Monday, December 4, 2017

So we are all

Just sitting around waiting for the first snow fall at this point, right?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Pub crawls are very aggressive now a days.
2. Chrissy bitching about being up at 7 am is funny to me.
3. It's difficult to find a place to rent for the derby.
4. You should have more than breakfast if you want to drink all day.
5. Taco bar parties are where it's at.
6. Alma Nove never disappoints.
7. I know it's December 4th but holiday parties already?
8. Who wants to be a guest on a podcast.
9. Fuck stress.
10. You ever not care that your battery died on your phone?
11. If you got Chrissy in the Xmas grab he wants the Moto z projector for his phone.
12. It is good to see Kung Fu Dave still had the gift of the gab when it comes to the ladies.
13. People are still getting iced?
14. Christmas tree is up and decorated the shit out of it!

Gotta go do some online shopping...peace.

Monday, November 27, 2017

28 days

And then Christmas will be here. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You can never have too much stuffing.
2. Julian wants to be some world class surfer.
3. I am always down for fundraisers.
4. There is a toys for tots pub crawl this Saturday at 1 starting at Cagney's in Quincy.
5. Georgia vs Auburn round 2 this Saturday winner gets into the playoffs.
6. People are still golfing?
7. Commercials are getting better and better...Dilly dilly.
8. Let's all sing it for Jason Foley - the wheels on the bus are coming off, coming off, coming off. The wheels on his fantasy teams bus are coming off.
9. The Punisher on Netflix may be the best Marvel show to date. You don't even need to know anything about Frank Castle. The shows filled with drama.
10. Man jury duty is a pain in the ass.
11. There is a fund raiser on Sunday in Weymouth for one of Jeffrey's friends father.
12. We all have family members that when they speak they make you cringe with things that come out of their mouth.
13. Yeah totally normal that Jenn Grogan is in Thailand.
14. All the single people killing the bumble game.
15. Looks like I can't fly directly into Louisville for the derby so it may be a few nights in Nashville first.
16. May be time to get a new phone. My battery does not seem to hold a charge again.
17. The amount of money spent on Black Friday is insane  - 315 Billion in the US alone.
18. I hate that all the Christmas specials are on so early.

Monday, November 20, 2017

My favorite week

This is my favorite week of the year. Everyone is happy, lots of people only work 2-3 days this week, everyone drinking Wednesday night and both Thursday and Friday are holidays at work ( double - double time and a half).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. When drinking Jeffrey has his shoes shined up there is no slowing him down.
2. Stranger Things 2 was meh.
3. Justice League was pretty good, the inner comic book nerd in me has many questions but for a super hero movie it is good.
4. This weather is crazy.
5. I am looking forward to the first snow storm of the season.
6. The Wrentham outlets are beyond chaotic.
7. If Thanksgiving isn't in your top 2 of holidays then you have problems.
8. Everyone knows that when I hug I grab ass. Known fact.
9. Even running into Stop and Shop for a few things costs you $50.
10. Rude people, eventually karma will catch up to you.
11. The SST Braintree is where it's at on a Sunday.
12. But if you go out to watch football on a Sunday and the bar has the NFL ticket then not every television should be on the Pats game (I can stay at home to watch that).
13. Guess who bought 6 tickets to the Kentucky Derby? Section 226?
14. I had no clue they made turkey stock in a can. All these years I have used chicken.
15. Any time you can connect with old friends you should.
16. Make sure you text me with what you want for Christmas. Whitley Claus is on the loose.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Like whoa

So we are just skipping the fall season and right to winter? Fucking low 20s on a Saturday morning?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. You can pick your friends but can't pick your family is 100000% true.
2. Man I heard Chrissy may be bailing from team iPhone.
3. Praise to Jeffrey for bringing Julian to 3 different practices and 1 hockey game a week.
4. This weather really makes people moody.
5. There was a physical sighting of Grillo, at the Macphails.
6. Also I heard from Billy Smiddy, who is broken up about the ND lose. Not nearly as much as I am about Georgia but same.
7. I heard from Kung Fu Dave about his house warming party/night out in Lowell. I guess he is waiting for Chrissy to get a weekend on lock.
8. Sometimes you need a low key couch weekend.
9. Still no battery from China yet. May as well have just thrown $10 out the window.
10. People are really excited for this new 50 Shades of Grey movie?
11. Random Thursday boozing with Leaden is always a blast.
12. Wtf Pandora, you guys just throwing a $10 service out there? Like $5 isn't enough?
13. I don't know if anyone is interested in the Kentucky Derby but I'm hearing tickets are $440 for the 3 days.
14. Do people (other than TK) really care about these football games at Fenway?
15. Still trying to meet up with Riccio to finish our cards at the Wickendon pub.
16. Mario is pumped for his trip to Aruba.

