Monday, April 24, 2017

It was fun while it lasted

The Bruins first playoff run in 3 years came to an end yesterday. Every game was tight and intense. Their young guys made big strides this year and I fully expect them to be back in it next year.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Fucking grass seed man.
2. Some ladies to not like to be hit on by other ladies. Who knew?
3. I mean we all have been there but Mario has been burning the candle at both ends.
4. Man sales of MPC t-shirts are going slower than normal. We gotta sell units people.
5. Anyone ever go golfing in the rain? Didn't think so.
6. My phone battery will not stay charged for more than 5 hours. Looks like I'll be in the market for a new phone.
7. Do you think this is the year I finally make it on to Codzilla?
8. Going out drinking at 11pm makes me feel like I'm 21 all over again.
9. I can't believe Memorial day is month away.
10. I have no idea why but I find it odd when someone over the age of 50 dies of heroin overdose.  Maybe because I think it's a young man's drug of choice and cocaine as an older person.
11. It is one thing to get cans of beer at the Garden but to get unopened cans is a whole other party. Mikey T popping em open.
12. Any time there is nice weather, after a few days of total gloominess, the crazies come out in droves.
13. Fuck warm beers. I am not a fan of rodeo beers, Boston Garden.
14. Has anyone crashed the Chrissy/Chris standing Sunday date at BWW?
15. Speaking of Chrissy, has anyone heard if his application to be best man in the Grillo wedding of the year has been approved or not?
16. Are you an Alpha or a Beta?

Ok gotta run.
Next Friday is Cinco de Mayo...Shine up them drinking shoes.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Congratulations to all the people who ran the marathon yesterday.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Go big or go home. That's what Colin did on his first Marathon Monday game.
2. I recommend more than just a pretzel for lunch.
3. Drunk walks are good for sobering up.
4. Man this weekend was bomb weather wise but now it's crap.
5. It is great to be back drinking coffee.
6. You are never too old to nap.
7. Grilling season is upon us.
8. Fucking heartburn sucks hairy donkey dick.
9. It's always good to see Brian Folan.
10. Ran into Ryan Mac at the parade. Hope he makes it to the Mustache pub crawl.
11. Does anyone ever look to see if these are numbered in order?
12. Popeyes is still fucking awesome.
13. Im hearing Grillos wedding is going to be a destination wedding.
14. A haircut always makes you feel fresh.
15. Going solo to the bar and having lunch and drinks is totally fine and should be encouraged.
16. Toucher and Rich said it best - Marathon Monday is so insane because people have been cooped up in their houses all winter long and they finally get a day to just let it all wash away.
17. Don't tell anyone but I've been crushing Coronas lately.
18. Has anyone seen Mike Foley lately? Think he is in hiding.

Ok gotta run.

Monday, April 10, 2017

It is here

The nice weather has decided to show it's face.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Belly laughs are good for the soul.
2. Unplanned day drinking is the best day drinking.
3. No matter how nice something is, we all have that one friend who is a Debbie Downer and shits on everything.
4. For some reason this feels like the longest Lent ever! 7 days till coffee.
5. I don't understand people who don't like breakfast. I'm not talking 7 am eating time but the food they serve at breakfast.
6. Fuck in grown hairs.
7. Usually the nice weather makes people happy but so far not so much.
8. I think deep down Chrissy is a pyromaniac.
9. The glass cover on my greenhouse broke so I had to make a new one.
10. I'm just now starting Iron Fist and 5 episodes in, pretty slow and lame.
11. Also the Chappelle special on Netflix sucks.
12. Jeffrey is looking at the Nintendo switch. Does anyone have it?
13. Is anyone else heading to Marathon Monday Sox game?
14. So far I have sold 10 Mustache Pub Crawl t-shirts. If you want a shirt before the crawl date HMU.

Ok I'm off to do some work...Keep smiling.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And we are off...

Baseball season is officially here. I got my first sun burn of the year. 2017 is gonna be the shit.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Brownie sundaes for dinner are ok when you are an adult.
2. Nothing is worse than a full bad day at work.
3. The Bruins win tonight and they clinch a playoff berth.
4. Every one wants to come back from a few days off fully refreshed.
5. WrestleMania was a success.
6. Lasagna is a pain in the balls to make but the reward is worth it.
7. There was no Coors light to be found at Fenway.
8. Bobby shakes is still taking pictures at night clubs.
9. Brewer has moved on from Lulu's and is at City Tap in the seaport.
10. I think the Yard house is over rated.
11. Koozies are ordered and on their way.
12. I'm impressed with Chrissy and Leaden drinking beers out of a stein(3 beer stein) like that's an everyday thing?
13. I guess BWW is getting a sauce hotter than blazing. Why? I Don't know!
14. Skipping meals to booze is not always a good combination.
15. Rio made the drive from Florida to Saugus in 22 hours...Zoom zoom.
16. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave said his loft is almost done and he's gonna have a party soon.

