Friday, September 28, 2012

Sun Brew Fest

Grab a glass...Fill it up...It's time for Sun BrewFest

Session 1: October 6th, Noon - 4:00pm

Session 2: October 6th, 6:00pm - 10:00pm

Session 3: October 7th, Noon - 4:00pm

On October 6th & 7th, the Uncas Ballroom transforms into a beer connoisseur's paradise. Sample over 100 beers while brew masters share their secrets and engage guests in live demonstrations and mini-seminars. Reserve one of our Beer Lovers Rejoice hotel packages to complete your Sun BrewFest weekend!


Tickets are $20 per session and are on sale now through Ticketmaster or the Mohegan Sun Box Office.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

TMX Week 3

Tmx week 3 review is here....
Tmx is a fantasy reporting agency committed to truth in reporting with a loose association with the 7th ranked website on the www's. This week in Tmx we saw the first trade and its impact. White Unicorn formerly know as MungoIBTD traded Andy Dalton and Jamal Charles to Beachbums for Mike Vick and Kevin Smith. Dalton is playing alot better than Vick and well Kevin Smith didn't see the field on Sunday as he lost his job? The league loves trades and people willing to make moves. Tmx loves learning new words. Todays word is Collusion- an agreement between 2 or more parties sometimes illegal and secretive to limit competition by deceiving, misleading or defrauding usually resulting in an unfair competitive advantage. Just joking Tmx cant get in the heads of Gm's making moves in week 3 to better their respective teams. This week in a rare interview with Jerkshots new ownership done anonymously the new "owner" stated without the old regime it feels like the 04 Sox when they got rid of Nomar.
Playing loose and free now pressure and aside from the hammy dance the other owner still does you wouldn't recognize this team. Jerkshots came in 2nd this week with a huge week from AJ Green who put up 34.5 and they now are in third place and threatening the leaders. Nutsaway finally got a good game from his running backs with MJD going off for 30 and if Stafford doesnt get hurt had a shot at making a real move to the top. Fourth place saw Villenz playing the right rb but missing on the right qb. If Villenz finds the right combo he may take over the top spot. He sits comfortably in 2nd for now. The Slippery Wizards doing the wire act they do relying on Martellus Bennett pickup this week and Alf pickup last not sure how long they can afford to live off the wire or benching Flacco's big game for a pedestrian game from his number one qb Brady. Black Dynamite ( formerly White Devils) finally got the numbers they expected from Ray Rice and Welker and look to be heading in the right direction.
 Questions around wonder why its not Black DYNO-MIIIIIIITE JJ Walker style but other than that the ship seems to be heading in the right direction with the new name. MFN  seems to have hit a lull. Injuries to his top two backs had him scrambling the wire and missed on two rbs and grabbed fantasy heart breaker Deangelo Williams landing him in 7th place for the week. White Unicorn coming off the trade that kept the league buzzing finished in 8th for the week with Megatron saving him with a big week 32 points while newly aquired Mike Vick is in danger of losing his job with an 8pt outing. BREAKING NEWS- at press time Tmx just recieved word that White Unicorn was able to acquire Lesean Mccoy and Fred Davis for Rob Gronkowski and Isaac Redman. This could be the move to make up for the last trade, cant knock the White Unicorns for making moves!! Sflabo came in 9th and as stated above is making moves trading his top rb for tight end help. Underachieving Shady is out and with Fred Jackson ready to come back Sflabo is ready to come back as well!!! This weeks winner was Beachbums who put up a league high 160 many thanks to the pickup of Jamal Charles who went off for 42 points more than half as many as the last place team DTF who finished with 62. Tmx made the calls and was follows is actual phone calls with owners and players. First up we talked to the Beachbums owners. Hey Beachbums its Tmx whats up! " White Unicorn? that you? I told you dont call this phone! Call the hoe phone! No way the commish isn't bugging this phone after that trade!!" Uhmm Beachbums its Tmx? Can you hear me you sound like your in a bunker? " oh Tmx hey whats up sorry my kid took the phone he's such a joker. Hows things  ?boy we got lucky this week. NO idea how we won and honestly Tmx not to cut you short but I gotta run I'm in my fantasy bunker and try and make some waiver wire magic thanks for the call" Fantasy Bunker? Wow no wonder he wins titles. Tmx then called the one downer on the Beachbums roster to see what is going on Chris Johnson This is what we got. "the number you have reached has been disconnected, no further information is available. OUCH well hope friend of Tmx CJ gets it together usually a good call. The last place team and last in the league is DTF. Tmx called DTF owners and here is how it went. Hey DTF its Tmx again whats going on? " Hey Tmx this is the last time you call this number cuz we finish in last!! I just had Rodgers over here and told him I'll trade or start Big Ben who outscored him again if he keeps this up!! WE are on the rise!!!" Sounds good DTF but didnt big ben say he was going to outscore Rodgers last week? " Tmx I dont like your tone! I''m trying to get out of this dank ass basement! Place got mice I gotta go. See you next week!!" Well good luck DTF.
QB- Ben Rothlesberger 44 DTF
RB- Cedric Benson 13 Slippery Wizards
RB- M. Turner 15 Beachbums
WR-L. Fitzgerald 26.5 Villenz
WR- T. Smith 32 Slippery Wizards
TE- Pettigrew 19.5 Beachbums
D- Seahawks 20 White Unicorn
K- Hanson 15 Black Dynamite

