Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Man Meat of the Week

Henry Cavill…never heard of him. He was a suggestion from someone so I thought I would do a little digging to see what this guy is all about. He was cast as the next Superman so he has to be hot! Aren’t all super heroes good looking? That’s what I thought!

This guy has certainly flown under my radar. He’s been in a few movies but I obviously missed that since I’m not a big movie person. For me a movie of any kind results in a nap and I am bound to be asleep within 15 minutes of it starting….until now. I will tell you this…when the next Superman movie comes to theaters I am there! For the first time in his life my husband will not have to pay $15 for me to take a nap. I will make sure I am well rested so I don’t miss a minute of this cutie!!


Julie said...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks girl:)

Anonymous said...

Ps. yes, he is very nice to look at and watching him for 90 mins will be fun and definitely not nap worthy:)

Anonymous said...

was hoping for another gay guy