Monday, August 23, 2021

Lets go

2 more weeks of fun in the sun, summertime. Then everyone will be back to the grind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy is still looking for a derby car.

2. The fantasy football draft is Saturday, fucking 16 years.

3. That mask mandate didnt stay off long.

4.  So Henri was a dud, huh?

5. TK occasionally gets lost in Quincy.

6. CM Punk is back!! AEW will kill it.

7. Not really a fan of the Sand Bar in Hull.

8. Nothing worse than when someone rips your phone out of your hand and runs away from ya. Ask Martell.

9. Can someone explain to me how Machine Gun Kelly landed Meghan Fox?

10. Jason Foley has a hotel for Saturday night if anyone wants to party.

Monday, August 16, 2021


 Hey summertime - Wheredyago? I mean its either hotter than the sun or fucking raining.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Being called an asshole can really make your day.

2. Sunburns suck.

3. We all have that one friend who drives all over gods creation before getting to where they need to be.

4. Congrats Chrissy on the new job.

5. I do not think I was built for the overnight shift.

6. Has anyone been to Mighty Squirrel brewery in Waltham?

7. Man, this Redsox band wagon gets filled up and emptied out faster than anything I can remember.

8. Who gets to name these tropical storms and hurricanes? I want in on that!

9. I saw someone spit out their car window and that's probably the first time I have seen that since Covid started.

10. Who is going to a Woo Sox game?

11. Tom Kelly is looking to go to a BC game if you guys want to party in the Mods. Pick me up at City Side.

12. What is the over/under date for full time masks for everyone? I have Sept 5th!

Monday, August 9, 2021

bring on the heat

The heat is returning this week so lets all pray the AC holds.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Heritage day in Scituate is a good take. (I did hear it used to be way better when they blocked the street off - fucking locals).

2. Jeffrey is afraid of Praying Mantis.

3. Not gonna lie the overnight shift is not really my thing.

4. The Popeyes chicken nuggets are not too bad. Just wish they came in spicy.

5. I can't believe that people are still going to see New Kids on the Block.

6. If you have kids, Paragon Boardwalk is a good place to go and relax outside.

7. Pretty sure I could have pizza everyday.

8. Trying to find a bar to host a fantasy draft stinks. There aren't many dives around.

9. Off the Hook in Quincy in now open. (Used to be called Louies Lunch and also where Jason Foley once passed out in their bathroom).

10. I am trying really hard to understand these NFT's but I recently saw a guy buy a strippers "love" for 250K as a NFT. Like what?

11. Well that was a fun Red Sox season.

12. TK is a huge Warren's Tavern guy. But yet I cant get him to meet me at Cronins for steak tips, something about not having a parking lot and he cant park in the street.

13. The outdoor patio at the Bowery bar is awesome.

14. You know I am a huge Mexican food guy so I am dying to try Locales Tacos and Tequila bar in Hingham.

Monday, August 2, 2021


Today is the last day the sun sets after 8pm so fucking enjoy it.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. 4th and Cherry in Weymouth landing is pretty good.

2. The 16th season of fantasy football draft order is out.

3. Chris Leaden made it to Jo's Notty.

4. Catered parties with on demand sushi and a bar tender. Rob is living his best life!!

5. Please pray for me, I am going to Atlanta at the end of the month and I may spontaneously combust when I land.

6. Hope you guys saved all your Fleets because Twitter is ending them tomorrow.

7. Oh you guys havent heard from Chrissy? Thats because hes summering down on the Vineyard for a week.

8. Im looking for a pair of good tickets to see Garth Brooks...if you know anyone with extras.

9. These new mask up rules are a fucking joke. Gotta check flow charts and maps.

10. I love that Redfin still stalks me with house listings.

11. We will miss ya Krecji.

12. That Bo Burnam, Jeffrey Bezos song, is quite catchy.