Tuesday, October 29, 2013

TMX week 8 review

TMX here for the week 8 recap!!

 The year of the injury continues but first with not so breaking news!!! A trade was made involving trade partners Setitfgit and Beachbums. Beachbums have been in the hunt for a tight end to fill his one weakness and Setitfgit just so happen to pick the hottest tight end off the waiver wire and immediately deal him. Jordan Reed and a rb who was immediatly cut came to BeachBums for Jared Cook and bye week Trent Richardson. Reed finished 2nd in tight end points behind only Graham so the trade seems to have helped Beachbums who have taken over first place!!! Tmx does not rate or debate trades we are just here to promote them. Tmx as you know is here to help and never has a trade not helped someone!! Trade em if you got em!! The injuries this week included break out tight end Julius Thomas, old friend Mike Vick, wrs Gibson and Broyles (season enders) and hot rb Zac Stacy. The injuries are mounting, many more left the game and played on,  depth is going to be key to strong finishes.

There were also 6 teams on a bye this week and 6 more next week but somehow someway All Iggles still put up some decent numbers.

Here they are week 8 All Iggles (looks like we have found our face if the franchise).

QB-              A.DALTON                                46PTS                     DMC
RB-              A.ELLINGTON                            28PTS                     SETITFGIT
RB-              Z. STACY                                 18PTS                      DMC
WR              C.SHORTS                                10PTS                     SLIPPERY WIZARDS
WR              M.FLOYD                                  10PTS                      JERKSHOTS
TE-              J.GRESHAM                                8PTS                       BLACK DYNAMITE
K-                J.BROWN                                   15PTS                      NUTSAWAY
D                 PATRIOTS                                 26PTS                     SLIPPERY WIZARDS

   Somehow with half the team on bye the last place Slippery Wizards and Dmc were able to drop two players on the Iggles and Dmc is in the running for the Randall Cunningham All Iggle player of the year award putting up Dalton's 46pts (Who is on the trading block)!! The All Iggles are somehow still getting points meaning owners are still not making the right starts.  The same situation is this week with 6 more teams on byes hopefully we shutdown the Iggles!! Setitfgit gets a pass on this as his team put up 187 this week so his player is probably a sympathy thing. Always had a soft spot for Iggles; rumor has it he once helped the Iggles move.

Here's how this week went:

First place this week with the Detroit All Stars Megatron, Bush and Stafford going HAM is Setitfgit with 187. Megatron mega game 58pts
2nd place and overtaking the lead is Beachbums with 162, the Rodgers-Nelson connection coming through
3rd and continuing to climb is Nutsaway with 134 led by another big Brees game
4th place was Peyton We Trust with 116 saw a small chink in the armor of the leader this week as only Peyton and Bryant put up points
5th place was Favorite New Kid with 113 who continues to stay in the hunt with a balanced attack despite having qb issues
6th place was Black Dynamite with 110 who navigated through his qb by week with big help from giants d
7th place with 110 was Slippery Wizards who's new found wr Frederick Douglass' kid, Harry helped the team stay out of last for the week.
The final three were Sflabo, Dmc and Jerkshots. 

Tmx made a call to winning teams qb Matt Stafford. Hey Matt its Tmx whats going down? "Tmx I heard alot about you, Mega says you call him all the time, funny. Why havent you guys called me I'm the one throwing to him?" Wow. Point taken Matt but looks like you just heave it in his direction and he catches it? " hahaha you're right I'm just kidding boy am I lucky to have Mega. But I did pull off that sneaky deaky on my own, that was a move huh?? Sure was and congrats on your comeback big win. " You're telling me heading into the bye I'm going to rest my shoulder and come out slinging, later Tmx keep my number on speed dial' Ahh the confidence of a qb loaded with stars. Speaking of stars we called Tmx favorite and Jerkshots star Marshawn Lynch to ask him what happened Monday night. Yo yo Marshawn whats up its Tmx. " Tmx now aint the motherf*cking time ( where my skittles, where the f*ck are marshawns skittles)" EEEk uhhm Marshawn this is a family site I thought we were tight " Tmx I'm sorry but we have first and goal and they use Beastmode as a decoy??? What the f*ck?? this aint duck dynasty I aint no decoy. I'm going to wake up Rah Rah Pete Carroll off my couch and we are going to have a meeting'' Wait he sleeps on your couch??? " Well we was celebrating and he stayed over anyway Tmx sorry for the language I'm out" Well there you have it

