Monday, August 31, 2009

Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler

With all my booze bag friends you would think that one of them would have this but they do not:

Ever wish you could take a Jägermeister shot machine with you camping, tailgating, and partying? Now you can, with the Jägermeister 6-Bottle Shot Cooler ($120). Available as a six-bottle value pack, the cooler has plenty of room for all six bottles, ice, and the requisite cans of Red Bull, and uses the same tech as the Jägermeister Tap Machine to deliver ice-cold shots straight from the external tap.

Available at


An actual Craigslist ad

This free rock has also been called the lucky rock, magic rock, your rock and the good rock. It brings something to you. i want to part with it. Give it to someone you love or love to hate. This magic rock has no expiration date and will last a very long time. It weighs only onces and can fit in your shirt pocket. Put this good rock to good use for yourself or a friend. Hey! It's the lucky rock.

This handsome rock is available only in black. Magic Rock is made from nothing but natural things.
The Lucky Rock can be yours. Your gonna love this rock. Better than the Slap-Chop, it's magic rock. It is priceless.

Location: Somerville
it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests

Patriot Nation is crying

Teddy Bruschi is set to retire today. What a way to start the week.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Marshfield Fair is full of Mullets and rat tails...sweet fucking rat tails.
2. This Patriot season doesn't have the same buzz as previous seasons.
3. Chrissy didn't win the demolition derby but he gave it a hell of a ride.
4. 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are diagnosed with some sort of cancer in their life.
5. Winners win:

Boxing gloves signed by Mickey Ward and Mark Wahlberg

Mary Kay:

6. Chrissy asked me if I was going to diet for the wedding but he meant dye it, talking about my goatee.
7. The waitress at Coops basically told us we were drinking too fast and shut Smiddy off by bringing him beers when she wanted too.
8. There are still DOUCHEBAGS who pop their collars - Yes Martell that means you.
9. God damn Paul Byrd is alive and kicking.
10. Chrissy, his wife Alison and I have come to a tattoo agreement. I have to pay for the tattoo and come up with a minimum of $350 bucks to do it. Anyone want to give to the Chrissy tattoo fund?
11. Mark Morris and the Cat tunes can still bring it.
12. Amherein's food isn't worth the price.
13. Mrs. Booze has a crush on...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Natalie Marie

I hate these 2 people

2 Winners To Split $333 Million Mega Millions Pot
Winning Numbers: 01 17 31 37 54 Mega Ball: 31

Two very lucky winners will split a near-record Mega Millions jackpot. Friday night's $333 Million pot was the second largest in the multi-state lottery's history.

The winning tickets, worth about $166.5 million each, were purchased in San Gabriel, California and the Bronx, New York.

The lucky numbers were: 01 17 31 37 54 and Mega Ball of 31.

The biggest Mega Millions jackpot ever was a $390 million dollar pot awarded back in 2007.

Sometime this week we all going to see these 2 people who are either going to be foreign probably illegals or old and about to die collect this huge payout. What more can i say im a sore bitter looser.

Pats lets get real

Just the preseason and all but I have to say Im concerned about the defense as usual. Pass rush still needs some work and the Secondary is not good. I think it will be better than last year as long as Bantacaine and Burgess can create presure on the QB. Jarod Mayo is pure domination maybe we can clone him or something. As for Brady to Moss look just as pretty as 2007. Passing game im sure will be awesome but lets not forget in November and December you have to be able to run the ball, and right now that phase of the game it still unimpressive. Iggles I might pay you on the Fred Taylor bet by the end of week 3.

Friday, August 28, 2009


Them Japanese are very inventive. I mean this is almost like a real life transformer.
I can see this coming to America in the near future.

$325 million

Mega Millions jackpot increases to $325 million

The jackpot in the multistate Mega Millions lottery drawing grew to $325 million Wednesday.

None of the tickets sold for Tuesday's $250 million drawing matched all five lotto numbers and the Mega Ball. The next drawing will be Friday.

There were 12 second-prize winners from Tuesday night's drawing, matching all five lotto numbers but not the Mega Ball number to win $250,000 each. Also, 135 tickets matched four of the five lotto numbers, plus the Mega Ball number. Those tickets are each worth $10,000.

