Monday, April 25, 2016

one of these guys isnt a cheater........

This week sucked the world is now Prince-less, Mario almost died and Brady got suspended.

but lets really look at this, was the investigation a sham? check
Is Goddell probably way out of control? check
Was this probably some type of payback? check


Please everyone stop, no this isn't some huge injustice? no its not a national tragedy like the passing of our beloved Prince, its just the NFLPA trying to cover their asses after making a moronic decision they knew soon enough would backfire and guess what it did. Oh and shockingly he went after the best player in the league. Guess what your granted discipline superpowers are you going to wastet it on some nobody like Ray Rice? No your going to light up the best guy in the room.

Everyone just stop. The NFLPA gave Goddell this power, yet they escape blame in all this.

Id also like to point you morons didn't even blink at Kraft conceding to give up a 1st round pick. Doesn't matter Brady was 199. And closer its gotten to the draft everyone decided to start complaining. Instead of focusing on Goddell incesistently how bout some blame goes to the NFLPA and Kraft.

PS RIP Prince One Love

PPS HaHaHa Deegan the Eagles are a disaster and no Chip to blame

RIP Prince

One day it is 75 the next 39 gotta love New England.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Apparently everyone was a Prince fan?
2. The Paragon Grill has a bomb ass make your own burger set up.
3. I made a cold box/green house for growing hot peppers. Lets hope it works.
4. How does $3 a square foot sound for asphalt driveway?
5. Mustache Pub crawl t shirts are coming in today. If anyone wants one let me know. They are still $20.00 and all the proceeds go to Dana Farber for cancer research.
6. I can not grow grass to save my life.
7. Pretty sure Ronin ran through a hive of ticks.  He had more than 30 on him.
8. I had no idea that Sinead O'connors song Nothing Compares to you was a remake of a Prince song and now I feel foolish.
9. Wait people still make hamburger helper?
10. I can not wait for the day that I don't have to pay a mortgage. That day will be the party of parties.
11. TK would like to make a T shirt that says "Men drink them. Boys count them". Anyone want one of these presale beauties?
12. Have you caught anything on Jeffries new 65 inch TV?
13. Everyone is all of a sudden Celtics fans?
14. Speaking of Celtics anyone up for a trip to Atlanta for game 5 or if it goes to a game 7?
15. Mario is looking for the new painted Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby bottle if anyone sees it.
16. How are people feeling about Larry Lucchino being inducted into the Red Sox hall of fame?
17.  The Macphails new grass and walk ways will be finished today.
18. Thank God Rio is alright. His brake line snapped on his work dump truck and he almost bought the farm.

Till next week.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tax day

Today is tax day! Because of holidays in DC last Friday and then here yesterday everyone got a few extra days to file.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Burger Dive in Somerville BURGER BLOWS! Never waste your money there.
2. Marathon Monday Sox game was a success.
3. Putting water in your hand and running it through your hair, after you take a piss, is not washing your hands. Filthy animals.
4. The MacPhails are getting new grass and walk ways. Their house is gonna look like a new place!.
5. The Chipman family pigroast is June 25th. Can not wait.
6. Who doesn't like a good flea market?
7. Seems like more people go to Sox games to socialize more than actually watch the game.
8. Joe Martell had duck sauce for the first time in his life on Saturday night. Bro do you live under a rock?
9. If you are looking for some American Idol type Karaoke head over to Cathay Center some Friday or Saturday night.
10. Jeffrey had his first Brueggers bagel and he fell in love.
11. I hope everyone is getting their baby sitters lined up for the Mustache pub crawl.
12. One week I get a wind burn the next week a sun burn. Can't win for trying.
13. Popeyes chicken or KFC? Where do you stand?
14. I am looking for an asphalt guy. I need my driveway done. Do you know anyone?

