Thursday, April 30, 2009

Funny Video


I got this email from the Bruins today. If anyone wants to try and help out a good cause and help me win then please feel free to sponsor me:

I have raised $270 bucks so far but I know we can do better. You can give as little as $10.00



If I win I will give the tickets to the game to whoever donates the most money to me.

Dear Beard Grower,
With the Bruins advancing to the Eastern Conference Semifinals, it is an exciting time here in Boston and to add a little more excitement to the start of Round 2, we're issuing you a challenge.

The challenge is simple, we'd like to see which beard grower can raise the most funds in a 24 hour time period. The contest officially starts today at noon EST (Thursday, April 30) and concludes tomorrow at noon EST (Friday, May 1). The winner will not only walk away with bragging rights, but will score two tickets to Game 2 and a ride on the Zamboni® during the intermission.

Now is the time to reach out to family, friends and business associates to help us continue to grow as the Bruins continue our quest for the Cup.

Accept the challenge and log on to your profile at and hit “Send to a Friend.”

Lets Grow Bruins!


Have you seen this man around Boston??

Louie from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Brit Brit

EMBED-Britney Spears' Wardrobe Malfunction - Watch more free videos

At least we know she bleeds.


Thought of the day:

"No woman will ever be truly satisfied, because no man will ever have a chocolate penis,that ejaculates money."

Big Shows weekly weigh in:
Start in weight 338 lbs
This weeks weight 323 lbs

I pity the fool

'I pity the fool': Mr. T on jury duty

Who'd expect B.A. Baracus to shirk his civic duty?

Called for jury duty at Cook County Criminal Court, Mr. T didn't disappoint Monday.

Mr. T signed autographs and took pictures with fans when he appeared for jury duty Monday.

The "Rocky III" and "A-Team" star told stories during down time, autographed books and posed for pictures with other potential jurors, county employees -- and the family of the defendant in the case he could have ended up hearing.

"I enjoy doing my civic duty along with my friends I've met," said the Chicago-born actor, 56, motioning to the 20-plus potential jurors who'd been in the room with him for about five hours. "I enjoyed the people that were around me.

"It's not about 'The A-Team;' it's the J-Team -- the jury team."

Ultimately Judge Charles P. Burns dismissed Mr. T and others at 4:32 p.m. when a jury was seated in the drug case.

Sporting camouflage pants, a T-shirt, gym shoes and a longer version of his signature hairstyle, Mr. T -- the only living person besides President Obama to have a Chia pottery figure modeled after him -- carried a matching camo jacket and a gym bag with the logo "Lord's Gym."

"You've got to testify! Tell somebody about it. God is good!" he told an admirer as he tried to leave the building. "I pity the fool that don't get it."

The first at the county building to recognize him as a celebrity was the daughter of the defendant in the case.

Temeka Cartwright recognized Mr. T, born Laurence Tureaud, despite the American flag-patterned bandanna he wore and was quick to ask to snap a photo with him, said her sister Asia, daughter of defendant Sondra Cartwright, who prosecutors say tried to hide illegal drugs during a police raid at her Ida B. Wells apartment building.

She said she didn't know why Mr.T didn't land on the jury.

"My mom would have picked him," she said.

Sondra Cartwright is defending herself in the case.

Like others called for jury duty, Mr. T will collect $17.20 for the day's work.

There was no bad attitude on the part of the actor regarding jury duty.

"If you're innocent, I'm your best man," he said. "But if you're guilty, I pity that fool."

Round 2

Iggles (in Flyers orange):
I know I will regret saying this but making the picks in round 2 seems a whole lot easier than making the picks for the first round. Wound up going 3-1 but I was extremely fortunate to get there….needed the ‘Canes and the Ovechkins to come back from being down 2-3 (1-3 in the case of the Ovechkins) to win both of there series. So lets get right to the picks……

No. 1 Boston Bruins vs. No. 6 Carolina Hurricanes

My gut tells me this is over in 6 with the Bruins controlling the series the whole way. Maybe up 3-1 and the ‘Canes steal game 5 here and then the Bruins wrap it up in Carolina. But the Bruins have been waiting around for almost a week and it is never a good thing to be doing nothing while the other teams are playing….yes you get your rest but you can also lose your timing and rhythm. The Bruins are the better team but they may need a game to get their legs back under them so lets say Carolina pulls off a shocker in game 1 which makes this a nailbiter the rest of the way. Bruins in 7.

No. 2 Washington Oveckins vs. No. 4 Pittsburgh Crosbys

OV-1 you are exciting to watch on the highlight reel but can I please remind you that you have to play defense sometimes. Too many shots by Ovechkin and lazy play in the defensive end will give Pittsburgh another chance to play in the Eastern Conference finals. I just can’t see how Washington can keep up with Penguins…..they are too deep and too talented. And then add on top of it their goaltending is better this one is really a no brainer. Penguins in 6.

Now onto my picks(Bruins Black):

I know that I reached on the St. Louis pick but damn A SWEEP?? Ain't that a bitch!! By the way how do the Flyers lose game 7 up by 3 goals?? I went 2-2 for the 1st round and I am currently down to effing Iggles. What a way to start MY work week. The Ducks are riding high. The Blackhawks are showing grit and determination. Are they on a collision course for the Western Conference finals?? Not if Vancouver and Detroit have anything to say about it.

No. 2 Detroit Red Wings vs No. 8 Anaheim Ducks

Last round I knew the Ducks were on a roll but to take out the team with the best record in the NHL? I didn't know that's how they were rolling. I highly doubt that lightning can strike twice so I am taking the Red Wings in 6. The Wings are just to deep and too fast.