 Huge week 9 with alot of big teams on byes. The top is tight separated by 16 and the bottom 3 by 35. Its early and anyone's game. Setitfgit was 188 pts out in week 5 (thanks tmx stat dept) they are now 16, Good luck in week 9 and watch out for the hammy dance craze. Tmx out

Darkness everybody

It suck that its pitch dark leaving for work in the am. I hate its face.
Sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday, kind of busy with the 1st cold days of work.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy still loves his karaoke.
2. Jeffrey's house is huge. I finally got to check out the finished upstairs.
3. Stuffed peppers are totally under rated.
4. Another year and still I haven't been to the Worlds Largest cocktail party.
5. Mario will be at Foxwoods this weekend and Chrissy down at Mohegan Sun.
6. I can't even get into fantasy football. This has been a roller of coasters.
7. No I did not grow a beard for the Red Sox, this is my every day loom mofos.
8. Katie is addicted to stripping paint off of things.
9. Things I hate to do(In no particular order - laundry, dishes and paint).
10. Does anyone know a glass shower door guy?
11. Since Chrissy and Alison's baby is due Thanksgiving week they are celebrating this Sunday. All are invited to their house to celebrate the white man stealing from the Indians.
12. Who is in for the Annual street hockey game?
13. Julian is addicted to the bubble guppies.(WORST SHOW EVER)
14. It is not normal to be woken up at 3 am to be told your dog ate 14 full sized candy bars, 8 snickers 3 Three Musketeers, and 3 Starburst.
15. Returning unused tile should not be difficult.

Sorry I gotta run. Work work work!
Till next week.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

TMX week 7 review

TMX week 7 review is in!!!

This year is starting to look like the year of the injury!!! Each week teams are losing starters all teams except Hammy Dance (first you limp to the side like your leg was broken) inventor Jerkshots of course.  The list of injured this week includes Cutler, Finley, Wayne, Foster, Bradford, Martin, Foles, Jacobs and Tate!!! OUCHIE!!  Six from that list were in starting lineups!! The Iggles team (2nd healthiest in the league) put up decent numbers this week and had a few new names on it.

 Another defense went over 20 All Iggles(we are still in search of the face of OUR franchise), here's the team:

RB   R. MATHEWS  22PTS    NEW KID (donnie d on the sts)

           Tmx has to mention that JCulter was benched this week and did put up MINUS 1 point!! The rest of the players on Iggles could have been started and helped teams!! Sflabo and Peyton We Trust put two players on the team this week and Setitfgit traded for RG3 and gave up a great rb but doesnt seem to need the qb help?? Third straight week a charger rb is on the Iggles. Next two weeks SIX teams on bye so the Iggles should struggle to even field a team and Tmx knows that kills the Iggles ownership group!!

The race up top is tightening as In Peyton We Trust had a rare off week and the race down the bottom seems to still be a two man race with both teams over 150 out of the top.
This weeks winner was Setitfgit with a huge 175pt output, the player who let him down was his pickup J. Blackmon, putting up 8pts wont cut it; Distant 2nd was Jerkshots with 138pts no thanks to T.Smith who only put up 7pts!! 3rd place goes to Black Dynamite with 127pts no thanks to A.Morris who was outscored by his backup; 4th this week was DMC with 123, first overall pick AP put up 6 to disappoint; 5th place was Slippery Wizards with 118 who is probably not happy with Foster and Rice totalling 10pts; 6th place was Sflabo with 115 who got 9 combined from his rbs Cox and Martin; 7th this week was Beachbums who cant be pleased with newly aquired Boom Boom Powell giving him a 0!! The botton 3 this week were In Peyton We Trust, New Kid, and Nutsaway!!