Monday, November 6, 2017


Has anyone heard or seen Kung Fu Dave? I texted him a few times and still no text back. Maybe he's locked up in a sex den or something.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Macphails are killing Disney this week.
2. Still not sure why words like moist, pussy and panties are hated by women. But cunt is totally acceptable.
3. Chrissy plans to retire at 55. I say kudos.
4. Pretty sure that it took me a whole week to get back on track after Florida.
5. I truly hate fantasy football this year. There is zero consistency.
6. Everyone has really vivid dreams right.
7. If you don't like bacon then we most likely can't be friends.
8. Day drinking that turns to night drinking is the best.
9. Keep them laughing. Good laughs make good vibes.
10. Draft Kings is like scratching a gambling itch but it doesn't really feel good.
11. Congrats to Nickerson on finishing a half marathon.
12. No I have not started Stranger Things 2 yet.
13. Pretty sure my middle name could be procrastination. I was always told to be good at something. I am good at putting things off till the last minute.
14. Only 7 more Monday's till Christmas. Kind of depressing.
15. Does anyone play the daily number?
17. Just seeing if you are paying attention. Skipped right over 16.
18. Thor was a pretty funny movie. Not the best Marvel flick but overall good.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Well we survived the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party. Made some great new friends, had a shit ton of fun and can't wait to do it all over again next year.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. If you can't get down with this world series then maybe baseball is NOT your thing.
2. Irish breakfast shots are where it is at.
3. I am a Georgia fan but the Gators fans are wayyyy hotter.
4. Happy hours and drink specials are dangerous.
5. One of my new friends was screaming about how he loves to eat dat pussy.
6. Everyone in Jacksonville loves to tell you how it is the biggest city in the country.
7. Now I have friends in Athens Georgia who said they will host us for a game there.
8. Fuck hotel beds.
9. Jeffrey snores like a duck.
10. Some cunty broad told me repeatedly that Chrissy has a really nice beard and I should do something about my grays.
11. Shout out to the Bearded Pig. Bomb ass food and great peeps.
12. There doesn't seem to be a bad seat in the Jags stadium.
13. I have no idea how people make money doing Uber down there - 15 miles is like $8.
14. Almost forgot some prick spilled ketchup all over my sneaks.

I am sure there are many things that I forgot due to all the alcohol that was consumed plus I am throwing this together right before a hotel check out.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Get on it

The count down to Florida is on.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. South side tavern brunch is where it's at.
2. Unplanned lunch meet ups are the best.
3. Mr 9:05 is alive and well.
4. How come no one is having a Halloween party.
5. Fucking Bobbo telling me I want to be Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory. That cut deep.
6. A woman chastised me for being 40 and not having children.
7. Jeffrey thinks he is an underwear model.
8. Nothing worse than being sick on a Monday and your days ruined.
9. Every time I eat at Coops I get sick.
10. Amazon is the best. Can't wait till they are in Boston so things come in like 5 minutes.
11. The spicy nuggets from BK are legit as fuck.
12. It's always a good post season when the Yankees lose.
13. Chrissy told me he is wearing jorts for 5 straight days in Florida. Straight fire!
14. Man, hockey parent life is crazy.

No blog next week as I'll be hungover in Florida.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Love it

All you leaf peepers must be loving this fall weather.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There is not a sporting event that TK doesn't like to watch live.
2. Some days you don't have it.
3. The amount of people who love the month of October never cease to amaze me.
4. Day drinking that turns into All day drunk isn't always the best.
5. Getting good news on  Monday, unheard of.
6. Beep boop.
7. Still haven't made it to the new brewery in Braintree.
8. What team is more in trouble - the Bruins or the Patriots?
9. Only 10 days till Chrissy and I leave for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party.
10. Has any one heard from Welchie?
11. One bite everyone knows the rules!
12. Home made scorpion pepper hot sauce is devilish.
13. Why are bikes so expensive.
14. I can not reiterate enough I do not go to kids parties that are at kid places. A party at your house sure. A party at Chuck e cheese no way.
15. Have I told you that I hate fantasy football today?
16. Is there anything better than sleeping with all your windows open?

