Monday, November 29, 2021

Get your Xmas shopping in early

Including today there are only 26 shopping days until Christmas.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Chrissy and his wife are all in on Plunkett again - Dedham or the Cape doesn't matter.

2. Not Your Average Joes has gone down hill real quick.

3. Chris Leaden's hatred of cranberries runs deep.

4. Anyone else have a friend who makes everything about them?

5. When do Sox Pax go on sale? Anyone know?

6. Hope TK had fun at the Pats game yesterday.

7. I mean at this rate there will be a new variant every month or so. When do we go back to living our normal life?

8. It appears that I cannot get a new Bronco for 2 years. TWO FUCKING YEARS!

9. I am not really digging the NHL on ESPN +. I should be able to watch a fucking hockey game at a bar.

10. Turkey dinner, turkey sammiches, turkey soup, turkey pot pie, when do the left overs end?

11. Found out LetterKenny has a spin off in the works about Shoresy and this makes my day.

12. When does your christmas tree go up? 

Monday, November 22, 2021

It's that time

 Time for my favorite holiday - Thanksgiving! So let's get stuffed and blitzed this Thursday.

This is what I learned from Georgia:

1. The Mercedes Benz stadium is huge and nice.

2. Pats fans travel well.

3. The northeast needs some mother fucking Waffle houses.

4. Athens is a great place to catch a college game, go Dawgs.

5. Pretty sure no one in the south gives a fuck about Covid.

6. Peri Peri sauce rules the menu down there for wings. Let me tell you it's got some sneaky good back heat.

7. Blue cheese stuffed peppadews are something that I never knew I actually needed in my life.

8. The Claremont lounge is 100% the stripper graveyard. I am willing to bet the oldest stripper I saw was in her 80s.

9. I wonder if Chrissy bumped into TKs wife down in Aruba?

10. Please tell me you have seen these bizarre posts that Smiddy has been posting on his Instagram?

11. I cannot get used to everyone being so nice and calling me Mr. Derek down there.

12. All my Uber drivers were from NY or NJ, so I guess that many people retire in GA!

13. Coors light is not available everywhere. I had to drink Miller Lites, Mich Ultras, Budweiser heavy and Corona in a fucking can.

14. Senoia is where they tape the Walking Dead and believe me everyone will tell you that when you visit. Then point out all the extras as they walk about town.

15. To Go beers are a fucking thing and should be made available in every state immediately.

16. Tough loss for coach Lundrigan and the Hull Pirates team.

I hope that everyone has a great Turkey day. I mean the turkey this year must taste better since the price is up exponentially.

Monday, November 15, 2021

It is go time

 This months half over. Pretty soon it will be 2022. It can only go up, like the gas prices.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. TK hates concerts. He can't wrap his head around why you would pay to watch someone play music. Has no problem watching a sporting event though.

2. Joe Martell had never heard of Yodels. Like what kind of world did you grow up in? Probably more of a little Debbie guy.

3. My underground weather guy told me La Nina is pushing her way through and it should be a mild winter. Not so much for the Pacific North West.

4. Congrats to coach Jeffrey on a huge win, thanks in part to Julian's 3 TDs and 2 2point conversions. Moving onto the Super bowl next week in West Bridgewater.

5. I went and saw Eternals, I thought it was pretty good. In no way is it the worst Marvel movie. That distinction still belongs to Thor 2.

6. Is there anything worse than that damn Island boy clip? Like how does that become famous.

7. Wait, the Patriots play the Falcons in ATL on Thursday and I am flying in on Friday? What is wrong with me?

8. In the past I have not really been a fan of the food at Buffalo Wild Wings but I will say they have really stepped it up since being bought out by Arby's.

9. I am more than happy to get a salad from time to time but it does not need to be swimming in dressing.

10. So winters fast approaching and they are saying Covid is going to get worse? HUH? People stay in most of the cold season, alone and miserable watching anything and everything on Netflix.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Oh yeah

 November is always my favorite month.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. There are only 8 weeks left this year and that is kinda sad.

2. Will 2022 be the year we are done with Covid?

3. I guess somebody fell asleep before the UFC 268, yeah its me.

4. Never did I ever think I would learn so much about Prostate cancer at a bar.

5. Apparently, Rotten Tomatoes is bombing the new Marvel Eternals movie because there is an openly gay super hero. HUH? 

6. Any given Sunday, am I right NFL?

7. All of a sudden everyone wants to head down to Athens for a Georgia game.

8. You guys are not going to believe this but TK is making friends with bartenders.

9. Chrissy is gonna be looking for Natalee Holloway starting this Saturday.

10. Congrats to my youngest brother on his engagement.

Monday, November 1, 2021

November is here

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. No drink November is a thing, I guess.

2. It is also Birkenstock and sock weather. Man I love me some earthy crunchy people.

3. Nothing makes me smile quite as much as Mikey Layden at the bar on a Saturday night.

4. Jeffrey is not doing no drink November but he is only drinking on Saturday nights for the rest of the year.

5. I have had no luck with Keno or scratch tickets so far in 2021.

6. Rumor has it, Steve and Leaden are getting together Sunday Funday this week.

7. Hopefully everyone has recovered from the storm - fences were down, trees were down and some had holes ripped into their roofs.

8. Chinese food just hits right when that is what you want.

9. Guess who is going to Athens for a Georgia game? Saturday, November 20th vs some stiff of a team.

10. Speaking of Georgia, I have heard rumblings of going to the Worlds Largest outdoor cocktail party next year. Who is in?

11. Have you tried the new fries from Wendy's? Not too bad.

12. Hopefully everyone started their Christmas shopping with all these delays in shipping.