Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweed!!

Today is HALLOWEED!!! Smoke em if you got em!!!

Lets all go out, get liquored up and make bad decisions.

Make sure you take tons of Halloween pictures and forward them along so I can post them up on the site.
1. We will vote on best costume.
2. Sluttiest get up.
3. Most Original.

And please Watch the Great Dolemite, Charlie Brown!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun things....

Happy Thursday...And Happy Halloween. 1st I would like to say that I have not watched 90210 yet. I was so involved in those damn vampire books that I have been slacking on watching TV. I can't reiterate it enough to go out and get the Twilight series books! I am going to try to watch it tonight and hopefully have a review of it up tomorrow.

Big entertainment news that had the people in shock around the US was the killing of American Idol Jennifer Hudson's Mother, Brother, and Newphew. This is just so utterly disgusting that such a human could ever do this to anyone. My heart goes out to Jennifer Hudson and her family.

Nancy Grace actually had the accused killers mother on the phone during her show the other day and Nancy flipped out on the woman.
Mother of person of interest

So it is halloween weekend. Every guys fantasy of seeing all the girls slutting it up because it is the one day a year we can! LOL. My friends are actually having a great party this weekend at Coogan's Nov. 1st. It starts at 7pm and goes all night. There are prizes for best costume etc...and there will probably be alot of school girl costumes running around.

Ewww....and I don't know about you, but i am kind of annoyed that they are goign to try to re-make Melrose Place. Obviously 90210 is only doing well because Brenda came back. I honestly think that Kelly Taylor could not bring in the audience that Brenda brings. Now the only way that people would want to watch Melrose Place again is to see the one and only crazy Kimberly Shaw and that is DEFINATELY not goign to happen. There is no way in hell that Marica Cross will do that. I think that the show will be flop.

*****Just in on 90210 was picked up for a full 24 episodes. So it must be doing well with the ratings....guess I am just an original fan not a new one :)******

Other shows that are on the outs it seems like: Pushing Dasies, Lipstick Jungle, the Ex-List....Shows that are in if you like them watch them and get your friends to watch them: Heroes,America's Next Top Model,Prison Break (PLEASE WATCH IT!),Project Runway, and Hell's Kitchen.

Just for Fun....>Punky Brewster renewed her vows over the weekend...Ashton and Demi were there to help her celebrate. Below is a picture of her and her husband and two kids Jagger and Poet.

Upcoming things

A few pub crawls coming up:

8th Annual Costume Crawl is this Saturday!

Here's the bar crawl schedule November 1st

1:30 - 3:00 - JA Stats - 99 Broad Street
3:00 - 4:00 - The Times - 112 Broad Street
4:00 - 5:00 - Good Bar - 183 State Street
5:00 - 6:00 - Hong Kong - 65 Chatham Street
6:00 - 7:00 - Trinity - 61 Chatham Street
7:00 - 8:00 - McFadden's - 148 State Street
8:00 - ??? - Kitty O'Shea's - 131 State Street

Boston Lupus Pub Crawl! November 8th, 2008

LESS THAN A MONTH to go till the Boston Lupus Pub Crawl and we are
excited, and busy planning a great event! Last year was the best year
ever and we are twice as excited for this year. Same great mix of
Bars, Food, People, and O Yeah the Name Tags...


Bell in Hand - 2:00pm-3:30pm(Name Tags, Wrist Band, Playing Card, Food, Live Music)
Paddy O's - 3:30pm-5:00pm (Prize's)
Hennessy's - 5:00pm-7:00pm(Appetizers, Prize's, and a 50/50 Raffle!)
Hong Kong & Trinity- 7:00pm-8:30pm (Two Bars for the Big Crowd!)
Coogans - 8:30 pm-??? (Prizes!!)

3. Thanks 4 giving Pub crawl November 15th

Thanksgiving is around the corner so lets give a meal or two to a family that wants to have a turkey and all of the fixings.So what a better way to do it is to make donations to a local charity that can make good use to it.
Donations will be collected for the:
Greater Boston Food Bank,
size=3>Checks made out to GBFB or gift cards to Stop and shop will be collected at the first stop.

We will start at Ace's high at 3 pm. There an list of address of the rest of the bars will be handed out and the street address.

Aces High 3-4
Sports Connnection: 4:00-5:00
Stadium: 5:15-6:15
Coynes- 6:30-7:30
Sullys- 7:45-8:45
Junction: 9:00-10:00
Black Thorn: 10:00-11:00
Tom English: 11:00-11:45
Murphy's Law: 12:00-Close

Name the Movie!!!

Quote of the Week!!

"Bring us a pitcher of beer every ten minutes until somebody passes out. Then bring one every five minutes."

Drink Drank Drunk

PGA golfer John Daly passed out after a binge of heavy drinking at a Winston-Salem, NC Hooters on Sunday. The extremely intoxicated and uncooperative athlete was taken into police custody for a 24 hour detox lockup at Forsyth County Enforcement Detention Center.

Restaurant personnel called paramedics when they determined that Daly might need help. They tried to rouse him but he refused to be transported to a medical facility so police were summoned to take over. They hauled the unruly Daly to jail where he was photographed, fingerprinted and held for a 24 hour sober up.

Daly, a popular pro tour favorite, has undergone alcohol rehabilitation treatment three times. He has also shared details of an addiction to gambling in the last chapter of his autobiography.

Daly has won two major championships: the 1991 PGA Championship and the 1995 British Open. His last tour victory was the 2004 Buick Invitational.

In March 2008, his golf swing coach, Butch Harmon, quit working with the golfer after the long hitter spent a 2-1/2 hour rain delay in the Hooters corporate tent at the PODS Championship. Clearly disgusted, Harmon told a reporter: “My whole goal for him was he’s got to show me golf is the most important thing in his life. The most important thing in Daly’s life is getting drunk.”