That's all I got right now.
If anyone wants a pub crawl shirt/koozie hmu and we can meet up.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Opening day is a week away

Really mother nature with this weather? Red Sox opening day is next Monday. I mean how can I enjoy my beers in the freezing cold rainy shit?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I still hate Stephen A. Smith.
2. Q39 has some bomb ass bbq in Kansas City.
3. Has anyone heard from Mark Welch?
4. You know what sucks? When your back hurts from sleeping in a bed that's not yours.
5. Officer Calnan won't be able to make the Mustache Pub Crawl but he will be buying a shirt.
6. Southwest airlines with the $8 wifi is a game changer.
7. The Little Cesar's commercial with the certified smokified guy makes me want to smash my tv.
8. People think most people from Boston are rude.
9. Would you sell your Red Sox hat to someone from Arkansas because they are fans of Andrew Benintendi.
10. Congrats to John Broderick and his wife on a healthy baby boy.
11. Man Kansas got smoked.
12. The Bruins are fighting for the 8th seed, the Celtics are fighting for the 1st seed, the Patriots won the latest Superbowl and the Sox season kicks off in a week. What a time to be alive.
13. They have a Whopper Bar in Kansas City. It's a fucking Burger King that serves booze.
14. It is 2017. How can places be closed on a Sunday?
15. I don't mind going to a bar by myself.
16. I have been eating like a vegetarian on Fridays during Lent. Don't think I could do it everyday.
17. Fucking Happy Hour should really be a thing again in Massachusetts.
18. The Yard house is kind of blah. I mean yes they have a million drafts but the foods kind of meh.

Alright I'm off to one of the casinos here in Kansas City.  Wish me luck.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring has sprung

Yes mother fuckers, Spring has sprung! Now if someone can send that memo to mother nature A.S.A.P!

This is what I learned during St. Paddy's day weekend:
1. People love any excuse to get piss on yourself drunk.
2. I hate feeling rushed but I hate being late more.
3. Big block Jenga is not for the faint of heart.
4. I really dig bar hopping in Plymouth.
5. Phil Friday is alive and kicking, per Carlos.
6. 10th and FINAL Mustache Pub Crawl shirts have been ordered.
7. Random texts to meet up for day drinking are my jam. They make my soul smile.
8. It is good to know that I can still get after it on a Wednesday night and make it to work the next day.
9. Really loving these tournament games.
10. Julie Nickerson is looking at moving to Savin Hill, if any one has a hot lead.
11. Guinness draft > Guinness can > Guinness bottle > Guinness blonde.
12. The Scituate St. Paddy's day parade is this coming Sunday.
13. Seems like lots of people are doing detoxes of some sort. I saw someone is drinking apple cider vinegar...What the actual fuck.
14. I love when I get free beers from a bartender I just met. Makes my day.
15. As much as I complain about not drinking coffee/iced coffee substituting green iced tea hasn't been that bad.
16. Hey Dunkin Donuts, Chrissy wants to know why you don't have the burrito year round.
17. Speaking of Christian Daniel MacPhail - the family is in sunny Florida so he is living that bachelor lifestyle this week (as much as one can with working the over night shift).
18. WrestleMania is only 13 days away...The grand daddy of them all.
19. I have tried beard oils in the past and they have made my face break out but I'm onto beard balm and man my beard is soft as hell.
20. Speaking of beards. Some random lady asking me if my beard gets in the way when I go downtown made my Saturday night. I told her I like the way you think.
21.  For you vegetarians out there - eggplant parmesan pizza is pretty good.
22. I guess kids call corned beef - hot dog steak nowadays.

That's all I got today. Have a nice week!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snowpocalypse now

The snow is coming. Head for the supermarkets and stock up on bread, milk and eggs. You know so you can have some bomb ass french toast when you are stuck at home.