Monday, October 9, 2017

Well well well

I have said it before and I'll say it again, this year's fucking flying by.  Happy Columbus day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Burrata people, I finally get it now. That shit is delicious.
2. The Bruins only taking debit/credit and no cash is absurd to me. Cash is King.
3. How long does a fall cold last damn it.
4. If you haven't seen the Miami Dolphins coach doing lines of cocaine then your Monday hasn't been made yet.
5. Bar hopping towards your house is a novel idea.
6. God damn right eye won't stop twitching. What in the actual fuck?
7. Pies, cupcakes and cookies are the way to make friends.
8. At what age do you stop getting birthday presents?
9. Only 11 more Monday's till Christmas.
10. I saw a bunch of people moping off the Redsox band wagon on Saturday.
11. All I can say is live your best life. If it makes you it.
12. If you don't like day drinking then we probably can't be friends.
13. Tom Kelly likes Uber so much he's thinking about doing it on his off days (I think it's just so he can have some pocket change).
14. Have they instituted the rule that if you are vaping anyone can just walk up and punch you in the face? Not yet? Hopefully soon.
15. Fuck fantasy football.
16. Is it ok to answer question of people who are talking to themselves?
17. Still working on going to the Wickendon pub to finish my card. Hopefully before I turn 40. Who is in?
18. Got a lot of flack for last weeks black coffee comment. I double down on it, the people who bitched about it are as closed to lacking empathy as Jeffrey Dahmer.
19. I know we are in hurricane season but fucking enough.
20. Big up to the crowd at the Florida Gators game for singing Tom Petty in unison on Saturday.

Gonna go work hard for this double time and a half today!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Happy Birthday

Happy 40th birthday to one Christian Daniel MacPhail.  Here is to many more. Who would have known 19 years ago today, I had my fake ID taken away but I made a great friend.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People are strange.
2. Bacon over everything.
3. Golfing in the rain is not for me.
4. Helping plan a surprise for a surprise party is stressful.
5. It is October, so the count down to the world's largest outdoor cocktail party is on - 24 days.
6. Congrats to Jason Foley on his $1000 scratch ticket hit.
7. Credit card roulette is no joke, $250 later.
8. Fuck fall time colds/sickness.
9. Forgetting a club on the golf course is no good.
10. It is always great to see Tooma, even if he had to sit on a bus for 12 hours.
11. It is apple picking time. You know apple pies are my jam.
12. I tried to drink black iced coffee, pretty sure that's how sociopaths are made.
13. Is there anything worse than trying to make small talk with someone you have no interest in actually talking too?
14. Phone battery update - still not here.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Well then

It looks like mother nature isn't quite ready to leave summer behind.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Even when wearing running pants, Kung Fu Dave still wears black.
2. Kelly's Cellar is kind of a scary place.
3. Florida - Georgia game is a month away.
4. At what age do people stop with the Halloween parties?
5. Dunkin donuts tried to kill me this weekend, my iced coffee was pumpkin spice.
6. Who hates roast beef? Honestly Chrissy?
7. Happy belated birthday Folan.
8. If you see Jeffrey buy him a drink or something. That dudes cranky.
9. Is there anything wrong with eating a dinner salad after your meal? Asking for a friend(wink wink).
10. Since I know you are dieing to know, still no battery.
11. Rumor has it Chris Leaden is going to help moving.
12. I am so confused about these protests - are we protesting police brutality? Is it the flag? Is it being an American? Is it the first amendment right to free speech?
13. I caught Kingsman 2 this weekend, not nearly as good as the 1st.
14. If you are a fan of Nintendo then you should check out Castlevania on Netflix. It's only 4 episodes but sets it up nicely for future stories.