I mean HOW FUCKED UP MUST he of been to have to be locked up just to sober up!! They waited numerous hours JUST to take his mug shot. I think I am impressed and intimidated by Mr Daly and his binge drinking ability!
I can not wait till he is inducted into the BOOZE HALL OF FAME. I would pour out a little liquor for him but HE WOULDN'T WANT/ALLOW THAT.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm Speechless......

Football Fans

I had my tickets sold to the BC/ND game for November 8th but the guy ended up bailing.

So I have posted them on Craigslist

I also posted them on Stub Hub

If you know anyone interested in them let me know.

I am sure we could work out a deal

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update:

Lets get right to the awards section this week. And yes, AWARDS is plural so we may be talking about an additional award. I don’t have to tell you my hand is being forced here by potentially having to add a second award, and I’m not happy about it. But first the Costanza: Not only are the D ST DIRTBALLS fighting to not have the honors of beer bitch next year they may also be in the running for Costanza of the Year Award. But this is not the award we are adding this week, more on that later. DIRTBALLS is ahead of the pack this week when they decided to bench Boldin in place of Colston. This move cost DIRTBALLS 19.5 points, now that by itself is bad but we told you last week that Colston won’t produce until week 10 at the very best. So what does DIRTBALLS do? You know it…they start Colston against our advice. Now if I wasn’t such an optimist (why are you laughing?) I would think DIRTBALLS did this on purpose. Don’t make it personal DIRTBALLS those kind of tactics will always back fire on you. I don’t have to tell you Costanza does not look lightly upon these actions. After DIRTBALLS miscue the pickings are pretty slim this week. Yes, we could go on about JSL Enterprises benching Cotchery for Hines Ward and losing 15 points. On a side note that trade between JSL and Dead Beat Dad really worked out for both teams huh? Or maybe we could talk about Nacho Papa and why he benched the G-Men defense in place of the Titans which cost him 13 points. But the blatant disregard DIRTBALLS showed the Costanza Award this week out weighs any other errors. So DIRTBALLS let’s get this straight, we will let you know when it’s OK to play Colston again. Congratulations DIRTBALLS you are the week 8 Costanza Award winner. I believe that is the second award for you DIRTBALLS, keep up the good work.

Now for our next award. I’m not officially making a second award but I feel we need to mention this. We’ve busted on Defending Champ on several occasions and rightfully so most of the time (other times it’s just fun). But has anyone told Defending Champ it’s OK for your TE to actually score points? That is the goal of Fantasy Football right? You know… score points. I can understand if you get an injury, or if a player was placed inactive at the last minute……none of which has actually happened. But 0 points 3 weeks in a row? Really? Has this ever happened before? All you need is one reception for 8 yards (Jason Witten I hate you) and you get 0.5 points. Would somebody please trade there back-up TE to Defending Champs, even if it is for a player to be named later. I can’t even make this an official award because I can’t figure out a name for it. Does anybody have any ideas? The Three Amigos? The Three Stooges? Three’s Company? I guess we could make this an award but when will this ever happen again? Maybe we can start a Goose Egg Club and every time a starter gets 0 points you get a free membership. I guess I’m going to give you a pass on this Defending Champ, of course mentioning it here doesn’t really count as giving you a pass…..HAAAA!

Oh yeah, one more thing for you Defending Champ………..

this is what a $100 bill looks like. Go get one and send it to the Commish because you still haven’t paid the entry fee.

Now on to what we are actually here for……the weekly review. It’s week 8 and I have absolutely no idea who’s going to finish in the money and who will be dress shopping. Well I have a good idea on who’s wearing a dress but we will save that for another time. Considering this was a bye week most of the teams had a really good week. I always figured during the bye weeks if you averaged around 100 points per week you were doing OK. But this week we had 6 teams finish over 100 with Street Pharmacist leading the way with 151 points. Pharmacist got a huge 60 points out of the WR position and topped it off with 46.5 points from the Manning/Clark duo. Well done Pharmacist. Slippery Wizard, Madd Fucking Niggerish and D ST DIRTBALLS (despite the Costanza Award) all put up real good weeks with 125.5, 124, and 124 points respectively. I’m always willing to point out a good start or a good benching whenever one occurs. As I mentioned previously I’m a positive person (what the fuck are you laughing at?) so even though they didn’t have a huge week I wanted to point out JSL and the moves they made this week. JSL picked up both Leon Washington and Donnie Avery off the waiver wire, started both and were awarded with a total of 52.5 points. That more than makes up for dud Ward gave you this week. And no Niggerish I am not going to say how great you are for benching Jacobs in favor of Lynch and Portis. It was an obvious move, just like this week you have to sit Portis and start Jacobs and Lynch.

Things I’m Thinking…..
1. Any body ever been to the Naked Fish in Waltham? I hear it’s a swingin good time. If anyone has been there I’m sure we would all like to know how it was.

2. Throwing a smoke bomb onto the ice during a hockey game….CHECK! Hitting the grand daughter of the opposing manager with mustard packets during the game….CHECK! Firing a flare across the stadium during an NFL game….CHECK! Pour a beer over a 9 year old wearing the opposite teams jersey…..CHECK! Welcome to the lovely city of Philadelphia!


4. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? ‘TRAVEL PROHIBITED IN BREAKDOWN LANE’………I guess parking in breakdown lane is acceptable if you are stuck in traffic. Boy do I love driving in New England! Trust me when I tell you that this type of thing only happens in New England.