This is what I learned this weekend.
1. Mr. 905 was in full effect Saturday night, I passed out early.
2. Anything worse than a hang nail? A paper cut perhaps.
3. Chrissy makes me laugh.
4. There are still good people out there. A gentleman waved me down to tell me my right brake light was out.
5. Jeffrey is the human hokey pokey. One day he's in the next day he's not.
6. Pork roast is under rated.
7. Should I give up coffee forever?
8. If you get a chance head down to Twin Rivers on a Sunday morning. All the degenerate gamblers will make you feel better about your life.
9. This 10th Annual mustache pub crawl is bitter sweet. To get to 10 is great and to not have to organize it after this year is nice.
10. Oh yeah I am 6 beers away from finishing my card at the Wickendon pub. (One of them is a Budweiser).
11. Waking up with a headache(obviously when not hungover) is a shitty way to start the day.
12. Ever talk to somebody and the whole while you think man this person is a real dick head?
13. Fuck the whole daylight savings thing. It's fucking 2017 we are not farmers harvesting crops.
14. I can't even keep track of all you Bruins bandwagoneers. You are on,  you are off, and back on.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Never ending

This roller coaster of weather is never ending. One day its 74 the next it is 19. Make up your fucking mind. Mother nature stop being a cock tease. You are giving us all blue balls with this constant tease of Spring.

This is what I learned:
1. People think this list is in order of priority or some bullshit. It's just a random list nothing more or less important.
2. I saw Logan it was awesome. Don't even need to see any other movies.
3. Nerd chicks are on a whole other level.
4. Olindys is the same as it always has been
 Old school pool hall/bowling alley.
5. Jeffrey has a love affair with Cronin's, in Quincy, and it went up a notch when he found out it has karaoke.
6. Chrissy gave up beer for Lent.
7. Some weekend days I don't want to get off the couch.
8. Hope you all watched Taboo. Tom Hardy is crazy.
9. Chicken fried steak is so under rated.
10. Where do you fall on the cuddle scale?
        A. I fucking love it - big spoon, little spoon.
        B. Let me pass out and then you can climb all over me like a spider monkey.
        C. Get your hot sweaty ass away from me.
11. Do people still watch Top Chef?
12. Has anyone seen Mario out? Every time I ask him to meet up for lunch, he is busy. Just checking if it was me or not.
13. Chris Leaden is always up for Monday day drinking.
14. Why don't people use the word "Twerp" any more?
15. Should I get the t shirts for the pub crawl earlier than normal this year? What about koozies?
16. Mario still needs to raise money for the Bruins alumni game this weekend.

Monday, February 27, 2017


One day it's 75 the next it's 28. You fucking figure it out.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Have you ever realized how much you swear?
2. Thought we had a fish on the hook for Chrissys pegging but alas it was not meant to be, this time.
3. Congrats to Matt and Megan on the birth of their baby girl.
4. Did you know that the Red Parrot is for sale for a cool $2 mil?
5. Some times it feels like the weekend just ends too quickly.
6. Fuck diets.
7. I am hearing rumors of people saying they are coming to the last mustache pub crawl.
8. If you take a nap are you making up from lack of sleep the night before or are you stealing from your next night of sleep.
9. Colin is killing it at the Black moor. If you stop in by the garden tell him I sent ya.
10. The St Patty's day parade in Scituate is fast approaching. Hope you can make it.
11. What should I give up for Lent this year?
12. Either Chrissy or Jeffrey is planning a night down in Providence. What weekend works for you?
13. Who fucking orders burgers medium well? What kind of savagery is that?
14. TK has an IPhone. Welcome to the real world Thomas Gerard Kelly.
15. There is day drinking and ALL day drinking. The latter is taxing on the body.
16. Jeffrey and his love for edamame is disturbing.
17. I'm not a seafood guy but raw tuna is my jam.
18. I still hate Sam Adams beers. All flavors. Tried to have some this weekend. Think I'd rather be sober.