Thanks gotta run.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Opening day

Yeah yeah yeah I know that yesterday was Monday and I didn't post but come on guys, you know I was at the Red Sox opener. Give me some slack.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I am not a fan of the food at Barretts.
2. TK is like a mini mayor of Bridgewater.
3. Never go for lunch with Jeffrey because you may end up at Twin Rivers.
4. Spare ribs or baby back ribs? What do you prefer?
5. I broke down and bought a new Webber grill. Hopefully it will be here tomorrow.
6. Pony ghosts are real.
7. What do you do when you offer free food to a homeless person and they accept before you even finish offering?
8. Chrissy and Ali are looking for a grass guy for the front of their house. You know anyone?
9. There is no way the Bruins keep Claude, right?
10. Twice this past week my phone has rebooted and defaulted to factory settings. What the fuck.
11. Do not try the Camp Wannamango Harpoon brew. Its nasty as shit.
12. Panera  is pretty good but I don't think it is what you should have for lunch if you are going to be drinking all day.
13. KKaties is coming to Quincy Center and I can not be more excited.
14. Has anyone seen Mike Foley since he has been back? Its like he came back and disappeared.
15. The shirts for the Mustache Pub Crawl are ordered so they should be in a few weeks. Don't forget May 21st in Quincy.
16.  Thank god I have that snow blower, since It never came out this winter.

Gotta run...

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wednesday ramblings

A quick 6 pack of things that you learn on a random Tuesday night in Bridgewater:

1. It was Christian Daniel Macphail who took down the inferno burger Challenge and not Christopher Leaden. No way in fucking hell I get past the 1st bite.

2. Who the fuck lives in Halifax? That's a real place?
3. I'm calling bullshit on the bar skipping over Jermaine Duprees Welcome to Atlanta remix then shutting the juke box down with my $10.00 still inside. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT!
4. Totally normal for a co-worker to tell you he would love to bang your sister in law, right? Or your friends sister - sight unseen?
5. Apparently, TK is too young to be Chrissys dad. Chrissy, on the other hand looks 34...while I appear to be 45ish. What kind of bizarro shit goes on down here?
6. Iggles is alive and looking well. Think he's getting his fitness on.

Monday, April 4, 2016

HAPPY OPE...... Nevermind its too cold.

Look can we just stop this charade. Oh its opening day, baseball is back. Please can we just stop. They just canceled a game because its cold. Think about that. Because it's cold. And best part is Sox Nation is fine with it. MLBs fine with it. You know whose also very fine is the guys above. Ya know why? They'll gladly rob you blind at the "real opening day" or the other "opening day" on Patriots Day or while we're at it, how about we start making the first home game in June a thing. Like the opening day to the "real season" in baseball.

Baseball is awesome basically admits irrelevancy, crucifies people for speaking out against its irrelevancy and goes cancelling games because it's cold. And well because it's an irrelevant game. Anyway least there's two other opening days to rob you blind (that aren't in poor bleak cities)

also shout out to Smid on the engagement.

Opening day

The Sox kick off the season today in Cleveland. The coldest baseball game I have ever been to was in Cleveland a few years back, that's saying something. Colder than October playoffs. It was 23 degrees and the wind coming off the lake was fucking frosty.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Bill Smiddy moved in with some broad in Braintree, so I am told.
2.Chrissy loves himself home made sausages.
3. Wrestlemania was a success.
4. Joe Martell is on a bender, like 3 weeks running.
5. Are the Bruins officially done?
6. I know what you are thinking "Did that Inferno Burger Challenge go down this weekend?", no it did not. Leaden bailed, sad day in whoville.
7. Snow in April because why not?
8. Still no one has tried the angriest whopper?
9.Who does shots of red death? Like really who does that? I am 38 not 21!
10. Chrissy will never get another dog.
11. Why do people feel like they can be rude and talk to people in a degrading manner yet expect people to help them.
12. Man margaritas would of been awfully nice this past weekend.
13. I hope that its not 25 degrees next Monday for the Sox home opener.
14. Nothing better than when someone owes you money, you forget and they pay you. Its like found cash!
15. I watched the whole season of the Ranch on Netflix. It was kind of funny (don't judge me).
16. Who ever decided no 30 packs are not enough let cram 6 more in there for a 36 pack deserves some sort of award.
17. How did I just find out about siracha mustard. Everyone knows I love mustard and hate mayo.
18. Do you think Hong Kong Dave(Or is he Apple Genius Dave) will stay in Baltimore or move back to Mass before the end of the summer?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Baseball starts next week

