Tuesday, May 29, 2018

June baby

Let us stop fucking around with all this wacky ass weatger. Give me 70s at least.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Solo was better than I thought it was gonna be but still not good.
2. Chrissy has loaded up on fireworks for July 4th.
3. Dot day is Sunday. Who is in?
4. Has anyone heard from Mark Welch?
5. Totally normal to want to drive your motorcycle in the rain, right Dave?
6. Speaking of Dave heard he is a regular Piccaso.
7. I heard the MDC had a blast skipping the Cape this year and killing NH.
8. Chris Leaden is in summer function mode at The Charlie Horse.
9. Mark it down TK is going sober on June 5th. That's what he has to do for awaken 180.
10. Pissed at myself for not getting side steps for the Jeep.
11. Right now my new record is 12 beers before I piss.
12. The ocean is razor blades.
13. Glad to hear that some people  still do the old fashion yayo.
14. Bud light orange is my new beach jam. I still got love for you seltzers.
15. Where do you stand on steak fries?
16. It's one thing to miss a spot when putting on sun screen it's a totally nother to miss it two days in a row.
17. Can't get my lawn mower blade off, does that mean I have to throw my mower out?
18. I refuse to put my lawn furniture out until it's 70 for 3 days straight.