Off to do some work.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Bring it on

Fall starts Friday at 4:02 pm.  Bring on brisk mornings, apple pies and basic white girl pumpkin everything.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. My white scorpion peppers refuse to change from green to white.
2. All these natural disasters are good for over time at the Coca Cola plant.
3. Rugged maniac this weekend out in Southwick and My first mud run in Holyoke. Good luck Ali.
4. Safe to say my fantasy season is over after 2 weeks. Now I know what it feels like ladies, all build up no satisfaction.
5. Bloody Mary bars are my jam.
6. Five year olds have no off switch, no down time and never stop asking questions.
7. Punch out for Nintendo is still awesome.
8. I see a few people jumping back on the Bs bandwagon after that Pasta signing.
9. What do you do when your right eye twitches for over a week.
10. I heard a rumor that Coach K is rocking like 4 time shares in and around Disney. May be time to just invest in a condo bro.
11. I'm not going to lie, Derek loves when people talk/type in the 3rd person.
12. Guess Matty and Meg are moving into their own house this weekend, do you think this effects him going to Florida - Georgia?
13. Grillo made a rare appearance on the text machine.
14. People are bitching about the new iPhone being $1000. Wasn't the last one $850?  Apple got you eating out of their hands.
15. Ever get hit with a 24 hour sickness. Black out city.
16. Hong Kong Dave must be seeing someone. Haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. Still waiting on his house warming party.
17. Sometimes the best part of Snapchat are the news articles.
18. Guess what Joey Martell got for his birthday? Tickets to Phantom of the Opera. Who knew he was so sophisticated. How many Adderall did he pop to watch that?

Ok, I'm back working with Rio this week. Let the good times roll.

Monday, September 11, 2017

15 more

There are only 15 more Monday's till Christmas.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. We all have that one friend who bitches about everything. Someone could give them$100 and they would bitch about it not being enough.
2. Sunburns on 70 degree days are where it is at.
3. Joe Martell never missed a day to be at the beach.
4. Looks like all the work OT is slowing down in 3 weeks.
5. Jeffrey is spiteful at times.
6. Another year and I am out of the elimination pool week 1.
7. Why do they give you the most uncomfortable work chairs?
8. My sausage making empire is coming along.
9. Georgia beating ND with Doug Flutie calling the game, made my Saturday night.
10. Can't be uncle of the year if you don't show up to flag football games.
11. This is great sleeping weather.
12. Chrissy, sorry to break this to you but Poopsies is a 5.3. The atmosphere is a 10.
13. Never forget - tell a friend, telephone and tell TK are the 3 major ways to get all your business out there.
14. Rio wants a lake house in NH if you guys know of any.
15. Car dealerships are relentless with harassing you. Never fill out any shit online.
16. All these fucking hurricanes, really enough mother nature.
17. If I got an Irish wolf hound, I can name it Mick right?
18. Cagney's is getting a new menu.

Gotta run kids. See ya soon.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Labor day

Happy Labor day you animals.
While you all are out enjoying the last days of the summer I will be working.

This is what I learned this week:
1. I finally got around to watching Black Mirror on Netflix, that is some fucked up shit. I haven't made it through all 3 seasons yet.
2. The Macphails had a lovely cookout yesterday, a celebration of life and the wonderment of a fire pit.
3. The suicide/elimination pool is back up and running. So get your picks in by 1pm on Sunday.
4. The Florida - Georgia game is on. Hotel is booked, the airfare is booked and Matty secured 4 tickets. Who is coming with? 3 tickets are spoken for.
5. Looks like Point Sebago may be a go for next year. The week of July 7th to the 14th. Rumor has it Jason Foley and his family are even in.
6. True North bar opened up in Weymouth, pretty nice.
7. This week is the Brimfield antique show.
8. I love when I hear people buying products and growing beards.
9. Would people be interested in a pub crawl to raise money for the devastation in Texas, caused by Harvey.
10. I don't really understand the purpose of cards against humanity.
11. Survivor flip cup is beyond ghetto. What's the purpose of playing a drinking game when you get kicked off a team? Attention span zero.
12. Have you had the drunken meatball pizza from Coops? Shit is off the chains.
13. Would you buy 20 $30 scratch tickets, 30 $20 tickets or 60 $10 tickets?
14. What is more important to you? Time or money? Would you drive around for 1/2 hour looking for a parking space or would you just pay the $20 to park?
15. There is no one I would pay $1500 per ticket to see front row center stage. How can Lady Gaga even charge that?
16. We are on to week 6 of waiting for my battery from China.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