No. 3 Vancouver Canucks vs No. 4 Chicago Black Hawks

The Black Hawks are a feel good story, original 6 team, lots of young talent...wait a cotton-picking-minute they sound like the Bruins of the West. Except the B's have more depth, more veteran leadership and best of all a better goalie. But this isn't about the Black Hawks versus the Bruins just yet. Roberto Luongo and the Canucks look to battle but if I took the Blues in round one so you know I am taking the Hawks in round 2. Black Hawks in 7 games

Second-Round Predictions(Experts picks)

The pressure is off Boston, who had to win a playoff round in order to escape the fate of San Jose and Calgary. They have progressed, and aren't too far away from challenging for the Stanley Cup.
But this is the end of the line. Like Anaheim, Carolina has won it before and knows what it takes to win the big one. Cam Ward knows what it takes to win and has already met the major challenge of Martin Brodeur.
At one time Carolina looked like it would not make the playoffs, but since then has been the hottest team in the NHL, beating teams in pressure situations that had more talent than they had.
I don't care that Boston has won all four regular-season games this season, this is not the same Carolina team they faced before. The Hurricanes will win four games to two.

Washington escaped from the last round thanks to superior talent—and the unexpected blessing of having Jose Theodore play so poorly in the first game that he was replaced by Simeon Varlamov, who provided big-league playoff goaltending.
A position that was supposed to be a weakness turned into a strength and a Washington goaltender actually won the final game for the team after they were being outplayed in the first 30 minutes.
This series could go either way, and common sense tells me to take Pittsburgh—especially because Washington plays like San Jose at times. But now that they are getting good goaltending, I'm going to take Washington. Ovechkin won't want to be outplayed by Crosby and Malkin in a direct confrontation, and somehow Washington will win four games to three.

I like how Vancouver went for the jugular and put away St. Louis, a team that played very well, despite its untried, low-talent roster, and could have been a real problem if allowed to hang around.
I was also impressed by the way the untried, young Blackhawks beat Calgary, refusing to quit even when they were behind in the score. They also got great goaltending from Nikolai Khabibulin, one of the few goaltenders like Cam Ward who has won the big one and knows what it takes to do it again.
Roberto Luongo wants to join him in that status. Vancouver is a much better team defensively and played at a higher level during the stretch run, while Chicago alternated between good and bad. Chicago has a better offense, but Vancouver has a better defense and has home ice.
It would not be an upset if Chicago won, but Vancouver will win a tough series four games to three.

The Red Wings weren't tested by Columbus, and are still the team to beat in the NHL. They will have a tougher time against Anaheim, a team that, like themselves, has won the big one and showed in the first round that they are a force to be reckoned with—especially if they hit the way they did against the San Jose Sharks.
The Ducks' goaltending and defense are as good as Detroit's, but the Red Wings have more top forwards than Anaheim who won't disappear like Joe and Patrick. Anaheim can win this series, but Detroit will do it four games to two.


I am back and fully rested. I went a full 6 days without turning on a computer and it felt pretty damn good.

Vegas was a blast. Fun in the sun. Betting on any and all sports. Buffets up the ass. Hanging out with good friends. Everything was great except for the ass whooping I took at the tables on days 3 and 4. Oh well you win some you lose some.

I honestly thought that I would come back and write some huge elongated diatribe since I have been gone for so long but I just don't have it in me. I still have to do my hockey picks today too.

Things I learned in Vegas:
1. 90 degrees hot out there is not the same 90 degrees hot here.
2. Even if you play Black Jack by the book, to the T, without any flaws. You will still take some bad beats.
3. Everyone is for the most part happy and personable out there.
4. You can tell who is in Vegas for the 1st time by there crazy outfits.
5. Nothing is funnier than the never ending walk of shames.
6. Chuck Liddel paints his toe nails all types of weird colors.
7. Learning new casino games is expensive but yet fun.
8. Telling your friends you're going to Vegas; they all assume your getting engaged/eloping.
10. My brother, Mungo, is really effing tapped.
11. Getting asked not to drink is one thing but this is just funny:

12. Renting a cabana is 100% worth every penny.
13. They are cleaning up old Vegas - it's still sketchy just not as grimy.
14. Traveling home is an all day event.
15. Koreans are mean.
16. Always try to hit the Buffet before the changeover. Breakfast/lunch at 10:30 Lunch/dinner at 2ish
17. Always ask for doubles from any casino waitress; tip accordingly.
18. Dancers while you gamble is crazy/fun/weird.
19. Team roulette is better than playing solo.
20. Massages at the table are great.

I'm sure there is more I learned but damn it if I don't remember at this time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the stay at the Luxor. It was a whole lot better than I had anticipated. Chris and Jimmy at the Cabana hooked us up with some good picks for the sports book. The MGM is still my favorite place to gamble and yet they took all my money yet again. The NY NY is way over rated. I think that I won't step foot in that place again. The new Planet Hollywood is great. The lady dealers wear corsets and have their boobies showing all over the place - 100000% better than the Aladdin. The Party Pit at Excalibur is basically a strip show. The Excalibur on the other hand is a Zoo and that's what I was and will continue to call it. The Hooters Casino is basically a Hooters restaurant with some ghetto 3 dollar black jack tables and college kids running around. The Flamingo smells and feels like old vegas/bowling alley.

The Bruins are set to play the Carolina Whalers starting this Friday. Here is the 2nd round schedule:
Fri May 1, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Sun May 3, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Wed May 6, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:30 PM
Fri May 8, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:30 PM
Sun May 10, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins 7:30 PM
Tue May 12, 2009 Bruins @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM
Thu May 14, 2009 Hurricanes @ Bruins TBD

The Celtics/Bulls series is too tight for my liking. Three out of the Five games have gone to overtime. I hope they can wrap up the series tomorrow in Chicago.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet Ride

First revealed as a concept car two years ago at the same show, the C8 Aileron finally saw its final design: production version was revealed today at the Geneva Motor Show. The first cars are being built now with customer production and deliveries starting in May 2009.

C8 Aileron is powered by a Audi 4.2 litre V8 engine, delivers 400 bhp and will be available with two transmission alternatives. The first one is a 6-speed Getrag manual gearbox, with ratios perfectly matched to the V8 engine. This is joined by a ZF 6-speed automatic gearbox, which comes standard with paddle shifts behind the steering wheel, to progress smoothly through the ratios. It makes the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 4.5 seconds and can hit a top speed of 187 mph.

