Monday, March 26, 2012


It looks like we are back to normal March weather. Low 40's in the am and then high 50's or low 60's  in the afternoon.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Roxies gets their fish from the Adams Fish Market.
2. Rio is quite the lumberjack. He took down 3 trees in an afternoon.
3. Yard work is a bit more tiring than I remember.
4. I am not trying to turn into a grass guy but I just put some seed down to try and get rid of the ghetto ass crab grass I have.
5. Katie is trying to do bikejoring with Ronin and had a nice lesson this weekend.
6. I tried fish tacos from Margarita's and they weren't bad.
7. For some reason I keep forgetting to order the MPC shirts. I will do that today.
8. I like Scramble with Friends, Words with Friends and Draw Something but they fucking kill my battery.
9. Rumor has it Chrissy is pumped up for Wrestlemania this Sunday night.
10. Its going to cost me $1300 to get gas from the street to my basement. UGGGHH
11. I have not seen the Hunger Games yet, I am waiting on Katie to read it so we can go watch it.
12. Supah P is up for coach of the year in darts, something Foley was never in the running for.
13. Katie's brother, Tim, has started training his mustache with wax...5th year is no joke.
14. My phone screen was all busted and pixilated but it took a nap and is all back up and running.
15. Its funny how the Bruins are playing well and everyone is back on the band wagon, some people asking bout playoff tickets.
16. I am getting sick of eating chicken.

This week dart match is at Pete's Grill in Quincy. That means Shaun Larry you can invite your lady friend and see if she has any friends for Supah P. Stop being so selfish.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Darts Update (The Things I See edition)

I was planning to take the night off because I had an eye exam and I could barely see, but that all changed with a phone call from Captain P. He told me we were short staffed and being the team player that I am I put the team’s best interest in front of my well being and showed up. Thanks also to Shawn Larry who changed his plans and made the show. I remember not too long ago hearing people bitching about having too many players on the team. How is it that we now struggle to field a full squad? So let me see if I can properly describe what I saw during this eventful night.

UMASS was fighting for a spot in the Final Four in the NIT against Drexel and my old friend Coach Bruiser Flint. It was ugly early and stayed that way for most of the game. They fought hard and played great D down the stretch. (Speaking of D, he will be contributing double in the drinking money pool next week for selecting to work O/T over darts) With about 7:30 to go UMASS took their first lead of the game and it was a grind the rest of the way. The final score was 72-70 and they will take on the winner of the Stanford/Nevada game in the semifinals. A special thank you goes out to Dr. J’s assistant for already taking care of my travel plans to NYC. I look forward to having dinner with him and Jack Welch next week and yes, we will be playing credit card roulette for the tabs.

When we finally got the matches started I saw some real good darts. As we are now passing the halfway point of the season, things are looking up for the DTFers. We began the week in 3rd place facing the #1 team in our division. It is not surprising why they are in first place after watching the “Super A” shooter on their team. It is sad to say but sandbaggers still exist in the MMDL. Anyway, on to the match recap.

501: We lost 2-1
Me & Shawn took way to long to get in against the Super A guy and lost badly.

Supa P & Brighto followed suit taking their time but rallied it up to make it a match. Just when it was looking grim the DJ hit the winning dart.

Mark & Jeb continued the trend of struggling to get on and spotted a 300 point lead. They got it under 100 but it was too little, too late.

Cricket: We lost 2-1
Shawn & T-Bright had to wait out a 10 minute scoreboard malfunction and gutted it out in a close one from start to finish. Unfortunately they lost to a double cork.

Supa P & Mark played well early against the Super A guy. They hung in there until the end but lost on the corks.

Jeb & I were scheduled to play next. The other team was kind enough to honor my request to skip down to the singles matches so I could catch the rest of the game. After the huge UMASS win we played our match. I promised Jeb there was no chance we were going to lose and we won big.

301: Won 4, Lost 2
I was still on a UMASS high and I swept my opponent in 2 games.

The next few matches were played during the end of the UMASS game and/or while I was busy celebrating so I had to get updates from other people.

SL cruised to a big upset victory in 2 games against the Super A guy and was quickly given the nickname the Rally Monkey!

P played a tough 3 game set and all 3 were neck and neck. Even with all of the distractions he found a way to grab the win.

Jeb played in the patented V neck sweater and fell a bit short in his match. Robert Montgomery Knight was very disappointed in the match and the sweater.

Bright wasted no time getting in game 1 and took it down. Game 2 was over in the blink of an eye with another victory.

Mark played a great match but lost in the end.