Doesn't the baseball season get everyone in a good mood?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I liked Batman vs Superman, thought everything was good.
2. The 9th Annual Mustache Pub Crawl is Saturday, May 21st and it is moving to Quincy. If you don't want to come, you can still buy a shirt.
3. Some days you just want a plain burger. No frills, no thrills just a nice cooked burger.
4. Everyone has a day where they get up and do a few things but go back to bed till noon, right?
5. What about the Frozen Four games, have you been catching up on those?
6. When did Easter become a mini Christmas? When GOD DAMN IT!
7. Caught the last show of Jesse and the Rippers on Saturday night, rumor has it that they are in the process of rebranding.
8. Jeffrey is looking for an old school Nintendo, super Nintendo or Nintendo 64 if you have any leads.
9. Do people still give out fake numbers at bars? You bet your ass they do!
10. CVG is beefing with Chrissy. This is almost Sharks vs Jets beef.
11. Anyone interested in doing a 5K? Cape Cod beer is hosting one.
12. How many days in a row could you eat pizza?
13. Guess TK and his boys chickened out on this burger challenge, anyone else up to try it?
14. Wrestlemania is Sunday you know what that means...Chrissy and Folan bets all night long.
15. Who doesn't love ham?
16. I had some Aunt Sally beer from Launitas this weekend. It was a very summery citrus type of brew. I dont think I could kill 12 of them but a sixer to start the night off - hell to the yes!
17. Edibles are the rage, huh? Nobody just smokes the sticky icky anymore?
18. Could you drink a whole bottle of A1 sauce for $10??

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring is here?

Who doesn't like a snow day on the first days of spring? I mean, I know all those schools that got cancelled yesterday and now have an extra day to go at the end of the year are going to love it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You take a few days off from working and its like the end of the world.
2. Chrissy is doing well with his surgery.
3. The Scituate St. Pattys day parade was a blast.
4. Wind burn on your face is real and it sucks ass.
5. Daredevil season 2 is pretty good but it may be better to call it Punisher season 1. After all the shitty Punisher movies over the years it is great to see him finally played the way he should of always been played.
6. Sad day, when Draft kings and Fan Duel cease to operate in NY.
7. Dan Madden is alive and killing the daddy game.
8. Drinking for 14 hours in Chrissy man cave is a lot.
9. Calnan is officially back to work and seems happier than Charlie Sheen with a couple of hookers and an eight ball.
10. Congrats to Mario winning the championship in his hockey league.
11. Some times you need a couch day to recharge your batteries.
12. If you are in the Pembroke area on Saturday, Chrissy is having a cookout and his annual baseball draft. Stop by and have a few laughs. The weather looks great. - CHANGE OF PLANS GO FUCK YOURSELF THE PARTY IS AT AN UNDISCLOSED LOCATION WITH STRIPPERS AND LOBSTERS AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!
13. I love the tournament and all the upsets.
14. Steak and cheese sausages should be more of a main stream thing. Things are legit as fuck!
15. Hope you have all your gardening stuff planned out.
16. What is better than getting a snow blower and never using it?
17. Moscow Mules are my new favorite drink.
18. Who knew beers at the Dunkin Donuts center were more expensive than the Boston garden.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Luck of the Irish

This whole spring forward has got me twisted. Up at 5:30, which is really 4:30 but did I go to bed at 10 or 11?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Joe Martell is back and working.
2.Who knew there was such a huge MS pub crawl in Quincy every year?
3. Can you really beat $3.00 22 oz Coors lights?
4. I got all my contacts back in my phone, so I feel like I have already won Monday.
5. Chrissy is getting snipped on Thursday so anyone who wants to stop by his house Friday for some drinking just hit him up.
6. I bumped into Dan Madden and a bunch of people from Weymouth on Saturday, Dan is doing well.
7. Calnan was rehabbing his ankle and now he isn't; he was due back to work and now he doesn't know. I do know one thing though he has a girl and seems to be happy.
8. You know spring is coming when people start mowing lawns and buying lawn furniture.
9. Is there any movie that Steve Sweeney wont do? He pops up in any Boston movie.
10. I know that snap backs are all the rage right now but where do velcro backs fall?
11. The Scituate St Pattys day parade is Sunday, man I love me a tank!
12. It is national Pi day. I could fuck up some pie right now.