My dream car is an Aston Martin this looks a little like a rip off of it but it sure is pretty.

Playoff Scenarios for the Bruins

I know to some it seems that the Bruins season may have ended because we havent played in almost a week. After tonight here is what the 2nd round scenario looks like and who the Bruins will be facing in their quest for the cup:

If the Rangers beat the Capitals, the Bruins will face the Rangers.

If the Rangers lose to the Capitals and the Hurricanes beat the Devils, the Bruins will face the Hurricanes.

If both the Rangers and Hurricanes lose, the Bruins will face the Penguins.

Quote of the Week!!

"Until someone proves it different, the Patriots are still the place to go if you're searching for that title year in and year out"

--Heath Evans

G.I.W.L.T.F. Week 11

This weeks lovely lady is Jennifer Ellison.

What a weekend

So what a weekend was it...Not only was I in Vegas, saw Skills from One Tree Hill, Quest Crew and CHUCK LIDDELL (photo of me and katie K with him will be updated later on) Heidi and Spencer got married and Bea Arthur died.
Here are some of the stories....
Skills from OTH
There he was at the Luxor gambling not even 10 days after his BUST!I am still going to pretend that he is not a criminal and he is the Skills that we love dearly from good old One Tree.
April 16) - 'One Tree Hill' cast member Antwon Tanner was arrested today in connection with a Social Security card scheme. The New York Post reports that the actor, who recently turned 34, is accused of "knowingly and intentionally" transferring Social Security cards last year "with intent to defraud."

Next.....Here is a video of Quest Crew, they were the last winners of that MTV Show Americas Best Dance Crew...They were hanging at the pool and performed at LAX...

Five months after eloping in Mexico, Hills stars Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have said "I do" again.

Montag, 22, and Pratt, 25, wed in front of more than 200 guests Saturday at 4 p.m. at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Calif., has confirmed. (A skywriter above the church wrote "Spencer Loves Heidi" numerous times in the clouds before the ceremony.)

"Today Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt joined hands in marriage during an afternoon ceremony at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA," said Rick Rhodes, a rep for the couple. "Dr. Twining F. Campbell served as pastor in front of 200 family and friends. Afterwards, the newlywed couple enjoyed an intimate reception at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA." Montag -- who was draped in close to $1.2 million in Neil Lane jewels -- wore a custom-made, $19,000 Monique Lhuillier dress. Her father walked her down the aisle.
Her sister, Holly, served as maid of honor. Pratt's sister, Stephanie, was also a bridesmaid in the ceremony. Pratt wore an Ermenegildo Zegna suit, as did all of his groomsmen.
His niece, Ava, was the flower girl. Both Pratt and Montag didn't shed any tears during the ceremony, a guest tells Us. They also didn't say their own vows; the minister did.
In addition to Pratt's family, all four of Montag's parents were present - including her mother, Darlene Egelhof, who initially opposed the couple eloping in Mexico last November.
Lauren Conrad, who initially said she would not attend, had a change of heart and showed up, along with Brody Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole, Audrina Patridge, Frankie Delgado, Kristin Cavallari and Lauren "Lo" Bosworth. The ceremony was filmed for their MTV show.
Music producers David Foster and Cathy Dennis -- who worked with Montag and also produced Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" -- were also present.
"This is going to be the best day of my life," Montag wrote on her Twitter page. "Thank you God for Spencer." She also said her wedding dress was "amazing – like a swan princess."
On Friday, the couple held a rehearsal dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Beverly Hills hotspot, Cut.
Their wedding Saturday was wholly different from the casual ceremony they had in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last November.Pratt said it was "totally spur of the moment" when he and Montag exchanged vows with $8 rings they picked up on their trip.
Still, Montag told Us, "The minute we said our vows, I couldn't stop crying."
Outraged that they secretly eloped, Montag’s mother told Us Weekly at the time that she gave their marriage "six months."
Montag and Pratt planned to make the Mexican wedding official with a trip to the Beverly Hills courthouse — but Pratt had a change of heart at the last minute. Montag, he said, always wanted a traditional wedding with family and friends and a simple, courthouse ceremony didn't feel right.
"I just want to give you the wedding of your dreams that you have been talking about for three years," he said on The Hills season 4 finale last December. "I'll deal with it. It's worth it to be with you the rest of my life. We'll do it the way you want, I'm sorry, I love you so much."
Despite the controversy over the couple, their pal Patridge tells Us the two are made for each other.
"They've been together for so long, and they are two peas in a pod," she tells Us. "I mean, they are Heidi and Spencer! I can't see either of them with anyone else. Heidi loves him."

A moment of silence for Bea Arthur please! May she RIP......Bea Arthur,86,passed away on Saturday after a battle with cancer. Bea was surrounded by her family and friends. Arthur, best known for her roles of Dorothy Zbornak in the Golden Girls and in Maude. She was so funny with her one liners and she definitely will be missed!!

Last...what do you think of Kimmie K's trick on Sunday?? She twittered to everyone that she has a major change that she wanted to show everyone. Later in the day she reveled a lighter, blonder hairdo....Only to trick us because it was a you prefer her as a blonde or a brunette?

Megan Fox Shows Off 22-Inch Waist

Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Update

WOW...WOW...WOW.......what a great sports weekend! We had the NBA and NHL Playoffs, the Yankees were in town, an absolutely incredible finish at Talladega....oh and by the way, in case you hadn't heard, the NFL had its draft this weekend.

I freely admit that the NBA probably ranks 5th or 6th on my 'MUST WATCH' scale but this Bulls/Celtics series is FANtastic. You have Ray Allen dropping in 3's like he did back in his Milwaukee days, Ben Gordon and Derrick Rose have been absolutely amazing. Yesterday's double overtime game was one of the better games I've seen in a long time, this whole series has been entertaining.....Game 7 will be Saturday night better go ahead and clear your schedules now.