Total score for the night was a 6-6 Tie

Oh and I almost forgot the strangest thing I saw all night. Just when we ready to start throwing, the famous Chrissy popped his head into the bar. I thought he was going to give the team a quick pep talk and settle down with some wings but he was gone within seconds. I’ve heard of media whores, but a blog whore is a new one to me! Given the fact that I gave Sass the FOTW for his 3 min appearance a few weeks ago, I feel compelled to give it to Chrissy this week. I’ll have to rely on the creative people in the Comments section to weigh in on that decision.

Next week we may play a special Monday night game. The place we are supposed to play had some issues with the licensing board so they may not be open on Tuesday. I’m sure Derek will provide an update in his “things I learned post” on Monday.

‘Til next time Bitches,


Monday, March 19, 2012

60 days away

Look at the the 5th Annual Mustache pub crawl is only 60 days away. If you haven't started your mustache yet you are probably follicley challenged. Don't worry people Michael Foley will not be in attendance at the crawl.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. I am up for the Uncle of the Year award 2012.
2. The Scituate St Patricks day parade is good for little kids. It last a little bit over an hour and is better than the Dot day parade.
3. I stumbled upon a meat raffle, while picking up some Chinese food. Let me tell you TOTALLY UNDERRATED (6 steaks, 6 pork chops, 5 lbs of steak tips, 2 lobsters and 12 chicken breasts).

4. The Southie parade is still going strong as is the love these 2 share:
5. I was saying this dude was creep-pimping at the parade. He wasn't in it or anything just kinda cruising around:
6. I had no idea that chicken sausage would be that good.
7. I guess Chrissy is saving up for a blow out type of day on Marathon Monday. He's saving up all his cash.
8. Jeb and his family used to raise pigs and slaughter them. So for old times sake he is having a pig roast in June or July. Keep your schedules cleared.
9. The best birth control is watching some children for a weekend.
10. Katie's starting her garden already. We wont be having carrots, brussle sprouts or peas this year.
11. This is the 1st year I have not done a bracket and it feels fucking awesome to just watch the basketball games.
12. If anyone see Rob Knudsen please tell him I said hello. I try to have text correspondence with the man and it always leads no where.
13. I ate some blackened Talapia this weekend so thats a plus of no red meat. Me trying more fish.
14. I am not sure if Rio has a ticket left to marathon Monday or not because Smiddy is telling Folan  that he is going with Rio but he has yet to tell Rio. Kinda makes sense.
15. We need more Mary Lou's News through out Mass.
16. The Purple Shamrock is inded closing in September so drink up bitches.
17. 1st time in NCAA tournament history that 4 score from a single state have made the sweet 16, OHIO!
18. Welchies golf game is already in mid summer form. Anyone looking for a challenge - Don't sing it, BRING IT!

Darts is at home tomorrow night so feel free to come by. I will not be able to make it as I working.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Darts Update (Back in Time Edition)

Last night we played against the team from Yesterday’s which seems like a fitting name for the place. I felt like I went back in time stepping into this joint. First, I hear the place does not open before 7PM (Not sure if that is a local licensing issue, some 200 year old Puritan blue law or just a strange business decision). Next, I notice there is no parking lot (this always pisses me off) but I was lucky enough to find a spot on the street. Then I realize (after asking) that patrons “could” use the lot across the street. Something seems strange to me about parking in a church parking lot to go into a bar but maybe that’s just me. The dart board was set-up in a small and narrow alley with 3 doors (Men’s Room, Ladies Room and an emergency exit). The beats were great to start compliments of the old school CD juke box that made me think I was back in Brighams dropping nickels to hear the latest 45's, but took a very strange twist during the night. In the middle of the match a karaoke session broke out and to put it mildly the talent was like listening to the first couple night of American Idol. Overall it was not the worst bar in the Q and once you got used to the stink of heating oil it was okay. On a bright note they did provide an electronic scoreboard to make life easy.

I was planning to work on a sponsor to get tee shirts made for the fans, but apparently we do not have any that actually show up. Here is the first prototype:
So without further adieu, here is the summary of the matches.

501: For the first time EVER we swept the 501's 3-0!
Jeb & Mark played great to set the tone for the night. Both teams got on fast and pounded it down. The out was tough and Jeb grabbed it.

Derek & Brighto jumped on first and built a decent lead but let the other team get back in it. They hit the darts when it counted for win #2.

Me & Jared got on fast and played well against 2 good shooters. It came down the wire and we won to complete the sweep.

Cricket: 2 wins, 1 loss
Capt P & Rowland got involved in a crazy point game and slammed the corks for the win.

Shawn Larry & Mark were up early and never looked back. Solid win.

