Monday, August 3, 2009

And it rolls on

I can not believe that its fucking August already!

Lets see what I learned this weekend:
1. I forgot to wish my brother, Ryan a Happy birthday on Saturday. What an Asshole I am.
2. Chrissy's house is like a huge maze. There are 3 livings rooms, 2.5 bathrooms and many other places to lounge about.
3. I guess if you are having a cookout/BBQ then you have to bring a dog. It is a must do trend of 2009.
4. New Hampshire passed a bill to make it illegal to text while driving. I am calling bullshit!
5. The ladder game is fun and takes some time to get used too.
6. Mikey T likes being on a committee, maybe even a little too much.
7. The flip cup domination continues.
8. Heading to New Hampshire on a Saturday afternoon is a BAD BAD IDEA! TRAFFIC up the motherfucking ass!!
9. Ozzie plays flip cup - Alone! And both sides of the table.
10. Smiddy has a sinus infection. Who the fuck gets sick in August?
11. You get one open spot in your fantasy league and everyone wants to be your BFF!
12. Chrissy is willing to get anal beads tattoo'd on his foot.


Katie_K said...

Were your shorts on or off for flip cup?

d said...

i had to keep em on cuz chrissy was gonna go naked for his team...

Chrisy said...

like hell you dont want to see this julie, you NEVER forget your first!

Anonymous said...

is nickerson still giving out handjobs after all these years is the real question. funniest thing i ever heard.