Till next week.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Is March

In like a Lion out like a Lamb? Can you believe that spring is only 13 days away? Rumor has it Wednesday it may hit 70 degrees.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Tom Kelly is officially on the wagon. The over/under on days he stays on it is currently 21 days.
2. Smiddy is alive, as verified by Joe Martell, and in love (I think this is the one).
3. Who knew Buffalo Wild Wings would be so packed for the UFC fights. The food is still not good.
4. To shave or not to shave that is the question.
5. Is there anything worse than your cell phone not taking a charge anymore?
6. Jeffrey and crew are back from Cancun, pretty sure he didn't Natalee Halloway his wife.
7. Lucky Brand jeans are pretty damn comfortable.
8. Connor Mcgregor's is good for the UFC but people were really upset by his loss and I can't understand why.
9. It is funny to hear everyone all of a sudden being an expert in politics.
10. Black, Copper or Green? That is my dilemma with getting a new Weber grill.
11. There is nothing worse than a lingering cold. Fucking thing just wont go away.
12. What is a better vacation spot - Portsmouth, NH or Portland, Maine?
13. Is there an age when getting a new tattoo is passe?
14. After a third test it has been confirmed that I currently do not have glaucoma. I know you pot heads are a little bit sad.
15. The ribs from the Texas road house are still good.
16. Would you be interested in eating a corned beef sausage?
17. Even though he is getting snipped on March 17th, Chrissy still wants to try for another one. But you didnt hear that from me.
18. We have all dropped a gallon of milk on the floor, right? What a fucking mess to clean up.
19. How  long do hard boiled eggs stay fresh for?
20. I was told the secret to golden brown grilled cheese is to spread the outside of the bread with mayonaise and not butter.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day

Happy Leap day!
Now if you were born on a leap year do you have a special birthday every 4 years? Do you pick Feb 28th or March 1st as a birthday? These are things I need to know.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People are loving Dorset hall but I wasn't impressed.
2. Who gives a shit about the Oscars?
3. I think Calnan comes back to work this week.
4. Serious question: shave my head or let it go?
5. Abby Park in Milton has some bomb ass food.
6. Which one of you bitches signed me up to get betting advice from 661-675-5785?
7. I pray that Jeffrey/Sarah/Rob/Katie don't bring the Zika virus back with them from Mexico.
8. Chrissy has been known to host an after party at 3:30 am!
9. It is time for a new phone. Should I go team Iphone or stick with Android?
10. Have you seen the prices that these 1st edition of Harry Potter books are fetching?
11. What do you do if you are a 32 year old single lady who can't find a man (because you may be too picky) but really want to be a mom? Start looking into adoption!
12. Why don't they make tighty whiteys more fun? Like they do with boxers and boxer briefs? Hell, underroos were the fucking shit when you were 8.
13. Have you ever been invited to meet up with Tom Kelly but he blows you off? Yeah, you just got TK'd! Happened to me Friday night.
14. Martell is currently unemployed if you have any jobs for him he is eager to make some cash.
15. Sometimes you just need a lazy weekend to do nothing.
16. Don't forget to vote tomorrow.
17. ...what? Why yes Mario lost his high school alumni game. The 1st time in 21 years.
18. There is nothing worse than people owing you money.
19. When do the clocks go ahead?
20. Anyone have any old Xbox 360 games kicking around? Jeffreys looking for some.
21. First of all how is Sandler still making movies and second of all how did Pixels ever get made? Probably the worst movie ever made.
22. Are the Bruins buyers or sellers this season?

Monday, February 22, 2016

Its go time

We are skipping all the bullshit this week and going right to things I learned:

1. Calnan is a crazy person magnet.
2. It is very scary, almost hitting a deer.
3. I saw Dead Pool for a second time, don't judge me.
4. People are dancing in the streets because of this insane weather.
5. Look what Rio got:

                                  (There is a rumor that TK cried while watching the ceremony)

6. The burgers at the Rivershed are bomb ass.
7. I tried to go to Dorsett Hall but I guess they don't open for lunch yet.
8. The Chiefdude is trying very hard to win power ball so he can quit his job.
9. Who knew that Calnan had a whole Eskimo family?
10. Sunday Funday with Chrissy and Jeffrey gets out of hand - Lunch and a movie turned into drinking at a chinese food joint all day.

I gotta jet ya know work and shit.
I know I didn't have time to do the whole list this week.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Who needs money

I got this email today. I have no idea who would actually take one of these seriously but what the hell. Should I write back?


I wish you a very pleasant day. 

