Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am 3 days late with my blog but I have a valid excuse. Due to snowmaggedon 2015 work has been really busy. I have been working strange hours and my street has been flooding  but enough about me onto things I have learned.

This is what I learned in the last week plus:

1. Driving in white out conditions is nerve racking.
2. Garth Brooks puts on one hell of a fucking show.

3. Mortons opens at 5:00 on Saturday nights.
4. Jeffrey is a gentleman when you buy him dinners and drinks.
5. No one likes shoveling.
6. Dropping your phone in this white fluffy snow is scary. That shit sinks to the bottom.
7. Chrissy has now resorted to texting my coworkers about why I have not updated the blog.
8. Calnan lives for days of couch time with his cats (The APEX PREDATOR AS HE CALLS THEM) and red wine.
9. Nothing beats chili on a cold Sunday.
10. Who knew that so many people like those Mich Ultra cactus lime beers?
11. The city of Quincy does not take your Christmas tree 3 weeks after Christmas - oopsie.
12. Mark Welch is out for his own Bday bash celebration at Twin Rivers for Steaks, Foreigner and gambling.
13. Supah P hates country music, dude would rather take a block sander to his ball bag.
14. TK had the best sleep of the last 27 years during this storm.
15. This is why you have flood insurance:

16. How many times can the New Kids go on tour again? And how many times would someone want to see them?
17. What is worse the NFL  Pro Bowl or the NHL All star game?
18. Anyone have a rough idea of the cost for vinyl siding per square foot, installed? Asking for a buddy of mine named Derek.
19. Boston Ballistic Hot sauce is a local hot sauce  made in Bridgewater. Buy local mother fuckers.
20. Have you caught 12 Monkeys on Syfy yet? It is only 2 episodes in but I love how fucked up it seems to be.
21. Chrissy is now an UBER driver.
22. Jeffrey is trying to come up with thousandaire ideas and looking for people to join his think tank.

This is all I have time for today. I am sorry but this storm is making work a wee bit busier than the normal.

Monday, January 19, 2015

I have a dream...

Happy Martin Luther King day!

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. A 4 hour game of Asshole is always recommended at any party. DOUBLES NEVER BEAT SINGLES!
2. Molson XXX is legit as fuck!
3. Jeffrey found a Brazilian guy to lay his floor for $175 a day. STEAL!
4. Start the Superbowl party planning people.
5. Welchie and his wife are still looking for a house, then plans for a baby.
6. Calnan is trying to get Anonymous to shut down this blog. Basically he hates  reading.
7. Supah P is alive and happy in love. He unified the Yankee Regift pictures going around.
8. Anyone know a good kitchen designer?
9. Marios home made Lemonchello burns the senses.
10. You know you are getting old when sitting on the floor, criss cross applesauce, and you are achy the next day.
11. It's Superbowl Square season people. Mikey T likes to be in on all squares.
12. Rumor has it Tooma is on his way back to Mass!!
13. Lauren Brady is alive and well. Looking for Mr Right now still.
14. A. Should I have the Mustache Pub crawl for an 8th year? B. Should I move it to the 1st week of May?
15. If you have a party make sure you have Buffalo Chicken dip there.
16. I am not gonna be posting the 5 things I hate at this moment anymore. Apparently, it makes me sound like a bitter old man.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Late to the party...

I know i'm a little late with this review since its been out for a couple months but since I don't drink coffee, I don't go to Dunkin Donuts.  But finally tried the croissant donut that has been all the rage.  It was light,
fluffy and tasty but not all that its been led to believe.  Definitely not worth 2.5 times the price of a regular donut.  Waste of money if you ask me. Man this is 2 bad reviews in a row.

Suck it Smiddy !!

Monday, January 12, 2015

We all need help,

in one way or another. Some people are too proud to ask or just too stubborn.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. KKaties has 1/2 priced wings and trivia on Monday nights. Why haven't we done this yet?
2. The Border cafe is cheap as fuck.
3. The Equalizer was a pretty dope ass movie.
4. Mike G is alive, he has a house rented for snow mobiling if anyones interested. He is also planning a night out at Foxwoods.
5. Little know fact that Jeffrey is great at changing windshield wipers and changing a flat in record time.
6. Chrissy is way into reviewing things for the blog. He sent me a review of the croissant donut. I will post it later so that its not buried.
7. Refinancing your home shouldn't be all that stressful.
8. I heard a rumor that Mike Foley is really settling into that NC life and isn't planning to come home.
9. Anyone have any home remedies or anything to get wine out of a rug??
10. Sometimes the weekend doesn't seem long enough.
11. Is anyone having a superbowl party?
12. Mario throws one hell of a bender. TK should of made the trip to the North shore.
13. Jeffrey it's ok to let everyone know you are drinking Bud heavy now.
14. Squares! Squares! Squares!
15. Looks like there will be a new Dot Day bowl off champion. Steven Whitley is in a league and can no longer participate.
16. Shrimp and stuffed cherry peppers are in the bloody Marys at Stars.

This is what I hate right now:
1. People who break plans.
2. Why you try something new at your favorite place to eat and it sucks.
3. The god damn hiccups.
4. When I am sweating but my feet are cold as hell.
5. Overtalkers, as in people who talk over you to try and prove their point.

Hope you guys can make the 5th annual Whitley yankee regift party this Saturday at 5

Monday, January 5, 2015

A new year

So lets see it is 2015 and I am sure plenty of people have made resolutions. Have you? Are you sticking with them?

This is what I have learned so far in 2015:
1. Karaoke up at the Cathay Center is like American Idol.
2. Is there any better feeling than hitting Keno?
3. Jeffreys birthday is in February on Friday the 13th. Foreigner is playing at Twinnies. Coincidence?
4. Mikey T is looking for an electrician to do some side work. Know any?
5. Is $500 for 2 $200 squares and open bar and food too much?
6. Meat raffle! Every Saturday! 4:00! Nuff said

7. A little confidence goes along way.
8. Its superbowl square season. Which is one of my favorite seasons.
9. Everyone loves the go pro cameras. EVERYONE!
10. Jeffrey may be more into snap chat than Chrissy.
12. Anyone need some baby sitting jobs? Chrissy is looking for some Saturday baby sitting for the next 3 months

This is what I hate right now:
1. People with the post holiday blues.
2. Mushrooms!
3. Mother fuckers who don't text back.
4. All these fancy new mayonnaises. It is still just mayo!
5. Everyone who cuts in line. Like dipshit you think I am just standing here for the fuck of it?

Popeyes Ghost Pepper wings

I love Popeye's and everyone knows I love hot wings, so when I saw a commercial that they combined them I was pumped. I got 12 ghost pepper wings and although the chicken itself was great I was a little disappointed in the heat level. I wasn't expecting crazy hot,  I figured they would mellow it out even using the ghost pepper but this was barely hotter than their spicy flavor they usually have.  Maybe its because its a dry rub and not a sauce but you can save the time of running out to get these.

Thats how you review a place Smiddy!