Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Few Things

I like lists. I don't know why but I put everything into some sort of list form. I think I border on Obsessive Compulsive with my lists. Sometimes I write them down and sometimes I just list em in my head.

1. What I have to do for the day...make a list and prioritize.
2. What I want for lunch...make a list of what I want and what I don't want.
3. What I have to do for the week...make a list and prioritize.
4. Where I want to go out and booze...make a list.
5. People I like..on a list.
6. People I don't care too much for...another list.
7. This list...about lists.
8. Pet peeves...another list (that keeps on growing).

List just seem to make everything better.

Big win by the dart team last night 8-3. We are slowly moving up the ladder, when I checked yesterday we were in 4th with 24 points but the 1st place team had only 28 points. As terrible as I am in darts(I COULD BE THE WORST DART PLAYER EVER), I still enjoy hanging out with the boys on a Tuesday night.
Due to this god damn cold/flu/illness I have I didn't even drink and I still feel like shit, probably even more so than yesterday.

This week/weekend is shaping up quite nicely:
1. Bruins season starts tom'r at 10pm.
2. Sox start the ALCS on Friday at 8pm.
3. The Oklahoma/Texas game is Saturday at NOON. Sox game at 8:07pm.
4. The Pats play the Sunday night game at 8:30pm.

That is a nice little weekend of sports. (PLUS A NEW LIST).


Anonymous said...

any chance of publishing your 'People I don't care much for' list?

Anonymous said...

that dart team is stacked!! why no pictures of the new peggys?? supah p mackin on the couches?

d said...

I am waiting for the renovations!! Then lounging on the couches galore!