Iggles finished up with 185 which was not much more than the Beachbums. Looks like DTF and Slippery Wizards gave the Iggles the win this week. Its week 4 and the byes are upon us and the Thursday games continue and so do the trades!! The hammy dancers and BD took out Stafford, Spiller, Dhb, Bush and a few others but none seemed season ending so lets hope for a healthy week and some new blood at the top!! TMX OUT

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lets do This

Derek is really digging on this fall weather. It always seems refreshing to breath in the nice crisp air.

Lets see what Derek learned this weekend:
1. People seems to get annoyed very quickly when Derek talks in the 3rd person.
2. Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.
3. If a woman had a 3rd nipple in the 1600's, she was identified as a witch.
4. Rio doesn't like to gamble.
5. Have you ever loss so much money that you puked on yourself? Chrissy did that:
6. Jeffrey loves himself some french fries dipped in a chocolate shake.
7. Seems like Jeb is into team Jerkshots more this year than last year.
8. Derek always smiles when he gets the most random of texts.
9. Never forget your phone at home. If you do - DON'T tell anyone.
10. Dealers at the casino do not like to get "IN YOUR FACE" screamed at them.
11. Jeffrey  says he can hit a 40 yard field goal. He will bet anyone. He gets 7 chances! Any takers?
12. If you see Folan today wish him a happy birthday today.
13. Derek can not seem to get his Twitter followers to stay above 200. Its like a wave - Derek is up Derek is down.
14. Derek thinks guacamole is underrated.
15. Anyone walking down the street with their hands in their pants pockets looks sketchy.
16. Antarctica is the only continent without reptiles or snakes. Seems like the place to be if you are afraid of them bitches.
17. Jeffrey doesn't know the difference between Gerard and Gerald. They are both Gerry though.
18. Trying to refinance is a bigger pain in the ass than originally buying a house.
19. There was a confirmed Welchie sighting this weekend. The kid is alive and well. Always on the go though.
20. Derek is planning on giving up soda.

Here is to fall...lets drink some pumpkin brews.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

TMX week 2

Tmx week 2 review is coming LIVE from the SSSC headquarters which was packed and had lead security Ronin doing double takes all day for crashers including wait-listed Charles Grillo!! He did welcome the 1st guests of the year Susie and Sophie B Hawkins. Ronin couldn't stop humming Damn I wish I was your lover...

Tmx is a fantasy reporting site committed to TRUTH in all reports and exclusive interviews. The Tmx history team was digging in microfiche all day to confirm that this week was indeed a RECORD SETTING WEEK!! That's right 6 of the 10 teams benches outscored their starters including  the team that won the week!! So alarming that Tmx even secured a deep insightful quote from Iggles former owner "Wild week in the nfl" Preach my brother wild it was!!!