Tmx made a couple calls first to first place team member Calvin Johnson.

   Hey Megatron its ol friend Tmx whats good?? " oh Tmx thanks for calling I just left the gym working on getting healthy so I can carry Setitfgit to a title" Yes yes we know Mega you've been the key to many fantasy titles how do you do it. " well i just work hard and try and produce each week, thanks" Mega you're a great player but pretty boring interview. "hahaha thanks well Tmx I gotta run me and Stafford are going to try putting up 40 burgers for next week" K Later Megatron.

The next call Tmx made was to last place team member Nick Foles. Hey Nick its Tmx a respected fantasy football review site how are you? " Tmx wow I've heard of you guys whats up?" Well whats up is you laid an egg this week when you were the hot pickup?? I mean any Detmer could put up 6 points?? " Wow Tmx thanks for the compliment did you just call me a Detmer?" No, no we did not compare you to a Detmer, you let Nutsaway down this week anything to say for that? " well truthfully Tmx I got concussed and I'm not sure I remember letting him down does that still count?" Fair point!!! Well good luck Nick hope you remember stinking week 7 up.

   We are almost at the half way point and the bye weeks are hot and heavy weeks 8 and 9 with big names on byes and trades may be needed to help teams out. Week 9 may be the week to make up ground as the mighty broncos take a bye that week!!! As always if you have hot trade rumors or tips dont hesitate to call or page Tmx or see folandotcom on the twitters. Tmx out!!

Monday, October 21, 2013


The year is winding down. There are only 10 weeks left till 2014! I hope that you have all signed up for your Obamacare.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I forgot how watching  only 1 football game sucks.
2. If you cut yourself shaving you can use chapstick to stop the bleeding.
3. The world series generates $9 million per game in additional revenue for local businesses.
4. I have always said I would kill at Supermarket sweep but now the Food network has come out with Guys Grocery games. Total rip off.
5. Mike Flounder Foley has stood up for the old Quincy.
6. Chrissy is afraid to try the Moruga Scorpion Pepper.
7. Heard Jeffrey was living it up over on the Vineyard fishing and drinking. Thanks for the invite.
8. No more name suggestions for the Macphails. They have locked in both their boy and girl names.
9. I tried to watch the Great and Powerful Oz and man was I disappointed, turned it off after 35 minutes.
10. Brothers roast beef in Quincy is legit.
11. Only I could get stung by a wasp while trying to to nail down some roof flashing.
12. I don't think its normal that my barber wouldn't trim my beard because the Sox are in the playoffs.
13. I hate pumpkin flavored everything. There I said it. HATE!
14. I love me some pecan pie.
15. Only assholes say "Hindsight is 20/20". ASSHOLES!
16. Why don't hockey players get individual goal songs? I mean its 2013 they can have everyone's songs queued up ready for a goal. This needs to happen. I need to hear Louie Louie after Erickson scores.
17. Do people actually read this blog(besides Chrissy)?
18. Apparently Supah P is working crazy over time to pay for his daughters college education. FATHER OF THE YEAR CANDIDATE.
19. Is there anything more depressing than getting to work and it is dark out then leaving work and it is still dark out.
20. Welcome back to Massachusetts Christopher Shimkus. The new director of Catering and Convention services at the Boston Park Plaza.

Till next week. I hope the Red Sox can pull this World Series win out.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

TMX week 6 review

TMX week 6 review is here!! 

The wild fantasy season continues!! The season is one of the craziest in years with new stars coming through old stars playing like its 2004, defenses carrying teams and as always ALL IGGLES players playing their butts off. The top got a little closer all within 60pt picking about 30pts on the leader In Peyton We Trust who was running away with it, the bottom 3 had little movement and are separated by 30pts now. There is no telling what will happen week to week well except INJURIES. 