Me & Jeb suffered the first loss of the night when the other team hit 7 corks in 3 throws to steal it.

301: Lost 4-2
Bright won game 1 fast, lost the 2nd one faster and took game 3 in the blink of an eye.

Mark won 2 straight but I don't have a recap because I was watching UMASS win in double O/T.

P built a 150 point lead in game 1 but let it get close and got stuck on a shitty number and lost. In game 2 he fell behind early and made a great comeback but could not hit the out.

Derek took control by getting right on with an 82 and won a close one. In game 2 he got on first again and built a 260 point lead but gave it all back. He managed to come alive when he needed to and secured the win.

SL played a tough one in game 1. It came down to the out darts and he lost. In game 2 he was down 170 early and mounted a great comeback. Unfortunately the opponent closed the deal.

Jeb got on in the first toss but found himself down 100+ by the 2nd throw. He climbed back into it and won. In game 2 he was down early again and made a charge. He came close but lost. In game 3 he got on first and held a lead until the end but lost another tough one.

The night was successful with a 7-5 win against a solid team and the player of the night award goes to Jared this week.

‘Til next time Bitches,

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Yes I know

Yesterday was not a holiday or a day off for me, I just did not have any time during the day to update the blog with things I learned. Work was busy, I took the dog for a walk down Bear cove, then food shopping and making dinner by the time I sat my fat ass down it was 8:00 and time for the Voice. I am not making excuses more so I am just letting you know I had a hectic Monday.

This is what I learned this weekend (Plus Monday)
1. Home made turkey burger aren't bad.
2. I think Chrissy checks this blog every Monday between 9:00 and 9:30 am and if there is no post; I get a text.
3. How do people have no manners? How hard is it to say please and thank you or excuse me?
4. Boston Beer Works brings the heat with their strong beer selection. Straight killing it.
5. Jeffrey is tiling his backsplash if anyone is interested in helping.
6. I wonder if the golfing community gets bored this season. I mean since some of them never stopped playing?
7. MikeyT got the game used B's puck for boozing:
8. The Imperial Terrace in Quincy still has $2.75 beers and cheap mixed drinks.. I really thought it was 1998 all over again.
9. Rio is tearing it up in his EMT class. Dudes ripping off 86's and 93's at an alarming rate.
10. Bars have been finalized for the Pub crawl. Just working on the finishing touches for the shirts.
11. The Cask and Flagon are opening up a new joint in Marshfield.
12. Joey Martell must be hanging around with Smiddy because I never hear from either one of them.
13. Congrats to Dan Madden - his wife is preggers.
14. Has anyone fostered a dog before? Katie wants to try and help dogs/owners out. Just curious.
15. Even though St. Pattys day is on a Saturday this year it doesn't seem to have that buzz that it normally does around here.
16.  Are the Redsox serious, offering $75 tickets for opening day at $675?
17. In my 1st year of fantasy hockey I finished in 2nd place, 4 games back and a 1st round bye. Team DonkeyPunch is no joke!
18. I am killing it in Draw Something. I think I have 30-40 colors.
19. I think scones are under rated. Panera bread has some dope scones.
20. Are you officially old when you get up of the couch and actually hurt something? If so I am old.
21. The new pot pie from KFC is pretty good. Just not that filling but yet again its only $4.00.
Darts is tonight at Yesterdays. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Darts Update Week 4 (WIN BY DEFAULT edition)

Tonight we had almost a full squad with 8 players with only Jeffrey taking the night off. I think I won Capt. P’s confidence back as I was the only one to be scheduled to play in all 3 games. (Thanks P, I needed a pat on the back to get me motivated) What we did not have was FANS, so I guess by default the Superfan stays with Sassi. And by the looks of this photo, he is thrilled.I keep holding out hope that we will see Mikey T. before the playoffs and Chrissy would have been a lock if he just showed up but that did not happen.

In other exciting competition it was an action packed night for sports fans from these parts. UMASS won a big game in the Atlantic-10 Tournament, and they will take on Temple Friday in the quarterfinals. The only way they make the March Madness round of 64 (actually 65) is to win 3 in a row. Even if they do not, it has been a good season with 21 wins and counting and they will make a deep run in the NIT.
The Celtics played host my friend WP with tickets acquired from Higgs won an exciting game in O/T.
Bruins beat the Maple Leafs 5-4 Red Sox won 5-4 over the Orioles In other news the Southside Tavern was kind enough to supply the teams with electronic scoreboards. I have mixed emotions on this one. It definitely makes my nights easier and I can now watch and take notes on the games instead of scoring almost every game because of my teammates being arithmetically challenged. The down side is we may never get to enjoy the pride MW takes in keeping a clean and neat board while scoring. The major complaints of the night came from the heat which was cranked up to 100+ and the distractions caused by the game Draw Something. The beats were ok with some old school rap & rock including Bad Company and new tunes played by the other team.