My name is Miss. Celine Karman; I am from Ivory Coast. I am 24 years single girl student. I am an orphan; I want to relocate to your country with my inherited funds worth of $3.5 million dollar which I inherited from my late father Mr. Fabrics Karman, who died of poisoned in 21 July 2015 which was suspected to be his junior brother that killed him so he can take over all his wealth. I decided to transfer this money out of this country for investment purpose and continuation of my education, I don't want to stay here in my country again because, am afraid of my uncle who is so wicked to me. So my dear this is my reason for contacting you so you can help me to transfer the money to your account so I can comes to your country to settle down and continue my education while you help me to invest the money. 

Please after the transfer I vow to give you 30% from the money for helping me out. 

I wait your urgent response. 

Miss. Celine Karman.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Dont talk bout mother nature

Mother nature is a fickle bitch. You mention one bad thing about her and she hits us with -9 degree Sunday mornings.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Not only is Calnan sober but he is back killing the dating game. Good for him. You can keep a good man down but not for long.
2. Has anyone heard from Jason Foley?
3. Chrissy killed the Uber game last year. What's an extra $20,000 between friends.
4. Do you know anyone who gets a discount on boilers? My uncles looking for a new one.
5. I can fuck up Korean BBQ like a champ.
6. I think the Yardhouse is kinda blah.
7. Why does shots always sound like a great idea?
8. Minus nine degrees causes pipes to freeze, just ask Mario.
9. I downloaded Venmo if anyone wants to send me cash money.
10. People who bitch about people drinking iced coffee in the winter. Why?? Is it any different than drinking a water or soda?
11. Dead Pool was the best movie I have seen in a long ass time. Had me laughing non stop.
12. Is Presidents day a holiday for you?
13. Mario is headed to Niagara this weekend to be inducted into his college hall of fame. Congrats!
14. Also heard Joey Martell's trying to throw together a trip to New Orleans for St. Pattys
15. I feel like such a fool never owning a square pan before this weekend.
16. Why would you ever eat movie popcorn without butter? Tastes like cardboard.

Gotta run and do some work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Now what

Right after the super bowl is kind of the worst for sports. We have the NBA and hockey kind of running through the motions, baseball spring training starting up and some people are gearing up for golf.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario is pretty lucky with squares. I think he hit one 4 years running.
2. Blazing Paddles at Game on is really bright and fun.
3. Chrissy has plenty of beers and food left over from his super bowl party.
4. The ground hog said spring is springing early. Ill believe it when I see it.
5. I think naps are essential on snow days.
6. Is anyone else excited for Lucic's return tonight at the garden?
7. It never fails, that anytime I fall asleep (Pass out) on my couch my back kills the next day.
8. If you mention fucking truck day to me I will punch you in your junk, male or female. Stupidest fucking thing on the planet.
9. Some of you are really pushy waiting for blog updates, huh? I mean everyone knows I don't work the day after the Super bowl. Call it a Derek Holiday.
10. Little kids remember the most obscure things ever.
11. It is pretty sad that I have xmas gifts still at my house that I haven't delivered.
12. Have you seen how small the Celeste pizzas are now?
13. Jeffrey is looking for investors for his buffalo chicken dip condiment company.
14. I still have not yet started up my snow blower. Ha suck it mother nature.
15. More places need to sell MGD!
16. The pizza at Game On is really good. Like surprisingly good.
17. Has anyone heard from Lauren Brady? She was MIA this weekend. Hope she isn't in a dungeon somewhere getting sprayed with a hose.
18. Who are you voting for?

Ok gotta jet. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Spring time

Man mother nature is a fickle beast. One day we have blizzard warnings the next its 60 and shit!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If anyone complains about how warm it is today or this week you have my permission to punch them in the face.
2. Bar hopping in Hull was a success - Bridgemans is fancy and wouldn't serve us but other than that I say if you have a slow day hit em all up. But I think some time in the summer Jeffreys gonna get one going for PKD.
3. Still haven't heard of any concrete Superbowl plans.
4. It is god damn hard to get rid of super bowl squares if the Pats are not in it. I still don't get that.
5. It is tax season and I am hearing people are getting returns back in 5-7 days?
6. Angelos in Quincy seems to be going down hill.
7. As fancy pants Mario how Davios was this weekend. The LONGS do it up big.
8. How many of you people watched Grease live?
9. Whats on your bucket list?
10. Apparently they are still smashing peoples mail boxes in Bridgewater.
11. Why is it If your opinion is not the popular opinion then it is viewed as wrong? I mean it is an opinion.
12. I think the more people Hate Cam Newton the more I like him.
13. Anyone have a prop bet list? Im taking Cam 1st rushing td of the game.
14. I am pretty damn excited for Deadpool. Just saying see ya next Friday!
15. Rumor has it that Supah Ps bachelor party may be in Pittsburgh.
16. Guacamole can be hit or miss.