The NHL playoffs have been even more entertaining. We have 2 game 7's tomorrow night so my boys OV-1 and Brind'Amour better show up. I haven't had Yuengling in a real long time so I need you boys to pull these series' out for me. One more thing...can I give you some advice Mr. Tortorella? It's probably not a good idea to bench one of your players for playing 'undisciplined hockey' and then turn around and throw water bottles and threaten fans with a stick. Not the best way to gain the respect of your players. I'm not talking about my Flyers except to say if you blow a 3-0 lead in the first period of the playoffs you deserve to be sent home for the summer. UN-FREAKING-BELIEVABLE! I don't think my blood pressure returned to a normal level until Sunday morning.

The Yanks/Sox? I'll be honest and tell you I didn't watch a single pitch in the series. So I only have 2 things to say about it: Doesn't matter if it's April, August, or October....a sweep of the Yankees is always enjoyable...and Jacoby I salute you! Not only did you legitimately steal home plate but tripping into your head first slide was an instant classic!

I can't explain it......I know that the NFL Draft is one of the most over-hyped events of the year. Of the 256 players drafted every year how many of these guys actually become stars? Maybe 10? 15 at the most. How many even stay in the league longer than 2 years? And what do I every year when the draft starts? I sit there and watch the whole thing.....I can't explain it I just keep watching and watching and watching. We can try and talk about who had a great draft and who had a bad draft but lets be honest.....there is not one person on the planet that truely knows. Talk to me 3 years from now and we can discuss who had a good draft.

I told you Friday and I know none of you listened. The race at Talladega is a can't miss race...even if you watch the last hour you won't regret it. And could we stop the complaining about how it's unsafe and the fans are in danger at this track. They are going 205 MPH.....of course it's not safe. The same people that complain about NASCAR crashes are the same ones that want to remove fighting from hockey. Listen people it is one of the reasons we watch so cut the shit!

Im Back!!

After a week of being sick and out of touch with society, I just wanted to let everyone know that RIO is back and doing well. I am not sure what happened, it was either SARS, Swine Flu, or the gift that keeps on giving. Ok in honesty I was stricken with a stomach bug and let me tell ya it was something else. I will be doing two quotes this week since I did'nt post anything last week. I watched alot of hockey last week and then the draft over the weekend, and the Pats always confuse the shit out of me but it always seems to work out for the best somehow for them. So as I caught up on the blog this morning, it seems things are getting interesting around here since last week: 1. Deegan with all this baby talk, 2. Smiddy was on a sabattical for 2 weeks and he looks refreshed, and alot more relaxed than he has in the past month, and lastly 3. Derek and his wife are in Vegas with the kids just enjoying life and living the dream. Back to the grind..

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot Girls

These are 2 random hot girls i stumbled on today while surfing the web. I do not who they are, where there from, or anything about them. What I do know is that they are hot.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Update

I’m calling BULLSHIT! Mr. Booze, Katie K, StyleGal, and MJT all in Vegas together conducting the blogs Board of Trustees meeting, leaving me and ChiefDude to run the blog. Are you serious? Under no circumstances should myself or ChiefDude be in charge of anything…..let alone keeping the blog updated. And why was I not invited to the meeting? Complete and utter bullshit.

So against my better judgement I’ll give this a try. The first item up for business is the rumor that ChiefDude is pulling the plug on his G.I.W.L.T.F. posting. I for one am 100% against this idea…..I love the G.I.W.L.T.F. and look forward to it every week. Personally I would like to see some ladies that I’ve never seen before….maybe throw in a little oversees action. But I’ll take what I can get as long we keep getting fresh pics!

Next item is this baby situation. My life is quickly spiraling out of control…..negotiations are on going between myself and Mrs. Iggles but we are still far apart in our demands. This whole thing makes no sense to me…..why in the world would anyone want to have kids. They are expensive, loud, time consuming, dirty, they smell bad, and it really looks painful. And on top of that I don’t know one person who has kids that is actually happy. All of you parents are miserable and then what makes it worse is you all lie and say it’s the best thing that ever happened to you. I’m convinced this whole ‘it’s the best thing that ever happened to me’ bullshit is a trick to get the rest of us to experience your misery. I for one am not falling for it!

Now for the weekend. It’s going to be sunny and 80 degrees all weekend and I plan on spending maybe a total of 2 hours (I need my smoke breaks!) outside. On Saturday you have the Flyers/Penguins Game 6 that starts at 3pm…the NFL Draft starts at 4pm….Sox/Yankees start at 4pm….plus some NBA Playoff action! On Sunday we have the conclusion the NFL Draft and then NASCAR is at Talladega this week. I know many of you aren’t NASCAR fans but trust me this is the best race of the year. At the very least tune in for the last hour….you are guaranteed to see 3 major wrecks. FANNNNNTASTIC!

We’ll try to do some updates during the weekend…as well as any breaking news from the Board of Trustees meeting. And by breaking news I mean who wound up spending the night in jail and who wound up taking some stranger back to their room for some after hours action.

Summer Fun

Summer is right around the corner, these pieces of art should be an inspiration to all who enjoy the beach, maybe you could design your on sand castle!!!!


Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Force has gone to her Brain

The force is with Jedi British police
27 mins ago

LONDON (AFP) – A police officer in Scotland has confessed to following the Jedi faith beloved of Star Wars film fans, respected policing analysis group Jane's reported Thursday.

Pam Fleming, a 45-year-old beat officer in Glasgow for Strathclyde Police, said that she thought all police officers "should be Jedis," when interviewed by Jane's Police Review.

"For me, it is not a joke," she said. "Being a Jedi is a way of life.

"I love the Star Wars films and the concept of being a Jedi, that the faith is not divisive."

Fleming said she knew of other Jedis in Strathclyde Police -- the force apparently has eight in total.

According to Britain's Office for National Statistics, a total of 390,000 people in England and Wales listed their religion as Jedi in the most recent census in 2001. Scotland has a reported 14,000 followers.

