Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Walking in a winter wonderland

The snow came and went, the Patriots lost and people are now counting down till truck day and spring training - WHAT A WEEKEND!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Christian Daniel Macphail is impatient.
2. Random Friday night beers with Jeffrey and Flounder are always a good time.
3. I can not remember the last time I won at Keno.
4. Miller High Life is making a come back at Barefoot Bobs.
5. Whats the plan for the superbowl?
6. Speaking of superbowls, no one ever buys squares when the Pats are not in it. I mean I need the action.
7. Pulled pork tacos are the jam.
8. Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck.
9. Where do you stand when it comes to Indian food?
10. If you get a fly in your Guiness do you send it back? Remove the fly and drink it? Or just stop drinking?
11. Mario is killing the snow removal game.
12. The Bruins play in Nashville on February 18th, just saying if someone has a trip itch they want to scratch.
13. Matt and Megan are having a Hull pub crawl/bar hopping on Saturday if anyones around and wants to drink in Brockton by the sea. Heard the Sea note is a great time.
14. Chrissy hates mozzarella sticks. He also would rather have his eyes picked out of his head by a crow than eat coconut.
15. I am watching the new X-files and I like it.
16. What is the over under on when Dave moves back from Bmore? I am saying May 1st, 2017.
17. When your juke box game is on point, people notice.
18. Who plans on getting tickets to Pearl Jam?

Gotta run.

Monday, January 18, 2016


Today is MLK day. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect upon what that means, and not just a holiday off.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. People LOVE pub crawls.
2. If you wear a t shirt with a beer logo on it you should buy that beer or else be called out by the packie store attendant. (HA packie store attendant sounds like a fun job)
3. Everyone is riding Tom Brady and the Patriots pretty hard but they are also bitching there is no home game this weekend.
4. The St. Pattys day parade is back on in Scituate.
5. Speaking of St Pattys day, Chrissy has his official day to get snipped 3-17-15. Guess he will never forget when he loses his balls.
6. You ever try to trim your beard and mess up? Yeah me too.
7. Our prayers go out to Calnan...he of the sprained ankle.
8. Don't get flippant with CVG or he will block you on all social media and real life.
9. What is the plan for the 3:00 Pats game Sunday?
10. I have a few Sox games for sale if anyone wants em., HMU.
11. Miller High life is under appreciated.
12. Has anyone been to Easy Pie in Braintree? I heard they have huge tater tots.
13. Is there anything worse than sleeping on your neck wrong and its difficult to turn?
14. I am wondering if anyone has a thousandaire idea that they are making a reality.

I am off to do some work, I think anyways.

Monday, January 11, 2016

The sooner the better

One day it is 60 the next 26. I wish mother nature would make up her mind if it is winter or not, the sooner the better.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Kids love trampolines (or jumpolines).
2. Congrats to Supah P and his FIANCE!! Yeah buddy. That may be the party to end all parties!
3. Speaking of Supah P, it is all coming up roses for that cat as he got a new job promotion too.
4. Home made taco bars are where it is at.
5. Why does Dunkin Donuts keep coming out with new croissant donuts?
6. $1300 Million dollars. Let it sink in!!
7. Broken straws in your iced coffee is a fucking joke.
8. Welchie has a nice house over there in Braintree. Stop by sometime.
9. The birthday boy Chris Leaden is having a huge Pats bash Saturday, shine up your drinking and eating shoes.
10. Jeffrey is looking to do "the Quincy walk of shame", which consists of bar hopping to as many bars as possible during the week. Anyone interested? He's talking Friday the 22nd.
11. Drakkar for Christmas? Bitches love Drakkar.
12. What you guys know about chimney liners? Asking for my uncle.

Just a quick hitting 12 pack because I have to go do some work.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

TMX year end review

The TMX year end wrap up is here, its the country edition ya'll. It was a long ( too long for some we're sure) 17 weeks but it has ended and a champ has been crowned. The new belt owner will be DMC who won for the first time in his ten years in the league!! TMX predicted this in the preseason!! The beer bitch will be Supah P's and the dress wearer with be Equalizers. Lotta laugh this year as always and we hope all enjoyed the season and will be back next year lets take a brief look at each team.

First overall was DMC who had the first pick and was able to ride AP and make some moves to get top D Broncos in a lopsided trade.  DMC started the season off with a last place week 1 and wasn't til week 8 they made their move hopping in the 2nd spot then taking over number one in week 10 and never looking back! DMC also became the first team in history to post 200pts in a week doing it TWICE. All in all a great season put together with a solid draft, nice trades and waiver wire moves. The hunter becomes the hunted next year but the belt is in his possession all summer.

2nd overall was Jaybirds. Second place is a great place to be in and TMX is always staying positive but this team was built to win and questions will be why it didn't. TMX stats dept which is well documented to be run by a crack group due to the budget problems at drunknothings , found out that Jaybirds had the top 3 wrs on his roster ALL SEASON. Those 3 totaled 1,050 points this season!! Equalizers entire team only scored 700 more points for the season!! Jaybirds never spent a day below second place but one has to wonder, how with those numbers, he didn't run away with the league. There will be some soul searching at Jaybirds but TMX is confident he will find the answers to get over the hump.