The Villenz rode Bush( Reggie that is) to an impressive win bouncing back from last weeks last place finish. The win was just about secured even before Peyton Manning stepped on the field Monday night. Impressive indeed. Mfn has a full fledged qb battle on his hands with Eli going off on the bench only to have RG3 doing the same thing starting, unfortunately the hammy dancers took out both of his running backs costing him a weekly win.  Chrissy knows jailbait but Tmx knows tradebait and one of those two qbs are just that. Get yourself some studs for one of those qbs!! The silent Jerkshots continue to plug away riding Gore and Davis. I cant confirm or deny but rumors are swirling that the management team is still together just not sleeping in the same bed anymore. MungoIBTD was somehow able to shake off Cutler's 4pt dud and finish with a 100 pts thanks to Cj Spillers going off. Is there a qb more suited for a team than Cutler is for MungoIBTD? Cutler just running his mouth knocking up former reality stars is more or less MungoIBTD if he was a pro athlete.

Nutsaway is waiting on that big RunDmc breakout game. How patient will he be? Victor Cruz salsa'd his way to a solid week though to make up for it. Sflabo is working on finding his right combo. The league didnt punish Beastmode for his run ins with the law but apparently Sflabo is and isnt playing him!! Slippery Wizards took a hammy dance and Devils injury cheer to the grill losing Bradshaw and Hernandez and only Roddy White saved  them from the basement.  The White Devils continue to get just enough but no break out games. Last week their number one pick Ray Rice was sat and cost them the week this week he stopped at 99yrds on them. Beachbums must be itching for his usual trade at this point Michael Turner and Ingram on the bench both outscored the starting TWO rbs he had in. Turner then celebrated with an OUI arrest after the game. Beachbums wont wait around check your trade inbox people. DTF got a rare dud from top QB Rodgers and found himself at the bottom of the pack this week.

Tmx's called DTF owner and asked him what he thought went wrong this is the conversation. Hey DTF its TMX what happened to your team this week you put up 77pts?  "Hey Tmx how you doing? Thats a clown question bro. Really Tmx I own and operate my own sea vessel. I'm the captain of a ship. You really think 2 wks is anything to me? TWO WEEKS? Ha.  I havent even left the dock. See what I did there Tmx? Dock? Boat reference? Learn that and your blog will prosper. Thanks for the call but dont worry bout me" Well there you have it. Look for DTF to probably trade his number one pick and bounce back. As is the custom we also called a member of the DTF team to get an inside the locker room take of what happened in week 2.

This week we chose a bench player in keeping with the wild week theme so who better than Big Ben Roethlisberger. Hey Ben its Tmx whats going on? "Oh know dont tell me she called you? What part of consensual dont you people get? Why else would she be in the men's room?" Uhhm Ben this is TMX not that knock off paparazzi rag, we are calling about your fantasy FOOTBALL week. " oh oh my bad. Hey Tmx how are you. You see I outscored Rodgers this week for DTF? Pretty good huh. I want to start and need to start I'm feeling it, me and Wallace clicking double points all night" Easy Ben you're no Rodgers. " well I was this week!! I know some teams out there that need a qb if I get the chance title city baby! I'm out to throw some bombs to Wallace!! later Tmx and disregard that consensual stuff" Later Ben  apparently you always disregard the "consensual stuff" always good to talk to ya!! Now onto this weeks winner Dillion's Villenz who dropped 132.5 on the league this week with a monster effort from this weeks mvp Reggie Bush and solid performances from Foster and Vjax. Funny thing happened when Tmx went to call Villenz, as you know we got no answer last week but this week we were overwelmed with voicemails, emails, tweets, facebook msgs even got a myspace friend request and had Mike Foley drop off an actual mailed letter. Villenz wanted the world to know what a week he had BUT due to time constraints we wont be able to share any of it. We are as you know on a strict word limit at Drunknothings so we will go straight to the call we made to Villenz player we called Larry Fitzgerald. Hey Fitzy its us Tmx how are you old pal? " hey Tmx great to hear from you, not sure why you're calling I had my worst week ever .5pts vs the pats. Did I get traded?" Nah Fitz but you were outscored by everyone should Villenz be shopping you? " well I know I can play better and I know he would never trade me cuz he overvalues his players so I'm not worried. Those dudes on the bench should be cuz I aint giving up my starting spot I dont care who the qb is" Love it Fitzy always a class act better luck this week!! Now onto the record setting Iggles. 229 pts this week is a new record, somewhere Iggles smirks.