This year continues to be the year of the injury GET A BANDAID this week for Cobb, Shorts, Graham, Amendola, J.Jones, Powell, Goodson and Schaub among others. Shorts and Graham also were in the Goose egg club, giving there owners who started them a lonely zero.  

Lets get to the always healthy ALL IGGLES for this week:

WR ALLEN        26PTS    DMC
D RAMS          36PTS     JERKSHOTS


 Setitfgit and Jerkshots stacking the All Iggles with two players this week and the second week in a row a defense supplied the Iggles with 30 plus points!! Defense wins championships they say!! The Iggles have alot of players who look like they could be dealt in deals but so far the trade market is running slow in ADSL, with big bye weeks 8 and 9 coming that could change.  

                                                                  (who is a better ALL Iggles spokes person than Donovan F. Mcnabb)

Lets take a look at how this week ended up:
First place was DMC with 151 led by Cam and Chiefs D 2nd went to Beachbums with 137 who took tmx's advice and put Moreno in and got 3 tds. (Helping its what tmx does) 
3rd this week was Nutsaway who used newly acquired Lacy to 129 for the week 
4th place was Setitfgit with 125 who rode waiver stud Blackmon to 125 
5th place was Who's your favorite New Kid (Donnie d on the streets) who in a year of injury is riding often injured Charles and Djax to 124 
6th this week was Sflabo who got a big game from Vincent Jackson for 117 
7th this week was Jerkshots who rode Cowboys d and Beastmode to 104
the bottom three were Black Dynamite, Slippery Wizards and In Peyton We trust. 

The readers have spoken and they don't want to  hear the scores of the bottom 3. Tmx made a couple calls this week and first of was Killah Cam Newton who led DMC to victory. Hey Cam its Tmx what it is??? "oh no you didn't TMX!!! I ain't heard from you in a hot minute!! I'm back!! You see the numbers I put up??" Yes we did Cam and you've been known to be up and down so I guess the next question is can you duplicate it?? " Look I got focus and Steve Smith I'm ready to carry the fantasy world on my shoulders, well not really I'm just hoping Tmx gives me a couple more calls!! Look I gotta go throw a few to Steve Smith old man feels left out. CALL ME TMX!!!" Old friend Cam always a good interview!! 

Next up we called Danny Amendola of In Peyton We Trust who put up a measly 1pt before getting hurt. Hey Danny its Tmx how you feeling?? " Danny who? Tmx? oh I'm fine I love being in the Tmx best league, Bill told me you'd call I'm fine, really, I'm good I can play this week. Love being a part of the Tmx was a dream since I was a kid." Uhhm Danny its TMX not the NFL??? You still suffering from that concussion?? You didn't even know your own name?? " oh oh sorry uhhm no I'm good just  looking forward to playing (hang that phone up Amendola NOW WE NEED YOU OUT THERE) CLICK. Wow uhhm that was a weird call?? Hope he gets better or at least figures out his name by Sunday! Well the week start tomorrow so get to the waiver wire grab the guys you need and lets get moving!! Trades are only 5 dollars in the league and Setitfgit and Nutsaway proved last week that a trade can help both teams so lets make it happen!! Tmx is here to help  and you can go to the folan.com website for trade evaluator app that is easy to download to all phones. TMX OUT. Good luck in week 7.