5. Please don’t get hurt again BWest……you are irreplaceable.

One more thing before we get to Cheerleader of the Week…..You’re welcome Street Pharmacist. I don’t get a thank you e-mail, no text message, not even a cup of coffee for helping you out? When Roddy White blows his ACL don’t come crying to me, I had nothing to do with it you punk.

Cheerleader of the Week
Kimberly Linberger
Washington Redskins
Attended James Madison University, majoring in Business Administration, Computer Information Systems.
Was also a Victoria’s Secret Sales Associate for 3 years.
Dislikes: crowded bars, long drives, and people who hate animals
Likes: Short, slightly overweight bald men who smoke too much and drink coffee all day (YES!!!!!! I am so in there. Actually I would say 'I’m sure I'm 80% in there'). Just kidding just wanted to make sure you are still reading.

Better luck next week kids!

New Friday the 13th


HAMBURG, N.Y.—Health officials shut down a suburban Buffalo restaurant after an inspector found employees butchering a dead deer inside the business. Erie County Health Department officials said they got a tip Friday about a dead deer in the China King restaurant in the town of Hamburg, just south of Buffalo.

An inspector soon arrived and saw the deer being butchered in the kitchen.

State health laws prohibit butchering an animal inside a restaurant.

Officials don't know whether the deer had been killed by a hunter or a vehicle. They said there was no indication the deer meat was served to any customers.

The message on the restaurant's answering machine Monday says it was closed because of "family emergencies."

Isn't it early for deer hunting season?
Since when do Chinese restaurants serve venison?
Why can't you butcher meat inside a restaurant? I mean it is where you cook the meat, shouldn't you be able to slice and dice it?
What kind of "Family Emergency" came up? The kind that involves state health laws?
So many questions and its only 8:30 am.

Capricorn (12/22-1/19)

Your gift, today, is the great ability to accept the things you cannot change in your life, which will come in handy. There is a lot going on that is beyond your control right now, and there is no point in getting frustrated about it. Your best bet is to keep busy with the few things you can control right now -- your attitude, your sense of confidence, and your focus. This period will pass soon enough, but in the meantime you should get comfortable doing what you're told.

Come on with this horoscope!! This was true for the whole month of September and even into October but now...BULLSHIT!
Plus everyone knows I hate being told what to do...So SUCK THAT YAHOO HOROSCOPES

The Celtics get their Rings tonight (click here to check out the ring).

Monday, October 27, 2008

Its Monday

So its the last week of October. You all know what that means? Halloween, where every girl in American taps into their inner slut...EACH AND EVERYONE ONE!!!

You know what I say...the sluttier the better!!

It also means THE WORLDS LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY. This Saturday Florida Vs Georgia at 3:30!! You know since I couldn't get to the game yet again - I will be at some bar watching it.

Good Luck to the Phillies tonight. Their fans are better and hotter...
Philly Fan:

Rays Fan:

Id still take a Sox Fan though:

Could you please say a prayer for William J Smiddy? He has 2 herniated disks in his back and he may require surgery. He has to go see a few specialists, surgeons and various other medical staff for the pain. It took him nearly a 1/2 hour to get out of bed yesterday.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Not Ernie Too...........

I'm still not sure why i find these so funny but if anybody is interested here is the website.

Quote of the Week!!

Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant, and she fell on me. Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.


Real Girls Eat Meat...

They say a picture is worth a thousand words!! That is a great great shirt. I mean it is a double entendre *. 1. She eats steak and 2. She eats dick. Man this just put Jessica Simpson up on my list.

*A double entendre is a figure of speech similar to the pun, in which a spoken phrase can be understood in either of two ways. This can be as simple as a phrase which has two mutually exclusive meanings, and is thus a clever play on words.

Markie Mark

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Entertainment UPdate.............

Ok- So I am going to be giving a little update everyweek on the entertainment of the world. Now, first I would like to say that 90210 has been a repeat for the past few weeks and that is why there has not been any posts! It really isn't looking that good because if it was doing well they definately would not be putting on repeats, the CW loves to flaunt there new shows. Lets keep our fingers crossed and hope that it will stay on!

Speaking of the CW...Little Jenny Humphrey, Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl was hospitalized with a potentially life threatening throat infection. Thank goodness she is ok! GG wouldn't be the same without lil'J.

Another Lil' needs a congratulations! Lil' Wayne announced that he was having a baby with an unknown woman. I heard that it was a groupie, but that is just hearsay. Anywho, he has a baby boy, Dwayne Carter the III.

Recently I was sucked into the whole Twilight phenomon that is going on.

It is a truly amazing book. You won't put it down once you start it and you definately will want more!! It is basically about a high school girl that falls for a vampire and the adventures that comes with it! The book is becoming a movie that is going to be released on November 25th. I definately reccommend this book and if you would like to read more about it here is the author's website...

I just saw on that DJ AM and Mandy Moore are back dating! Yea! they made such a cute couple. Hopefully this time it will last :)
Tomorrow High School Musical Comes out.......... If you want to get your Troy and Gabriella fix
Til next week.........


Now I have seen some crazy/dumb/shit piercings/tattoos/brands but WTF is that? Who in their right FUCKING mind is going to get their tongue cut in half and then put a ZIPPER on it? What could this possible be good for?

So it got me thinking about the Lizard man:


Heres a nice Video of Manny and his feelings about the Sox loss...

Do you think this is real? Chris thinks it IS and Rio thinks its fake, please Comment:

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Layaway is BACK!!!

Layaway message resurrected for holiday shoppers

CHICAGO – A payment method that became decidedly passe in the 1980s is being promoted again this holiday season as a way for budget-conscious shoppers to buy gifts without breaking the bank.

