Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I am back

Banged out a shit ton of things on my vacation. Didn't really relax but I didn't work either.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. R.I.P Jaydisco.
2. Random Friday night drinks with Chrissy will always make you smile.
3. Who knew getting a drive way redone is such a pain. I guess when dealing with neighbors you should just assume it's gonna be a hassle.
4. It is beach season.
5. Those road side carnivals make 125k in 5 days just on ticket sales.
6. Nora Mitchell is now bi, bi-coastal that is.
7. Congrats officer Calnan on graduating the police academy.
8. What is worse, sunburned nose or ears?
9. You can not be over 30 years old getting kicked out of bars and wanting to rip people's ears off.
10. Canada has their own 7 wonders of Canada and the Bay of Fundy has been voted one of them. The Macphails will be visiting this summer.
11. Can someone explain to me what the Celtics are doing?
12. Kind of sad that Netflix cancelled Girl Boss.
13. Nothing quite like being at a bar and a guy says "hope he hasn't left yet. I don't want to chase him, he has the coke". Don't think he meant coca cola.
14. Got some new golf clubs. I still suck. Life lessons.
15. I feel like staining a deck should be quick and easy but nah it isn't.
16. Who knew Rob is a beer snob now? Kicked light beers to the curb in favor of IPAs.

I got 524 emails to rummage through so I have to run but hopefully I'll see some of you down at the Chipman family pig roast this weekend.

Monday, June 19, 2017


It isn't officially summer till vacation weeks start. Guess who is on vacation this week? This guy. So if anyone is around and wants to grab some lunch, dinner or beers - hmu.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Officer Calnan graduates this week.
2. Apparently Jeffrey is King for a day on Father's day.
3. I went out and bought new golf clubs this past weekend. It can only help my game.
4. The Pour Yard is pretty decent for outside drinking.
5. The god damn vet is a crap shoot when it comes to pricing. Could be $50 bucks could be $500.
6. Chrissy is working some crazy 3am to 3pm schedule this week.
7. I am not having a July 3rd party this year but Chrissy is having a July 4th block party if you are interested.
8. I do not get this whole tall ships thing. Like what's the deal?
9. The Stars annual golf tournament is next Monday.
10. If you call a rotary a roundabout I'll probably junk punch you.
11. I have zero patience when it comes to being stuck behind people who walk slow.
12. The older I get the more I like bourbon.
13. Don't look now but the Redsox are tied for 1st place.
14. Do people still watch Deadliest Catch? Like seriously?
15. Has anyone seen Mike Foley? It is like he is always playing a real life game of Hokey Pokey. He pops in and out.
16. Those Johnsonville fire cracker sausages are pretty awesome.
17. How come no one wants to go to Barrett Jackson at Mohegan Sun?
18. Do you think TK will spend more time at the new Barretts Ale house or the old one?

Thanks off to do some errands.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Man oh man

Say one thing about the weather and mother nature comes with a right hand. Enjoy it while we can.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Some people just need to grow the fuck up. Look in the mirror Peter Pan.
2. Jeffrey is looking at making one off t-shirts. He carries a pen and writes em all down.
3. Hulls kitchen 2 opens on Wednesday.
4. Wheel barrel coolers are the new hotness.
5. How many burgers is too many on a weekend? Asking for a friend.
6. We all have that one friend who misses whole spots on themselves when applying sun screen.
7. If this weather doesn't make you smile then you are just a miserable fuck.
8. People don't use the word weasle enough. That guy is such a fucking weasle!
9. Give me NHL playoffs over NBA playoffs anytime.
10. The Smirnoff Seltzer's are the shit.
11. Fuck this 3A Fore River bridge shit too. Not the actual work but the drivers just lose their minds.
12. Wait people still play angry birds?
13. No lie, I heard someone use the word wigger and I didn't know if I should laugh or be offended.
14. I didn't win the Powerball. Gotta keep grinding.

Hope you can enjoy the weather and hit up the beach. Count down to vacation is on.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Global warming my balls

Is this Seattle, London or Boston for fucks sake?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not everything makes the blog because I am usually wayyyyyyy too bombed.
2. The Pour Yard is now open.
3. Jeffrey always celebrates everyone's birthday like it is his own.
4. Monday morning casino runs are where it is at.
5. Wonder Woman was a good movie.
6. Don't you hate when people get all whiny and take their proverbial ball and go home.
7. Everything hurts after a morning of bowling.
8. Wait people creep on Snapchat? They screen shot things and send them to other people to try to get them in trouble?
9. Breakfast dates are still the new hotness.
10. It was good to see many people out watching the Dot day parade.
11. I guess the going rate for a triple decker in Dorchester is a smooth million.
12. Buckets of beers are still my jam. Nothing like being your own bartender.
13. Every now and again you need a vacation from your vacation.
14. Mungo just out crushing beers.
15. I guess the time to head down the cape is 3:30 pm.
16. Sick days are for the boys now.

Gonna go try and catch up on my 189 emails from this weekend.