QB- E.Manning          36pts     MFN
RB- T.Richardson      32pts     Villenz
RB- W.McGahee        30pts     Nutsaway
WR-H. Nicks              35pts     MFN
WR- D. Bowe             31pts     Villenz
TE-  B.Celek               24pts     Sflabo
K -   E.Hanson             13pts     White Devils
DEF- Packers              28pts      MFN

      Wow. MFN almost singlehandedly won the week for Iggles with Manning and Nicks double pointing for the Iggles!!! Villenz donated a couple of huge weeks as well. Week two and the Iggles are off and running usually people's benches arent producing like this til well into the season, just and indication how wild this year is going. Tmx is here to help and lets start by playing the right players!! Cant blame this on replacement refs people!! Tmx has its ear to the streets and so far there are no trade rumors to confirm or deny hopefully it doesnt stay that way. The injury bug is out there hopefully you can avoid it and if not you can attack the wire!! Good luck in week 3 with more THURSDAY NIGHT ACTION so set your lineups and stay healthy. Tmx out.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Right at it


Okay now that I got that off my chest.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. This whole NHL lockout sucks. Its frustrating that these billionaire owners are not happy making billions(The NHL made 3.2 BILLION last year) they wants to nickle and dime the players. I hope the players stand together and wait these owners out. The owners will start feeling it in their pockets when they aren't selling draft beers for $8.25.
2. If you are looking for a jinx at the Pats game - look no further :

3. I have never seen anything funnier than Chrissy trying to wheel a shopping cart through/into the Quincy Jade Chinese food kitchen WITH A DRUNK GUY IN IT!
4. Jeffrey is in for Foxwoods this Saturday.
5. Who comes to the Beach Comber with $26.00 and expects to be drinking for the night?
6. I always knew the drunk Irish loved chinese food but not so much as to take a taxi from Milton to get it in Quincy.
7. Shaun Larrys wedding invite came and it is fancy. I think Chrissy is still waiting on his.
8. Jeffrey claims he never checks this blog anymore...Hey JEFFREY GO FUCK YASELF!
9. DJ. Brighto goes to court tomorrow for his 3rd DUI case. Lets all pray for him (And his asshole - prison doesnt sound like a good time)
10. Ali Mac apparently goes to Not Your Average Joes a little more than most. 
11. Putting away all my lawn furniture into the garage is like playing a real life game of Tetris.
12. I love going to the meat counter at Roxies and have them cut me something.
13. This cooler weather has my dog all full of piss and vinegar. He has so much energy now.
14. Is it weird that I call my truck RG6? That is what the license plate reads and thats what I call it. 
15. Chrissy knows just about every Pearl Jam song but he couldn't tell you the names of the songs.
16. I know mistakes happen but getting the wrong pizza sucks. 
17. WHO LIKES FRESCA?? I mean anyone?
18. I watched the Hunger Games - that movie blows. I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman - that was pretty decent.

Till Next week and good luck with all your suicide picks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

TMX week 1

Tmx is back for another season with the week 1 recap!! Tmx is a fantasy reporting agency loosely affiliated with the number 6 reporting website on twitter @folandotcom). Tmx is here to  help the teams in ADSL and is committed to 95% TRUTH and accuracy! Week one was a strong week for everyone in the league with the leader getting 129 and the last place team 99 and the rest bunched up in the middle!! Looks like a strong draft by the teams. Mungo is better than Dan took the victory with 129pts! They pulled it out on the monday night game with arch rival Villenz favorite kicker Seabass clinching the win!! Its seems the feud that started last year is continuing and in this particular week Mungo IBTD is Roddy Piper and Villenz is Snuka and Mungo IBTD just shoved the banana down his face and said "you like bananas villenz?" 

