Monday, June 30, 2014


Its July 4th week, that means fireworks, bbqs and sun tans. Remember suns out guns out when you are drinking to 'Merica!!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently Jeffrey believes he looks like Luke Bryan.
2. Thanks again Jebby and the entire Chipman clan for yet another great Pig roast.

3. Are you supposed to hurt the day after getting a massage?
4. The #Sundayselfies are really taking off.
5. The cookout season is upon us and that means the coolers packed

6. How many Best friends can ya have?
7. Can you give up anal on the 1st date? Is that even legal?
8. Chrissy really knows how to pick out a great steak.
9. Zac Brown Band was awesome I would 100% see them again.

10. Fake boobs - what is your take? Yes? No? Depends? Who cares? You know what my daddy always said "more than a mouthful is a wasteful".
11. I like vicariously through Jaydisco's dating stories. I love them.
12. Cloyd River t shirts are the shit.
13. Smiddys not giving up on these Boston Red Sox and neither should you.
14. It takes 2 weeks to get a pretty decent beard.
15. Jeffrey and Chrissy are both being bitches about getting another tattoo.
16. Smiddy and Folan have yet to go to Twin Rivers.
17. Why is it, when you talk to people about making some sort of plans they are all gung ho and in but when it comes to paying for tickets or actually going through with the plans there are a million excuses.
18. People are really upset with the Celtics picks this year.

See you guys the 5th or the 6th.

Monday, June 23, 2014

I am back

Yes I did not update the blog last week. I was on vacation!! That means a vacation from this blog as well.

This is what I learned the last few weeks:
1. My grays are coming in fast and furiously.
2. We raised $1040 for Dana Farber. I have 23 shirts left over if anyone wants to buy one/donate.
3. There is not much to do in Oak Ridge, Tenn. Knoxville is another story -$.25 beers, Yes Please!
4. Staining a deck is a pain in the balls.
5. Jeffrey is really stepping up his selfie game.
6. Don't forget that Jebs family pig roast is this Saturday.
7. Smiddy really really wants off the group texts guys.
8. Folan is killing it at the ABG.
9. Congrats to Welchie and Brighto on winning the State dart title - C division. They are now moving on up to B. If anyone wants to try out.
10. I am a top notch gift giver.
11. Nothing worse than missing spots while putting on sun screen. My feet and toes are burned up.
12. Do you have friends that when they talk all you hear is Charlie Browns teacher?
13. The Coors light Summer Brew is shit! Not the shit just shit.
14. Babies love to eat sand. There isn't much you can do about that.
15. I fucking hate Wal-mart. HATE IT and the people who shop there.
16. Folan is trying to bring back overalls with one strap down. Good luck Folan.
17. There was a Mark Welch and Mike Layden sighting on Saturday night. Both are doing great.
18. Cook out at my house on July 5th. All are welcome. Ill have food you bring beers. Oh and if you are afraid of dogs, I have 2. Whatever food is left over there will also be a cookout July 6th.
19. Jeffrey is rocking a new truck.
20. It doesn't cost anything to be nice and smile every once and a while.
21. People were disappointed that Riccio didn't show for the crawl.
22. If you were wondering yes I am still rocking a mustache.
23. Mario and Smiddy are both off of FB.
24. Talking/texting in 3rd person is always fucking funny.

That is all for now. See ya Saturday at the Pig roast.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Game time is pain time

Well the Pubcrawl is this Saturday lets hope everyone is finalizing their staches.
This is the 1st time weathergged from my phone in a welcome time.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy is ready

2. You can still get after it at a 1 year old birthday party.
3. I believe in 2nd, 3rd and even 4th cif youances.
4. Cheesecake Factory or Joes American bar and grill.
5. Who wants in on project "Step up ya selfie game"?
6. Sometimes you just need a 12 pack and some nice weather to make your day complete.
7. If anyone needs some pub crawl t shirts this week. Hit Katie up she knows where they are at.
8. Rio is putting a trip to Finland together if anyone is interested.
9. Has anyone heard from Welchie or Jeffrey? Both seemed to have fallen off the face of the earth.
10. Congrats to the Heightz Boyz on their second straight MMDL championship.
11. Supah P is living life down in Pembroke. Got a dog named Dexter and rumors he may be bringing a lady to the crawl.
12. CVG is out gallavanting on his friends boat, pretty sure I didnt get a damn invite.
13. William J Smiddy is anti bullying. He is a champion of the people.
14. You can not put ice cream cake the fridge to keep it from melting.
15. Window or isle seat?
16. Riccio told me you can join the half mile high club if you jerk off in the airplane bathroom.

I'm sorry if there are any punctuation or spelling mistakes. It is kind of difficult to blog on his little ass screen.

Btw - Chrissy you are welcome

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June is here

Look, June finally shows up and so does the nice weather. Coincidence? I think not! Now lets work on our tans.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Peggy O'Niels looks forward to Chrissy showing up more and more each year.
2. Jeffrey can not bounce back like he used to. The kid is working on a 4 day hangover.
3. Another year, another Dot day:

4. Congrats to Uncle Willie on another Dot Day bowl off win, beating MikeyT by 2 pins and me by 3.
5. I heard that divorces come in fours. So here is to all my family and friends going through rough patches.
6. I had heard rumors of Buffalo Wild wings in Brockton being a train wreck but I was there Friday and they seem to be on top of their game.
7. If you need a MPC 7 shirt before the actual day, then make plans to meet up before next Monday. I am away all next week.
8. We have all been there, bombed liking everyones shit on FB. Hey Drunk happens.
9. What do you do when a contractor has tools stolen from in front of your house?
10. Some days I just don't give a fuck.
11. This walking cough/cold/chest congestion is going around. I can not seem to kick it.
12. Low fat cheese is garbage. I would rather use less regular cheese or no cheese. GARBAGE!
13. Now Chrissy is trying to work out going to Austin City limits music festival. He is working the birthday angle with his wife.  ITS EFFING PEARL JAM ON YOUR BIRTHDAY - ENOUGH SAID!
14. This may be the 1st summer in 10 years that I didn't have a wedding to go to. 2014 the year of Hope!
15. The older I get the more I realize its all the little things in life that make you smile and all those smiles add up to making your happy.
16. You guys all know I take the day after Dot day off its like my own holiday. So suck it, that the blog wasn't up yesterday.
17. The turn out doesn't seem to be as high in past years for the MPC7. Spread the word. I mean we are drinking for a cause.
18. There is nothing better than a day off and not doing a fucking thing. The biggest decision you have for the day is what movie you should watch when you get out of bed and move ya ass to the couch.

Thanks. I will try to blog next week but I will be in a training. Maybe Chrissy would like to give an insight on things he learned.