Monday, April 27, 2015

May is coming

I know the old saying goes the older you get the faster the years go by but man is this year if flying. It is like someone has the foot on the gas and the speedometer is pinned.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Rio is 100000000% a professional landscaper. Kid kills it. If you are on the North Shore and need to get some landscaping done. Call Sunshine Landscaping.
2. If Chrissy doesn't have a cell phone can he still bitch about me not posting enough?
3. Does anyone know of any bars that will be having the fight this Saturday?
4. After months of Jeffrey and Chrissy hounding me to join Snap Chat I finally broke down. I don't really get it but hey add me - Drunknothings.
5. Instead of tuxedos, renting a suit is all the rage. Like it matters? I look good in a trash bag.
6. Operation vinyl siding starts this week. Lets hope it goes off without a hitch.
7. I by no means have a green thumb but my rose bushes have a canker fungus and they may be on their last leg.
8. You guys go to the Bruggers Bagels? They have some bomb ass breakfast sandwiches.
9. Has anyone heard from Welchie? Supah P? Lauren Brady? JayDisco?
10. How quickly the Red Sox optimists have started changing their tunes.
11. Who schedules a baby christening for Dot day? Really?
12. I don't know if any of you guys caught Daredevil on Netflix but man that shit was awesome. I can not wait for the rest of the Marvel series to come out.
13. Without the Bruins in the playoffs, I am enjoying the playoffs more than I thought I would. Hockey playoffs is where its at. #becauseitsthecup
14. If anyone is looking for a car, Marios buddy Jimmy is selling cars at Prime Hyundai in Quincy.

That's all I got for now people.

Chrissy mentioned going to Cagneys Thursday for trivia night if anyone is interested.
If there are no bars having the fight is anyone having a party to have the fight?

Anyone looking for 2 tickets to the Sox Game next Monday night, May 4th game. Mikey T has a pair on the rf roof.

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ChiefBlogRuinner said...

Another boring as blog/ craigslist add for tickets. Bring back the Dogblogz!!!