Tuesday, May 29, 2018

June baby

Let us stop fucking around with all this wacky ass weatger. Give me 70s at least.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Solo was better than I thought it was gonna be but still not good.
2. Chrissy has loaded up on fireworks for July 4th.
3. Dot day is Sunday. Who is in?
4. Has anyone heard from Mark Welch?
5. Totally normal to want to drive your motorcycle in the rain, right Dave?
6. Speaking of Dave heard he is a regular Piccaso.
7. I heard the MDC had a blast skipping the Cape this year and killing NH.
8. Chris Leaden is in summer function mode at The Charlie Horse.
9. Mark it down TK is going sober on June 5th. That's what he has to do for awaken 180.
10. Pissed at myself for not getting side steps for the Jeep.
11. Right now my new record is 12 beers before I piss.
12. The ocean is razor blades.
13. Glad to hear that some people  still do the old fashion yayo.
14. Bud light orange is my new beach jam. I still got love for you seltzers.
15. Where do you stand on steak fries?
16. It's one thing to miss a spot when putting on sun screen it's a totally nother to miss it two days in a row.
17. Can't get my lawn mower blade off, does that mean I have to throw my mower out?
18. I refuse to put my lawn furniture out until it's 70 for 3 days straight.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

We are a day early

Since I am at work today I figured why not just bang out a quick blog post.

This is what I learned this past week:
1. Mother fuckers are geared up with this legalization of gambling on sports. New Jersey should be taking bets next Monday.
2. Huge shout out to Padraig, travels all the way to Napa Valley to propose. Things are moving fast - house, engagement and now the bachelor party planning.
3. Couldn't find a good used car so I put that money down on a new Jeep. Guess I'm team #jeep now.
4. How come I haven't heard of any Memorial day parties?
5. Anyone ever change a lawn mower blade before?
6. Why do jeans fit better after wearing them for a few days?
7. Someone tell my brother Ryan it's frowned upon pulling your dick out in a bar.
8. I have no idea why but I am a fan of the food and drinks at Burton's.
9. Deadpool 2 is a god damn fucking riot.
10. Vodka lemonades are pretty dangerous.
11. I could go the rest of my life without ever having Chinese food agsin.
12. Congrats to TK on being a grand daddy. Nothing says grandpa like free baby sitting.
13. Pray for Mario's dog, Bruschi, who is all fucked up from vertigo and an ear infection.
14. Joey Martell and his lady are looking for a house. They are sick of condo living.
15. Dot day is only 2 weeks away, wonder what random shows up this year?
16. Hope everyone downloaded the mass state lottery keno ap. You can watch keno live on your fucking phone.
17. Fuck quinoa.
18. Keep chick peas and hummus far away from me too.

Have a great week. It is supposed to be in the mid to high 70s all week.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Pray for me

And my liver. This is going to be another rocky one with 2 Sox game this week and the C's crushing it in the playoffs. My wallet is already puking.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The weekend is never long enough.
2. People are all geared up for this royal wedding.
3. Joey Martell is working on some behind the scenes tour of Wrigley Field for us in August.
4. Tiger Woods is back baby!!
5. Scary Terry says there is no room on the Cs band wagon and I agree.
6. I live for drunk before noon snaps from Chrissy.
7. Nothing more uncomfortable than a pair of underwear that don't quite fit right.
8. I have already found 5 ticks on my dog. Be careful out there.
9. I can't remember what one of Bunker's kids is Kyle and what one is Alex so I just vall them both Kylex.
10. I don't know what's more difficult - finding a pair of sneakers that I like or a good used car.
11. Anyone interested in going to the Sox game Monday, May 28th?
12. Has anyone used a Home Equity line of credit vs a Home Equity loan? Benefits?
13. When you just want to rip your eye out with a spoon because it won't stop twitching.
14. We all have that one friend who asks for advice and when you give it to them they do whatever they fuck they want.
15. When is Calnan having a house warming party?
16. It appears as though everyone and their mother is going to the Pats Titans game in Nashville.
17. A woman told me I look just like my dog. Is that a compliment? Is it because we both have white, black and gray hair? Do I look like a dog?
18. I am excited for Deadpool 2 not so much for Solo.
19. Deleting my Facebook page was one of the only good things for me so far in 2018.
20. Pretty sure Chrissy got some girl from Massachusetts, who currently resides in New Orleans, killed.

Ok let me know who is going out for the Sox and Celts on Saturday night. Especially after watching the royal wedding.

Monday, May 7, 2018

It's officially...

Baseball season. We are still rocking out with the Celtics playoff run but we are playing with house money at this point. Players growing and getting playoff experience while Brad Stevens is being labeled a guru.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nashville is fucking expensive.
2. Martin BBQ joint > Jack's
Biscuit Love > Milk and Hobey
Hattie B's > all other fried chicken ever.
3. The Derby was a great time just wished the weather was better.
4. Pedal tours hurt your ass.
5. Johnny Cash museum was small but awesome.
6. If you are a famous country singer more than likely you have a bar on Broadway.
7. Other than the track, the Louisville area seemed pretty blah.
8. Think I probably put on 10-15 pounds from just drinking and eating for the past 5 days.
9. The ride from Nashville to Louisville is bizzare. Lots of time traveling. Half way through Kentucky all of a sudden you are back on Eastern standard Time.
10. Everyone is super nice.
11. No one is actually from Nashville - they all migrate from somewhere else in the country.
12. I can see why boatloads of ladies go for bachelorette weekends.
13. Hope you watched my snaps of Derby day!
14. Pretty sure I need a week to dry out.
15. Holy shit Hawaii.
16. That pipe breaking on the Carnival Cruise ship is a thing of nightmares for me.

Off to do some errands.