That's it.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Presidents day

I know I bring this up every year but life was better when we got Washington's and Lincoln's birthdays off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If you haven't been you should really try the Met bar and grill.
2. You didn't hear this from me but TK is finally getting a real cell phone.
3. Lazy weekends are needed from time to time.
4. Has anyone heard from Calnan? Hope his police training is going well.
5. Just a reminder, tell your friends, the 10th and last Mustache Pub Crawl is Saturday,, May 20th starting at 1pm at Cagney's.
6. I know some of you are surprised as I am that Coca Cola doesn't celebrate Presidents day.
7. Rumor has it that Grillo helped Chrissy out in a big way with his Ubering.
8. Why do I feel like I spend $150 every god damn time I walk into Stop and Shop?
9. Working and making cash money is great and all but if you can't find the time to spend it is it worth it?
10. Naps are under rated.
11. Any suggestions on t- shirt colors for the MPC?
12. When you have bad dream and wake up mad for a second that your friend did something mean in your dream.
13. Speaking of friends, we all have that one friend who holds grudges no matter what.
14. Tom Kelly is trying to get a group together this Saturday to catch the BU- Notre Dame hockey game. If you are interested hit him up on his new cell.
15. Random people come up to me all the time and start conversations. Do I have one of those faces?
16. Jeffrey told me he is officially too old to pay for covers.
17. I have 4 tickets for the Sox, Thursday September 28th. If you are interested let me know.
18. Cereal is totally fine for dinner. It is quick and easy and fuss free!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's day

I waited this week to post, so that I could wish you all a happy Valentine's day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. It is amazing to me that Jeffrey and Supah had never been to the Goal Post.
2. No matter how old you get birthday shots still happen.
3. New year new me, people out there just trying to better themselves.
4. Winter depression because of the weather happens. This snow ain't helping.
5. Speaking of snow, my snow blower is all jacked up.
6. Thank Christ for Supah P and his chain saw.
7. Guess who finally has a Nintendo classic mini? This guy!!
8. Sometimes you just have a bad day!
9. Matt and Meghan's baby is due next Monday.
10. Taxes are done!
11. Ever just feel like you need a vacation?
12. Breaking a zipper on your favorite jacket sucks.
13. How many days can you go without drinking?
14. Anyone seen Chrissy? Think he is MIA.
15. Jeans always fit better the second day you wear them.
16. Catching up with old friends is something you should look forward too.

Hope there is plenty of chocolate and roses in your future today.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Haters gonna hate

Well the Pats did it, with a great second half. As you probably guessed I was bombed at the end of the game but man what a game it was.

This is what I learned:
1. Pats fans are slowly passing Yankees fan on the scale of obnoxiousness.
2. People look weird when they shave their facial hair.
3. You take one day off of work and everyone loses their minds.
4. Day drinking is my jam and even better with friends.
5. Cheers to Chrissy for trying his first oyster. Sadly it wasnt the aphrodisiac he thought it was.
6. Sad to see Claude Julien go but the Bruins need something to spark them.
7. Hong Kong Kung Fu Dave was sick as a dog and didn't get to watch any of the super bowl. Hope he caught a replay.
8. The new sausage stuffer I treated myself too is bomb.
9. Guess some times you can "like" someone but there just aren't any "feels". Women are crazy.
10. May 20th is the official day of the 10th and final Mustache Pub Crawl. Starting at 1 at Cagneys.
11. I don't know what I hate more - Fake news or people who forward along fake news without reading or  checking out the facts?
12. Big Miranda Lambert fan now. All she sings about is drinking, smoking and banging. My type of lady.
13. If you are down in Providence, make sure you stop by Trinity Brew house.
14. I feel dirty saying this but so far I am digging 24 Legacy.
15. I hope that some of you won a square or two.
16. Fucking Joe Martell not knowing who/what the Thundercats are blows my mind.
17. Making a final payment on your car is exciting.
18. I still can't believe that there are no NES Classic minis to be found anywhere.

Have fun at the parade today. Stay dry and drink with class and style.

Monday, January 30, 2017

God damn

This year is flying by. We are already about to kick off February.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The older you get the more you realize small shit doesn't matter.
2. Jeffrey being liberated and free is dangerous to my liver.
3. Stop by Black Moor in Charlestown and visit Colin. Pretty sweet spot.
4. Chrissy would like a pair of Lululemon men's sweat pants for his business casual attire.
5. Why did I think Elios pizza was good?
6. Still not really having a plan for the Superbowl. Ugggh
7. I only got asked 30 times if I was doing squares.
8. If you don't send out bathroom snaps then are you really on Snapchat?
9. Jake and Joes is mehhhh. The food was nothing great and the beer "special" was a 14 oz draft for $4.
10. Twitter is kind of ruined for me right now with all the political stuff.
11. Breaking in a new pair of boots sucks.
12. I see nothing wrong with waking up, doing what you gotta do, then heading back to bed.
13. Until yesterday, I had never seen anyone eat an orange peel and all. Thank you Harper Macphail.
14. If TK was to be on the rebound do any of you have any single aunt's or older sisters? Hell he's probably not too picky, a grandma will do.