The devils looked in place to come away with the win after HOLY ROMO went off  till Ravens coach decided to take it away from them by sitting Ray Rice for an extended period in a blowout. The beachbums were right back at the top with week one MVP Matty Ice slinging it all over the field, no suprise to see the former champs off to a fast start. The Jerkshots who are reported to be in the mist of a takeover with former owner Wes Cash on the outs came out strong with a fourth place showing led by old friend Frank Gore and Brees, hope the management team works out the issues we dont want another Smiddy-Wes Cash situation. Defending champs Slippery Wizards look to be in a championship hangover and is said to be pondering starting Flacco over Brady and team owner reportedly wearing a Wacko for Flacco shirt around town. Sflabohfrw got a solid 105 probably would have challenged for the week had he not made the all Iggles team with a few players. Mfn's week can be described simply as this his kicker outscored his starting qb and his benched qb was 3rd leading scorer in the league in week 1. Nutsaway the Tmx team to beat seemed to be faced with an off week by all players but still got 100pts while sitting Mjd. The villenz had alot of hope going into monday with the DOUBLE POINTS of Rivers to Floyd but a sloppy game and it never materialized he finished in last for the week.  

Tmx as always made the call to the winner and the loser of the week as well as players on those teams in an attempt to help!  First up the winner. Mungo IBTD. Hey Mungo IBTD its Tmx hows its going?  ( lotta of backround noise and an out of breath owner answers) "its good tmx whats up I'm kinda of busy" Yeah you sound it? You at a gym or something? " yup just doing some sparring just in case you know when you're on top everyone looking to take a shot" Geez uhm ok Mungo IBTD what do you think was the key to victory this week? " Tmx is being for real right now? My whole team from the owner on down got a chip on their shoulder and we aint stopping? Tmx you want some of this? (bap bap bap) " Woah Tmx is out good luck next week Stallone. Wow that certainly didnt go as we planned but they sound fired up rest of the league should be on notice! Tmx next call was to old friend of Tmx Brandon Marshall. Hey B-marsh its Tmx whats good? " oh my goodness OH MY GOODNESS!! Tmx how you been? You see me this week? Finally off that Miami team and back with my boy Cutler. I'm so glad Mungo IBTD took me and is giving me the start with Megatron we are best wr tandem in the ADSL!!" Thats a bold statement hope it works out for you. " yo yo Tmx  our locker room is fired up dont lose my number I'll be here all year, B-marsh in your face!" Ok good luck rest of the season. 

The next call we made was to Villenz for the first time in the history of Tmx we got no answer from the owner and here at Tmx all our interviews are unedited and factual so we cant make any conversation up or excuse for Villenz. Sorry and we will work harder. We did however get in touch with a benched Peyton Manning. Hey Peyton its Tmx how you doing? " Tmx yeah yeah heard of you guys whats up? I didnt play this week coach felt Rivers was a better play golly gee guess I'll keep trying" Yeah you seemed gracious, might that be because you know in week 5 Villenz has you and Rivers on a bye week and you're angling for a trade? " oh jeepers Tmx I knew my agent was right and you would bait me into calling Villenz a fool for not taking the RG3 for me trade he was offered. I'm not going to get caught up in your tricks Tmx you crafty sucker. I gotta go me and Denaryus and Decker are working on being the best. Thanks for your time" Hmmm interesting developements at Villenz camp. Now onto the all Iggles team. The all Iggles team is a team of players that former owner of the Iggles would have played. A known fantasy savant there is no way he would have had these players on the bench. 


QB- Robert Griffin III   33pts   MFN
RB- Cj Spiller  29pt     Mungo IBTD
RB   S. Ridley  26pt        Sflabohfrw
Wr-  D. Thomas 24.5     Sflabohfrw
WR- R. Wayne    22.5     Jerkshots
TE-  C. Feener           11pts    Nutsaway
D-    Jets                    22pts   Sflabohfrw
K-    S. Graham   12        Beachbums