The winning numbers from Tuesday's drawing were: 37, 40, 48, 53 and 56. The Mega Ball number was 44.

Krista Allen

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Yes Please..

I am by no means trying to replace the ChiefDude with his G.I.W.L.2.F. piece but for some reason he is giving himself a break from blogging. That's fine because I feel that way from time to time as well.

So, I guess to keep up random chicks on the blog, I will just find chicks from television, movies and videos and post them(like the post about Six) until he returns from his sabbatical.

I was watching Prom Night the other day when one of the chicks caught my eye so I figured I would look her up. Her name is Jessica Stroup and I guess she is on the new 90210...I may of actually given it a try if I knew this hot chick was on it.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My bad

It has happened every fucking year since 1996. I know Iggles birthday is the last week of August and I still miss it no matter what. I can not get it into my head that it is August 25th...I always think it is the 28th. So I am sorry Iggles!

Here's a nice cake I baked for you:

When the Double Down comes to Massachusetts I will gladly buy you a 6 pack!


Is it an Atkins diet dream, or just a stunning show of gluttony?

In April of this year, KFC debuted its ' Kentucky Grilled Chicken,' a departure from its standard extra crispy (read: deep-fried) fare. Now, the chain seems to have pulled a complete 180, introducing the 'Double Down,' a fried chicken sandwich with cheese, bacon and Colonel's sauce. Except here's the kicker: There's no bread. The chicken fillets do the job.

The sandwich is apparently being tested in two American markets: Providence, R.I. and Omaha, Neb.

In the midst of a staggering obesity epidemic in the US, KFC has doubled down on a high-calorie menu choice. KFC is now offering a "sandwich" which consists of bacon, two kinds of cheeses and sauce between two pieces of fried chicken. That's right, fried chicken as a bun instead of bread.

The item is not yet on the KFC website. We look forward to looking at the nutrition information once it appears.

UPDATE 8/24:
The Vancouver Sun has done an independent calorie analysis for the "Double Down" and has concluded the "sandwich" likely has 1228 calories.

But if our figures hold true, and KFC won't confirm they don't, the Double Down is more caloriffic than the Wendy's Triple with Everything and Cheese (1700 mg sodium, 960 calories, 26 gms of fat), the Burger King Stacker Quad (1770 sodium, 1020 calories, 69 gms of fat), and compares closely to the fat, salt and calorie totals of three McDonalds Big Macs put together (3060 sodium, 1620 calories, 87 gms fat).

UPDATE 8/25:

Rick Maynard with KFC public relations contacted us to say KFC estimates the numbers from The Vancouver Sun are inaccurate. According to their estimates, although they have not done an official workup the Double Down contains the following nutritional information:

Calories: 590
Calories from fat: 280
Total fat: 31g
Saturated fat: 10g
Trans fat: 0g
Cholesterol: 190mg

The 'Double Down' sandwich is $4.99.

Man oh man! Why don't they have this in Boston? I knows some motherfuckers who will wreck this meatastic masterpiece! I think the name is the most brilliant part - Double Down.

- Thanks to Al

Just a quick reminder for Sunday night

Friends of Billy Flaherty will be holding a fundraiser to honor this remarkable man on Sunday, August 30, 2009.

Date: Sunday, August 30, 2009
Time: 5:00 – 10:00pm
Place: Florian Hall, 55 Hallet Street, Dorchester, MA
Tickets: $20 each - you can pick them up at the door.

If you would like to donate, please make check payable to:

Friends of Billy Flaherty
c/o Mt. Washington Bank
430 West Broadway
South Boston, MA 02127

Please join us raffles, prizes, entertainment and fun...

Entertainment by: Dru Erico, Linehan Brothers and more...

Thank you and please feel free to contact us with questions or comments -


Crawl In Boston Pirate Crawl

What happens when you mix a Bar Crawl, a Booze Cruise and Pirates?

You get the Crawl In Boston Pirate Crawl

On Saturday August 29th, once again we’ll be bringing you the finest bar crawl Boston has to offer. But this time one of the stops will take us onto a boat for a scenic trip of the Boston Harbor. There are 3 decks in total, 1 fully enclosed, and an open-air upper deck.

Before the ship, we’ll be navigating around Boston to the best bars the city has to offer.

So get your Pirate outfit together and come join 400 others as we Crawl In Boston.