That is all I have for now.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Walking in a winter wonderland

The snow came and went, the Patriots lost and people are now counting down till truck day and spring training - WHAT A WEEKEND!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Christian Daniel Macphail is impatient.
2. Random Friday night beers with Jeffrey and Flounder are always a good time.
3. I can not remember the last time I won at Keno.
4. Miller High Life is making a come back at Barefoot Bobs.
5. Whats the plan for the superbowl?
6. Speaking of superbowls, no one ever buys squares when the Pats are not in it. I mean I need the action.
7. Pulled pork tacos are the jam.
8. Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck.
9. Where do you stand when it comes to Indian food?
10. If you get a fly in your Guiness do you send it back? Remove the fly and drink it? Or just stop drinking?
11. Mario is killing the snow removal game.
12. The Bruins play in Nashville on February 18th, just saying if someone has a trip itch they want to scratch.
13. Matt and Megan are having a Hull pub crawl/bar hopping on Saturday if anyones around and wants to drink in Brockton by the sea. Heard the Sea note is a great time.
14. Chrissy hates mozzarella sticks. He also would rather have his eyes picked out of his head by a crow than eat coconut.
15. I am watching the new X-files and I like it.
16. What is the over under on when Dave moves back from Bmore? I am saying May 1st, 2017.
17. When your juke box game is on point, people notice.
18. Who plans on getting tickets to Pearl Jam?

Gotta run.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Today is MLK day. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect upon what that means, and not just a holiday off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People LOVE pub crawls.
2. If you wear a t shirt with a beer logo on it you should buy that beer or else be called out by the packie store attendant. (HA packie store attendant sounds like a fun job)
3. Everyone is riding Tom Brady and the Patriots pretty hard but they are also bitching there is no home game this weekend.
4. The St. Pattys day parade is back on in Scituate.
5. Speaking of St Pattys day, Chrissy has his official day to get snipped 3-17-15. Guess he will never forget when he loses his balls.
6. You ever try to trim your beard and mess up? Yeah me too.
7. Our prayers go out to Calnan...he of the sprained ankle.
8. Don't get flippant with CVG or he will block you on all social media and real life.
9. What is the plan for the 3:00 Pats game Sunday?
10. I have a few Sox games for sale if anyone wants em., HMU.
11. Miller High life is under appreciated.
12. Has anyone been to Easy Pie in Braintree? I heard they have huge tater tots.
13. Is there anything worse than sleeping on your neck wrong and its difficult to turn?
14. I am wondering if anyone has a thousandaire idea that they are making a reality.

I am off to do some work, I think anyways.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The sooner the better

One day it is 60 the next 26. I wish mother nature would make up her mind if it is winter or not, the sooner the better.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Kids love trampolines (or jumpolines).
2. Congrats to Supah P and his FIANCE!! Yeah buddy. That may be the party to end all parties!
3. Speaking of Supah P, it is all coming up roses for that cat as he got a new job promotion too.
4. Home made taco bars are where it is at.
5. Why does Dunkin Donuts keep coming out with new croissant donuts?
6. $1300 Million dollars. Let it sink in!!
7. Broken straws in your iced coffee is a fucking joke.
8. Welchie has a nice house over there in Braintree. Stop by sometime.
9. The birthday boy Chris Leaden is having a huge Pats bash Saturday, shine up your drinking and eating shoes.
10. Jeffrey is looking to do "the Quincy walk of shame", which consists of bar hopping to as many bars as possible during the week. Anyone interested? He's talking Friday the 22nd.
11. Drakkar for Christmas? Bitches love Drakkar.
12. What you guys know about chimney liners? Asking for my uncle.

Just a quick hitting 12 pack because I have to go do some work.