 Well looks like Iggles had a great week tOO dropping 180 in the leagues grill. Sflabo was real generous to Iggles this week. Most of the players on the list including honorable mention Adrian Peterson who put up over 20pts this week; don't figure to be back on this list and will be starters from here on out. Also i'm sure somewhere Iggles is smirking ( he dont laugh) at seeing Feener on the list. One of his golden rules is rookie qbs love tight ends and Lucks tight end up there. We added the kicker this year as you can see week one Seabass won the week for Mungo IBTD and Matty Bryant outscored Mfn's qb!! The trend continued on the waiver wire where the top pick was Shayne Graham( you'll find him on the all Iggles) and Blair Walsh was snatched up this week. The rest of the wire had Oggletree, Moore, Pita and Alf picked up to try and fix some draft day errors.  Good luck to all in week two  which begins on Thursday!! Nfl trying to kill fantasy leagues with all these thursday games?? Too much for the waiver wire to adjust to. Tmx OUT.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Its back bitches...

Yes, Football and the Sunday Supper club is back. Lots of no shows this week. Shaun Larry is continuing to the be the busiest man in America. Supah P was MIA. Welchie was no where to be found. Mungo in the Jungle was only answering texts about the suicide pool. MikeyT was taking Vegas for all their cash monies. So it was just Jeffrey, Katie, Scott Hanson(with the Redzone) and I. My neighbor John did stop by but I think the Redzone was too much for him.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Kubera Krawl made $2200 this weekend.
2. Mitchell seems to have misplaced her scooter. I mean why else do you leave the keys in it while you go into a bar.
3. Rio is a hard negotiator.
4. Nothing worse than an ingrown hair that gets infected.
5. No one likes to get blood taken but when you look like a junkie after it looks really bad.
6. People are jumping from cell phone company to cell phone company with these new data plans.
7. My blood pressure is 121 over 77. According to my doctor that's perfect.
8. I can not decide if it is worth trying to refinance or not. Any suggestions.
9. I went out to breakfast for the 1st time in forever and man I forgot how much I enjoyed it.
10. Still waiting on Jeffrey to stop by and help a brother drop in some supply vents.
11. Chrissy spent the whole weekend with some much needed father/daughter time.
12. Now that the Pats have started not one person is mentioning the Red Sox. Heaven forbid you bring them up, people flip their shit. HAA!!
13.  MikeyT still tears up the Vegas buffets.
14. The League doesn't start till 10/11 BLAH!!!
15. Babies love pretzels.
16. Jeffrey listens to Matthew Berry too damn much.
17. Smiddy apparently is going to work in Vegas in March, Bro!
18. Back Seat Lover is playing at the Beach Comber this Saturday if anyone is interested in  going.
19. I haven't heard if Lauren Brady found love yet so she may still be single and ready to mingle fellas.

Hope to see you guys this weekend. Lets tie one on.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Krawl for Kubera

Who is up for a crawl this Saturday?
Just so there is no confusion, the lineup for the Crawl is the following ( as stated on the tshirts): Routes Changed Multiple Times, So Take Note...

1-2:30p Polish Americans Club
2:30-4P Aces High
4-5:30p The Junction
5:30-7P Black Thorne
7-8:30p Sheas Tavern
8:30-10p Cornerstone
10-11:30p Clock Tavern 11:30-C Sports Connection

***Sports Connection is going to have the kitchen open and a DJ there for us as well to end the nite.

Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I have been a little busy with shit in my life so I haven't had any time to blog.

This is what I have learned over the past 2 weeks:
1. People check the blog more regularly than I thought.
2. I can not wait for the Fall.
3. It drives me crazy when people spell my name wrong.
4. If you can't count on your family and friends then who can ya count on?
5.No one likes to be called Cunty eyes.
6. Smiddy got a second driving while texting offense and had his license suspended 45 days and has to go to drunk class?
7. Game on takes Cali licenses as Canadian?
8. I love me some Miller High Life light:
9. Who gets stung by a bee? I fucking did.
10. I have no idea why the hash browns at DD don't get no love.
11. Tiling a floor is harder than it  looks.
12. Never leave your nephew alone with a metal level...he may get a scrape or 2.
13. Mario is making moves for a condo/townhouse.
14. A guy in my fantasy league is dating Traci Bingham, yes the black chick from Baywatch.
15. Chrissy offered Shaun Larry out and I wonder why he isn't invited to the wedding.
16.I heard a rumor FrankBrown is alive and working for Boston Air.
17. Los has a 1965 CJ Cruiser that he is restoring. I am kind of jealous.
18. Mike Layden may be making the trip to Foxwoods on September 22nd.
19. Anyone interested in a suicide pool?  Let me know!
20. Jeffrey still hasn't floated his boat yet but it is registered.
21. I love how quickly everyone has turned on the Sox. It makes the beer lines longer.
22. Auction fantasy drafts are not for everyone.
23. Mikey T is off to Vegas if anyone has any legit bets. Let the man know.
24. Darts starts tonight. I am still officially retired but I will be by from time to time to show my support.
25. I was informed that Storage Wars is fake. They actually stage the items in the lockers... BOOO!
26. Walking a dog for 4 miles every morning, while on vacation, sucks.