Now on to the matches:
501: 2 Losses - 1 Win
P & DW played 2 women and had a tough time getting in the game. They ended up spotting the ladies 440 points and lost badly.

Jared & Welch got on fast and built a 200 point lead. Unfortunately they got stuck on 1 double 1 and could not close the deal.

Me & Jeb took the first freebie of the night and won by forfeit.

Cricket: 3 Wins - 0 Losses
Shawn Larry & I gave the bitches that beat P&D the 1st game a beatdown. We both threw lights out early and never looked back to take the win and get the match back to even at 2-2.

Bright & Jeb got involved in a close game from start to finish. It might not have been pretty but they played well enough to win.

P & Mark got the bye for another win and we stretched it to a 4-2 lead.

301: 5 Wins – 1 Loss
I led off and played a broad who hit 7 triple 19's in 2 games but had no chance against a man committed to going 3&0. Swept her in 2 games.

Bright won game in 2 games. Both were close but a win is a win.

Derek in game 1 he started SLOW and was down 301-4 in a 301 point game. He attempted to make a comeback and only lost by 283. In game 2 he jumped on with a 68 and built it to a 248 point lead. He gave it all back and the game came down to each needing a double 4. It was not meant to be.

Jared jumped out early and won the first. In game 2 he was down early but made a good charge to get it to the out, but lost. In game 3 he got on first and built a 200+ lead and closed it out before the other guy knew what was happening.

SL and Jeb won the last 2 matches by forfeit.

This week we earned some well needed points as we pass the quarter pole of the season. Let’s keep the momentum going and recruit some fans to take Sassman’s title.

‘Til next time bitches,

Monday, March 5, 2012

2,000th post

This is the 2,000th post on this blog. I sure as hell never thought we would ever get here. We lost a few good bloggers along the way  - Big Show, Iggles, Chrissy/Chrissys better half and Style Gal. We had Rios, Sons of Anarchy recaps but those quickly faded. Chiefdude seems semi retired, I mean he hasn't posted in god knows how long. Mike "the Pres" Foley makes an appearance here and there with darts or golf. TMX is always on point with the fantasy reviews. Wes Cash throws his hat in the ring when something needs to be addressed. Overall we are plugging along. If anyone wants to guest blog or be a regular contributor just send me an email.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You can only eat so many chicken dishes in a 2 week time period.
2. Why go to a burger joint if you gave up carbs for Lent? CHRISTIAN?
3. New World Tavern in Plymouth has a 5 page menu of bottled beers and 2 pages of drafts. That would make for a fun weekend.
4. Everyone say a prayer for Rio, he has one foot in grave with his high blood pressure.
5. A chameleons tongue is is longer than its body.
6. I am kind of addicted to "draw something" game for your phone. Get at me drunknothings
7. Donald Ducks middle name is Fauntleroy.
8. Almonds are members of the peach family(WHAT?).
9. Ladies sneeze twice as much as men.
10. The only mammal that can not jump are elephants.
11. All polar bears are left handed.
12. An octopus' testicles are located in his head.
13. The average bra size is 36C whereas 10 years ago it was 34B.
14. The Lorax is my favorite book by Dr Suess so I am very apprehensive about this new movie, even though it made $70 million this weekend.
15. The new Voltron cartoon blows, and by blows I mean totally fucking sucks.
16. Every time I go to the damn barber its 4 people deep and only 1 guy is working. I don't have 2 hours of my life to sit around waiting to get a hair cut.
17. I finally got around to watching Thor. It wasn't a bad flick.
18. I'm already sick of people tweeting about Red Sox spring training games. Who is getting pumped beating the Northeastern Huskies squad? Get a fucking life.
19. I can make a mean shampoo mohawk with my hair being so long.
20. The pub crawl bar schedule is coming together. Just waiting to hear back from Beer works. When I get the ok I will place the orders for the shirts. I think I am going with 125 this year. I am adding 20 smalls.

Darts is at home tomorrow. If you are in the Quincy area and want to come by for some laughs we will be at the South Side Tavern.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dart review

From a drunk Jeffrey, here is his review:

Lost first two games of 501

Skipped to first game of cricket win back to last game of 501 another lost Fuck!!! 2nd game of cricket win bitches last game of cricket another win all tied up at 3-3 on to the 301s 3 loses in a row motherfucker!!!!! then 2 big wins by us suck it BARRY Larry's in to our last game for the tie...........we lost till next week