OK sorry I gotta run but I got some training to do.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Starting 2017 right

The food reviews are back!

Chrissy coming in hot...

Naked Chicken Chalupa :

First off Derek should of Congratulated Grillo on his engagement secondly we need more reviews.

Well looks like taco bell is pushing the boundaries once again. Taking a page from sister company kfc (double down which is still an all time favorite and I'm pissed they got rid of) taco bell made a shell out of chicken. It was a little pricey at $3.29 and looked a little small when opening it up. But man was it delicious. The chicken wasn't dried out which was a big fear of mine, but still cooked enough that it didn't taste rubbery. It had a decent seasoning on it and the ranch inside was icing on the cake. It's only around for a limited time so I suggest going out and getting a few right away!

Monday, January 23, 2017

And so it begins

We now have 2 weeks of yapping about the Super Bowl (also known as the longest two weeks of the year).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Buying boots is hard. I have no idea how women go crazy for shoe shopping.
2. The Bruins are probably done for.
3. Add Chris Leaden to the list of "where is the blog kid".
4. Mike G is alive and well. Making yet another work move and now at State street in Quincy.
5. Is anyone up for some bar hopping on Saturday?
6. Bad smelling hand soap is the worst. No one wants to smell like your great aunt.
7. All these flood warnings for tonight got me worried. Gotta test my sump pump.
8. Jeffrey is getting Julian into hockey. So far it doesn't really keep his interest. I was thinking of taking him to a By game, thoughts?
9. You would think that Matt and Meg Kraemer would of invited me to the Falcons-Green Bay game when they scored free tickets.
10. I went to Game Stop to check on the NES Classic and the guy laughed in my face.
11. Trump was sworn in on Friday and look the world didn't end, imagine that.
12. Supah P is looking to get a cover up/work done, if anyone knows any good tattoo guys hit em up(other than Spilt Milk).
13. Who is planning a wild Superbowl party?
14. Being an adult means you can have nachos for dinner if you like.
15. Jeffrey has been liberated and is mobile again.
16. I must say "is this real life" at least 14 times a day.
17. Who fucking watches the Pro Bowl? Like really?
18. Dry skin in the winter is the worst. Fuck you mother nature.

Let the trash talking about the Patriots begin...At least for 2 weeks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Tuesday Boozeday after a holiday

Nothing is worse than a Tuesday that feels like a Monday after a holiday. Especially extra shitty ones that drive you to drink.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Coca cola still doesn't recognize MLK day as a holiday.
2. It is OK everyone gets drinking anxiety.
3. Chris Leaden is working on coming to the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.
4. Jeffrey is a week away from being back in the saddle again.
5. Being sick sucks but being sick and dehydrated is worse.
6. I had a conversation with a friend about the lottery - would you take the lump sum or annual payout for 20 years?
7. For those wondering, APW was an overall success. Took most everything in stride.
8. It was great to hear from Bill Smiddy, the circumstances in which I heard from him not so much. I'll miss ya Matty.
9. This is the first year in 21 years that I am not running any squares for the super bowl.
10. Speaking of the Super bowl what are the plans for that?
11. If you aren't going out for lunch solo and having a few beers, you are doing wrong.
12. I always look forward to random calls to go out drinking. Spontaneous drinking is some of the best.
13. I have no idea why but it always amuses me when people have something to say about my beard, good or bad.
14. I see all you guys slinking onto the Celtics band wagon. Acting like you were there before the holidays. I am on to you.
15. I got so excited when I heard rumors of Space Balls 2 possibly being made. Keep firing assholes.
16. Have you watched Taboo on FX yet? Some weird ass shit going on in that.
17. Are you a Ryan Reynolds or Bradley Cooper kind of person? Me I'm going with Ryan but can you really go wrong with either?
18. Some people take things a little too personal.