But it noted that this may have been largely due to an Internet campaign launched in the run-up to the census. Jedi followers are grouped under atheist.

I don't really know what to say to this I guess im torn. For starters I like star wars but I think this lady has to be a little crazy. I mean she takes it as a way of life how easy is it to influence this crazy bitch next thing you know she problerly joins the Hitler youth and you have a dilema on your hands. Please tell me she does not get to keep her job.

Chinese PD

Chinese police training manual offers tips on the best way to beat up offenders
A Chinese law enforcement agency has been using a training manual which advises officers on how to use violence without leaving incriminating evidence behind.

By Malcolm Moore in Shanghai
Last Updated: 12:02PM BST 23 Apr 2009

At the end of March, several thousand people in Nanchong, in Sichuan, rioted after a Chengguan officer seriously injured a student Photo: REUTERS
"In dealing with the subject, take care to leave no blood on the face, no wounds on the body, and no people in the vicinity," states the manual, entitled Practices of City Administration Enforcement.

The book was reportedly designed as a training guide for the Chengguan, a type of police force that is charged with targeting anyone it feels is disrupting the peace, ridding China's cities of illegal street hawkers and unlicensed taxi cabs, and checking permits.

Chengguan are widely reviled in China, and their heavy-handed methods frequently result in serious injuries or death. At the end of March, several thousand people in Nanchong, in Sichuan, rioted after a Chengguan officer seriously injured a student.

Three years ago in Shanghai, Chengguan officers beat Li Binghao, a 39-year-old man who intervened in a dispute, to death, according to Xinhua, the state news agency. "Officials who use violence are rarely investigated or held accountable," said the goup China Human Rights Defenders in reference to the Chengguan.

According to the Southern Metropolis Daily newspaper, an official with the Beijing municipal bureau of city administration and law enforcement confirmed that the training manual was genuine and had been used in official training sessions.

Several portions of the book were leaked onto the internet and have caused a furore. "Who put it up on the net? How did internal material come to be discussed outside?" the unnamed official asked the newspaper.

The published sections of the manual explain that officers must quell any dispute swiftly. "Without letting go of the subject, several officers shall act together and in a single move take the individual under bodily control," it said. "Each action must be effective so as not to give the subject any pause for breath."

The manual also told officers they should not consider whether they are a physical match for the subject or whether they could harm the subject. "You must become a resolute law enforcer staunchly protecting the dignity of city administrative regulations," it reportedly said.

Zhao Yang, a junior officer in Nanjing told the Southern Metropolis Daily: "These things used to be spread by word of mouth, but now they're out in the open. Things like how to protect yourself and how to hit people."

In Shanghai, hawkers said they had heard of several cases of abuse by the Chengguan, who they described as generally uneducated thugs. Chen Juan, a 28-year-old hawker who sells trinkets and hairbands, said: "They are different throughout the city. The ones near the centre of town are very violent. They do not always beat you up, but they intimidate us and usually confiscate and stomp on our goods. I was once chased down the street by a gang of them and that left me quite rattled."

However, another vendor, who asked not to be named, said it was easy to "play the game", suggesting that casual bribery took care of most problems.

"The problem is that many hawkers are doing this because they have nothing else. So when the Chengguan confiscate their goods, they put up a fight. That's why they get beaten up."

See now that's what im talking about. People in general should know right from wrong. break the law get your ass beat and go to jail. Now i know people are probably like whoa slow down we have rights....well fuck you obey the law and you won't find yourself in these positions show Mr. popo the proper respect and you can have a positive encounter with law enforcement that is unless your in China then no matter what your getting your ass kicked so behave bitches........

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Go B's Go

Usually I post the Wanna B's list on Fridays but since I am gonna be partying it up in Vegas, I will post today.

1. Billy Costa (Kiss 108s own radio personality)
2. Justin Phelps
3. Chuck Tofuri
4. Brian Ryan
5. Aiden Kelly
6. Nora Mitchell
7. William J Smiddy
8. Brian Folan
9. Joe Rene - A Haitian
10. Padriag Calnan - owns a Sid the Kid Jersey and Ovechkin shirt
11. John "Phil Housley" Brewer
12. Kristine Young
13. Dan "Gary" Madden
14. Jason Milligan
15. Bobby Freeman - wants on the bandwagon
16. Lenny Graff
17. Walter Pratt
18. FrankBrown
19. Dale Arnold
20. Bill Simmons
21. William Wusteny
22. Michael Toomajanian
23. Andrew Sousa
24. Tim Barrett
25. Pete "the Meat" Shepard
26. The writers at the Boston Herald
27. The Staff at Conner Larkin - how do you turn off a Bruins game tied 3-3
28. Ed Media Jim
29. Michael Felger - Trade Phil Kessel for Vinny Lecavlier and his 85 mil?
30. William Graham
31. Larry Mastrangelo
32. ChiefDude
33. Joe Smiddy - Sabres Fan trying to get on the band wagon. Bills Uncle
34. Charles Ferlauto
35. Staff at The Place - how do you turn a game off in the 2nd period and then back on for the shoot out?
36. Mark Hetnik
37. John Roccio
38. Starbucks Joe
39. Stephen Harris
40. Ross McKeon - Yahoo! Sports
41. Thomas Gerard Kelly
42. Leroy Lynch
43. Greg Leblanc - Thanks to Bobby Freeman
44. Thomas Desseres
45. SPH - trying to sell the "hot ticket"
46. Ken KNowens
47. Kyle Higginsbossom - Thanks Ozzface Killer
48. Jared Rowland
49. John Hegarty - his name is Phil Kessel not PETE Kessel
50. Olympia Sports - 1/2 rack of Bruins apparel and 4 racks of Yankees shit
51. JP
52. Steve Conroy
53. Joe Martell
54. David Spellman
55. P500 Train conductor
56. Stop & Shop: You can't start selling pictures of Timmy, Chara, and Bourque with only 9 games left before playoffs!
57. Thomas J. Newton
58. Thomas Lundrigan Jr
59. Charles V. Grillo
60. Matt Siegel
61. Lids - $5.00 fucking Bruins hats to make way for Sox apparel
62. William Gaudet
63. Bob Delaney
64. Timmy Carrier Corp
65. Steve O'toole
66. Chris Leaden
67. Mrs. Iggles
68. Mark Reagan

The list grows more and more each day.
If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name. The B's band wagon you are either on it OR UNDER IT!

