Monday, January 28, 2013

Super Bowl Weekend

Oh, I know everyone is all excited for this Harbaugh vs Harbaugh super bowl. The real question is where is the party at? No one is talking about bars, squares or any type of pools.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Bruins still score as soon as I get up and go to take a piss.

2. Mike Gs new nick name is Mike B. The kid lives for bachelor parties.
3. If you have a chance to check out Providence Prime. Top notch food. Bacon will never be the same for me.
4. Apparently, there is such a thing as graying out. Its like blacking out but you remember the most random of events.
5. If you are are at a Bs game and act like you know everything Bruins related don't ask me who #27 is.
6. Chirssy got us to go to Pizza Hut. Kid said the buffalo wings are legit.
7. Jeffrey received his 1st kiss from a black chick. Tremendous.
8. TK was the fanciest dressed guy at the Wickendon Pub.
9. I do not think 12 guys eating and drinking like kings for $1247.68 is a lot of money.
10. The new chicken nuggets from BK are not bad. They taste like the ones from Mcdonalds except the chicken is real.
11. There is nothing worse than when your phone will not connect to the network. Its like being locked in a cave and when you finally get out the sun burns your eyes.
12. Strip clubs with $10 covers and $5 beers are ok in my book.
13. Even though I am no longer on the dart team or playing any more - I am going to the Captains meeting tonight. Chrissy you want officially on the team?
14. Rio is on a self appointed suspension for his drinking actions on Saturday.
15. I dont know why Boston has 94.5 96.9 101.7 and 107.9 for radio stations. They are all the damn same.
16. WB is releasing yet another Batman animated series, This one called Beware the Batman.
17. Harry S. Truman's middle name is S.
18. There is a beer that is $22.50 a bottle. The #28 at the Wickendon Pub.
19. Chrissy, Jeffrey and Mario are all looking to get some ink.
20. Who else has tickets to the Package Tour? Chrissy is making his "I Lost My Virginity to Please Don't Go Girl" shirt as we speak.
21. Does anyone know if Ryan has gotten in touch with Chuckie yet?
22. I would put money on Iggles to win one of those fast eating food contests.

Lets work on a plan to catch the Super bowl fuckers.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

It is Tuesday

Holy shit this years flying by. I told Chrissy I took yesterday off from blogging because it was a holiday. Apparently since he had to work yesterday we all should be working.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Operation put White Russians back on the map was a success.
2. Yes, I puked, in the sink Saturday night. Cant really remember the last time that happened.
3. How pissed would you be if you were throwing a surprise bday party for months and someone goes and ruins it the day before?
4. The Following was a pretty good show. I mean, there has only been one episode but it moves like a movie.
5. Shaun Larry is a minor celebrity at the Gomo - Gourmet Oriental in Weymouth.
6. A little bit of mousse goes a long way when you have long luxurious thick hair.
7. Hockey is back and now everyone is looking for tickets.
8. Apparently Jeffrey doesn't even like Johnny Walker so he has no idea what to do with his Johnny Walker Green.
9. Chrissy is dieing to go to Pizza Hut. Do they still have all you can eat lunch buffets?
10. No one is interested in 2 tickets to Aaron Lewis at Mogehen Sun?
11. Did I sign up for coupons or season tickets.

12. There are rumors that Hong Kong Dave and his wife are discussing the move back to Boston. I can not confirm this rumor at this time. I may have to get TMX involved.
13. I love when Chrissy comes out with $60 and still goes home with enough cash to buy a cup of coffee.
14. Only Rio would go to the Pats game and roll his ankle while not being drunk.
15. How can you pass up holiday pay? Double time and a half.
16. I want to dick punch people who bitch about the weather being too hot one minute and too cold the next. Its fucking New England. You want one constant temp move to fucking Florida.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Hockeys officially back

The owners have ratified the CBA and so have the players. Hockey is officially back!!

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. It is a known fact you can do what you want at 25 Poplar rd.
2. Shaun Larry and Chrissy Mac are mortal enemies!
3. If you are malado - do you call yourself half white, half black or straight malado (Or is it malardo).
4. Always a good time when Mike Foley just randomly stops by for a game of Golden tee.
5.The yankee regift swap was a hit. I love my rice cooker.
6. Rio can fuck up a queso dip.
7. When you get an elbow to the face. Immediately put ice on it  no matter what. Even if someone just tells you its just puffy.
8. I had to pay $450 to have the vet tell me that my 2 year old dog can not play or over exert himself excercising. Oh yeah he is 3 lbs over weight. He weighs 128 and should not be over 125.

