Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Yes! Yes! Yes!

I am 3 days late with my blog but I have a valid excuse. Due to snowmaggedon 2015 work has been really busy. I have been working strange hours and my street has been flooding  but enough about me onto things I have learned.

This is what I learned in the last week plus:

1. Driving in white out conditions is nerve racking.
2. Garth Brooks puts on one hell of a fucking show.

3. Mortons opens at 5:00 on Saturday nights.
4. Jeffrey is a gentleman when you buy him dinners and drinks.
5. No one likes shoveling.
6. Dropping your phone in this white fluffy snow is scary. That shit sinks to the bottom.
7. Chrissy has now resorted to texting my coworkers about why I have not updated the blog.
8. Calnan lives for days of couch time with his cats (The APEX PREDATOR AS HE CALLS THEM) and red wine.
9. Nothing beats chili on a cold Sunday.
10. Who knew that so many people like those Mich Ultra cactus lime beers?
11. The city of Quincy does not take your Christmas tree 3 weeks after Christmas - oopsie.
12. Mark Welch is out for his own Bday bash celebration at Twin Rivers for Steaks, Foreigner and gambling.
13. Supah P hates country music, dude would rather take a block sander to his ball bag.
14. TK had the best sleep of the last 27 years during this storm.
15. This is why you have flood insurance:

16. How many times can the New Kids go on tour again? And how many times would someone want to see them?
17. What is worse the NFL  Pro Bowl or the NHL All star game?
18. Anyone have a rough idea of the cost for vinyl siding per square foot, installed? Asking for a buddy of mine named Derek.
19. Boston Ballistic Hot sauce is a local hot sauce  made in Bridgewater. Buy local mother fuckers.
20. Have you caught 12 Monkeys on Syfy yet? It is only 2 episodes in but I love how fucked up it seems to be.
21. Chrissy is now an UBER driver.
22. Jeffrey is trying to come up with thousandaire ideas and looking for people to join his think tank.

This is all I have time for today. I am sorry but this storm is making work a wee bit busier than the normal.

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The guy who could of been working in Control by now if that scab rat bastard (No names but his name rhymes with Newton) cost him his job. said...

When is the pub crawl? Please not May 2nd I have mother fucking drill that weekend.