Monday, August 24, 2009

I am back

Yes vacation is over but that don't mean shit! It is Monday and you know what that means - I learned much!

Things I learned this weekend:

1. Purple Haze is one hell of a drink!
2. Chrissy won the Demolition Derby -

3. My hands all bruised and I have no clue as to why.
4. Root Beer Vodka and Soda is the SHIT!
5. You don't want to run into a buzz saw...Don't talk Flip Cup shit, then get dominated, then want to swap teams because your getting you ass whooped!
6. If you couldn't tell - another ass whooping in Flip Cup and them young kids never saw it coming.
7. The beachcomber still has 80's night. Nothing has changed one bit.
8. Never ever microwave grapes. Unless you want to blow up your microwave.
9. I wouldn't play horse shoes with Butter for money. He cheats, gets caught and then blames YOU for not checking...
10. Still owe Mitchell one right in the baby maker.
11. Yes Smiddy is still doing his gunshow thing -

12. Oh yeah whooped them young kids in Flip cup 5 on 4! Yes we had 5 they had 4 and we still won.
13. Macaroni and cheese Nacho. Crazy, exciting and delicious.
14. Shhhh don't tell your fiance that a guy you work with will take you out hunting. No broad wants to hear about me plotting to kill Bambi. Apparently that's not covered under love.
15. You can't bring down Team One Flip by giving us broads(We can coach them), hippies(We can bathe them) or dudes who think they are the team MVP(We will trade you for a warm beer and or some dude who has never played before).
16. CVG likes a good old fashion fun time.
17. Not everyone can be a wingman or an assist guy! Luckily I am both.

Here is Chrissys win/speech:

He is back at it again this upcoming Friday for the championship round. Please, show up and support him at the Marshfield Fair at 7:00 pm. If he wins 1st rounds on him.


Mjt said...

nice weekend! team flip cup even with fill ins put on a clinic. Jeffrey flipped the shit out of those cups. Who wants what?

Chrisy said...

now you see why i started doing the derby, when you win, you get groupies!!

That Boston Girl said...

i'm going to need more info on #13