Layaway — the practice that allows people to pay for everything from tools to televisions bit by bit before taking their items home — is back in advertisements for the first time in years for discount chain Kmart.

In a national campaign launched last week, the ads proclaim "beat the rush and pay the easy way with Kmart layaway." They mark the first time many shoppers have even heard the phrase, even though the chain has offered the option for decades.
"In the backdrop of this economy, it all of a sudden has a great deal of relevance," said Tom Aiello, a spokesman for the Hoffman Estates-based subsidiary of Sears Holdings Corp.

Discounter Burlington Coat Factory Warehouse Corp. — one of the few remaining national chains offering the option — saw its percentage of layaway sales grow from 4.6 percent in August to 5.3 percent last month.

But even as consumers worried about personal finances and diminishing credit limits may show a renewed interest in layaway, experts say the practice — which accounts for a fraction of overall sales and has been a dwindling segment — likely won't make a full-fledged return to stores any time soon.

"I don't think it's a trend that will continue to grow," said Kathy Grannis, a spokeswoman for the National

Zima no more

This is from D-Listed

Goodbye Zima!

I haven't had Zima in a long ass time, but it still makes me a little sad to know that I've lost a booze option. Also, Zima was clear which means it could easily look like 7up when you want to booze on the down low.

Anyway, MillerCoors has decided to let Zima go. They stopped making that crap on October 10th.

One of the whores at MillerCoors said that basically nobody buys that crap anymore. Stores and bars will still continue to get Zima shipments through December.

Zima was nationally born in 1993. It quickly became the shit to drink when I was in high school. I was never into it. I was more of a Boone's Farms kind of bitch. I liked to keep it classy.

So long, Zima! I hardly knew you, but I will miss you, because you contained alcohol. Alcohol is the daddy I never had.

If Mike's Hard Lemonade gets killed, I will jump off this planet. That shit is the best.
These god damn Bruins can't seem to win. These shootouts are killing me. ONE FUCKING POINT AGAIN!! We got the day off today and we play the dirty Maple Leafs tomorrow night.

The dart team lost last night 7-4. Gary just needs to relax and start having fun. Foley takes the losses a little bit tougher than most. He is still steaming that some kid went out on a double bull. Handsome Jared was doing Handsomey things but he played his ass off in 301.

This weather is god damn dreary. Can we get a little bit of sun today??

Farewell Elite XC we hardly knew ya. The only problem is whats gonna happen to Gina Carano??

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bert The Stud? Who Knew?

ADSL Season 3 – Fantasy Football Update:

The race for the first three spots is getting tighter but before we get into that lets look at the week that was. Street Pharmacist pulled off a hard fought win with 113 points, Brandon Marshall’s 10 points on Monday night against the Pats was just enough to give him the win. D St Dirtballs has to be kicking himself today, coming up one point shy. I’m pretty sure that 0 point performance from Marquis Colston is not sitting well with Dirtballs. But let’s face it, other than not getting the win the real kick in the nuts is this may get D St Dirtballs another Costanza award. I’m just trying to help you out here Dirtballs, Colston isn’t gonna produce much until week 10.

We told you last week JSL, good luck holding onto the top spot with Romo nursing that sore pinky. 66.5 points aint gonna cut it kid. I was very excited for Defending Champs after a respectable 3rd place finish in week 6, I thought they were finally snapping out of it. Well……I wasn’t that excited since they still haven’t paid the entry fee yet. But I was hoping it would be close from top to bottom and we just needed the Champs and Dirtballs to pick up the pace.

Lots of injuries and suspensions this week. Larry ‘steal of the draft’ Johnson suspended this week. My sources have also told me there is another incident that happened in the past few days that has not been reported yet. Steal of the draft may be headed to NY to see the Commissioner. Matt ‘that isn’t my cocaine’ Jones out for a 3 game suspension. Kellen ‘I wasn’t in the hospital because my balls were the size of grapefruit’ Winslow is suspended for Week 8. Reggie ‘I like fat asses’ Bush tore up his knee and is out 3 to 4 weeks. At least the Wizards are deep at RB……….oh wait he just traded LT. My bad. Addai is out. Felix Jones…OUT! Earnest Graham is very upset to hear that Warrick Dunn is banged up, Graham may have to give up is fullback duties and return to pounding the rock. Not sure I have enough time to discuss the injuries to Clinton Portis? Shin, ankle, neck, and hip…..Ok I guess I did have enough time. Sammy Morris….knee. Maroney……done for the year!

Let’s take a break and look at where we are at after 7 weeks. Almost at the halfway point and the difference between first and 8th place is just over 100 points. I may be wrong but I think it’s the closest we have been after 7 weeks. Dirtballs currently sitting in 9th place are also starting to show some life and he has Route 36 coming back from broken ribs. Every decision matters now…..who do you pick up off the waiver wire, who do you bench, who has the better match ups? It’s all gonna matter at the end of the season. You wind up with too many Costanza Awards on the mantle at the end of the year and you will be looking at 4th place wondering what could have been.

Things I’m Thinking:
1.Please….I’m begging. This is the second week in a row a kicker had a second chance to make a FG because of those dumb last second time-outs. It must end.
2.Thinking about doing a draft review at the mid-point of the season. Bust of the Round, Steal of the Round, etc…..
3.Need you to come up big in Game 1 Cole. If not the Series may be over before it starts.
4.Tennessee Titans only undefeated team? Huh?
5.Who you gonna blame now Lions fans? Got rid of Millen and your team still sucks.

Before we get to the award we just want to remind Pharmacist. For the love of God (and I’m aetheist) start Roddy White next week. We are not going to warn you again.