9. Apparently cosequin  for dogs is all BS. But dont tell that to Jack Hannah
10. Shaun Larry is an angry drunk.
11. Welchie is trying to distance himself from the north shore.
12. That turkey sausage from Dunkin Donuts is crap.
13. Just a man and his slippers:
14. Edward 40 hands is real:
15. We always should have neighbors like this:
16. To cut the hair or not? That is the question.
17. Just found out about Zorbing. CRAZY!
18. Ruinite is never going to be the same for me.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Pats game is on at 6:30 next week.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a good weekend.  The weather surely co-operated for all types of activities.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Dunkin Donuts has a new French Toast bagel with cinnamon cream cheese. That shit is legit.
2. There has been a Joe Martell sighting in Quincy over the weekend. He is alive and well.
3. Is there anything worse than the bright sun beating through your windows when you are hungover? Besides maybe a 3 year old child screaming at the top of their lungs.
4. No matter what, when I go out with Mikey Layden its a minimum of $100 EACH.
5. Everyone is so happy that Hockey is back, I am still pissed off and I wish the season got cancelled. These fucking owners don't give one fuck about the fans.
6. These people that are bitching about the $20-25 a week they are missing from their pay check get used to it. The taxes associated with Obamacare are only going to slowly be added each year and you will be missing more and more money.
7. The Yankee re-gift party starts at 3:30/4:00 for the start of the 4:30 football game.
8. I am surprised that no one has asked me for B's tickets - no texts, no emails, no tweets, no facebook messages, as soon as the deal was struck.
9. Apparently no one tells my nephew Ryan "No" and that could be a problem.
10. Seems like more and more people I know are starting to go through the divorce process or some sort of separation.
11.  Should I cut the hair and shave the beard now that the lockout is over?
12. Chrissy can get NFL and Hockey jersey for $40.00 if anyone is interested.
13. I am 35 years old, there is no reason I should have to drink draft beer from a table top tap thing.
14. Have you seen Buckwild on MTV? BEST NEW SHOW ON TV!
15. Don't fuck with mother nature - Man attacked by a Bobcat.
16. If you know me you know I hate Notre Dame, Doug Flutie and cucumbers. So tonight I am the biggest Alabama fan going - Roll Tide.
17. Are people still watching the NBA?
18. Vibrators were originally invented to treat hysteria in women. No shit!
19. The 1st known school shooting in America was in 1764...hows that violent video game excuse looking?
20. Apparently Pats fans already have it books a Manning vs Brady match up for the rights to the Super Bowl.

Hope to see ya this weekend at the Yankee Regift party.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

TMX final review

Tmx season final review is in.

A season that was hotly contested coming down to the final week for the dress, beer bitch, and top three spots has come to an end!! 
There were 9 trades this year many of which with big names and big impacts only 2 teams didn't reach out and make a move, The Slippery Wizards and Villenz couldn't find a deal to make, everyone else either helped or in some cases hurt their team through trades. 

There were 188 transactions throughout the year with the waiver wire pickups helping teams who were injured or just plain making them better. The top pickups of the year coming in week two where the number 2 overall kicker Blair Walsh was grabbed and the number 4 overall rb Alfred Morris also grabbed that week. 

The winner this year was Sflabohfrw who took over from Dillonz Villenz in week 13 and held him off the rest of the way. The Villenz were cruising along all while preparing for the perfect wedding then immediately after the wedding the team started to fall!! Talk about the honeymoon being over!! Villenz was able to hold onto the 2nd place spot in the end so that was a positive. Beachbums and DTF fought til the final game for the 3rd place spot and going into the last game of the week both had a realistic shot at finishing in 2nd!! Beachbums held off DTF by 2.5 points to take the final money spot!! The dress wearer and beer bitch came down to the final week as well with the injury riddled  MFN "winning" the beer bitch slot over team Nutsaway who was an absentee owner this year. Nutsaway is the dress wearer and Tmx hopes he put more effort into the dress than he did the season! 
Starting two guys the final week who were declared out and winning the dress by only 49pts is bad!! Two time dress wearer it is for you Nutsaway!! 

The leading scorers for the year by position were Brees at qb; AP at rb ( who was traded during the season); Megatron (first wr taken) at wr; Graham te (first tight end taken) Gotskowski k; and the Bears D.

The All Iggles finished off a year in which we saw its first two losses with a week 17 beat down putting up 217 points. Four benched players scoring over 30 points in the final week seemed impossible giving the players being rested but it happened!!! Next year is right around the corner and there will be rule changes with the flex being added and possibly some new owners. Tmx has confirmed the rumor that DTF is in full negotiations to bring in a former member of the Deadbeat dads a one time ADSL champ and there is an unconfirmed rumor that team Smelchie is looking to get back in. 

There's no off season in fantasy football so get to scouting and see you next year. TMX out.