Monday, July 26, 2021


 ...and just like that July was pretty much over.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Hopefully everyone is geared up for this Vaxamillions. First drawing is today and the winner will be revealed Thursday.

2. The pepperoni pizza from Game On is fucking bomb.

3. Always a good time seeing Chrissy, Welch and Brian Folan in the same place.

4. Glad to see Tom Kelly out and relaxing down the Cape. Hopefully when he retires he gets himself a nice little place down there.

5. Tequila and lemonade should never be mixed.

6. I am not really a fan of the High Noons, they seem like flat drinks.

7. Glad to see that people are really jumping on the Red Sox band wagon with both feet.

8. Finding free parking by Fenway for a Sox/Yanks game is like winning the lottery.

9. Remember when Netflix was pumping out new shit all the time, yeah me either.

10.  Yo Wendy's, what the fuck is up with getting rid of the Sriracha chicken sandwich?

11.  Wait we still have to make appointments to go to the Verizon store? 

12. Delta, Lamba and every other fucking variant under the sun are effecting the unvaccinated but everyone has to go back to wearing masks to protect the unvaccinated.  Wait are we following the science or not? 

13. Uber ride $108 or an actual taxi for $46. Do people not take actual taxis any more?

14. Oh by the way the New He-man cartoon on Netflix will not bring back nostalgic memories.

Monday, July 19, 2021

We back baby

 I was on vacation for 2 weeks so suck a dick.

This is what I learned while away:

1. Of course the fucking rain wont stop this month. Tk probably talked about how we needed some water for the grass - fucking Noah's Ark up in this bitch.

2. Great to see Brian Folan and Lukey.

3. Southie looks crazy different, with high rises everywhere.

4. Glad to see Martell back killing the work grind.

5. Paragon Boardwalk is a pretty chill place to go for some outdoor drinks and decent food.

6. This whole pay wall from Twitter is trash and they can take their fleets and shove em up their asses.

7. Jump on the Calnan gambling wagon - Red Sox over for the rest of the year.

8. How many days a week can you eat pizza, and why is it 7 days?

9. BU is now requiring all employees to be vaccinated. BUCKLE UP!

10. All this lack of sun is overall depressing.

11. I heard Chris Leaden is looking for a few good employees.

12. I'm not going to lie, I don't care about the NBA finals - sorry not sorry.

13.Watching your dog get old and arthritic is not a good time.

14. Oh by the way, Joe Martell is only drinking on the weekends now. Mostly Friday and Saturday.

15. Do people actually use Linked In?

16. Make sure you go and visit Lukey at Roza Lyons.

Monday, June 28, 2021

Heat wave

 Yes mother fuckers we are in the middle of yet another heat wave.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The White Claw Teas are A-Okay in my book.

2. Truly punches on the other hand are trash.

3. Pretty sure I went a week and a half eating a cheeseburger or some variant everyday.

4. When you want a steak you want a steak.

5. I see some of you guys trying to sneak on this Red Sox bandwagon.

6. I think I am a fan of brunch but I am not 100% sold.

7. Feeling bloated is the worst. Especially when drinking.

8. These politicians acting like 1.9 TRILLION dollars is $100 bucks is crazy to me.

9. Speaking of crazy, that condo collapsing in Florida is mind blowing.

10. I think I am over Twitter now.

Monday, June 21, 2021

But has it

 Summer has officially started but yet I have not heard the Fresh Prince's "Summertime" yet so has it really?

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. If you are going to do a case race, make sure TK is on the team.

2. Leaden can make some mean stuffed jalapenos.

3. I guess no matter what, someone will always complain.

4. This housing market is outrageous.

5. Nothing worse than burning the tips/tops of your ears.

6. Rumor has it, even though the Sox are doing well in the standings people are not making it to the ball park.

7.  Its Prime day the next two days. Not sure why that is exciting.

8. If you have never been, you should chill on the outdoor deck at The Inn at Bay Point.

9. I think the older I get the grumpier I am.

10. Ribs cooked the right way will change your world.

11. Summertime, I am either working a ton or on vacation. There is no in between.

12. Renting a bouncy house all of a sudden got more expensive during the pandemic.

Monday, June 14, 2021

No worries

 This is what I learned this weekend:

1. People are fucking miserable.

2. Louies Lunch, where I once found Jason Foley passed out in the bathroom, is no more. A new place Off the Hook bar and grille is coming soon.

