Monday, August 2, 2010

August Already

For some strange reason today my brain HATES Monday(More than it normally does). Maybe I am just over tired.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. Lanci is 100% legit.
2. Hammering a nail to hang a picture is totally different than actually using a hammer to frame a room.
3. Aleve doesn't work all that time.
4. Apparently you can have a Ronald Mcdonald statue in your backyard.
5. Everytime you run to Home depot...minimum 100 bucks!
6. Mario works a mean chainsaw but why is there still a tree growing on top of my garage?
7. The demolition crew is no joke.
8. Dumpsters are no cheap and to get 2 is frustrating.
9. People are not enamored with Tommy.
10. I swear a shit tons.
11. Stephen Kings new book is a pretty good read.
12. Other than sports I haven't watched much television lately. I feel kind of out of the loop.

I know people want me to put up pictures of the house demo and all the work being done. I plan to make an entry when all the work is done. So you can see all the progression all at once.

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