Earth day

Today is Earth day. Whipdeefucking do. Shouldn't every day really be Earth day? We should focus on celebrating it everyday and not just once a year. Maybe we could get a petition together and have Happy Day, Smack-a-ho Day, Get drunk at work Day, or Piss in your Pants day. Whats the difference??

Im heading out to Vegas tomorrow so I won't be blogging for a few days. I should be back late on Monday night so the video of the week will be up late too. I am confident that Rio, Big Show, CheifDude and Iggles can keep you posted with new updates materials. Hell they may suprise us all and write a rant, a rave or some other piece about whats going on in thier lives. Congrats on the baby talk, Iggles. Now you only need to slip 2 past the goalie to have as many as the Cheifdude!

I Hate Gary pulled out another win last night, 8-3. The player of the week was Sean "Supah P" Meehan. Came up with 3 huge wins when the team needed it. No Bigshow and no Jeffrey but still we put some distance between us and the 4th place team.

Why don't banks utilize Coinstar? I mean can't they have it attached to the ATM? I put in my PIN, dump all my change into it and it goes into my savings/checking account? Seems pretty simple yet brilliant to me. Doesn't have to be every branch just a few. How do we get this rolling?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Police: Sword waving ninja attempted robbery in MA

WEYMOUTH — Police say a man dressed liked a ninja used a sword in an attempt to rob a Weymouth dry cleaner.

According to police, a convenience store clerk called police Monday after she noticed a man walking into the store wearing a ski mask and a sword in a sheath on his belt. Police said when the man noticed her, he pulled his mask off and asked if she was calling about him.

When she said she was, police said the man left the store and walked into nearby Galaxy Cleaners.

There, police said he pointed a sword at the register and asked a clerk to give him all of the money inside. Police said he left after she told him she couldn’t open the drawer.

Police are still searching for the man, who witnesses said appeared to be in his late 20s.

Those fucking Ninja's must be feeling the recession too. I mean Ninja's having to rob people damn.


Rihanna Spotted With Andrew Bynum

It looks like Rihanna is moving on from Chris Brown. Rihanna was spotted at Mastro's Steakhouse in Beverly Hills on Friday dining with Los Angeles Lakers player Andrew Bynum.

"They looked very couple-y, sitting real close to each other in the car," a source told X17.

This is the first time the 21 year old singer has been spotted on a date with someone since the whole incident with Chris Brown happened.

Ever since the February 8 incident, which has left Brown charged with two felonies, he's been an unpopular figure with many.

Late Saturday night, Rihanna attended a party for LA Clipper Baron Davis at MyHouse. The party was being deejaed by DJ Cobra, who let it be known how he felt about Rihanna's former flame, Brown.

"He played a pre-recorded sound-bite over a beat that said, 'Chris Brown should get his ass kicked,' a source told the National Enquirer. "The crowd went wild."

Fun Photos

can you see the kissing couple?

can you see the ten faces?


The kid did it, he shaved off his goatee and is now rocking his stache. This is a whole month before the 2nd Annual Mustache Pubcrawl.


Shaving the stache:


See you all Saturday May 16th at the Mustache Pub Crawl.

I made it...

I feel like I ran a fucking Marathon. Did anyone catch the bus that hit me?

This pretty much sums up yesterday.

Yes that dude was passed out, right outside of Jilians. Gotta love 11am Sox games.

Things I learned this weekend:
1. The new hot dogs at Fenway are really good.
2. Jeffrey looks like he has been living in a cave. The kid has a Jesus beard and hair cut.
3. What kind of fan trades his teams shirt for a beer? A Canadian Fan! Front running fucks.

4. DJ's at the Garden turns into a night club on Saturday nights. With legit table service and shit. You should stop on by some saturday night.
5. Three Boston sports teams all playing on the same day twice in the same weekend is too much for my wallet to handle.
6. Chewy Sprees are the shit!
7. Bud Light is not as bad as I previously thought. Miller lite on the other hand still sucks.
8. Popeyes chicken is 10000000000000000000000000000% better than KFC.
9. Ken Casey and Scruffy Wallace from the Drop Kick Murphys are also participating in the beard-a-thon. Help raise money for a good cause.
10. Switching from beer to shots to Captain and Coke is a recipe for disaster.

Thats all I have at this time. My brain is not yet functioning properly.


He started off at 338 lbs.

Current weight 327 lbs.

Monday, April 20, 2009

G.I.W.L.T.F. Week 10

This week's lovely lady is Marrisa Miller

Miss USA 2009

So there was some drama at this years Miss America pageant. Apparently Miss California had a hard question about same sex marriage, and she does not believe in it. Then Miss North Carolina gets an easy question about should the government be using tax payer money on bail outs, and she replies no. Hmmmm that's a no brainier any ways Miss NC wins. 1st off I believe marriage is between a man and a woman. that is my opinion if you don't like it fuck off I am entitled to my own opinion just like the gays are. Any how the real reason for this post is I don't think it really mattered who won these two women appear to be clones so whats the big deal? Left is Cali, right is NC. either one could be on the G.I.W.L.T.F. post i wouldn't even know the difference there both equally hot.

Marathon Monday

Good luck to everyone running today.

Sox at 11am
Bruins at 7pm
Celtics at 7pm

Long Long day of boozing today.

Im off to the Sox game see ya all tomorrow.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is Sexy

Here is a question that no one will ever have the same answer to. It all depends on the person's point of view. If I had to put what I find sexy in someones looks the best way to sum it up would have to be Monica Bellucci she is my definition of SEXY

Transfomers 2

So here are the pics of the actual character The Fallen in the new transformers, and he looks fucking awsome no idea what he transforms into. Also the character list of the new movie. Also found the new trailer today for all to view.