TMX draft recp

Welcome back to fantasy football season! Tmx is enjoying semi retirement on the TMX island not Belize so dont start the collusion talk with beach bums, I know how this league speculates! Stopping by for a quick recap and odds on winning the belt this season. The draft was quick and controversial the only way the league knows how to operate. 5 wide rec and 5 rbs was mysteriously replaced with one flex ( mysteriously meaning clerical error by the league office).  The league this year saw a run on qbs unlike any we've seen in the past with two teams drafting back to back qbs, there was also a run on PATRIOT rbs with three taken in a row in the 14th round and we had some out of the box tight end love as team new guy took top two tight end in his top 4 picks!! We also had our quickest shot pick as slippery wizards may have been too focused on shining last years winning belt! Murtaugh and Riggs also got in the shot buying biz but at least he was drafting for two! Quick shout out to the bartender for making the jolly rancher shot at 2007 prices no less. Lets recap this wild draft from 1-10 same crew as last year with the exception of the guy who came in last. That guy quit as he didnt want to wear the dress to the bar. TMX is not into bullying or public shaming so dont look to us to give up who that person was.

 Drafting first was The Luvbelow. First spot is pretty easy to get rolling with best player available and thats what Luv did taking D. Johnson. Following that up top ranked qb Rodgers and Luv is already off to another "great draft". Kelce is third pick and Luv has top rb, top qb and top 5 tight end. Took a few swings at rebound wrs with hopkins, arob. b.marshall and tate. Lacy and west backing up Johnson seems risky but if DJ plays like he did last year he prolly wont need a rb! Alot to love about this draft and like everything unless injuries come along there is no way The Luvbelow isnt in contention all year. 

 Second pick this year was Black Dynomite. They went safe with Lev Bell then followed it up with three straight wr Thomas, Dez and TY. Shouldnt be hard to roll them out each week only question being TY with the Luck health factor. Powell, Mcfadden, Abdullah and Kelly is a good group and like DJ when Bell is on you dont really need an rb2. Tight ends Eifert ( health issues) and Brate ( lotta mouths to feed in tampa) is a weakness But Matty Ice and Stafford is a good qb pairing. Black Dynomite will be flooding the trade market with unreal trades for Hogan and DMC so stay by your phones!! Once again Black Dynomite is a wagon and will be competitive.

  Third pick this year was the Equalizers who had a decent draft and avoiding going all in on GOD Brady. Equalizers took Brown and then later paired it up with big Ben, they took a great risk/ reward play with Zeke in round 3 and are praying for a Gurley comeback taking him in round 2.  Garcon, Mr Big Play Djax, Maclin and Mike Williams could be a concern for Equalizers at wr and by could be we mean hit the wire. But Pats d and Andrew Luck are quality later picks. Trades, waiver help and a Zeke explosion when he comes back could put Equalizers in the money

 Fourth pick this year was Charlies Angels the self proclaimed bad boys of adsl. Angels went with Julio and Cooper and three rbs in first 5 picks. Howard the safe pick then couple of swings at bounce back player beast mode and rookie heavy hitter ( well actually not so heavy cuz she got up)  Joe Mixon. In 8 and 9th he went qbs with carr and cousins for much needed qb depth or just to copy the stay woke #ogs?  Ruldoph and Cook could have break out years and if Tyreek hill continues from last yrs production and T Williams and Matthews hit the Angels could be looking to be in the money.

 Fifth pick this year went to  Twiddling dicks who went after wrs with 3 of the first four and loaded up Evans, Baldwin and Jeffery then finished the wr corps with Crowder and Diggs. Also taking God Brady second shows Twiddling is ready to roll. Comeback player of the year candidate Hyde and ppr machine woodhead  should be effective if not Frank Gore (what did you say?) FRANK GORE should get the points as he always does and taking a chance on AP late seemed safe. Tight ends Thomas and Njoku seem to be a weak point but all and all a good draft that i'm sure Twiddling only remembers half of.