Monday, October 14, 2013

A nice day

I love waking up to 43 degrees. All my windows were open in my house and it felt nice and refreshing(can something be freshing?).
The Pats and Sox both pulled off come from behind wins. The birds, that have not gone to Florida for the winter, are chirping. The squirrels are running around foraging like the little freaks that they are. All seems right in the world.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Everyone is effected by cancer. This guy brings Starbucks and smiles to peoples faces. Check out his story and donate.
2. Chrissy and Alison have their first names locked down. Now they are working on middle names.
3. TK was spotted down in Providence at the Water Fires.
4. Ever get stuck in a rut where you seem to take 2 steps forward but 5 steps back? Its by far the worst.
5. Monday afternoon Bruins game, who is going?
6. Chicken cordon blue is a pain in the ass to make but man is it delicious.
7. Brady, David and Chrissy relived their glory days and did an hour of power yesterday. There is no video proof that Lauren Brady went HAM after.
8. I was on this months ago but now everyone is going as the Fox for Halloween.(even Brian Folan).
9. If you eat a polar bear liver, you will die. Humans can’t handle that much vitamin A.(why would you want to eat a polar bear liver anyways?)
10. Abalones (a snail) have 5 assholes. HA this made me laugh. 
11. Duck vaginas have developed “dead ends” over time to protect them from being raped by other ducks. WAIT!?! Ducks are rapists? Donald and Daffy should start wearing pants.
12. Only Asian people have black hair. Every other supposedly ‘black’ hair colour is actually really dark brown. My hairs gray so fuck you!
13. Joe Martell was hanging out with Ryan Tannehill in Florida fduring the Dolphins bye week.
14. The proper name for the marshmallows in Lucky Charms cereal is called "Marbits".
15.  On average, a drunk driver will drive 80 times before they are arrested. Just some food for thought.
16.  Shopping for paint for your walls suck. After a while it all looks the same.

Thats all I have for now. Lets hope the Sox make the World series.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

TMX week 5 review

Week 5 is in the books!! 

Can you believe we are six weeks into one of the wildest seasons in ADSL history!! The Tmx/Folandotcom twitter combo has its ears to the street for possible trades to keep up with this wild season. Tmx did get a strange letter via the great United States Postal service!!! People send letters when they truly want a message sent and Tmx takes all letters with the utmost seriousness!! The letter had a return address that Tmx is familiar with JERKSHOTS 420 Primrose Lane Parts Unknown USA. The cryptic letter simple said "Jerkshots only comment is Melvil Dewey, dead for years but alive and well in ADSL. Signed Jerkshots Esquire. Tmx team of analyzers easily knew what this meant. Melvil Dewey founder of the Dewey Decimal system. Apparently there is some bad blood brewing over the new decimal system established this year in which Jerkshots lost by .40 points for first place. Good to see you still have your sense of humor Jerkshots, warped sense of humor but a sense of humor none the less!! 

Lets get to the GET A BANDAID portion. Injuries this week  had many big names going down. Megatron was lost before the start as was Miles Austin missing out on the great Denver/Dallas shootout. A few notables going down Mike Vick, Roddy White and Julio Jones, Snelling, Matthews, Jennings, D.Wilson and Blaine Gabbert!! Ouchie!! 

Now on to the players that were healthy enough to play but were benched. ALL IGGLES TEAM.
QB-                           R.WILSON                31PTS                   SFLABO
RB-                           K.MORENO               23PTS                    BEACH BUMS
RB-                           D. WOODHEAD         15PTS                    SLIPPERY WIZARDS
WR-                          T. HILTON               33PTS                    BEACH BUMS
WR-                          J.BLACKMON            27PTS                    SETITFGIT
TE-                           V.DAVIS                  16PTS                     NUTSAWAY
K-                             S. HAUSCHKA           12PTS                    JERKSHOTS
D-                             CARDINALS              36PTS                    DMC
 Well it looks like Beach Bums is determined to put a running back on the all Iggles each week!! Sflabo finally got a good week from a qb and benched him!! DMC didnt want to start his D vs his qb which in theory is a good idea unless your D drops 36pts on your qb then you made the wrong choice!!Setitfgit lost megatron but picked up Blackmon only to bench him for the All Iggles!! The bye weeks are here and the All Iggles are seemingly unaffected by them!! 