The Costanza Award: Let’s cut right to the chase, Dead Beat Dad left Antonio Bryant on the bench and started Donald ‘I miss Brett Favre’ Driver. This cost Dead Beat Dad 20 points and the win in week 7. Yes I know there are other nominees but lets be honest I’m excited to win the award this week. As I’ve stated many times in the past you are a lock to win the Costanza Award if you made a bad choice and it cost you a win. Doesn’t matter if I lost 20 points and someone else lost 40. If the 20 cost me a win and the other team couldn’t have won even if they started the right guy then I deserve the award. So I put on my best suit (well it’s my only suit but don’t tell anyone), I polished the shoes, I picked out a nice tie, and I wrote my acceptance speech. I even thanked my parents and I don’t even talk to them. So The Costanza Award winner for week 7 is Smidawgs!!!! Wait! What! Bad news Smidawgs you benched Lendale White and started Michael Pittman. That move also cost you the win for week 7 AND you lost 29.5 points which is 9.5 points more than me. Congratulations SUCKER you are the Costanza Award winner for week 7. Keep up the good work.

Cheerleader of the Week
I honestly couldn’t find her name so I just call her Top Heavy
Washington Redskins

On a personal note we would also like to apologize to Smidawgs. A few weeks ago we went a little too far with Smidawgs. If you recall Marvin Harrison had a huge game while on the bench and we prematurely started eluding to the fact Smidawgs was going for the ultimate low by winning the Costanza and setting a new low week mark all at the same time. Unfortunately this forced Smidawgs (an avid Patriots fan) to openly root for Vincent Jackson while playing against the Patriots, a game which the Patriots wound up loosing. This incident was quite unfortunate. So we have thought long and hard about what we could do to make it up to them. We don’t know Smidawgs that well, so other than the Patriots we are only aware of one thing Smidawgs likes (other then his Mommy of course). And that would be the Ladies, and we all know what kind of ladies. So we have provided a special Cheerleader of the Week section for you Smidawgs. And remember we do apologize!

Monday, October 20, 2008

So its Monday

What a downer...The Sox lost. I blame Chrissy, if he never stopped shaving his chest hair they would of won. But that's neither here or there. It was a good run. Smiddy may still be down at The Banshee drinking away his sorrows and looking for a lady to take him home and beat the shit out of him!!!

Huge win by the BC Eagles over #17 Virginia Tech 28-24. BC is now ranked #23 in the AP. Heading down to NC this weekend to play Butch Davis' crew. Lets hope we can keep this going.

Bruins home opener tonight.
Kick off the season the right way, join us for Fan Fest prior to our Home Opener on Monday, October 20! Fan Fest will be held in the West Garden Lot from 4:30-6:30 p.m. Boston Bruins Alumni will be in attendance, as well as the Bruins Ice Girls and Blades! Get here early and enjoy live music, interactive games and giveaways, the first 1,000 fans will walk away with a limited edition Bruins T-shirt.

Pats vs the Broncos on MNF. I mean it doesnt get much better than this.

Dont forget about UFC 90 this Saturday. You know we will be at Coops in Quincy to watch.

Since Kristine will no longer be blogging about the new 90210 she will be posting on Thursdays her recap on entertainment, fashion and whatever else she wants to bullshit about.

NOV 1st-30th 75 cent hot dogs at Sullys!!!!!


have a nice week
Go B's

Friday, October 17, 2008

Should Have Stayed on the East Coast

Report: Brady had procedure to clear out infection in knee

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady underwent a second procedure on his injured left knee Wednesday to clear out an infection, The Boston Globe reported, citing a West Coast source close to Brady.

Brady initially had surgery on Oct. 6 to repair torn ligaments, and doctors said the procedure went well. But Brady began to feel ill this week due to the infection, according to the report.

Dr. Nicholas DiNubile, a knee specialist and spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, has not examined Brady's knee injury, but said that generally, an infection must be aggressively treated and monitored, according to the report.

"This can happen to anyone having a surgery, but it's a relatively rare occurrence after knee procedures," DiNubile said, according to the Globe. "The earlier you recognize and treat it -- that's surgery and antibiotics -- the less likely you're going to have problems down the line. The best-case scenario is that they got it early, and if everything goes right, he would be back at the same time as was expected."

Brady had surgery 29 days after he was injured in the Patriots' season opener, on a hit by Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Brady reportedly tore the anterior cruciate and medial collateral ligaments in his left knee.

Vote No on 3


The Greyhound Protection Act is also known as Massachusetts Question 3. It is one of three initiated state statutes that will appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Massachusetts.

If the measure passes, it will shut down the state's two tracks, Raynham-Taunton Greyhound Park and Wonderland Greyhound Park in Revere, by January 1, 2010. Violators would face minimum fines of $20,000 by the State Racing Commission.



Check out what November is...AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!

What a fucking game last night. Now if we had only been playing like that for the whole damn series we may not be heading back to Tampa for game 6. I guess we have to pray that Beckett is the Beckett of old and we force a game 7.
Saturday night - Sox game 6, BC vs Va. Tech, and Bruins vs the Wild!! How much more exciting does it get.

Quick update on the costume crawl 11/1/08:

Daily updates at

1:30 - 3:00 - JA Stats - 99 Broad Street
3:00 - 4:00 - The Times - 112 Broad Street
4:00 - 5:00 - Good Bar - 183 State Street
5:00 - 6:00 - Hong Kong - 65 Chatham Street
6:00 - 7:00 - Trinity - 61 Chatham Street
7:00 - 8:00 - McFadden's - 148 State Street
8:00 - ??? - Kitty O'Shea's - 131 State Street

I can't kick the effing cold/flu thing

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Quote of the Week!!

