Monday, February 26, 2018

March is coming

As long as January was, February fucking flew by.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Getting a new phone is like buying a car. You get jammed up there for 2 hours.
2. I heard that Precinct 10 turns into hip hop central at night on Friday and Saturday nights.
3. Who knew Mark Welch kills the Mexican food game.
4. Riccio was in for the Wickendon pub on March 10th then he was out.
5. Bruins tickets going up $8 each next season.
6. I have no idea why but Sunday drinking is the most fun drinking.
7. Who gives up drinking during Lent?
8. Apparently Chrissy has an open invitation to everyone for our trip to Chicago.
9. Anyone know how to tie a bowtie? I'm gonna need to know for the derby.
10. Speaking of the Derby I have 3 extra tickets if you know anyone HMU.
11. Who the fuck cares about the closing ceremony of the Olympics.
12. $5 mimosas at Craig's Cafe is something.
13. TK is all about the Amstel lights right now.
14. Drunk Chrissy loves Karaoke!

Monday, February 19, 2018


It is going to be in the 70s this Wednesday? Some crazy ass weather we are having this winter.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Providence Bruins are a good take. Not a bad seat in the house.
2. Just spending money like a drunk sailor.
3. I like oysters but I don't think they agree with me.
4. Guess who is going to Pearl Jam in Chicago? Tickets are bought. Hotel is booked.
5. Does anyone actually buy a car during these Presidents day sales?
6. Who doesn't like a good steak?
7. Being made fun of for having soft hands is just jealousy.
8. Nashville and Louisville is all booked. The Derby is fast approaching.
9. Black Panther was pretty good. I mean it's not lose your mind type shit but it's good.
10. Kids are getting wiffles early this year.
11. No one celebrates birthdays quite like Jeffrey.
12. Mario is looking at buying a house near the water. Look for a house in Saugus to be for sale soon.
13. Congrats to Lauren Kelly crushing her goal of $7500 for the marathon.
14. The Boston Winery is a nice little spot. Still don't like wine though.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Tick tock

Let us just skip all the bullshit and get to things I learned this weekend:

1. As you may know Tom Kelly's daughter, Lauren, is running the Boston Marathon. There is a meat raffle fund raiser this Saturday February 17th at the Boston Winery. If you could make it down and show some support that would be great.
2. Never ceases to amaze me when there is a line at Regina's at 4pm.
3. I think I may have been sleeping on the Fowler house all these years.
4. Joe Martell is alive and kicking. Working a ton but partying even harder.
5. The jalapeno burger from Porters is my new jam.
6. Wickendon pub March 10th? Anyone interested?
7. Airfare to Nashville is booked. Just gotta find a place in Louisville now.
8. Man hangry is such a thing.
9. People still get sucker punched?
10. Does anyone know someone who has actually won big $$ on a scratch ticket?
11. I am not a fan of veggie burgers. I think it's the quinoa that I didn't like.
12. Guess we are not going to Pearl Jam in Chicago.

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Now what?

The super bowl is over. The Bruins and Celtics bandwagon is full. The Sox season is months away. Pretty much we are in sports purgatory.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. More people are into chili cook-offs than I realized.
2. Altered Carbon on Netflix is the shit.
3. $50 for 2 squares, half time buffet and beers from kick off till the game ends. Not too shabby.
4. How can you be a grown man with the fucking sniffles?
5. So far this year feels like 2 steps forward 3 steps back.
6. I have been craving some new ink.
7. Downtown Plymouth is great for bar hopping.
8. I don't think the balcony is for me.
9. I love the hype surrounding the Superbowl commercials.
10. Between Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and every other streaming option it's going to start costing you more to subscribe than cable.
11. Planet fitness banning jump rope seems silly to me.
12. I had well over 30 squares. Not a sniff of a win.
13. The Macphails are getting new windows, furnace, central AC and insulation.
14. Tax season got people stressed the fuck out.
15. People acting like their mother died just because the Pats lost...come on.
16. Insomnia is a bitch, a real fucking bitch.