Monday, February 28, 2011

Moving along

Today is February 28th but I was wondering what happens if you are born during a leap year on February 29th? Do your parents get to pick what day to celebrate - Feb 28th or March 1st, or if you are born before noon you get the 28th but after 12:01 you go with March 1st? In all my 33 years I have never met anyone with a leap year birthday. I just know if it was me, every 4 years I would be having a HUGE ASS BASH TO  CELEBRATE! Im talking Charlie Sheen-esque!!!!!

Let see what I learned this weekend:
1. When Foxwoods sends you a luck of the draw card, go there and you get a minimum of $50 STRAIGHT CASH HOMIE!
2. The Beastie Boys are releasing a new cd this Thursday, March 3rd.
3. Thomas Edison's Stencil Pen, which was used to make copies was retrofitted to make the 1st tattoo machines.
4. I tried tracking down the new Dunkin Donuts Big N Toasty sandwich this weekend but every where I went it was sold out. So, I actually had one this morning and it was great. I would recommend anyone have it.
5. My Bruins tickets went up yet again. 2 years ago they were $50, then last year then went up to $59 and next year they will be $65...uggh!
6. I have to get on posting some wedding pics.
7. The movie Due Date could of been so good but it wasn't even a decent movie.
8. One hundred and twenty people have RSVP'd to the 4th Annual Mustache Pubcrawl. Not too shabby, lets see if they all show.
9. Three Suited 7s is worth $5000 and 3 non-suited 7s is worth $500, well guess what Jeffrey hit - 3 non-suited. Still $500 is better than nothing.
10. Something must be going around when Mario and Smiddy are both sick on the same day.
11. They have a dog flu? And you have to get your dog immunized for it?
12.  March 18th is another Luck of draw, plus it is $50 match play, plus I get a free room. Sounds like a recipe for a great Friday night - doncha think? Sounds like Foxwoods would be paying me $100 bucks and a free room to go gambling?
13. Every once in a while you need a weekend to just relax, chill, and recharge your batteries.
14. The ladies don't like the nudity of the weekend kick off girl.  They don't mind the ladies just not the nakedness.
15. I mean really with Youk hitting a 3 run home run against a college kid? That's the highlight I keep seeing on ESPN but I can't get one NHL highlight? NOT ONE!?
16. I try to do the best I can with the text of the week but sometimes I don't always get great material.
17. Is there anything more frustrating when your phone isn't working and you don't know it. So you turn it off and on to find out you missed 16 text messages and 2 phone calls?
18. Dowsers find water on your property, like old school with a Y stick...

I can't believe that St Patty's is 17 Days away on a Thirsty Thursday. I hope everyone is going to get their drink on.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Week End Kickoff Girl!

here we go, another friday night and i am on time with my weekend kickoff girl! its what the public wanted and i am all about pleasing the people. i am finally getting some email requests for girls and the texts keep rolling in. i received a text from tooma about rollergirl. this was easy to make happen since i have loved heather graham since License to Drive back in the 80's.she was then in swingers, austin powers, the hangover, but i will always remember her as rollergirl in boogie nights! enjoy boys...

Killzone 3 Review

I love this game intense and fun what a multiplayer fps should be!

Battlefield 3

Hats off to Dice they just leaped all FPS games in terms of graphics this is all in game footage if the game plays well could there be a new king ?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Text of the week

It doesn't always have to be word because pictures will do. I received this random text today...

Countdown to May 14

Beards are the new staches, Bitches!!

You see P is getting it done.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

Henry Cavill…never heard of him. He was a suggestion from someone so I thought I would do a little digging to see what this guy is all about. He was cast as the next Superman so he has to be hot! Aren’t all super heroes good looking? That’s what I thought!

This guy has certainly flown under my radar. He’s been in a few movies but I obviously missed that since I’m not a big movie person. For me a movie of any kind results in a nap and I am bound to be asleep within 15 minutes of it starting….until now. I will tell you this…when the next Superman movie comes to theaters I am there! For the first time in his life my husband will not have to pay $15 for me to take a nap. I will make sure I am well rested so I don’t miss a minute of this cutie!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back to the grind

I hope that everyone had a nice Presidents day weekend.

Lets see what I learned this weekend:

1. Mitchell is a great parker...she puts her car wherever she wants.
2. Home Depot is phasing out anything to do with wall paper.
3. Fire and Ice must get scared when they see Chrissy show up. the kid can chow down.
4. Mike G says Bobby Flays Bar American at Mohegan Sun is the real deal Holyfield.
5. Nothing good comes from dropping your phone in a crowded bar.
6. I am not impressed by STATS in the least bit. Seems like its the Playwrite 2.0.
7. Everyone has a comment when you are rocking a beard. Apparently I look the that Andvil guy?
8. I can't ever win anything to do with Redsox tickets through their site but I sign up to try and win Cardinals/Cubs tickets and I win that sonofabitch with no problem.
9. Dog may like gummy bears but they hate Twizzlers.
10. The veterinarian is so damn expensive.
11. Seems like a ton of people snuck onto the Bruins bandwagon this past weekend. I was too drunk to stop em!!
12. I think Chrissy's daughter, Ella, may be 1/3rd the size of my niece, Sharon. Im not saying she is small just that baby Sharon is HUGE!
13. Intervention on A&E is like an old friend you haven't seen in a while. You stumble upon them both and sit down to chat/watch and its like you never missed a beat.
14. I think the 3 point competition is better than the slam dunk competition. Even though everyone ball sucks Blake Griffin.
15. I guess you can have too much garlic...who knew?
16. You can get a pair of red jeans at Marshalls for $5.00...perfect for that Presidents day Red, White and Blue party.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Selena Gomez

so i know alot of you are probably thinking i missed another "week" kickoff girl. well in reality i got a few emails that they missed the "weekend" kickoff girl. i am one that listens to my critics so here it is on friday nights once again.

you guys all know i like my girls young. well here is another disney star that i have had my eye on for a few years. the one thing i dont get in this double standard society we live in, why is it ok that this 19yo can date a 16yo boy but if a 19yo guy dated a 16yo girl, it would be rape???