Monday, April 27, 2015

May is coming

I know the old saying goes the older you get the faster the years go by but man is this year if flying. It is like someone has the foot on the gas and the speedometer is pinned.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Rio is 100000000% a professional landscaper. Kid kills it. If you are on the North Shore and need to get some landscaping done. Call Sunshine Landscaping.
2. If Chrissy doesn't have a cell phone can he still bitch about me not posting enough?
3. Does anyone know of any bars that will be having the fight this Saturday?
4. After months of Jeffrey and Chrissy hounding me to join Snap Chat I finally broke down. I don't really get it but hey add me - Drunknothings.
5. Instead of tuxedos, renting a suit is all the rage. Like it matters? I look good in a trash bag.
6. Operation vinyl siding starts this week. Lets hope it goes off without a hitch.
7. I by no means have a green thumb but my rose bushes have a canker fungus and they may be on their last leg.
8. You guys go to the Bruggers Bagels? They have some bomb ass breakfast sandwiches.
9. Has anyone heard from Welchie? Supah P? Lauren Brady? JayDisco?
10. How quickly the Red Sox optimists have started changing their tunes.
11. Who schedules a baby christening for Dot day? Really?
12. I don't know if any of you guys caught Daredevil on Netflix but man that shit was awesome. I can not wait for the rest of the Marvel series to come out.
13. Without the Bruins in the playoffs, I am enjoying the playoffs more than I thought I would. Hockey playoffs is where its at. #becauseitsthecup
14. If anyone is looking for a car, Marios buddy Jimmy is selling cars at Prime Hyundai in Quincy.

That's all I got for now people.

Chrissy mentioned going to Cagneys Thursday for trivia night if anyone is interested.
If there are no bars having the fight is anyone having a party to have the fight?

Anyone looking for 2 tickets to the Sox Game next Monday night, May 4th game. Mikey T has a pair on the rf roof.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A smashing success

Another year and another Marathon Monday in the books. The game was cold as fuck though.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. CVG likes to finger bang, its like 1st base to him.

2. Smiddy was MIA all day, even though he was asked to come hang out.
3. There is a rumor that Chrissy may do a smaller version of the MPC in Quincy. Right now its just a rumor.
4. Nothing worse than being dehydrated and your calf's hurt.
5. Pretty sure Jeffrey was on nine yesterday.
6. One of Smiddys ex-flames was out and about yesterday. It is safe to say that Kalin Marshall is CRAZY.
7. The Celtics band wagon is almost full. Hope you got a seat.
8. I cant grow grass to save my life.
9. Chrissy says he can go a whole year without shaving/trimming his beard. I say Bullshit!
10. TK is killing it at the gym, trying to get down to 225. We wish you well Mr TK.
11. Jeffrey makes some killer pasta salad even if Katie thinks otherwise.
12. The new Iphones have a black thumbs up and a black okay hand and most phones change them to white.
13. The Rivershed in Scituate is a pretty nice dive bar.
14.  I don't think Mike Foley is ever coming back. Kids living the high life down there.
15. I hope you guys can make it out to next years Marathon game. Its always a great time and you always bump into random people.
16. If you are around the South End stop in and see Brewer at Stellas. The kids killing it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Sun burned

First of all I haven't updated since I was off for opening day and then a day to clean up my house so beat it (that means you Chrissy). Secondly, I am sun burned like a mother fucker and I am not complaining.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. William J Smiddy, the pride of Revere, hates any and all things to do with Rt 3 and the South Shore, except the Cape.
2. Danny Cooney wants everyone to vacation in Brockton.
3. Daredevil on Netflix is by far the best series to come out of Marvel.
4. The Macphails are traveling the New England area on vacation. Basically the new Kennedys.
5. The Scituate (A place Smiddy LOATHES) St Pattys day is a fun ass time.

6. If you have never been to a meat raffle then you are missing out.
7. If you want NKOTB tickets, you can get at 30% off CLICK HERE  and use the code TZOO, you are Welcome.
8. I do not know what the Red Sox have planned for Marthon Mondays ceremony but Opening days festivities were a real tear jerker.

9. Mayor Marty Walsh has declared April 15th as 1 Boston Day. Hey, Marty its still tax day. I guess this whole Boston Strong this is never ever going away.
10. I do not believe I am going to have the mustache pub crawl this year. There was not really a demand for it last year so I think maybe taking a year off would improve that or someone can pick up the mantle.
11. No one likes to look stupid.
12. Why does DejaVu feel so real?
13. Popeyes chicken can not be beat.
14. Really ABC family with Fuller House? Like Full House was a great show that we have to an updated show? If Uncle Jesse doesn't have Aids by now...HAVE MERCY!
15. Sunburned Sunday and peeling on Wednesday. WHAT!!
16. What do the Bruins do? Fire Chiarelli? Julian? Cam? I mean whats the direction they go in now?
17. All you golfers must be itching to get out there. I mean the courses must be dried by now.
18. Another year and another try at growing grass.

Thats all I have for now. I am going to the Marathon Monday game so I won't be back until next Tuesday.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Opening day

It sure as hell don't feel like an opening day for baseball. I do not want to sound like a pussy but 37 degrees is not a nice temperature to be sitting outside watching baseball. Hope people bring their gloves because the beers are cold.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The more that things change, the more people complain.
2. Big L is killing it this year, the kids averaging $30,000 a month.
3. Has anyone heard from Chrissy? Kids been real aloof lately.
4. If you are in Hull check out Schooners. They have good bar pizza and a real old school dive bar vibe plus they have award winning Chowder.
5. I found out that when your friends get older and stop hanging out there is a term for that - They become house cats. Who knew?
6. Julie Nickerson is at a crossroads. She doesn't know if she should stay in LA or come back to Boston. I say come on back. You have missed out on the worst winter on record.
7. Being hungover was no way to celebrate Easter.
8. I am craving a killer burger. Where do you think the best burger is?
9. You have to be a little bit mental to run a marathon, right?
10. But does your fantasy league have a belt?

11. Is draft kings serious with their fantasy golf?
12. Speaking of golf are people really excited for the Masters?
13. Is the Indy 500 a bucket list item?
14. Lakeshore spicy Irish mustard is the shit.
15. Coconut oil on your face reduces the redness.
16. If you want something bad enough you will figure out a way to get it.

Can't wait to see you guys at the Scituate St Pattys day parade this Sunday. Keep smiling.