What are the Chances

Miss. woman gets shot in head, but makes tea
By JAY REEVES, Associated Press Writer Jay Reeves, Associated Press Writer
Fri Apr 17, 9:02 pm ET

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – A Mississippi woman who was shot in the head not only survived but made herself tea and offered an astonished deputy something to drink, authorities said Friday. Tammy Sexton, 47, remained hospitalized three days after being wounded by her husband, who killed himself after he shot his wife. A bullet struck her squarely in the forehead, passed through her skull and exited through the back of her head, authorities said. She is expected to fully recover.

"There's no way she should be alive other than a miracle from God," said Sheriff Mike Byrd of Jackson County, Miss.

Byrd said deputies were looking for Sexton's husband, Donald Ray Sexton, earlier in the week to give him a document ordering him to stay away from his wife. Court records show he was put on probation for six months on April 9 for domestic violence.

He showed up at their home in rural Jackson County in Southeast Mississippi about 12:10 a.m. Tuesday and confronted his wife as a relative ran next door to call police, the sheriff said.

"She was at her bed, and he shot her right in the head," Byrd said. "Then he went out on the back porch and shot himself."

A deputy was greeted by the woman when he arrived minutes after she was shot with the slug from a .380-caliber handgun.

"When the officer got there she said, `What's going on?' She was holding a rag on her head and talking. She was conscious, but she was confused about what had happened," he said. "She had made herself some tea and offered the officer something to drink."

Byrd said the bullet apparently passed through the lobes of the woman's brain without causing major damage. She was rushed to a Mobile hospital by a helicopter.

While such cases may be rare, a neurosurgeon who wasn't involved in Sexton's case said such an outcome is possible. Medical journals also confirm people have been shot in the head with little or no lasting injury.

"There is a space in the brain where a missile could pass without doing any major damage. Is it possible? Yes. It would be rare," said Dr. Patrick Pritchard, an assistant professor of surgery at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

The sheriff called the case bizarre.

"You just don't hear of something like this. Somebody gets shot in the head and they're dead," Byrd said.

See this is why I could never kill myself that shit would happen to me I just know it. How fucking lucky is this lady her crazy ass husband tries to kill her, successfully kills himself. This lady needs to buy a lottery ticket because there is no one luckier I mean it went dead center through her forehead WOW.


Damn you Jeff Carter…..DAMN YOU! But before I get into this let me just tell you I knew I was doomed at the drop of the puck. I was looking forward to the Flyers/Pens game all day. I knew the Flyers would play better in Game 2 and I had a real good feeling they were going to even up the series at 1-1.

Got home around 6:40 which gave me just enough time to get dinner together and sit down in front of the TV. Mrs. Iggles was blabbing away about her brothers baby (delivery date in mid-August) or some shit….I don’t know I wasn’t really paying attention. Blah…blah…blah…..does she really think I’m paying attention 20 minutes before the game starts? I mean seriously, I’ve been looking forward to this game all day!

At the exact moment the puck is dropped for the first period these words come out of Mrs. Iggles mouth…….’I want to have a baby.’

Uggghhhhh…..are you freaking kidding me! I’m home all weekend and you have to say that right as the puck is being dropped? I need to be on my ‘A’ game when ducking out of these kinds of conversations. I think she knew I was distracted and thought she’d catch me with my guard down. So I did what any self-respecting guy would do….I just pretended like I didn’t hear her and kept watching the game. Who cares if I had to sleep on the couch last night… least I got to watch the game.

Now for the game…I really don’t want to talk about the empty net Jeff Carter missed to clinch the game. To keep me from throwing the computer across the room it would be best if I just don’t talk about it. But a 5 on 3 overtime power play in the playoffs? I thought there were rules against that? I’ve seen guys lose a limb in overtime and not get called a penalty.

I thinks that is enough for now…..I need to figure out my game plan for the rest of the weekend. Gotta avoid this ‘baby’ situation like the plague!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Quote of the Week!!

The quote this week has to go to my dad, who is a court officer at BMC court. He told Derek, Mike and myself last night at the Bruins game that "if you guys get arrested I'll get you guys some extra milk and sandwiches, but no sodas while in lockup."

What a great guy that Big Bob is..

Dominos anyone?

Domino's Prankster A Sex Offender
Woman in shocking video pleaded guilty to illicit act with girl, 14

APRIL 16--The woman who filmed herself and a co-worker as they joked about contaminating food at a Domino's Pizza in North Carolina is a registered sex offender who last year pleaded guilty to engaging in an illicit act with a 14-year-old girl. Kristy Hammonds, 31, and Michael Setzer, 32, were arrested yesterday and charged with delivering prohibited foods after a video surfaced showing Setzer preparing sandwiches while putting cheese up his nose, passing gas on salami slices, and appearing to blow his nose on the food. While this was occurring, Hammonds filmed Setzer and provided commentary such as, "In about five minutes it'll be sent out on delivery where somebody will be eating these, yes, eating them, and little did they know that cheese was in his nose and that there was some lethal gas that ended up on their salami." She added, "Now that's how we roll at Domino's." Court records show that Hammonds, pictured in the mug shot at right, was charged in 2006 with three counts of statutory rape and pleaded guilty last June to a reduced count of misdemeanor sexual battery. According to a Superior Court indictment, a copy of which you'll find below, Hammonds (who was charged under her married name), sexually abused the teenage girl over a four-month period. Investigators with the Alexander County Sheriff's Office, which arrested Hammonds in the sex case, declined to provide further details about their probe, citing the need to protect the minor victim. As part of her plea deal, Hammonds was required to register as a sex offender and ordered "not to be alone with anyone 16 or under, with the exception of her own children." She was also placed on probation for two years, hit with a 60-day suspended jail sentence, and fined $1941.

- Thanks to BBW Mclovin and The Smoking Gun

Where to start with this shitshow? I am hungover as all hell from last nights game and someone send me this link. I can hardly let it just slide by without a post.