 Sixth pick this year came from the fresh prince of Belize the Beach bums who were not present at the draft. Conflicting reports say he was on vacation or was suspended by the league for league wide violations up to and including several traid fleecing charges, threats at last draft  and performance enhancing drugs. Tmx will investigate any and all leads. Beachbums ignored the medical concerns and went with ODB then followed it up with Cooks and Brees . Took rooking Fournette and lottery ticket hunt then stabilized the rbs with less risk back up rb picks coleman, ingram and rawls. Henry and Doyle show promise last year and if that continues in those offenses tight end should be ok. BeachBums had an ok draft by Bums standards but they will be in the mix as always based on transactions and trade movement.

 Seventh pick and went to defending champs Slippery Wizards. Tmx doesnt count anyone out at the draft but Slippery Wizards have alot of work ahead. No one has won the league not having at least one top 2-3 player at a position and in many cases you need two not sure they accomplished that. AJ Green , demarco, Keenan Allen followed by Crowell and Ty montgomery are all good players but none are carry the team. Wizards took a chance on suspended rb Martin and got delanie walker and up and comer hooper at the tight end. Big run on qbs left the Wizards watching the top 12 go off the board before he got a shot and settled for Rivers and Dalton, hope there is paired with Allen and Green possibly double points?

Eighth pick this year went to The stay woke #ogs. They went with Freeman to lead a pack of young  rbs of Mcceverything, Perkins, Perine and vet Latavius Murray. The wr corp of Jordy, comeback candidate Benjamin, HIGH risk/ HIGH reward Martavis Bryant  with Britt and Lockett is a good group, paired with Jimmy Graham. The strength of #ogs maybe the back to back qbs he took in 7th and 8th! Russy and Cam going back to back for a team that was known to wait on qbs!! Is rocky boxing lefty??? #ogs look like a team with alot of assets and should be in contention.

Ninth pick this year went to Supah P's oops that was Welch's former team but he quit cuz he had to wear a dress TMX apologizes for the error actually NEW TEAM is Kung fu money grip. Team money grip came in late and was a little unorthodox to start Mccoy was the right pick at 9 but taking gronk in 2nd and reed in 4th seemed wild and millar is safe pick and Gillislee could have a Blount type monster year in that offense but Artis-Payne late seemed iffy at best. Lots of question marks at wr with Davante Adams who showed flashes, Fitzy can he still do it, John Brown with the health so its Crabtree and the rest of the guys at wr. Meredith unfortunatley is done for the year. Team money grip did get two qbs with upside in Winston and Dak so with some waiver moves and maybe a traid he should be in a better spot

Tenth pick went to Murtaugh and Riggs many calling them the team to beat as they started out with 3 rbs Gordon, Ajayi and cook and then went in on the preseason hot boys Pryor and Parker. Mariotta and Wentz at qb could be a who's hotter situation but both put up numbers in passing offenses. Cobb and Snead are two breakout candidates  in bigtime offenses as well. Ertz shows flashes and Ebron is still in the "this is the year" category. Murtaugh and Riggs should be rolling all year.

  TMX is in semi retirement and wont be blogging each week but may pop in. You can check the drunknothings blog or follow us on the twits @deeganisdead where we post all the updated stats from our comprehensive stat department #statsbyme. Good luck to everyone and hopefully its a year full of traids and no injuries! TMX OUT.

Monday, August 28, 2017

That was fast

The weather changed to early fall really quickly.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Officer Calnan is looking good.
2. Jason Foley is trying to buy a house in Southern NH and get out of Massachusetts.
3. Draft day is always a good day. Felt little off with Rob not being present.
4. I'm surprised how well McGregor looked in the fight.
5. Life lesson, always eat before day drinking. Always!
6. Chrissy is still trying to make the worlds largest outdoor cocktail party work.
7. Rumor has it the Macphails are having an end of summer party Sunday.
8. If you were wondering - still no battery delivery yet.
9. Looks like everyone is going to Disney this year.
10. Vacations never feel like they last as long as you would like.
11. People being shocked that there are sharks killing seals off the coast of the Cape is just life.
12. Does anyone ever walk away from their draft happy with their team?
13. Is there a cut off for when you can order a bloody Mary? Like can I get one at 6pm?
14. Anyone up for Point Sebago next year? Trying to get a good crew together.
15. If you get pulled over in an Uber. Complaining gets you your money back.
16. The Defenders was good on Netflix.

Monday, August 21, 2017

Just rolling

It is sad that there aren't that many beach days left on the calendar.