I can't stand cheap people. It makes me real mad when someone says something like, "Hey, when are you going to pay me that $100 you owe me?" or "Do you have that $50 you borrowed?" Man, quit being so cheap!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I knew Elmo had a dark side

Is it a sign?

BOSTON -- The Boston Red Sox's season isn't quite up in flames, but a small fire at a landmark near Fenway Park can't be a good omen.
The Citgo sign, looming over Fenway Park, was unblemished prior to Wednesday's fire.
The fire Wednesday melted and blackened some of the plastic panels on the red, white and blue Citgo sign over Fenway's Green Monster in left field. No one was injured.
Steve MacDonald, a spokesman for the Boston Fire Department, said the flames and smoke, first spotted by bystanders and drivers about noon, were quickly put out and the blaze was likely caused by an electrical short circuit. Damage was estimated at $5,000.
The Green Monster has seen several balls soar over it in recent days. Boston trails Tampa 3-1 in the American League Championship Series.
According to Citgo's Web site, the 60-foot by 60-foot sign -- which has been on top of a building by the ballpark since 1940 -- has more than 5 miles of neon tubes, lit by 250 high-voltage transformers.

Tonights game

In anticipation of tonights big match up:

Michael Ryder signing a Habs Suck tee!

Sons of Anarchy No More

I would just like to announce a public apology to everyone for me not keeping up on my duties of writing a review for the last few shows of Sons of Anarchy. I have been following along with the show and could catch up if need be however I just don't think that it is necesarry for me to do so being that we are going into the 7th episode and i already missed 2 reviews. If fans of the show and my reviews want me to do so however please feel free to leave your comments on here and I will decide later on today.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Name the Movie!!!

This is an easy one again, I am trying to find some harder ones for us so don't get upset with me.

CLASSIC T.O.!! Only in the NFL

Terrell Owens has not lost his fashion boldness

That was Terrell Owens on SportsCenter this morning, repeatedly saying, "I don't," and "What part of 'I don't' don't you understand?" to questions that weren't audible. What follows is my best guess at the rest of the conversation.

Reporter: Terrell, do you have any comment as to why you were yelling at Andre Gurode?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Do you feel frustrated that you only caught four balls yesterday?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Do you have any intention of saying anything interesting about that football game?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: So, um ... do you enjoy dressing like a jockey?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Then why do you look like you're about to hop on Tony Romo's back, whip him and call him Seabiscuit?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Yes you do. Is this your Halloween costume? Kanye West if he were a jockey? Do you intend to go trick-or-treating like this?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Do you have any hot tips on the Preakness?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Do you think Andre Gurode would look good in a lemon yellow v-neck sweater?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Is that why you were yelling at him? Do you think someone in a lemon yellow v-neck sweater can be just as good a person as you?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: I'm not wearing a lemon yellow v-neck sweater. Do you think I can still be a good person?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: Miles Austin and Patrick Crayton don't dress as stylishly as you, and Tony Romo still throws them the football. Do you deny that this makes you angry?
Owens: I don't.
Reporter: You don't deny it?
Owens: What part of "I don't" don't you understand?

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update:

5 games decided in the last 15 seconds or OT. Sundays just keep getting better and better. The game of the day was Cardinals versus Cowboys that was decided by a blocked punt returned for a TD. First time in NFL history a game was won in OT by a blocked punt return. Matt ‘Rookie of the Year’ Ryan gets a gift from Lovie Smith when he decides to squib the kickoff instead of going deep. Matty Ice completes a 30 yard out pattern, Elam kicks a 48 yarder as time expired… over. Ryan Longwell kicks a 26 yarder with 9 seconds left to lift the Vikings over the Lions. Hello Minny… needed a gift wrapped safety and last second field goal to beat Detroit? The winless Rams kicked a 49 yard field goal as time expired to beat the ‘Skins (sorry Derek). And finally Matt Schaub scrambles up the middle with seconds left to give Houston the win over the Dolphins.

Lets get to the ADSL review. Going into the Monday Night game we had 2 stories to watch. JSL Enterprises put up 136.5 points on Sunday and only Madd Fucking Niggerish had a chance to catch him on Monday. JSL got strong performances from Tony Homo…..sorry Romo, Frank Gore, Steve ‘the Beast’ Breaston, and the Vikings defense. MFN was looking to get 39.5 points out of the Burress/Jacobs combo. We will get back to the results in a minute. The bigger story comes from our league leader Nacho Papa, going into Monday night they only had 42.5 points so they needed a huge night from the Giants defense to avoid setting a new low week mark. Of course the current owner of the low week (D ST DIRTBALLS) has already topped, or in this case lowered his low week by putting up 61 points for week 6.

Well D St DIRTBALLS it looks like you lost your shot at the $75 low week award. The G-Men came up big and scored 0 points for Nacho Papa. I honestly didn’t think we would beat the previous low week but we managed to have 2 teams beat that mark this week. I would go on for a few minutes about this but since I have Warner and Fitzy on a bye this week, I think I’ll refrain. For the weekly winner MFN didn’t get the points he needed from Plexi and Jacobs and wound up falling just short. Live it up while you can JSL……Mr. Simpson will be resting his pinky for the next few weeks.

Things I’m Thinking…..
1. Did anyone see Detroit QB Orlovsky run around the back of the end zone for a safety? What was he doing?
2. Who the hell is Dan Orlovsky?
3. Thank you Ken Whisenhunt. You single handedly may have put an end to the icing the kicker with a last second timeout. For that we all thank you!
4. When do the big trades start? I’m hearing rumors…..
5. Entry fee for fantasy football league: $200
Money spent on fantasy football magazines: $30
Transaction fees to stay out of last place: $35 and counting
Listening to Smiddy root for Vincent Jackson to beat up on his beloved Pats to avoid the Costanza Award: PRICELESS!

