Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Pats Win

How long does a Super Bowl win hangover last?

This is what I learned over the weekend:
1. Jeffrey makes bomb ass dips!
2. People are loosey goosey when it comes to paying off debt but as soon as they win some money they want it within an hour.
3. Driving during a blizzard is scary as fuck.
4. Everyone respects a ninja move.
5. Where are people standing during this rolling rally parade?
6. Twin Rivers makes you drive down to get a voucher to come back and get your free tickets to a show. LAME!!
7. What? Yes, Lauren Brady blew off Chrissy and Alisons Super bowl soiree.
8. Rumor has it Tom Newton is getting married again!!
9. I am starting a gofundme page for Tom Kelly. he has a broken computer key board so he is mising letters and is always ammered.
10. Chrissy is the 1st person I know who has his taxes already booked.
11. Harper Lee has a new book comimg out.
12. Calnan lives to rile up Grillo. If he ever goes missing check out CVG 1st.

Sorry I gotta run with all this snow.


The guy who could of been working in Control by now if that scab rat bastard (No names but his name rhymes with Newton) cost him his job. said...

#6 Let me know when you are going to Twin Rivers and I will come booze with you.

#8 He better invite me to the reception because we are like BFF and live so close to each other. He will probably have it at Clery's and not invite me or T. Cleary because he is going to have it under the ruse of a BMC Holiday get-together.

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