Lets get to the players that were started with this weeks results:

First place and out of the basement is Slippery Wizards with 164 (rounded up) led by J.Thomas who he offered in a trade and Rice and newly picked up Rivers 
Second place with 163 were the Jerkshots riding high with a 65 burger from Holy Romo!; 
In Peyton We Trust rode Peyton and Dez to a 159 total 
Fourth place and with 152 and finally resolving his qb controversy is Favorite New kid who got a great game from djax and witten
5th place with 138 went to Black Dynamite who had the pick up of the week in Jeffery who dropped a 42 burger from the wr spot 
6th place was the rejuvenated Nutsaway with 135 
7th went to Sflabo who also had a great pick up in Terrence Williams getting 30 and the team getting 129; 
Dmc came in 8th with a disappointing week from Killah Cam
Setitfgit missing Megatron got 94 as the all Detroit offense he start sputtered this week
Coming in last was Beachbums who had Rodgers on a bye and got nothing from Trich and Dwilson to finish with 83 for the week. 

The season and the byes are starting to kick in and In Peyton We Trust is pulling away but spots 2,3, and 4 are separated by 6 points total and the fight for the bottom is tight as well. Its a long season and this week showed that teams can jump around and the waiver wire can get you big plays. TMX made a call to the last place teams running back Knowshon Moreno. Hey Knowshon whats up its TMX. "yo yo whats good T can I call you T? anyway you see the offense I'm on and the numbers I put up? Did my team win the week? Uhm no Knowshon you actually got benched and had twice as many points as BOTH guys started ahead of you. " come on T I'm part of a record setting offense? why cant I get a start??" Well thats for beachbums to answer Tmx has no idea?? " Well Knowshon is out, Peyton's coming by we are going to go over plays and play paper, rock, sissors for tds hope my coach smartens up" Wow Ok Knowshon good luck next week!! Interesting but true comments. This league has turned into Denver Broncos and Peyton Mannings offense. Each week they are putting up numbers. Lets hope next week someone can make a push to the top and give In Manning We Trust some competition or we are going to have a run away winner like the Brady, Welker, Moss situation a few years back!! If you have a hot trade or trade rumor let Tmx know till then hit the waiver wire and hope for good health in week 6. TMX OUT

Monday, October 7, 2013

Case of the blahs

So far this month has been a case of the blahs. Everything is blah. Everything tastes blah. Everything feels blah. BLAH BLAH BLAH! 

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Chrissy still loves a bachelorette party (even if it was at the British Beer Company in Pembroke).
2. Going 1 day without running water in your house will make you feel like you are on Survivor.
3. Your Boston Bruins look good, to start the season.
4. It is true - what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander.
5. If you were not home and a pipe bursts in your apartment would you find it acceptable that they send you an email rather than call you? That happened to my brother in law.
6. Pretty sure I broke my baby toe yesterday.
7. God is still preforming miracles for the enlightened.
8. Pizzeria Regina has a special garlic oil behind the bar. You just gotta ask for it.
9. If you have never experienced the John Red show then you my friend are in for a nice treat.
10. Rio is looking for houses again. he changes his mind like Smiddy changes ladies.
11. You know those shows where they are living through a renovation and it looks like a bomb went off in their houses? Yeah well that is what my house looks like right now. Its driving me nuts. Just piles of things in different places. I see a full spring cleaning in the Fall in my future.
12. People drive like donkeys in the rain/when the pavement is wet.
13. How does the Garden have all summer to renovate and yet it is still not done?
14. There are 2 types of people in this world - self centered and self giving. What one are you?
15. Today is Joe Martells birthday (His twin brothers as well).
16. After living by Ginger Betty's for 3 years I finally had a cookie from there. The shit was dope.
17. Keep your eye on Chiefdude, he just keeps getting more and more tattoos.
18. Jeffrey is looking for a baby sitter for Columbus day.
19. Is the government proving anything with this shut down? Other than maybe we don't need so much government?
20. Red sox playoff tickets at face value or below? Really people?

Lets hope the blahs go away before next week.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

TMX week 4

Week 4 TMX review is back and happy to report we have cleared all the legal hurdles to again make phone calls to players!! The Travis Henry lawsuit behind us and TMX successfully beat the charges so all is right in the world.