3rd place this season was Mr. Don't ask him he'll tell you Charlie's Angels. The Angels were up in the mix all season except when they dropped to 6th in week 8 and seemed to be stuck but in week 15 with nice waiver help and some bad management from the teams ahead they made their move and secured it in week 16. Charlies' when not congratulating themselves was often on TMX with having some of the best guys benched in the league. Not sure if making the right plays all season could have led to a better finish? Next season Charlies should be in the hunt and telling the league about it as he does it.

4th place this season was Beach Bums. This is the first time since joining the league that Beach Bums didn't win a week, Just like Cal Ripkens steak, this will not be broken. The Bums seemed to be in a funk all season long (Or maybe it was all the teams Coach K was involved in). They never went below 7th place and I'm sure felt they were one player or week away but it never came. 4th place is by no means a bad season but the two time champs have to consider it an off year.

5th place this year was Slippery Wizards. The defending champs finished strong but never had anything going. A draft that saw them take Lynch, Murray and TY Hilton as the first three guys proved to be too tough to comeback from. Wizards were the only team other than last place Equalizers to spend more than one week in the basement. They did finish 5th on the year which was the highest they got all year so maybe they can build on that (are we counting the play offs too).

6th place for the year was Creepshots. Creepshots was in the mix all year dipping to 6th in week 5 but then controlling the third spot from week 7-14! With a great trade to get possible MVP Cam Newton they look like a sure thing til the week 15 DISASTER. Creepshots chose to sit Cam who put up 61pts!! That signaled the end for Creepshots. TMX did some investigating to see if collusion was involved cuz the Newton benching was that inexplicable but we came up with nothing (Good work Wes Cash)!!  Tough way to end a season but TMX is sure they will be back and will take risks next year too.

7th place this year was Skza's Squad. Skza's did their usual getting points where you wouldn't think they would and starting guys who were hurt.One of only two teams that didn't win a week, Skza's started out in the top 5 but then later in the season when the byes hit and they started more zero's than anyone in the history of ADSL ( #statsbyme)  they were stuck in the 7 and 8 slot where they would land. Next year a focused Skza's could make a run for the money

8th place this year was Black Dynomite. It a season that can only be labeled a disappointment, BD held on to the number one spot for 4 weeks then held the 4th spot looking outside at the money for 4 more weeks only to collapse at the end and end up one spot from beer bitch. Black Dynomite I'm sure is circling the wagons ( see what we did there) and checking their networks to find their way back to the top.

9th place and beer bitch this year is Supah P's. Supah's got hit by injuries right out the gate losing Nelson and Fat Eddie lacy had an off year as the number one pick. The scrappy Supahs found life on the wire and rose to 4th but by week 11 they locked themselves into spot 9 never to rise back up. A rough season for Supah's but they managed to the end and will be back in the mix next year.

10th place and the dress wearer this year is Equalizers. The season they had was for the ages complete with a final week of 46pts!  Equalizers were in 6th place after week 1 then never got pass 9. Furthermore they were in the basement every week but FOUR. Let that sink in as TMX reminds you in week 8 they got a season high 72pts from Drew Brees!! Surprisingly the even won a week. Just an absolute remarkably bad season that deserves an equally remarkable dress. Don't disappoint Equalizers.

Final Standings

1. DMC
2. Jaybirds...........................98pts
3. Charlie's Angels.................212pts
4. Beach Bums.......................243pts
5. Slippery Wizards.................245pts
6. Creepshots..........................263pts
7. Skza's Squad........................297pts
8. Black Dynomite.....................316pts
9. Supah P's..............................455pts
10. Equalizers............................625pts

    Great season filled with laughs and lets all pay up and make sure the winners get their money. TMX thanks you for reading. Have a great offseason and see you next year. TMX out.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Heres hoping 2016 is better than 2015

Away we go -2016 is here and already my work computer won't allow me to post This blog. Well guess what IT guys, my phone will do just fine (though I do apologize in advance for any typos).

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. There are many Bruins fans from Canada.
2. Sean Riccio, was at one point in his life Jesus Christ incarnate. Just fishing and being a carpenter.
3. The Winter Classic was much better at Gillette than at Fenway park.
4. Apparently I have to get some more glaucoma tests? As they say 3rd times a charm.
5. Talk about 1st world problems, work changing your health care plan is the worst.
6. People are geared up for the 6th Yankee regift party this Saturday.
7. Riccio went from offensive coordinator of the USA to the defensive coordinator. He knows torpedos very well.
8. Slamming your thumb in a door jam is one of the worst feelings.
9. The best thing about the Winter is leaving beers outside to stay cold.
10. Buffalo chicken dip is like a condiment that can be used on everything.
11. Fantasy football is officially over...what do I do now?
12. New socks and new under shirts are the shit.
13. Looking to plan a trip to the wickendon pub...who is coming with?
14. Speaking of planning trips, is it too early to start planning my 40th bday trip?
15. I could eat cheese burgers every day but not French fries.
16. Snap chat makes me laugh most days.
17. You didn't hear this from me but Jeffrey made a skating rink in his back yard.
18. Good luck to the whole Knudsen clan on their Disney runs this week...5k, 10k, 1/2 marathon and full marathon.

Gotta run and do some work.