3. One more week of Spring.

4. Never a bad time at Jo's Nautical.

5. I can't believe Alba charges $7 for a bottle of Coors light - now we are treading on Strip club/Ballpark prices.

6. Should I have my annual July 3rd party? Or wait until next year?

7. Greg Hills south shore pizza bar crawl sounds like something right up my alley.

8. Tall boy roulette, Yankee Swap style is where its at.

9. There has been a Nora Mitchell sighting, y'all.

10. Avocado toast should be available for lunch.

11. Man the Sox came crashing down to earth hard and fast huh?

12. I am starting to think beers should be coming in a 50 pack. The 36 packs aren't really doing it anymore.

Monday, June 7, 2021


I am sorry it has been a day. 

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. Puppies are cute but I dont think I ever want one again, a full size grown dog yes.

2. I always love to hear " how the fuck did we drink 80 beers?"

3. I hope everyone has been practicing their "Lets Go Bruins" chant. Gonna need it for the rest of this series.

4. How come no one has put together a Sox game get together or a random day of bar hopping?

5. The new Dunkin Donuts lemonade refreshers are pretty good...with Titos.

6. Heard Alba wont allow ladies up on the roof deck if they are wearing a tank top.

7. I don't remember it being 90 plus for 5 days in a row at all last year.

8. The price of everyfuckingthing is through the roof.

9. I made it into Paddy Barrys drunk and they didn't shut me off, chalking that up as a win.

10. BBQ spare ribs are underrated.

11. The town of Hull is resident parking only, unless you get a parking pass from home owners - whomp, whomp, whomp.

12. Debating having my annual July 3rd party or not.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

All gone

 It is official, Covid19 is over and so is my 15 month lack of a haircut (yes it took 2 ladies).

Now we donate it to Hair we Share so they can make a wig or 2. You can donate money here or by going on my IG page.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. I watched the Buddy Games this weekend, not as funny as I thought it would be but I am pretty sure one of the characters is based on Christian Daniel MacPhail.

2. June 1st, Leaden's first day at the new job. Good Luck Chris.

3. It felt great to be mask free and out and about.

4. The food at Jakes and Joes is pretty terrible but the beers are good.

5. I think Jeffrey is finally feeling comfortable at his new job.

6. Chrissy is up for Uncle of the year 2021, we are only 5 months through the year, you figure it out.

7. Steve Boyce out here buying Infinitys. 

8. I am glad to see that Methadone mile is the biggest issue for the mayor of Boston, current and future candidates.

9. Cicadas are amazing to me. Just showing up every 17 years like a dead beat dad.

10. Do birds sleep, like for real? Those motherfuckers are out there chirping at 3:30/4:00 am like its noon time.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

well well well

Not really sure if we are back or not...

I am not the most tech savvy guy but I am savvy enough to be a little bit dangerous

This is what I learned this weekend

  • 30 beers is a lot of beers!
  • I think people live to bust balls.
  • Invite me to all the events if you just need a drinking guy.
  • ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTY DOLLARS for a weekly cleaning down the Cape seems like highway robbery.
  • Countdown to the Leaden house warming summer bash is on...25 days. (No one else get him a palm tree please).
  • Sox start back up at full capacity this Saturday - just saying.
  • Covid is done on Saturday, so that means haircut. If you would like to donate to me donating my hair to make a wig click here.
  • Pink Whitney is so fucking good over ice.
  • I assume if you aren't at least partially vaccinated you just dont want to get it. That is your perogative.
  • When does the fucking ocean warm up?
  • Bullet points are kind of fun, right?
  • August is still available
  • Monday, May 24, 2021


     It appears as though my website has been hacked?

    Every time I type I get asked to purchase it.

    HMMM Lets see what we can do about it

    Monday, May 17, 2021


     Are we almost back to normal? My rumor guy (Chris Leaden) said he heard from his guy at the local Taco Bell that Baker is gonna drop a bomb shell and re-open the state on Friday May 28th, fingers crossed.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. When does TK start going to Weymouth Wildcats games?

    2. Who knew I would love Detroit style pizza so much.

    3. I realized Sunday that I have no clue where Watertown is.

    4. So we aren't having a spring season anymore? Straight to summer.

    5. Hopefully you guys connected with Leaden on what sides to bring for his cookout/housewarming party on June 19th.

    6. We all decided that hot body summer starts in 2022 right?

    7. The Cape apparently opened up early this season. A fucking 35 minute wait at the 99 is crazy to me.

    8. Paul's Pit stop is opening in Quincy, hope they have decent BBQ.

    9. You don't say your car is topless, you say them titties is out - its top down Jeep season.

    10. New sneakers are always better when they fit right away.

    11. Holy Communion parties mean getting lit, am I right?

    12. 18 packs are pretty much what anyone should be rolling somewhere with - 6 is not enough, 12 would be sufficient but if someone starts drinking em you are back down to 6, and 18 seems like the perfect mix.

    Monday, May 10, 2021


     Congrats to Chris Leaden on his job promotion. Guess next time drinks are on him.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Random Thursday Sox games are made for day drinking.

