Monday, March 27, 2017

Opening day is a week away

Really mother nature with this weather? Red Sox opening day is next Monday. I mean how can I enjoy my beers in the freezing cold rainy shit?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. I still hate Stephen A. Smith.
2. Q39 has some bomb ass bbq in Kansas City.
3. Has anyone heard from Mark Welch?
4. You know what sucks? When your back hurts from sleeping in a bed that's not yours.
5. Officer Calnan won't be able to make the Mustache Pub Crawl but he will be buying a shirt.
6. Southwest airlines with the $8 wifi is a game changer.
7. The Little Cesar's commercial with the certified smokified guy makes me want to smash my tv.
8. People think most people from Boston are rude.
9. Would you sell your Red Sox hat to someone from Arkansas because they are fans of Andrew Benintendi.
10. Congrats to John Broderick and his wife on a healthy baby boy.
11. Man Kansas got smoked.
12. The Bruins are fighting for the 8th seed, the Celtics are fighting for the 1st seed, the Patriots won the latest Superbowl and the Sox season kicks off in a week. What a time to be alive.
13. They have a Whopper Bar in Kansas City. It's a fucking Burger King that serves booze.
14. It is 2017. How can places be closed on a Sunday?
15. I don't mind going to a bar by myself.
16. I have been eating like a vegetarian on Fridays during Lent. Don't think I could do it everyday.
17. Fucking Happy Hour should really be a thing again in Massachusetts.
18. The Yard house is kind of blah. I mean yes they have a million drafts but the foods kind of meh.

Alright I'm off to one of the casinos here in Kansas City.  Wish me luck.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring has sprung

Yes mother fuckers, Spring has sprung! Now if someone can send that memo to mother nature A.S.A.P!

This is what I learned during St. Paddy's day weekend:
1. People love any excuse to get piss on yourself drunk.
2. I hate feeling rushed but I hate being late more.
3. Big block Jenga is not for the faint of heart.
4. I really dig bar hopping in Plymouth.
5. Phil Friday is alive and kicking, per Carlos.
6. 10th and FINAL Mustache Pub Crawl shirts have been ordered.
7. Random texts to meet up for day drinking are my jam. They make my soul smile.
8. It is good to know that I can still get after it on a Wednesday night and make it to work the next day.
9. Really loving these tournament games.
10. Julie Nickerson is looking at moving to Savin Hill, if any one has a hot lead.
11. Guinness draft > Guinness can > Guinness bottle > Guinness blonde.
12. The Scituate St. Paddy's day parade is this coming Sunday.
13. Seems like lots of people are doing detoxes of some sort. I saw someone is drinking apple cider vinegar...What the actual fuck.
14. I love when I get free beers from a bartender I just met. Makes my day.
15. As much as I complain about not drinking coffee/iced coffee substituting green iced tea hasn't been that bad.
16. Hey Dunkin Donuts, Chrissy wants to know why you don't have the burrito year round.
17. Speaking of Christian Daniel MacPhail - the family is in sunny Florida so he is living that bachelor lifestyle this week (as much as one can with working the over night shift).
18. WrestleMania is only 13 days away...The grand daddy of them all.
19. I have tried beard oils in the past and they have made my face break out but I'm onto beard balm and man my beard is soft as hell.
20. Speaking of beards. Some random lady asking me if my beard gets in the way when I go downtown made my Saturday night. I told her I like the way you think.
21.  For you vegetarians out there - eggplant parmesan pizza is pretty good.
22. I guess kids call corned beef - hot dog steak nowadays.

That's all I got today. Have a nice week!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Snowpocalypse now

The snow is coming. Head for the supermarkets and stock up on bread, milk and eggs. You know so you can have some bomb ass french toast when you are stuck at home.

This is what I learned this weekend.
1. Mr. 905 was in full effect Saturday night, I passed out early.
2. Anything worse than a hang nail? A paper cut perhaps.
3. Chrissy makes me laugh.
4. There are still good people out there. A gentleman waved me down to tell me my right brake light was out.
5. Jeffrey is the human hokey pokey. One day he's in the next day he's not.
6. Pork roast is under rated.
7. Should I give up coffee forever?
8. If you get a chance head down to Twin Rivers on a Sunday morning. All the degenerate gamblers will make you feel better about your life.
9. This 10th Annual mustache pub crawl is bitter sweet. To get to 10 is great and to not have to organize it after this year is nice.
10. Oh yeah I am 6 beers away from finishing my card at the Wickendon pub. (One of them is a Budweiser).
11. Waking up with a headache(obviously when not hungover) is a shitty way to start the day.
12. Ever talk to somebody and the whole while you think man this person is a real dick head?
13. Fuck the whole daylight savings thing. It's fucking 2017 we are not farmers harvesting crops.
14. I can't even keep track of all you Bruins bandwagoneers. You are on,  you are off, and back on.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Never ending

This roller coaster of weather is never ending. One day its 74 the next it is 19. Make up your fucking mind. Mother nature stop being a cock tease. You are giving us all blue balls with this constant tease of Spring.

This is what I learned:
1. People think this list is in order of priority or some bullshit. It's just a random list nothing more or less important.
2. I saw Logan it was awesome. Don't even need to see any other movies.
3. Nerd chicks are on a whole other level.
4. Olindys is the same as it always has been
 Old school pool hall/bowling alley.
5. Jeffrey has a love affair with Cronin's, in Quincy, and it went up a notch when he found out it has karaoke.
6. Chrissy gave up beer for Lent.
7. Some weekend days I don't want to get off the couch.
8. Hope you all watched Taboo. Tom Hardy is crazy.
9. Chicken fried steak is so under rated.
10. Where do you fall on the cuddle scale?
        A. I fucking love it - big spoon, little spoon.
        B. Let me pass out and then you can climb all over me like a spider monkey.
        C. Get your hot sweaty ass away from me.
11. Do people still watch Top Chef?
12. Has anyone seen Mario out? Every time I ask him to meet up for lunch, he is busy. Just checking if it was me or not.
13. Chris Leaden is always up for Monday day drinking.
14. Why don't people use the word "Twerp" any more?
15. Should I get the t shirts for the pub crawl earlier than normal this year? What about koozies?
16. Mario still needs to raise money for the Bruins alumni game this weekend.