I hope everyone has been well. I will update more often.

ADSL Season 7

TMX  is back and coming in with a LIVE report of the ADSL season 7 draft!! The draft took place at an undisclosed location in the armpit of the south shore Quincy. First we will go over who had more important things to do than attend the event of the year, Black Mike was not there and not in a dress despite being part of the losing team, Wes Cash refused to show because of the hurtful words hurled his way last draft apologies may be needed for  him to attend another draft poor thing, Mike Foley was too busy to work as Slippery WIzards gm and  Iggles was not in attendance despite many offers theres still belief he latches on to a team before the year is out coming back like Jordan wearing the 45. 

The board guy was in attendance and came in HOT.  There's a reason  he's number one board guy and the man who brought the world the upside down pick this year added to the legend with the unprecedented upside down off the board pick!!! Best board guy in the game PERIOD also had a  helper!! Dan "Double Threat" Madden was in attendance not only helping the board guy but also helped the oh so angry beer bitch. You come in as beer bitch without a box your setting yourself up to fail and Villenz had a rough day all day which culminated with him legit "offering" out a fellow manager to a fist fight. Cooler heads prevailed or actually the group couldnt get the rules for the betting of "if they fought" down; so by the time that took the fighters lost their will to drop the gloves.  

Mungo and Los's better half also had impacts on the draft. Los wearing a  her dress  and Mungo helping out any team that needed and even pulling of a great late round Mendenhall pick for the Devils when he stepped in to draft that last few rounds.  The team to beat looks to be Skza's high risk combo of Stafford/Schaub and Dmc and Mjd at running back and rejuvinated Gates at tight end. Per usual Sflabohfrw loaded up on running backs with Cam Newton (oh wait he's a qb?) but he got Shady, Fjax, Marshawn and Ridley. Dtf got his qb-wr combo of Rodgers and Nelson. The tight end run started early with MFN taking his crush Jimmy Graham and Mungo is better than dan taking Gronk and then grabbing Winslow despite Winslow being cut!! Defending Champs, Slippery Wizards reached early for Aaron Hernandez to try and strike it rich again with a Brady to tight end combo. Number one picker Villenz rolled the dice with rooking rb Richardson as well as Peyton Manning. Beach Bums loaded up with two top qbs Vick and Ryan and will once again being in the mix all year and possibly make his yearly trade with DTF. Jerkshots under new improved management got the qb-wr combo of  Brees and Colston and made zero calls to the GM. Looks like a new ownership is blooming.  Few things that came out at the draft - Los  had his dress on at 8am and was not very lady-like with his man parts hanging loose and free; Chrissy has a temper problem and fired a pool chalk at Double Threat Madden which left a mark and warranted an apology; Mungo was caught taping conversation and may or may not have sanctions against  him. At one point he stole info from Slippery Wizards and gave it to Sflabo; Dtf promotes and encourages mother beaters; Devils owners actively root for injuries to top players just as hammy dance inventor Wes Cash does; No one made the shot mistake of drafting a player drafted; A 400 dollar tab seemed a little light for the amount of boozing Tmx witnessed;Quincy Jade is legit drunk chinese food;  The season is here and Tmx is ready and is in negotiations with an outside ghost writer which should be interesting.

Stay Tuned and Good luck and health to all!! TMX.