The Costanza Award: Man you guys aren’t making this thing easy, lets start with the contenders this week. For the second week in a row Street Pharmacist started Santana Moss instead of playing Roddy White which cost him 23.5 points. Defending Champs thought it was a good idea to start Addai over Maurice Jones-Drew, I guess they were wrong and it cost them 32 points. We also want to point out that Scheffler had been ruled out several days ago so we aren’t sure why the Defending Champs had LJ Smith on the bench. And finally Nacho Papa played it safe and benched Bernard Berrian which cost him 23 points. It really comes down to Street Pharmacist and Defending Champs. Street Pharmacist we are not too happy with you right now, we pointed out the 0 point performance Moss had last week and you ignored us. Were you looking for a rebound week? Lets spell it out for you…..RODDY WHITE IS A STUD AND MATTY ICE IS LOOKING FOR HIM EVERY PLAY. Luckily for you Pharmacist you were bailed out by Defending Champ. Congratulations Defending Champ you managed to pull off the Costanza Trifecta: (1) started a player who was inactive, (2) had the worst benching of the week, and (3) managed to throw away a weekly win because of the player you benched…..the Costanza Award is proud of you because you are now in the lead for the Costanza of the Year Award. Congratulations Defending Champ you are the week 6 Costanza Award winner.

I’ll post the cheerleader of the week tonight.

Better luck next week ladies!


These past two Sox games, anytime someone comes up with runners on base I feel like Ben Stein in Ferris Buellers Day Off...Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? Anybody? Frye? Frye? Frye? Anybody? Anybody?

Are the Sox going to be able to beat these damn Rays?
Is Elsbury going to start hitting the ball on the ground?
Is Ortiz going to start hitting PERIOD?
Can Youk get a hit when we really need it?

Can Wakefield throw a quality game tonight?
Lil D has started to heat up.
Mark Kotsay seems to have found his groove.
Jay Bay is only hitting .440.
Come on guys one game at a time!!!

My new jersey came yesterday...

Lets hope I can kick this cold/flu/fever thing I have so I can make it to the Bruins party tomorrow night at the Allston Sports Depot.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Shoo Shoo

This is in case you don't feel well...

Columbus Day

Happy Columbus day. We are celebrating Columbus Day with Carmen Electra and some stripaerobics.

Bruins vs Montreal on Wednesday night at the Sports Depot.

Because people with mustaches need a PSA.

Mark Wahlberg talks to animals...say hi to your mother for me!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Everybodys working for the weekend...

Its Friday and you know what that means Bitches...drinking, football and the ALCS!!

Just a few random things:
1. This website is spot on.
2. Thanks to Mikey T and Smiddy for the nice weather. Without Mikeys continued use of Aquanet and Smiddys use of Gillette Spray on Deoderant we would NOT be having 75 degree weather in October.
3. Get Psyched for Opening Night:
Monday 10/20 Fan Fest Monday, October 20 4:30 - 6:30 PM in the West Garden Lot.
Kick off the season the right way, join us for Fan Fest prior to our Home Opener on Monday, October 20. Fan Fest will be held in the West Garden Lot from 4:30-6:30pm. Boston Bruins Alumni will be in attendance, as well as the Bruins Ice Girls and Blades. Get there early and enjoy live music, interactive games and giveaways, the first 1,000 fans will walk away with a limited edition Bruins T-shirt.
4. I think the Sox will have their hands full with these Dirty Rays but we can win this series - Lets go Diasuke Matsazaka, or 日本語 in Japanese!
5. Huge Game tomorrow - #1 Oklahoma vs #5 Texas. Is anyone going out for it?
6. Check out Petes AKA FUNGO new site Fungo Entertainments. All up coming party events. Drinking gatherings. Social events. Fun times all around.
7. Huge 80th Bday Bash for Edso tonight!! Happy Bday Edso!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Name the Movie!!!

Quote of the Week!!

A funny thing to do is, if you're out hiking and your friend gets bitten by a poisonous snake, tell him you're going to go for help, then go about ten feet and pretend that *you* got bit by a snake. Then start an argument with him about who's going to go get help. A lot of guys will start crying. That's why it makes you feel good when you tell them it was just a joke.


I love the Fall season. Its probably my favorite of all the season and one of the reasons that I could never move away from New England. This morning was great - 50 degrees and comfortable.

Since it is Fall and Halloween is coming I am gonna post 8 haunted hotels. Feel free to check them out.

1. Anchorage Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska
2. The Stone Lion Inn, Guthrie, Okla..
3. The Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver, Colo.
4. Rockliffe Mansion, Hannibal, Mo.
5. La Posada de Santa Fe Resort and Spa, Santa Fe, N. M.
6. Bourbon Orleans, New Orleans, La.
7. The Groveland Hotel of Yosemite Park, Groveland, Calif.
8. Accomac Inn, Wrightsville, Pa.

The costume crawl is coming. Just click on the link as Jay updates the site regularly and the schedule should be up soon.

Kristine and Colleen are putting together The 1st Annual Thanks 4 Giving Crawl. It will be Saturday November 15th. I will pass along any and all information as it becomes available. They will be collecting canned goods, Stop and Shop gift cards, checks, and cash all to benefit the Great Boston Food Bank. If you wish to be put on the email list let me know.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Few Things

I like lists. I don't know why but I put everything into some sort of list form. I think I border on Obsessive Compulsive with my lists. Sometimes I write them down and sometimes I just list em in my head.