We are going to start off the week with the GET A BANDAID SECTION. This weeks injury report is as follows; McFadden had his yearly hammy dance, Spiller and Fjax both left the game; ALF also left the game; Steven Hill was concussed; Vince Wilfolk blew out an achilles; Dobson took a shot; Marcedes Lewis (still plays) was taken out and Shady Mccoy left briefly after losing his breath (possibly from the beating his team took).

Now onto the All Iggles:

QB-                        T. Brady                    New Kid                          29pts
RB-                        A. Foster                  Slippery WIzards              31pts
RB-                        D. Woodhead            Slippery Wizards              23pts
Wr-                        Jennings                   In Peyton we trust            22pts
WR-                       Thomkins                  Beach Bums                    26pts
TE                          Gates                        Slippery Wizards             29pts
 K-                         Akers                        Slippery Wizards              16pts
D-                          Redskins                   Setitfgetit                         29pts

       My oh my the last place team Slippery Wizards dominating the All Iggles. Not a good look at all. TMX usually lets the All Iggles stand alone but in this case we had to make a VISIT to Slippery Wizards management!! (knock knock) Hey its TMX making a house call saw the door open WHAT IS UP?? SW ownership answers (with a manuscript type thing in hand) "Uhhm hi TMX you guys make house calls now??" Well we were in the area what is that manuscript?? Looks like it says how to quit a league by auther Deadbeat Dad?? "THATS NOT IT AT ALL!! THIS LEAGUE IS BULLSHIT, NO ONE WILL TAKE ORTON OR LLOYD NO TRADES" Hold on hold on are you reading off that manuscript?? You dont even own those players?? Are you saying your going to quit the league?? Slippery Wizards are quitters?? "How about you get off my property!! I'm not talking. Get out of here!!" Wow. Well that didnt go well lets see what transpires from this visit. The rest of the All Iggles was a usual entry by the Beach Bums and a real qb controversy going on in New Kid camp. If he can decide between Vick and Brady he can make a push for the top!!

The week 4 results are as follows:
In Peyton We Trust is making a break from the pack led by Peyton and lil Darren Sproles ( maybe lil Darren got mad Danny Woodhead is being called the new bug on a rug like Sproles was?) 192 pts were put up and its Peyton We Trusts second win of the first four weeks. He looks unstoppable. Second place was Beach Bums with a respectable 165 on a bye week. Beach Bums had Rodgers out and barely missed a beat; Black Dynamite rode a great game by Gonzo to finish with 132 and third for the week; Fourth place and putting it all together was Nutsaway, kid looks like hes back and is riding a 50 burger from Brees for 131pts; Fifth place is DMC not so lucky on the bye week as Dalton let him down but 130 still respectable considering; 6th place is QB controversy New Kid who finished with 124; Jerkshots were able to shake off a Mcfadden hammy dance and finish in 7th place as Torrey Smith carried the club; Setitfgetit finished in 8th Reggie Bush is looking like the one who won the Hiesman!!!; 9th place with 110 got bailout out from Ryan and NO d and last this week was Sflabo who got a huge game from Graham but nobody else showed. 

In Peyton We Trust is starting to pull away from the middle of the pack with Beach Bums hanging on. The bottom of the pack is separating as well the Slippery Wizards are locked in the basement and believed to have changed his mailing address to that location.

 Tmx made a call to In Peyton We Trust captain Peyton Manning. Hi old friend its Tmx whats going on?? Why do we hear water in the background??? "Oh golly Tmx how are you?? Well seems I'm filling up a dunk tank? This guy who has me in fantasy is planning a party to celebrate winning the league. Gosh I dont want to let him down" Uhmm Peyton you realize its week 4 right?? "well yeah, I'm going to fill this out and go have my receivers run some routes?? You mind if I take off" Sure thing Peyton thanks for the time. Whoa so there you have it. Leagues on notice. Short week as always lets hope for some movement to the top so this league can tighten up!! As alway TMX here to help; Hit us up on twitter or via a home landline.