Monday, January 29, 2018

Give if you can

Tom Kellys daughter is running this year’s Boston Marathon, for the place where she works Journey Forward in Canton. This is a nonprofit organization which works with patients with severe disabilities and spinal cord injuries to achieve the most basic functions which we take for granted. All proceeds go to Journey Forward. Journey Forward is a member of the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation Neuro Recovery network.

Any donation would be appreciated. Thank you.

It's less than a week away

I hope that you have your Superbowl plans seen up. I know Joe Martell is looking for a bomb ass time.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People can be dicks for no good reason.
2. There is a fine line between being full and being a glutton.
3. Blisters is just the universe laughing at you trying to better yourself.
4. I still only drink hot coffee when I go to a diner.
5. If I don't get to the supermarket before 11 am on a Sunday, then most likely I ain't going. It's a crazy house in there.
6. People arguing Boot camp vs CrossFit is something.
7. John Brewer just casually on the evening news is such Brewer shit.
8. Anyone up for Pearl Jam in Chicago in August? Bueller?
9. Why don't they make dinner cereals? I mean breakfast for dinner is my jam.
10. At what age do kids really start following sports?
11. And at what age are you to old to go out for someones 21st birthday?
12. I highly recommend going out on a random weeknight, once every six months.
13. Who has an in for squares? You can never have too many.
14. Anyone looking for Bruins tickets April 8th? I got two. Last game of the season.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Onto the ship

The Pats are onto the Superbowl...again.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Nothing worse than neck pain.
2. The gout has taken another one.
3. The Bruins are on fire. Hotter than that chick you took home in 2003 with herpes.
4. If you are around next Friday, Feb 2nd. I have entered a chili contest at the Cabby Shack in Plymouth at 6pm.
5. Square season is upon us.
6. Don't forget Chrissy's Superbowl bash in 2 weeks. Party starts at 3 the games at 630. Bring booze, beers or a food item. This party is kid friendly, so pack up your Rugrats.
7. Plaza Azteka has pitchers of Margaritas, Mojitos and other boozy drinks. My kind of heaven.
8. Heard the UFC in Boston was a huge success.
9. You can't be uncle of the year if you don't show up.
10. So who is down for a karaoke night?
11. I still have 2 tickets to the derby if you know anyone interested.
12. January is by far the longest of months.
13. Speaking of January, how many of you are doing dry January?
14. Rumor has it, Jeffrey is going to the casino this Saturday night for his boys 21st.

Monday, January 15, 2018


Who doesn't like a random Monday off for a holiday? I know I do. Even though I am working my ass off (well more like just at work but still).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mother nature is legit drunk right? Bitch is like -5 then 65...ha ha suck my left titty.
2. The Fowler house is not a bad place to watch a game.
3. Jeffrey on 9 is still a thing.
4. Glad to see Mike Foley using Uber now a days.
5. Loud clapper/yeller guy is one of my all-time favorites at the bar.
6. Wendy's is not cheap, if you order anything other than the 4 for $4.
7. Who is against nooners? If you are then you probably hate fun.
8. I hope Dave's heat unit is all fixed and we can finally get this podcast off the ground.
9. It is funny the older you get the smaller your circle of friends get. Do you trust less or just not into the whole feeling out stage?
10. Chrissy is getting ready for his annual super bowl party. Like in the past just text him with what you should bring.
11. Congrats to Brades on the new jobby job. You know I live to celebrate things.
12. Still no date on the Wickendon pub but I think Chrissy is backing out.
13. I think Mike Foley was legit pissed that Chrissy and Jeffrey are mini celebrities at the Imperial Terrace (may also have been the fact he didn't know the bar was so much fun).
14. I get it, you work at Home Depot, no need to be a dick when I ask a question. Obviously I don't know the answer because if I did I wouldn't ask, fuckface.
15. Good to see Colin sneaking out for a few hours.
16. I have been watching the Killing on Netflix and it's pretty good. Lots of twists and turns.

Guess I'll go look up some shit online.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Are we having fun yet

You know you live in New England when Sunday morning it is -6 when you wake up and then Monday it is 25 degrees and you are legit happy and saying man it's not really cold out today.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Smiddawg is living his best life in Southie. Living with the flavor of the week.
2. Random trips to the casino are always fun.
3. This god damn flu is like a boomerang. Just when you think it's gone blam right back in your grill.
4. Anytime there is talk about this podcast something happens with Kung Fu Dave. Now that mother fucker has no heat.
5. Thirteen straight days below freezing. That's Alaska like.
6. Pats play on Saturday night. Who else is pumped?
7. Is it weird that I have never been to Disney? I mean I have been to Universal and to Sea World.
8. Everyone should know how to play Craps.
9. Seems like everyone's hot water heaters are going due to the weather.
10. Oh yeah still no battery.
11. It is always great to see people you haven't seen in a long time but shitty when it's for a wake/funeral.
12. I made brownies from scratch and not a box, now I feel like Ducan Hines himself.
13. People hate old school rap. I mean how can that be?
14. Have you seen the show on Netflix "The toys that made us". Man it makes you feel like a kid all over again.

Gotta run. Little busy at work.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

New year

Ok, how many of you have said New Year New me?? Don't be shy raise your hand...little bit higher. Now take your hand and slap yourself.  The calander changed but this Tuesday is no different than last Tuesday.  If you want to make changes then do it, not because all of a sudden it is 2018 but because today you wanted too.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The weekend still starts on Thursdays.
2. I have some really great family and friends.
3. Forty doesn't feel old.
4. I have no idea what strain of the flu is thats going around but man it wiped me out for 3 days. Cold sweats are no good. Plus I am a whiney bitch when i'm sick.
5. Alba is good food.
6. Drunk angry Jeffrey is not a fun time at a bar.
7. Where we watching the Georgia game Monday?
8. Mark Welch is alive and kicking.
9. Apparently beards are just make up for men.
10. Speaking of beards I can not for the life of me trim mine the way I want it. Shave it all off and start anew.
11. Pretty sure Chrissy and Leaden were trying to figure out a weekend that they could make a run to the Wickendon Pub. Pretty sure that will happen before the end of the year.
12. Fuck soup but not those Campbells chunky max soup commercials.
13. Jeffrey is already planning his New Years eve for next year.
14. Great to see Tooma. Hope he makes it back up at some point.
15. Tooma pays $220 a week to stay at a hotel. I think thats fucking brilliant. $30 a night for them to clean your sheets, heat, hot water and cable. Seems like a steal to me.
16. The pickle shots recipe is out there and Chrissy is trying to master the right combo as we speak.

I didn't do any new yeas resolutions but I did promise myself I would be more patient this upcoming year.