Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wahhh wahhh wahhhh

All week long I had to listen to people bitch that I didn't post a blog this week. I never ever post when I am on vacation. Not about to start 10 years later.  So instead I will post a day early.

This is what I learned on my 2 week break:
1. Big golf tournament on July 7th if anyone is interested let Mario lnpe.
2. Hungover Jeffrey is a good for 9 holes in golf.
3. The new Jurassic Park movie is meh.
4. The bouncy house with the water slide is all set for the July 3rd party.
5. Drinking by yourself at a bar is underated. I mean I don't know who rated it in the first place but they are wrong.
6. Chrissy is alive and competing in a beer Olympics, July 14th. Come down to Pembroke to support him.
7. Calnans wedding of 2019 is already making cuts to the list. Sorry TK!
8. Speaking of TK, if you had under 2 weeks in the over/under - you win!
9. The Inn at Bay Point is expensive but very nice views.
10. The Nashville hots chicken sandwich from True North isn't as good as Hattie B's but it's fucking still good.
11. Another year and still coolers with wheels suck ass.
12. It is not even July and I have had 3 sunburns.
13. Rumor has it the Chiefdude is off of Facebook.
14. Also rumored is him and his lady are looking to downsize and move closer to Boston, perhaps on TKs street in Bridgewater.
15. What brand of hot dogs do you like? Kayem, Ball Park, Oscar meyer or Pearl? Or something entirely different?
16. The Chipman family pig roast is this Saturday if you are in Marshfield. Very family oriented.
17. Pretty sad, that no one just randomly goes into Fenway on game day and cops tickets any more.
18. Why the fuck did I have to wear a sweatshirt during June?
19. It's pretty impressive how much Lowes and Home Depot are so much alike yet so different.
20. Julie Nickerson is still single ready to mingle but now has a place to bring her one night stands, with her purchase of a condo in Whitman.
21. I love how people don't give a shit about soccer but once the world cup starts...out they mind!
22. Chrissy sends me count down days till Pearl Jam in Chicago, it's like an adult Christmas for him.

Monday, June 11, 2018

June June June

So this is 2018 huh? Up is down, cats living with dogs, 50 degrees in the morning 90 at noon, rain for an hour and Tom Kelly 8 days sober. I mean what in the fuck.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not drinking on a Saturday night is refreshing.
2. Jeep life means wearing sun screen at all times.
3. Ryan is planning a trip to Atlantic City. Who is in?
4. How come no one is ever up for random road trips to NH?
5. Hooters has $5 drink specials and $3 shots specials on Thursdays.
6. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave has been off the grid ever since his lady moved closer to him.
7. Does anyone know where you can buy some basement storage/shelving?
8. Big beach party on Saturday and Sunday for Father's day down in Hull. Grab your speedos and get ready.
9. Officer Calnan should be closing on his house soon. Heard a rumour Grillos gonna DJ the house warming party.
10. Some days you ever feel like nothing is going your way?
11. I am legit saddened by Anthony Bourdain committing suicide. He was like your drunk fun uncle.
12. Is anyone actually excited for this new Jurassic Park movie?

Aight I am off.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Today is the day

The Tom Kelly weight loss challenge officially begins today, June 5th.
He is going 6 long weeks without any booze. No beer, no liquor and no wine. Some people are betting on this (see Paddy for the offs), not me, I am going to be 100% supportive.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mikey Doyle was more upset that there was no Dot Day bowl off than he was that Chrissy missed his first dot day in 15 years.
2. Anyone want to go to Austin City limits?
3. Soccer mom's and old people hate the Jeep wave.
4. The Pour Yard is where it's at for some fun drinks and warm sunshine.
5. Tom Kelly made a rare appearance at a bar other than Barretts.
6. They really need to make ladies jeans front pockets bigger, amiright?
7. Who hates Elvis? I mean come on.
8. Grillo got caught up in Medford day so he didn't make Dot day either.
9. Glad to see Chuckie T rocking a convertible Benz.
10. Make sure you follow Orett on Twitter and Instagram @theroofdeckking so you can get the hook up at bars and clubs in Boston.
11. Is there anything worse than getting your coffee made wrong?
12. Anyone else sick of the Cavs vs Golden State?
13. Everyone needs hobbies.
14. Anyone up for a fishing charter? Looking to put it together this summer? HMU!!

Off to do some work and go through these 189 emails I hot since Friday.