Limited Tickets Available! Only $25 each!

Tickets Include

* Admission onto Boat Cruise

* Complimentary Appetizers at the bars

* Pirate Eyepatch

* Koozies sponsored by McFadden's

*Best Pirate Attire Contest

*Pirate Treasure Hunt for Grand Prize

Tickets are will call meaning your name will be on our Guest List at the door.

Tickets include admission onto boat but there will be cash bar.

Schedule (subject to change)

3:30 - 4:30 - Red Sky - 18 North Street
4:30 - 5:30 - McFadden's - 148 State Street
5:30 - 6:30 - The Place - 2 Broad Street
If you're quick, The Landing - 1 Long Wharf
7:00 - 8:30 - Cruising along the Boston Harbor
8:30 - Close - Hong Kong / Trinity - 61/65 Chatham Street

To buy your tickets via paypal please visit

Take that weak Tot action outta here


Limeades. Cream Slushes. Java Chillers. The drinks sound a bit unfamiliar to a lifelong New Englander like me who grew up in the land of frappes, Fribbles and Awful Awfuls. But they’ll be sure to put a smile on the faces of Sonic aficionados in Massachusetts who have been waiting patiently for the day when the Oklahoma City-based chain finally opens its first shop here.

Well, Sonic fans, it’s almost time to rev up your engines and head to Route 1 in Peabody. Mark your calendars: Local franchisee Gina Monastiero told me today that her long-awaited Sonic drive-in restaurant will open for business at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 26. After opening day, Monastiero says she plans to keep the restaurant open from 6 a.m. to 2 a.m., seven days a week, staffed with at least 120 full- and part-timers.

Monastiero and her husband Gregg have been knocking at Sonic’s doors for several years, looking to sign a franchise deal. But the company only recently decided to expand into New England.

Some of us don’t know what a Sonic burger tastes like. But we’re certainly familiar with the brand, thanks to all those quirky cable TV ads that Sonic runs in nationwide campaigns.

True to the Sonic format, the roughly 1,700-square-foot shop in Peabody has no indoor seating (but it does have a big kitchen). Outside, Monastiero says there are 21 “stalls” where people can order food from their parked cars (and be served by waitstaff on roller skates) as well as outdoor seating for nearly 50 people and, of course, a drive-through window. Monastiero says she’s not particularly worried about the notorious New England winters; she notes that Sonics have thrived in other states with chilly winters.

Monastiero says the couple has ambitious expansion plans. She hopes to open three more restaurants in Greater Boston next year (next up: Wilmington) and eventually open at least 20 in the region during the next five years or so. In Massachusetts, Sonic is a few steps behind two gourmet burger chains that have expanded in the state in recent years, Red Robin and Five Guys. However, judging from the pent-up demand for Sonic restaurants, it shouldn’t be too hard for the Monastieros to help Sonic catch up with them.

I don't think I have been this excited since I found out they showed gratuitous boobies in the movie Commando back in the 80's. The thought of eating my first Sonic burger makes me immediately think about my first glimpse of breast on a tv. I am giddy with anticipation.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Six Le Meure...

I was flipping around the other day when I saw a rerun of Blossom, BLOSSOM are you kidding me? It got me thinking what the fuck happened to SIX?? Is she alive? Is she still acting? Has she branched out into porn(apparently she had some nude scenes in a movie called Truth Be Told)? I mean what is she up to now?

I guess she is some Nashville singer and in Dr. Doolittle 3? Well ain't that a bitch...they made a Dr. Doolittle 3!!

I mean where the hell is Vicki from Small wonder then?

Jenna von Oy began her professional acting career at the age of six, when she landed her first big break in a Jell-O Pudding Pop commercial with Bill Cosby. Since then, her twenty-four year career has been in high gear.

Read more here...

The new and improved Six...


Mrs. Booze and I saw these guys 2 weekend ago and I thought why not post their newest video...

What next a screech porn...Oops!

Holy fucking SHIT! Who the hell is buying this? Would Chrissy even buy this? This has to be a joke right? 7 songs?? I mean it is could make a cd of 107 songs. It's not like Dennis Haskins is writing new shit he is just singing other peoples shit.


NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - August 12, 2009) - Dennis Haskins, A.K.A. "Mr. Belding" from the popular television series "Saved By The Bell," is set to release a one-of-a-kind, first ever celebrity CD/DVD karaoke package on September 1, 2009 titled "Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis Haskins A.K.A. 'Mr. Belding.'"

This CD/DVD combo package contains an audio CD with 7 karaoke songs. The purchaser can choose to sing along with Dennis, or sing solo to the additional instrumental tracks. The CD can be placed into a CD-G karaoke machine and lyrics will appear on the screen. The DVD contains interviews with artist and producer Dennis Haskins and behind the scenes footage of recording the project with co-producers Cody McCarver, new country artist and producer, and Mike Yarworth. "Karaoke With Your Favorite Principal Dennis Haskins A.K.A. 'Mr. Belding'" will be available at, and other retail and digital outlets.

Haskins learned the music business during his four-year stint as Entertainment Chairman at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. The relationships he built booking bands and promoting local concerts gave him the opportunity to continue to work in the music business with such '70s and '80s greats as Gregg Allman, Leon Russell and The James Gang.

With acting as his professional goal he seized the opportunity to perform in any and every show available including numerous musicals. He has a true love for great music and a passion for singing.

Haskins says, "I love to sing and have been doing karaoke for the past six years. Karaoke is about having fun and I hope everyone will have fun singing along with me or on their own with our karaoke CD/DVD!"

Haskins' portrayal of the beloved 'Mr. Belding,' principal of Bayside High School, for 11 seasons helped pave the way for "Saved By The Bell" to be in 87 countries around the world and to be NBC's #1 Saturday Morning Show. Celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year, the show is now being seen by a third generation not only in the U.S. but worldwide. While he still continues to guest on television and appear in films Haskins has found time to continue to participate in numerous charity events. For the past five years he has visited U.S. and Canadian colleges with his "Mr. Belding on Campus" tour.

1. School's Out
2. California Dreamin'
3. Piano Man
4. What A Wonderful World
5. Brown Eyed Girl
6. Georgia
7. Friends In Low Places

For more information, go to:

About E1 Entertainment

E1 Entertainment (AIM: ETO) is a leading independent entertainment content owner that acquires film, television and music rights and exploits these rights in all media in more than 190 countries.

The company currently operates in Canada, the U.S., the UK, Holland and Belgium through its four primary businesses units: E1 Television, E1 Films, E1 Music and E1 Distribution. These businesses collectively represent E1's extensive expertise in film distribution, television and music production/distribution, Kids content, Licensing and Distribution.

E1's content library includes more than 3,700 feature films, 2,700 hours of original television programming and 15,000 music tracks.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Malaysia delays caning of woman who drank beer

By MARK D. BAKER, Associated Press Writer Mark D. Baker, Associated Press Writer – 2 hrs 18 mins ago

KARAI, Malaysia – Malaysia abruptly granted a Ramadan reprieve to the first Muslim Malay woman to be sentenced to caning for drinking beer, but insisted Monday the thrashing would still take place after the Islamic holy month of fasting.

Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a 32-year-old mother of two, had been en route to a women's prison for the caning when Islamic officials who took her into custody drove her back home and released her.

Mohamad Sahfri Abdul Aziz, a state legislator in charge of religious affairs, later said the Attorney General's office advised that the caning should be delayed for compassionate reasons until after the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began Saturday.

"The sentence is not being canceled," Mohamad Sahfri told The Associated Press.

Amnesty International condemned the sentence, and many critics had said the caning would harm Malaysia's reputation as a moderate Muslim-majority country.

Kartika was arrested in a raid for drinking beer at a hotel lounge in December 2007 and accused of breaching Malaysia's Shariah law, which forbids Muslims from consuming alcohol.

The law provides for a three-year prison term and caning for Muslims caught drinking, but most offenders are fined. Drinking is legal for non-Muslims.

Kartika was sentenced to six strokes of a rattan cane by the Shariah court in July in what was considered a warning to other Muslims to abide by religious laws.

In an interview with the AP last week, Kartika said she wanted to be caned because "I want to respect the law."

Kartika's sister, Ratna, said Kartika was "very stressed" because of the unexpected delay.

Islamic authorities had insisted that the purpose of the caning is to educate rather than punish. They say the rattan cane supposed to be used on Kartika would be smaller and lighter than the one used for men and that she will remain clothed.