WHO THE FUCK STICKS CHEESE UP THEIR NOSE???? WHO!!! Why is this dude farting on salami? Was the stick of salami up his has 1st? Blowing his nose on the food? I mean, Jesus. People are going to be eating this and fucking paying for it. The whole things tapped. What kind of satisfaction did these two fucktards get out of all this bullshit? I haven't even addressed the kicker...sexually abusing a 14 year old girl? This dumb douche broad needs a hot poker stuck in her clammy box. She needs a good skull fucking.

Copley Murder

Due to the incident at the Marriot at Copley management has been forced to post the signs around Copley. Please don't be alarmed it is still a great hotel.

Jessica Gomes

This little Spanish import can be seen in this years SI swim shoot issue.

Let the good times roll

Wanna B's oh Wanna B's where art thou oh Wanna B's?

1. Billy Costa (Kiss 108s own radio personality)
2. Justin Phelps
3. Chuck Tofuri
4. Brian Ryan
5. Aiden Kelly
6. Nora Mitchell
7. William J Smiddy
8. Brian Folan
9. Joe Rene - A Haitian
10. Padriag Calnan - owns a Sid the Kid Jersey and Ovechkin shirt
11. John "Phil Housley" Brewer
12. Kristine Young
13. Dan "Gary" Madden
14. Jason Milligan
15. Bobby Freeman - wants on the bandwagon
16. Lenny Graff
17. Walter Pratt
18. FrankBrown
19. Dale Arnold
20. Bill Simmons
21. William Wusteny
22. Michael Toomajanian
23. Andrew Sousa
24. Tim Barrett
25. Pete "the Meat" Shepard
26. The writers at the Boston Herald
27. The Staff at Conner Larkin - how do you turn off a Bruins game tied 3-3
28. Ed Media Jim
29. Michael Felger - Trade Phil Kessel for Vinny Lecavlier and his 85 mil?
30. William Graham
31. Larry Mastrangelo
32. ChiefDude
33. Joe Smiddy - Sabres Fan trying to get on the band wagon. Bills Uncle
34. Charles Ferlauto
35. Staff at The Place - how do you turn a game off in the 2nd period and then back on for the shoot out?
36. Mark Hetnik
37. Steve O'toole
38. Starbucks Joe
39. Stephen Harris
40. Ross McKeon - Yahoo! Sports
41. Thomas Gerard Kelly
42. Leroy Lynch
43. Greg Leblanc - Thanks to Bobby Freeman
44. Thomas Desseres
45. SPH - trying to sell the "hot ticket"
46. Ken KNowens
47. Kyle Higginsbossom - Thanks Ozzface Killer
48. Jared Rowland
49. John Hegarty - his name is Phil Kessel not PETE Kessel
50. Olympia Sports - 1/2 rack of Bruins apparel and 4 racks of Yankees shit
51. JP
52. Steve Conroy
53. Joe Martell
54. David Spellman
55. P500 Train conductor
56. Stop & Shop: You can't start selling pictures of Timmy, Chara, and Bourque with only 9 games left before playoffs!
57. Thomas J. Newton
58. Thomas Lundrigan Jr
59. Charles V. Grillo
60. Matt Siegel
61. Lids - $5.00 fucking Bruins hats to make way for Sox apparel
62. William Gaudet
63. Bob Delaney
64. Timmy Carrier Corp
65. Mrs. Iggles

The list grows more and more each day.
If you know someone who should be added to the Wanna B list send me a quick email at MRBOOZE187@HOTMAIL.COM or text me their name. The B's band wagon you are either on it OR UNDER IT!

For some reason I want some Turtle soup today...Dirty Fucking Cuntnadians! Cheap shot artists.

The Garden was a rocking last night. There were only a handful of dirty fucks in the building. I am willing to bet that more will be down Saturday for the game. Any takers? I will bet you 3 beers!
Tomorrow the Celts play at 12:30. The Sox at 7:00. The B's at 8:00. Can you say shit show? I mean that's almost a sports overload.
This morning I saw this dude, walking down the street with a boner, I asked him "yo whats up with that(while pointing at his area)" and he replied "Did you see that game last night"? I knew exactly what he meant. I shook my head and kept walking.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Little bit for everyone

Here is the Bruins and Celtics 1st round schedule. It seems like it is going to be a busy 2 weeks at the Garden.

Bruins-Canadiens Schedule Released

The Boston Bruins are the top seed in the Eastern Conference as the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin this week.

The B's will face eight-seed Montreal in the first round – a rematch of last season's seven-game thriller, won by the Canadiens.

Here is the schedule for the best-of-7 series:

Thursday, April 16
Montreal at Boston, 7 p.m. (NESN)

Saturday, April 18
Montreal at Boston, 8 p.m. (VERSUS)

Monday, April 20
Boston at Montreal, 7 p.m. (NESN)

Wednesday, April 22
Boston at Montreal, 7 p.m. (NESN)

Saturday, April 25
Montreal at Boston, 7 p.m., if necessary (TBD)

Monday, April 27
Boston at Montreal, TBD, if necessary (TBD)

Wednesday, April 29
Montreal at Boston, TBD, if necessary (TBD)

Celtics-Bulls Playoff Schedule Released

The defending world champion Boston Celtics will play the Chicago Bulls in the first round of the NBA Playoffs.

The best of 7 series begins Saturday at the Garden.

Here is the complete schedule:

Saturday, April 18
Chicago at Boston, 12:30 p.m. (ESPN)

Monday, April 20
Chicago at Boston, 7 p.m. (TNT)

Thursday, April 23
Boston at Chicago, 8 p.m. (TNT)

Sunday, April 26
Boston at Chicago, 1 p.m. (ABC)

Tuesday, April 28
Chicago at Boston, TBA, if necessary (TBD)

Thursday, April 30
Boston at Chicago, TBA, if necessary (TBD)

Saturday, May 2
Chicago at Boston, TBA, if necessary (TNT)