Well onto yet another positive week, y'all.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


I was listening to Toucher and Rich the other day and Dan Roche was on talking about having an APD - All Positive Day. Well I am going one step further and trying to have an APW - All Positive Week. So far two days in we are doing alright.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Neither Chrissy or Riccio gave me shit for posting late, must be the new year.
2. When did 97.7 stop being WAAF and start being old school R & B?
3. Remember when Sandler was funny?
4. This is how I feel about the snow already:
5. I think because of the snow we didn't end up going to Providence this past weekend.
6. Imagine losing $100 bill in a taxi, then imagine finding it and giving it to the driver. Well Uber driver extraordinair Chrissy had that happened to him...$100 richer.
7. The supermarket before a storm is basically the Thunderdome, anything goes.
8. Anyone know of any job opportunities out there? My man Supah P is looking after his company tried to bend him over with out Vaseline but Supah is a giver and not a receiver.
9. I've officially booked my room for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. Now I just need tickets to the game.
10. I think that Jeffrey and Sarah may sneakily be going to BWW more than Chrissy or Leaden. 
11. Sometimes you just need a weekend to unwind and do nothing.
12. The Bissell pet hair eraser vacuum may be better than my Dyson.
13. It is officially the 10th and last year of the Mustache Pub Crawl but there is something brewing for the following year to take over.
14. Stepping it up big time and ordered a sausage stuffing machine!! 
15. From either lack of interest, everyone getting great gifts this year or perhaps the Pats game being on Saturday it appears as though the Annual Yankee Regift party for Saturday has been cancelled.
16. Speaking of the Pats game though I am available for Saturday sports day - Bruins in the afternoon and pats at night - bar hopping. HMU if you are interested.

Sorry I have been busy with the cold weather so that's why I was tardy with this post.

Monday, January 2, 2017

New year new me

It's 2017 so leave all that bullshit in 2016. Start anew, start fresh and most of all start things you intend on finishing.

This is what I learned recently:
1. Sometimes people use big words and they really have no idea what they mean.
2. People lie about watching porn.
3. Rob slowly morphs into an angry elf after a few drinks.
4. There is a new Mexican place in Hull that is getting mixed reviews.
5. Yesterday's in Quincy recently closed, probably why it was for sale.
6. I hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve and those who were on the invite list to the Macphails annual party, keep doing what you do.
7. Don't be a dick.
8. I have said it before and I will say it again - "everyone has problems", so don't judge people.
9. I heard Disney on ice at the Agganis arena is where it is at.
10. I am not really sure where the Chinese food on Xmas Eve and NYE tradition comes from but it works.
11. Apparently when you work a ton of hours continuously you become cranky.
12. People put high and low age limits on who they will date. Who knew? I always thought anyone over 21 was pretty much the same.
13. Be weird and embrace it.
14. Passing out on the toilet is totally normal, right Chrissy?
15. I am not really a fan of brunch other than the boozing.
16. Some people are cuddlers some are not.
17. If you like perpetual camping or are just lazy and don't want to make your bed -  beddys are for you.
18. It looks like January 14th for the 7th annual Yankee regift party. Let me know if you are in.
19. Looks like maybe a major shake up in the ADSL fantasy league...Who is leaving and who is staying?
20. Just like the ground hog who predicts longer winters, when Tom Kelly says this winter hasn't been so bad expect another winter like 2 years ago. Knuckle up.
21. I hope you can catch the Detour on TBS probably the best show I have seen in a while.
22. I see you people sliding off the Bruins band wagon and now trying to sneak back on.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Monday, December 26, 2016

End of the year

I am not going to post things that I have learned this week. I just want to wish everyone a happy new year. See you all in 2017!

Cheers and beers.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Get in the mood

If you are being a grouch or someone in your office is then play some Christmas music. BTW what is your favorite Christmas jam? Obviously mine is Christmas in Hollis.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Finally got around to binge watching Stranger Things. Great show.
2. Jeffrey peels his bananas from the bottom up...Da Fuq?
3. Sometimes it is difficult to get together, everyone has something going on.
4. Has anyone heard from Chris Leaden? Everytime I text him he is "working".
5. Cutting off the tip of your thumb is not good.
6. Pretty surprised that the malls have not been crazy this season.
7. It is always disappointing when you go food shopping. No matter how much you spend or the amount of products you get it never feels like you got your money's worth.
8. After this week of NFL games I can see why viewership is down.
9. Dear Redzone channel if I wanted to watch the fucking Giants game I would have just turned my TV to Fox.
10. Rouge One was OK. Lots of action but really not a movie that needed to be made.
11. Trying to figure out the Yankee regift party. Does January 7th or 14th work?
12. This may be the 1st Christmas in 10 years that I don't have to work.
13. Rumor has it a mutual friend is #1 on the Saugus fire fighters list.
14. How many Christmas songs does Michael Buble' have? He is like king of Christmas.

Still didn't get a NES classic but my birthday is next week...Let's hope it shows up Wednesday.