Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Walking in a winter wonderland

The snow came and went, the Patriots lost and people are now counting down till truck day and spring training - WHAT A WEEKEND!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Christian Daniel Macphail is impatient.
2. Random Friday night beers with Jeffrey and Flounder are always a good time.
3. I can not remember the last time I won at Keno.
4. Miller High Life is making a come back at Barefoot Bobs.
5. Whats the plan for the superbowl?
6. Speaking of superbowls, no one ever buys squares when the Pats are not in it. I mean I need the action.
7. Pulled pork tacos are the jam.
8. Sometimes you gotta say what the fuck.
9. Where do you stand when it comes to Indian food?
10. If you get a fly in your Guiness do you send it back? Remove the fly and drink it? Or just stop drinking?
11. Mario is killing the snow removal game.
12. The Bruins play in Nashville on February 18th, just saying if someone has a trip itch they want to scratch.
13. Matt and Megan are having a Hull pub crawl/bar hopping on Saturday if anyones around and wants to drink in Brockton by the sea. Heard the Sea note is a great time.
14. Chrissy hates mozzarella sticks. He also would rather have his eyes picked out of his head by a crow than eat coconut.
15. I am watching the new X-files and I like it.
16. What is the over under on when Dave moves back from Bmore? I am saying May 1st, 2017.
17. When your juke box game is on point, people notice.
18. Who plans on getting tickets to Pearl Jam?

Gotta run.

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