    2. There has been a Smiddy sighting.

    3. The cape house is officially listed on New England Vacation Rental.

    4. Saturday overnights are not my cup of tea, overnights in general to be honest.

    5. I think there is a race to see who has a house warming party first - TK in his new Weymo apartment or Chris at his Bridgewater house.

    6. I love when people ask me if I need $20 for a hair cut.

    7. Don't look now but the Boston Herald is running another Methadone Mile story.

    8. Old folks love the 99 Restaurant. LIKE FUCKING LOVE IT!

    9. Speaking of old folks, one of the worst things is the older you get the less sleep you actually get.

    10. I don't really understand people who have FOMO.

    11. Will this housing market crash or at the least bit slow down? Tks looking for a condo and he cant get in at these rates.

    12. Smartfood is underrated in the snack game.

    Monday, May 3, 2021


     People out here hating on the Justin Timberlake its gonna be May meme...what the fuck! 

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Fowler House, just out there acting like Covid ain't a thing with their 40th anniversary party.

    2. Watch out for the ticks this season. They seem to be out and in abundance.

    3. Still waiting on Leaden's house warming/cookout date.

    4. You didn't hear this from me but Jeffreys pool is open.

    5. Cape house should be officially this weekend.

    6. August 1st is looking like the day I can cut my hair and donate it.

    7. After waiting almost a year to see it, Tenet sucked.

    8. Is there a certain age when guys wearing Scali caps just say NOPE this doesn't work for me (yeah I didn't think so)?

    9. TK is moving this week if you guys are around Thursday and Friday.

    10. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge coin what does it all mean.

    11. You know I love day Red Sox games - there is one Thursday.

    12. Do we think Charlie Baker will move the mass reopening up or back?

    Monday, April 26, 2021

    We out here

     Just like that we are into May!

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Keep ya head on a swivel at Rags. Peeps getting sliced and diced.

    2. Leaden's all moved in. Cant wait for the first cookout.

    3. Copper fittings are fucking expensive.

    4. Chrissy still killing it with the Uber.

    5. is this the week that we have more than 2 days over 60 degrees?

    6. Remember where ya came from.

    7. Hopefully everyone makes it home safe and sound from Florida.

    8. I guess everyone went down the cape early this year.

    9.  Do people really watch the Oscars?

    10. Wait is Biden serious with this red meat thing? 

    11. Speaking of meat, these plant based trash things really need to stop calling themselves meat.

    12. Good news the work on the Sagamore bridge is done a month early.

    13. Mortal Kombat was pretty funny and overall a good movie (as far as movies based on a video games go).

    14. Have you watched the Gardner museum heist on Netflix? Pretty interesting stuff.


    Tuesday, April 20, 2021

    back to normal

     Went to the Red Sox game on Marathon Monday, without a marathon. It was kind of normal.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. God bless Uber drivers with hairy moles and no masks!

    2. Don't sleep on this Sox team.

    3. I love me some John Brewer.

    4. Start stretching, both TK and Leaden are moving in the next few weeks.

    5. I love me some school vacation week. No one comes into work.

    6. Its 420...smoke em if you got em.

    7. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is we will get gas in the morning.

    8. Why is beef jerky so damn expensive?

    9. Anyone else pumped up about Michael Keaton being back as Batman after all these years?

    10. Why aren't more things opened up since the most susceptible should be vaccinated by now?

    Monday, April 12, 2021

    We back back

    The Sox are back baby.

    The Bruins are spinning their tires.

    The Celtics are a Frankenstein team. 

    Let get into what I learned this weekend:

    1. Turkeys in flight are more frightening than when they are running around like mini Velociraptors.

    2. Wendy brought back the orange Hi-C bitches!

    3. Congrats Chris Leaden on finally finding a house, right down the street from TKs old place.

    4. Guess they just shut down the dump when someone calls in sick.

    5. Speaking of TK, he is killing the snap game.

    6. Is there an over under date when everyone in the country just says fuck it and goes back to normal? Or should i say vaccinated people are like fuck this mask shit?

    7. Just know if you don't like bacon I am inherently going to think something is wrong with you.

    8. I know they say easy come easy go when it comes to money but they aint lying.

    9. I am pissed Sirius took off the Covers channel for Disney radio.

    10. Jeffrey has gone full sociopath and drinks black iced coffee from Cumberland Farms.

    11. Heard that Chrissy is looking for a new jobby job. He is not happy at the Spray.

    12. RIP DMX...people sleep on the number of Bangers you had. "I told you I don't know nobody in Yonkers!"

    13. Have they figured out what Phase bar rooms are in yet?

    14. I love that people who are not really into golf get up for the Masters.

    Monday, April 5, 2021


     April Showers bring May flowers and we all know what Mayflowers bring...Pilgrims.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Who the fuck doesn't like mustard? That's just crazy to me. Yeah Joe Martell is on this list.

