Monday, September 25, 2017

Well then

It looks like mother nature isn't quite ready to leave summer behind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Even when wearing running pants, Kung Fu Dave still wears black.
2. Kelly's Cellar is kind of a scary place.
3. Florida - Georgia game is a month away.
4. At what age do people stop with the Halloween parties?
5. Dunkin donuts tried to kill me this weekend, my iced coffee was pumpkin spice.
6. Who hates roast beef? Honestly Chrissy?
7. Happy belated birthday Folan.
8. If you see Jeffrey buy him a drink or something. That dudes cranky.
9. Is there anything wrong with eating a dinner salad after your meal? Asking for a friend(wink wink).
10. Since I know you are dieing to know, still no battery.
11. Rumor has it Chris Leaden is going to help moving.
12. I am so confused about these protests - are we protesting police brutality? Is it the flag? Is it being an American? Is it the first amendment right to free speech?
13. I caught Kingsman 2 this weekend, not nearly as good as the 1st.
14. If you are a fan of Nintendo then you should check out Castlevania on Netflix. It's only 4 episodes but sets it up nicely for future stories.

Off to do some work.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bring it on

Fall starts Friday at 4:02 pm.  Bring on brisk mornings, apple pies and basic white girl pumpkin everything.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. My white scorpion peppers refuse to change from green to white.
2. All these natural disasters are good for over time at the Coca Cola plant.
3. Rugged maniac this weekend out in Southwick and My first mud run in Holyoke. Good luck Ali.
4. Safe to say my fantasy season is over after 2 weeks. Now I know what it feels like ladies, all build up no satisfaction.
5. Bloody Mary bars are my jam.
6. Five year olds have no off switch, no down time and never stop asking questions.
7. Punch out for Nintendo is still awesome.
8. I see a few people jumping back on the Bs bandwagon after that Pasta signing.
9. What do you do when your right eye twitches for over a week.
10. I heard a rumor that Coach K is rocking like 4 time shares in and around Disney. May be time to just invest in a condo bro.
11. I'm not going to lie, Derek loves when people talk/type in the 3rd person.
12. Guess Matty and Meg are moving into their own house this weekend, do you think this effects him going to Florida - Georgia?
13. Grillo made a rare appearance on the text machine.
14. People are bitching about the new iPhone being $1000. Wasn't the last one $850?  Apple got you eating out of their hands.
15. Ever get hit with a 24 hour sickness. Black out city.
16. Hong Kong Dave must be seeing someone. Haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. Still waiting on his house warming party.
17. Sometimes the best part of Snapchat are the news articles.
18. Guess what Joey Martell got for his birthday? Tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Who knew he was so sophisticated. How many Adderall did he pop to watch that?

Ok, I'm back working with Rio this week. Let the good times roll.

Monday, September 11, 2017

15 more

There are only 15 more Monday's till Christmas.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. We all have that one friend who bitches about everything. Someone could give them$100 and they would bitch about it not being enough.
2. Sunburns on 70 degree days are where it is at.
3. Joe Martell never missed a day to be at the beach.
4. Looks like all the work OT is slowing down in 3 weeks.
5. Jeffrey is spiteful at times.
6. Another year and I am out of the elimination pool week 1.
7. Why do they give you the most uncomfortable work chairs?
8. My sausage making empire is coming along.
9. Georgia beating ND with Doug Flutie calling the game, made my Saturday night.
10. Can't be uncle of the year if you don't show up to flag football games.
11. This is great sleeping weather.
12. Chrissy, sorry to break this to you but Poopsies is a 5.3. The atmosphere is a 10.
13. Never forget - tell a friend, telephone and tell TK are the 3 major ways to get all your business out there.
14. Rio wants a lake house in NH if you guys know of any.
15. Car dealerships are relentless with harassing you. Never fill out any shit online.
16. All these fucking hurricanes, really enough mother nature.
17. If I got an Irish wolf hound, I can name it Mick right?
18. Cagney's is getting a new menu.

Gotta run kids. See ya soon.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor day

Happy Labor day you animals.
While you all are out enjoying the last days of the summer I will be working.

This is what I learned this week:
1. I finally got around to watching Black Mirror on Netflix, that is some fucked up shit. I haven't made it through all 3 seasons yet.
2. The Macphails had a lovely cookout yesterday, a celebration of life and the wonderment of a fire pit.
3. The suicide/elimination pool is back up and running. So get your picks in by 1pm on Sunday.
4. The Florida - Georgia game is on. Hotel is booked, the airfare is booked and Matty secured 4 tickets. Who is coming with? 3 tickets are spoken for.
5. Looks like Point Sebago may be a go for next year. The week of July 7th to the 14th. Rumor has it Jason Foley and his family are even in.
6. True North bar opened up in Weymouth, pretty nice.
7. This week is the Brimfield antique show.
8. I love when I hear people buying products and growing beards.
9. Would people be interested in a pub crawl to raise money for the devastation in Texas, caused by Harvey.
10. I don't really understand the purpose of cards against humanity.
11. Survivor flip cup is beyond ghetto. What's the purpose of playing a drinking game when you get kicked off a team? Attention span zero.
12. Have you had the drunken meatball pizza from Coops? Shit is off the chains.
13. Would you buy 20 $30 scratch tickets, 30 $20 tickets or 60 $10 tickets?
14. What is more important to you? Time or money? Would you drive around for 1/2 hour looking for a parking space or would you just pay the $20 to park?
15. There is no one I would pay $1500 per ticket to see front row center stage. How can Lady Gaga even charge that?
16. We are on to week 6 of waiting for my battery from China.