citigroup Global Public Affairs.

In 1938, Mr. Haffenreffer earned a degree in biochemistry from Harvard. Two years ago, he enjoyed attending his 70th class reunion, his family said.

After the family sold the brewery to cousins who owned the Narragansett Brewing Co. in Rhode Island, Mr. Haffenreffer worked in the engineering and sales departments at Millipore in Billerica. He traveled the world consulting with companies interested in the advanced filtration technology he pioneered at the family brewery.

He was married 45 years to his college sweetheart, Marion (Gibby), whose brother was his roommate at Harvard. She died in 1986 of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. The couple spent most of their lives together in Wellesley, where they raised their daughter and son.

Mr. Haffenreffer had an enduring spirit of optimism, his family said. He could “make a good story out of anything,’’ said his sister Elizabeth Haffenreffer Monrad, who has a home in South Dartmouth.

After the death of his wife, Mr. Haffenreffer moved to Marion for a decade. He later moved to North Hill, a retirement community in Needham, where he made new friends and was always ready to discuss history, science or politics, his family said.

“At no point did he take anything for granted,’’ said his son Mark of Dedham, an orthopedic surgeon at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. “He appreciated everything around him, and boredom never entered his life.’’

His daughter recalled how her father shared his love of history during a family vacation in Europe when she was a young girl. “We saw 13 countries in three weeks,’’ she said. “He had it all planned from morning to night. He was a walking history book.’’

Mr. Haffenreffer loved and played tennis into his 80s. He built a tennis court at his home in Wellesley, using his own car to pull out dozens of trees to clear the land over several years.

“He was a truly wonderful father whose personal example and commitment to family values has inspired me throughout my life,’’ his daughter said.

In addition to his sister, daughter, and son, he leaves four grandchildren.

A memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Sept. 18 at the Lutheran Church of the Newtons in Newton Centre. Burial was in Walnut Hills Cemetery in Brookline.

Who hasn't had a head wrecker or 2? Next time I go to a party I am gonna bring a 12 pack of 16 oz pounders. I hope that there is flip cup and beer pong at this party and I am gonna get piss myself drunk. So drunk I cant even read the caps!!

Summers almost over

Where did this summer go? It seems like just last week we were celebrating Memorial day and now Labor day is speeding towards us.

Lets get to the things I learned this weekend:
1. Deep fried corn is nasty!
2. The Marshfield fair is great for people watching - mullets, mustaches and teenagers with babies.
3. Do not compress ceiling insulation. The Home depot crew informed me you may as well not put it there then.
4. Tommy and Mary's baby looks just like my mother.

(look at the bags under my eyes...I am sleepy)
5. Chrissy's step father, Hendu, lays the pipe.
6. The UFC live sucks and is a waste of money, even if you are sitting in a suite:

7. My dad is borderline agoraphobic. It seems like he can't be out of his house for more than 20 minutes.
8. Big things for my brothers this past week - 1 got engaged while the other had his first baby.
9. When you go to Home Depot you spend a minimum of $80 dollars. It is like a cover charge.
10. Choosing paint colors and schemes is tougher than Katie thought, everyone has an opinion.
11. $512.85 for 3 cases of Coors light is down right absurd.
12. I guess if you google Zarex, this blog comes up on the 1st page.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekend kick off

Sorry I didn't get around to posting the weekend kickoff girl yesterday. I had a bit of technical difficulties.

I received a few requests this week, after last weeks dud of Mellisa Joan Hart. So some good came from that.

Lets kick off the weekend with Lacey Charbet:

Friday, August 27, 2010

The aftermath

Smash em up

The derbys tonight at the Marshfield fair. Kick off is 6pm. Then Ming Dynasty after. See ya then...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Text of the week:

This weeks text of the week is probably one of my favorites so far:

Mike G - "Did you know they have a test strips that check for alcohol in breast milk"
Me - "Uhm no"
Mike G - "Yup the wife bought some so she could have a few drinks, and know when it was safe to feed the baby."
Me - "Nice!"

The whole conversation left a huge smile on my face.

Keep the texts coming people.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bros icing Bros

I am not a fan of Bros icing Bros. In fact I think its lame. I wouldn't do it to you so please don't do it to me. If I really wanted to fuck with someone I would get them a nasty ass shot and make them do it. Its much more satisfying to me. Rumplemintz, flaming gold schlager, Jamieson or 3 wise men.

Here is the Smiduation getting iced by Joey Martell. He took it down like a champ!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Thank you sir. I'll have another

Here's mud in your eye, or at least vodka.