Men convicted of crimes such as rape and bribery in Malaysia are caned on their bare buttocks, breaking the skin and leaving permanent scars.

This is totally fucked. I mean they still cane people? Do they stone them too? What kind of religion has laws against booze? That doesn't sound like a nice religion!!

Quote of the week

Normally I am not the one to post the Quote of the week but Mario is on vacation and his needs to be addressed.

This week is a tie:

William J Smiddy -

"She woke up my whole house screaming. I plowed the shit out of her!"

Charles V. Grillo -

"Alot of blogging material created last night. Operation SMITTY BOOTY BANG BANG successful. Wingman over and out"


I know that my invitation got lost in the mail but maybe yours didnt!

hello everyone!

you have officially been invited to "BAKAPALOOZA 4: Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 2009 'em"!

here are the details:

when: friday, august 28 through sunday, august 30
where: 1277 naples road, harrison, me 04040
who: anyone and everyone who wants to have a good time participating in shenanigans and complete debauchery (please notify me of any guests you intend on bringing)...also, dogs are ok as long as they are people/dog friendly
how much: TBD (around $15 or $20, will send an update once i get my shit together)
why: why not?

things to remember:

1. one of the highlights of this prestigious event is the annual BAKAPALOOZA beer pong tournament. grab your partner and think of a team name. we make a bracket...march madness style, oh yeahhhh!

2. the following items will be provided:
burgers, hot dogs, buns, chicken, plates, utensils, napkins, water, coffee, bagels, beer pong/flip cup tables, redneck golf, pool, tequila volleyball, fire pit, horseshoes, debauchery in general.

3. each guest will receive an official "BAKAPALOOZA 4: Wine 'em, Dine 'em, 2009 'em" beer koozie (sorry, no t-shirts this year...too many people to figure out sizes).

4. what you need to bring:
camping gear, bathing suit (optional), whatever you want to drink, any snacks you must have for the weekend, a good attitude and an open mind for the impending shit show.

that's about it. any questions, concerns or suggestions can be directed to me. again, please stay tuned for an update within the next week or so.

can't wait, should be ridiculous per usual! :)

I am back

Yes vacation is over but that don't mean shit! It is Monday and you know what that means - I learned much!

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Purple Haze is one hell of a drink!
2. Chrissy won the Demolition Derby -

3. My hands all bruised and I have no clue as to why.
4. Root Beer Vodka and Soda is the SHIT!
5. You don't want to run into a buzz saw...Don't talk Flip Cup shit, then get dominated, then want to swap teams because your getting you ass whooped!
6. If you couldn't tell - another ass whooping in Flip Cup and them young kids never saw it coming.
7. The beachcomber still has 80's night. Nothing has changed one bit.
8. Never ever microwave grapes. Unless you want to blow up your microwave.
9. I wouldn't play horse shoes with Butter for money. He cheats, gets caught and then blames YOU for not checking...
10. Still owe Mitchell one right in the baby maker.
11. Yes Smiddy is still doing his gunshow thing -

12. Oh yeah whooped them young kids in Flip cup 5 on 4! Yes we had 5 they had 4 and we still won.
13. Macaroni and cheese Nacho. Crazy, exciting and delicious.
14. Shhhh don't tell your fiance that a guy you work with will take you out hunting. No broad wants to hear about me plotting to kill Bambi. Apparently that's not covered under love.
15. You can't bring down Team One Flip by giving us broads(We can coach them), hippies(We can bathe them) or dudes who think they are the team MVP(We will trade you for a warm beer and or some dude who has never played before).
16. CVG likes a good old fashion fun time.
17. Not everyone can be a wingman or an assist guy! Luckily I am both.

Here is Chrissys win/speech:

He is back at it again this upcoming Friday for the championship round. Please, show up and support him at the Marshfield Fair at 7:00 pm. If he wins 1st rounds on him.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taking a break from blogging folks

I will leave you with one of the hottest women I have come accross Andrea Garcia enjoy

Friday, August 21, 2009


It's Marshfield Fair time again and that means Chrissy is running in the demolition derby.
Here is this years beast:

Come on down. The Derby starts promptly at 7:00 pm so get there by 6:30 to get a good spot and cheer him on.