Monday, April 27, 2009

Im Back!!

After a week of being sick and out of touch with society, I just wanted to let everyone know that RIO is back and doing well. I am not sure what happened, it was either SARS, Swine Flu, or the gift that keeps on giving. Ok in honesty I was stricken with a stomach bug and let me tell ya it was something else. I will be doing two quotes this week since I did'nt post anything last week. I watched alot of hockey last week and then the draft over the weekend, and the Pats always confuse the shit out of me but it always seems to work out for the best somehow for them. So as I caught up on the blog this morning, it seems things are getting interesting around here since last week: 1. Deegan with all this baby talk, 2. Smiddy was on a sabattical for 2 weeks and he looks refreshed, and alot more relaxed than he has in the past month, and lastly 3. Derek and his wife are in Vegas with the kids just enjoying life and living the dream. Back to the grind..


Anonymous said...

Someone take his posting rights away. He is as bad a ChiefDude.

RIO said...

Huh? How do you figure that one?