The latest ridiculous (and health-endangering) drinking stunt to gain popularity among college students is called "vodka eyeballing," where buzz-seeking partiers tip back their heads and have a shot of vodka poured directly on the eye.

The trend is believed to have originated at Las Vegas nightclubs, as waitresses, hungry for tips, performed this cheap trick. Since building momentum in the U.S., vodka eyeballing has gained a foothold in the U.K. and Scotland, reports the Daily Mail’s Barbara Davies.

YouTube features more than 800 clips of vodka eyeballing. There’s even a Facebook page devoted to the craze — and it has over 100 fans.

Vodka eyeballers claim to experience an instant high and deeper inebriation. Their medical rationale: The alcohol passes easily through the mucous membrane and enters the bloodstream through veins at the back of the eye for a quicker buzz than drinking.

While doctors have dismissed this reasoning, they are deeply concerned about long-term damage, like permanent scarring and deteriorating vision.

"In the past, vodka has been used as a disinfectant," Prof. Robin Touquet, a consultant in emergency medicine at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, U.K., told the Daily Mail. "At 40% proof, imagine what it can do to an area as sensitive as the eye? It is highly toxic."

But, immune to sensible thinking and urged by peers to compete, students act recklessly and with disregard to the consequences.

Melissa Fontaine, a former university student and prolific vodka eyeballer, is troubled by a constantly watering eye and worries about future side effects.

“I'm in constant pain because of what I did,” Fontaine told the Daily Mail. “I'm terrified that it will get worse. I wish I could turn the clock back and change things. But I can't.”

Read more:

I mean what the hell is going on with this? I like to get my drink on but pouring alcohol right into my eye ball just ain't my thing. I know people who wont even get contacts because they don't want to be messing with their eyes. What ever happened to kids throwing in a few bucks and buying a handle of Rubinoff vodka and a gallon of OJ? Then getting blasted!


This is some nasty cold rain. How is it 62 degrees in August?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Jason Bateman is from around here. Who knew?
2. Andy Roddick is married to Brooklyn Decker.
3. I guess Joe had a good time at Colleens sister's wedding:

4. I am getting pretty good at mudding and taping dry wall.
5. Waiting on building inspectors sucks.
6. Scrappers on Spike is down right funny, even though they are not trying to be.
7. Those late night cheeseburger Doritos are the weirdest yet nastiest chips I have ever had.
8. I love the chicken/turkey pot pies from Boston Market.
9. The wedding count down is officially on now - under 100 days.
10. Working all day without eating then going out boozing is a bad idea.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taste the rainbow - Aside from the gigantic salary, ability to play a game for a living and luxurious accomodations, being an NBA player has its perks — things like custom cakes, perfume that smells like you and your wife, or free shoes with your name on them. Just little things, really. No big deal, except for that these little things are super cool and us mere mortals will never have a chance to experience that wonder.

Like, for instance, Derrick Rose's new custom Skittles machine he got for no real reason other than he really likes Skittles. From Darren Rovell:

Earlier this month, [Wrigley] brought a custom, tricked-out Skittles vending machine to his house and promised to keep it stocked with Skittles for at least three years.

Rose gets the machine and the Skittles for free; the Skittles brand has a chance of getting more love from Rose; and the Bulls, I guess, hope Rose's sugar highs peak at the right time.

The folks at Wrigley would only confirm the following facts: The picture is real. The machine holds every variety of Skittles. And it even tempts him, in his own voice, whenever he walks by the machine.

Oh, no big deal — just a free vending machine stocked with free Skittles that just so happens to say, "Hey Derrick, it's you, Derrick. I can tell you want some of these Skittles that I've got because I'm you. Come have some Skittles, man," IN HIS OWN VOICE. This is quite possibly the best vending machine known to man, right up there with the pizza vending machine, and it's all for free.

A three-year supply of Skittles might not be the best choice nutritionally, but we've seen what happens when you get Derrick Rose around healthy food. As long as this machine doesn't somehow attack him — and considering it's partially robotic, that's a 50-50 chance — it's way safer than him cutting apples in bed. Best gift in the world? Probably.

So what you likes Skittles. Buy yourself a box, keep em in your cabinets and snack on them when you want. There is no way anyone needs a talking Skittles machine. Let alone one that speaks to him in his own voice(Kinda Creepy). I guess the best thing about this whole thing is that it is free.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Melissa Joan Hart

I guess she has a new show on ABC Family with Joey why not kick the weekend off with Melissa Joan Hart(guess it is a Who's the Boss ripoff):