1. The Range in Hingham is my new favorite bar.
2. Water Wizz is still a thing.
3. Did anyone watch the Defenders?
4. Fantasy football draft has been moved to the South side tavern.
5. I can't believe kids start school next week.
6. The Redsox band wagon is heating up.
7. Rumor has it there is a Popeyes coming to Quincy.
8. The new Fore River bridge is nice.
9. I could eat pizza every day.
10. Bocce or horse shoes?
11. Fuck plastic utensils.
12. Chrissy is slowly building towards team spiked Seltzer's.
13. How long does it take to get a package from China? I ordered a new phone battery in July.
14. What would you do with $650 million dollars?

Monday, August 14, 2017

Better late than never

Ha I totally forgot to update this bitch.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Why aren't there any good beach buggys with coolers?
2. Working all weekend long keeps you out of trouble.
3. Everyone gets in ruts. Same old same.
4. Getting 12 guys to agree to a weekend for a fantasy draft is near impossible. But if any one is available August 26 we need a board person and someone to draft beach bums team.
5. Storyland was the place to be this past week.
6. Jeffrey lost his denture - single tooth.
7. People still go to Canobie Lake Park, too.
8. I think scones are under rated.
9. Looks like I have a maybe for Florida in October for the world's largest outdoor cocktail party, in Christian Daniel MacPhail. We can celebrate his 40th down there.  Hotels on me just get your ass there.
10. Mario is slowly moving on to Miller High life's. Welcome to the team.
11. I feel like WWE is at an all time high right now.
12. Even though the Rock just covered up his Brahma bull tattoo.
13. Man Kungfu Hong Kong Dave must be killing at his new job. Motherfucker ain't hit me back in a week.
14. Don't tell anyone but Thomas Gerard Kelly is a huge country music fan and wants to hit up a concert if anyone's interested.
15. Fuck Snapchat allowing iPhones to take videos longer than 10 seconds.
16. Nothing worse than when your back won't crack between your shoulder blades.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Time flies

It seems like summer was just starting to ramp up and now the sun sets before 8. Where did summer go?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I have no idea what kind of Italian dressing Chrissy uses but his chicken marinade is on point.
2. If I had a band, I would name it Nooner at Four.
3. Buying a car should be quick and easy. No hassles.
4. Do you think Dave looks in his closet and thinks Does this black go with this black?
5. Apparently freckles don't block the sun.
6. Finally saw Kong skull island. I liked it.
7. Nut shots are still a thing.
8. Thank God we have Calnan out there cracking down on Uber drivers cheating the system by renting rides.
9. Speaking of Uber, remember when drivers were nice and seemed to be happy to be making money? Yeah not so much anymore.
10. Only 20 more Monday's till Christmas.
11. Anyone catch Carspotting? Not really sure what is going on with it?
12. Chrissy and Jeff are starting a side business - Triple B - Bikini Board Broads. You pay for ladies clad in bikinis to show up and do your draft boards.
13. Fuck swiss cheese.
14. Make sure you hit up Miriachi Mondays at Cielo in Braintree.
15. Hey Lazy Boy, trying to charge $100 for delivery or having to pick up a chair in fucking New Jersey is wrong. For that reason I am out.
16. I hope you are out there enjoying the boozy seltzers this summer.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Guess who is on vacation again?

You guessed right...this guy. Suck a dick Christian Daniel MacPhail!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Tommy is an angry ass dude. Dont even talk about when he is drinking.
2. Congrats to Dave on leaving Apple and moving on.
3. Fuck car shopping.
4. Bug bites on your feet are no bueno.
5. Chrissy has found a car for the figure 8 but not the derby itself.
6. Who knew that a 4 year old would already have a Sega Genesis?
7. Always bring beers that no one drinks to parties if you arent sure you will like the party goers.
8. Speaking of beers, I am a big fan of Clown Shoes, right now.
9. Some people can be so petty.
10. Uber is great and all but sometimes you get a real dick driver.
11. Weddings that incorporate - pub crawls, booze cruises and open bars are destined for greatness.
12. Anyone interested in seeing Lee Brice on Friday night?
13. Chrissy is racking up the overtime this week. Working 24 straight hours today.
14. I hate painting and staining more than anything.
15. Insurance is such a scam.
16. On vacation without anything to do is a great feeling. Just wasting days getting wasted.

Off to car shop. Wish me luck.