    2. Are we not going to talk about DMX?

    3. Some scientist believe we will be at herd immunity by Memorial day.

    4. Watched Godzilla vs Kong, it is ok.

    5. Vaccine passports, how do we feel about them?

    6. Man Easter being a mini Christmas is crazy to me.

    7. Friday nights you can catch Leaden moonlighting at the Charlie Horse on Friday nights.

    8. Its crazy to me that commercials have to have disclaimers that things were either shot pre-covid or all necessary precautions were taken.

    9. Glad to see Facebooks was hacked and a half a bill\ion users phone numbers and addresses were released to the public.

    10. I watched more Redsox games this season than all of last season.

    11. Do you think the world would have ended up here eventually with the zoom meetings and virtual this and that but it was just accelerated because of Covid?

    12. If you had to pick, where would you live? North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia or Florida?

    Monday, March 29, 2021


    We are slowly getting back to normal.  
    I got tickets to Marathon Monday Sox game so lets do this.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Leaden finally secured a house, right down the street from TKS old place.

    2. God did not gift me with patience.

    3. Had my first taste of Detroit style pizza. I love it.

    4. Sunday Funday can be a thing again.

    5. Guess the Tin Knockers union will take anyone.

    6. I cant believe that Easter is right around the corner.

    7. Martells in the stonks the moon I guess.

    8. Baked ziti is so underrated.

    9. Ear aches as an adult are the worst.

    10. I hope we all get invited to Calnan's wedding this year.

    11. When do people realistically think that masks will be a thing of the past? This summer, this winter, or next year?

    12. Ok then when will we be at herd immunity?

    Monday, March 22, 2021


     Spring has sprung mother fuckers!

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Ronin met McMurray:

    2. Dump runs are for the bird.

    3. Don't worry, Chris is still looking and putting offers on houses.

    4. Corned beef and cabbage should be more than a once a year thing.

    5. It was good to be back at a bar and semi normal watching March Madness.

    6. I over heard people at the bar talking about the Real ID and how they cant wait to travel, and I felt that (the travel not the real ID talk).

    7. Easter seems to be really early this year. Less than 2 weeks away and I already can taste the ham.

    8. Welcome to Phase 4 step 1!!

    9. The Snyder cut of Justice League is a way better version of the movie than Whedons bullshit piece.

    10. I can't be the only person wanting new movies or tv shows to come out.

    11. Leaden being a a good Samaritan and teaching Buffalo Wild Wings staff how to do Keno Transactions is something.

    12. Don't look now but Tom Kelly is officially on the Snap chat. 

    Thursday, March 18, 2021


    Mario is doing that thing again

    Im asking for your donation to help with my fundraising goal for the Boston Bruins Foundation’s 5th annual BFit Challenge that will take place 3/22-29th.

    VIRTUAL Bfit Challenge March 22-29th 2021.

    This event invites first responders and ALL community members to TD Garden to raise awareness around health and wellness of first responders and ultimately raise money for First Responder Charities. 

    Please join me and the Boston Bruins Foundation to support this great cause! 

    Last year the BFit Challenge raised $500,000 for the families of fallen first responders. 

    Even the smallest donation makes a BIG difference.  Please note that 100 percent of the money raised goes directly to first responder charities.

    The Boston Bruins Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that assists charitable organizations that demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the quality of life for children and families throughout New England.

    Thank you for your consideration of supporting me with the Boston Bruins Foundation’s BFit Challenge. Please don’t hesitate to contact me via email to discuss the event and how much it means.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2021

    Phase 4

     So Phase 4 begins on March 22nd!

    This is so exciting how things are just going back to normal at such an alarming pace.

    This is what I learned this weekend:

    1. Jeffrey starting drinking before noon is something.

    2. Supah P is alive and going to take all the cut wood.

    3. Here is to new Beginnings - Jeffrey, Leaden and Jordan. All for different reasons.

    4. Man I thought Mother Nature was going to sober up in 2021 but hell nah that bitch is on full rager.

    5. Fuck neighbors.

    6. No one has hit Megabucks in over a year now. It is a race between someone hitting that and my haircut.

    7. Its funny how Foley started his midlife crisis and no ones heard from him since.

    8. Is Baker gonna let us celebrate St. Paddys day tomorrow or do we have to wait till 2022?

    9. Getting a new bed is fun and all until you feel like you are sleeping on a fucking rock.

    10. How the fuck do you get a slow leak in a tire, overnight.

    11. I do not care how old you are, breakfast for dinner is always fire.

    12. Marry, Kill, Fuck - Italian food, Chinese food and Mexican food.