Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some people argue why there is still B.E.T and no W.E.T? I argue why there is a girl of the week but no man of the week? Surely there is a female audience out there or at least a gay man that hasn’t come out of the closet yet that wants to see some eye candy! Well, the women have spoken. It’s been a long time coming but there is a new segment….Man Meat of the Week!
It was tough to decide who should be the first man. There were a lot of good suggestions but I had Mario Lopez in mind for a while. Who knew under that mullet and stonewashed jeans there was a hot man waiting to be unleashed? If only high school didn’t happen in that awkward stage of life….

You're Welcome ladies!! Go Bayside!!


Former reader said...

guess I can take this off the sites I bookmark. This sites changed and not in a good way.

Anonymous said...

I agree that was a bad idea, I will be a former reader also if this continues.

doerilla77 said...

equal opportunity. good job - did Aly post this??


You know who said...

May I suggest the new superman next week! Henry Cavill. Thank you!

Drunknothingsisruined said...

WTF? so fucking Gay

Mrs. Booze said...

I think fair is fair - nice job!

JessieSpano said...

That's my man ladies...

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