1. What I have to do for the day...make a list and prioritize.
2. What I want for lunch...make a list of what I want and what I don't want.
3. What I have to do for the week...make a list and prioritize.
4. Where I want to go out and booze...make a list.
5. People I like..on a list.
6. People I don't care too much for...another list.
7. This list...about lists.
8. Pet peeves...another list (that keeps on growing).

List just seem to make everything better.

Big win by the dart team last night 8-3. We are slowly moving up the ladder, when I checked yesterday we were in 4th with 24 points but the 1st place team had only 28 points. As terrible as I am in darts(I COULD BE THE WORST DART PLAYER EVER), I still enjoy hanging out with the boys on a Tuesday night.
Due to this god damn cold/flu/illness I have I didn't even drink and I still feel like shit, probably even more so than yesterday.

This week/weekend is shaping up quite nicely:
1. Bruins season starts tom'r at 10pm.
2. Sox start the ALCS on Friday at 8pm.
3. The Oklahoma/Texas game is Saturday at NOON. Sox game at 8:07pm.
4. The Pats play the Sunday night game at 8:30pm.

That is a nice little weekend of sports. (PLUS A NEW LIST).

Funny things

Ha ha these are funny (Thanks to the 319):

GREENVILLE, Maine — There's no such thing as a free lunch anymore for Black Frog Restaurant patrons nervy enough to run down a dock and plunge naked into Moosehead Lake.

Owner Leigh Turner decided Thursday to stop giving out a free Skinny Dip sandwich — that's thinly sliced prime rib on a baguette — for a skinny dip after the town board voted to deny his liquor license renewal application.

In their decision the night before, selectmen in the popular tourist town noted that they would have had no problem granting the license if the promotion ended for the $10.95 sandwich.

Thus, said Turner, dropping the deal was a no-brainer. "Au jus" wins out over "au naturel."

He had said last year that he had two or three takers a week, and no frontal nudity was exposed to customers. But police said they had gotten several complaints, and three people received summonses for indecent conduct. They have pleaded not guilty.

Authorities noted that stories about the Skinny Dip had circulated worldwide, and the indecency charge is a misdemeanor, like disorderly conduct. Police Chief Scott MacMaster said he would recommend any establishment lose its liquor license for illegal goings-on.

According to the Black Frog's Web site, its sandwiches also include The Chicken That Didn't Make it Across the Road, and one of the house rules is "No food fights unless specifically authorized by your server."
Wait they had a place that gave you free lunch for getting naked?? I am sure they would lose money if this was located near Chrissy!! He would eat naked at the bar with clothe pins attached to his nut sack if they let him. Too bad its been shut down...BUT hell to get my booze license back I would cancel this too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

ADSL Season 3 - Fantasy Football Update:

Finally a tight week that came down to the final game of the week.  Going into the Monday night game 4 teams had a legitimate shot to win the week and 2 had an outside shot.  Nacho Papa was in the lead with 107 points with no active players.  J.S.L. Enterprises had a talented Vikings defense playing and trailed by only 2.5 points.  The Slippery Wizards needed a good night by Ryan Longwell since they only need 4 points to over take Nacho Papa.  Smidawgs was looking for a TD, 6 receptions and maybe 90 yards to have a shot at making up 11 points to catch Nacho Papa and beat out the Wizards and JSL.  D ST DIRTBALLS is looking for a career night from Robert Meacham, while SFLABO needs more than 60 points from the duo of Brees and Peterson.  JSL wound up pulling out the win with a monster week from the Vikings defense.  The Wizards also had a huge night from Longwell but in the end it wasn’t enough and came up 6 points short.  The Wizards must be kicking themselves over benching Andre Johnson, more on that in the Costanza Award.  Scoring has settled down some since the bye weeks have started but it still looks like a race for 2nd and 3rd place. 

Things I’m Thinking…..

1.  Is LT done?

2.  Is LJ still the steal of the draft after his 7 carry 2 yard performance Sunday?

3.  Has anyone heard from Defending Champ?

4.  Can Westbrook ever stay healthy?

5.  Congratulations to the league.  It’s the first week we haven’t set a new high or low week. 

The Costanza Award:  Tough to single out an individual winner this week so lets take a look at the contenders.  The Slippery Wizards put Andre Johnson (28.5 points) on the bench in place of Dwayne Bowe (7.5 points) for a net loss of 21 points.  Madd Fucking Niggerish made two judgment errors in week 5.  Philip Rivers (12 points) in place of Aaron Rodgers (33 points) and benching Brandon Jacobs (30.5 points) in favor of Marshawn Lynch (7.5 points).  These decisions cost MFN a whopping 44 points.  Street Pharmacist is a true believer in Santana Moss (0 points) which is why he lost 28 points by keeping Roddy White on the bench.  Even though this was statistically the worst move of the week it didn’t cost Street Pharmacist a win this week.  Both the Wizards and MFN made decisions that cost themselves a win in week 5.  So who gets the award?  Wizards or MFN?   MFN or Wizards?  This weeks award will go to Madd Fucking Niggerish.  The Wizards decision to sit Johnson in place of Bowe was a logical decision since Bowe has been putting up a consistant 11 or 12 points per week.  Sorry MFN, we can't over look the fact you had lost a total of 44 points this week.  You are the Week 5 Costanza Award winner.  Congratulations and we hope you feel better.

Better luck next week kids

Crystal Hollobaugh
Tampa Bay Bucs

Sox move on...

After a great game pitched by Jon Lester last night and some timely hitting by Jed Lowrie the Sox are headed back to the ALCS. Bring on the
Tampa Bay Rays .

Its Tuesday so you know what that means...DARTS! I am sick as a dog and I don't think I will be able to drink but damn it I will be there. Come on down and hang out. Check out the "NEW" Peggy O's with their lounge vibe feel.