Monday, May 20, 2024

Told you so

 I told you last week that the Bruins are Trash and we just had to wait until Friday.

This is what I learned this weekend:


2. Looks like the Sox Overs have taken a turn for #teamovers...bout time.

3. Have you guys seen the weather this week...FUCKING 80's!

4. Don't get your hopes up boys, Joey Martell ain't sucking a dick for a Million dollars. He doesn't care that women do it for free.

5. Hey Pembroke parents how can't a 7 year old tie their shoes? 

6. How pumped are we that the summer officially kicks off this weekend?

7. Who has the best cheeseburger in your opinion? Restaurant or fast food?

8. Biggie Brunch was a huge success! Love it every year.

9. Congrats to Jules for making the Hingham travel little league team. Williamsport here we come!!

10. Pinched nerves in your elbow are not fun. We are going on a month now.

11.  Has anyone ever not burned the roof of their mouth on pizza rolls?

12. Speaking of pizza rolls have you seen the new breakfast ones?

Monday, May 13, 2024


 Lets get into it.

This is what I learned this weekend:

1. The Bruins are TRASH!

2. Jeffrey hates Jason Tatum with a disdain like no other.

3. Buffalo Wild Wings has all you can eat boneless wings and fries for $19.99 on Mondays and Weds.

4. The Hoffy gets packed after 10 pm and I am NOT here for that.

5. Biggie Brunch this Saturday and I AM HERE FOR THAT.

6. Red Sox Unders are 25-12-2 on the season.

7. Rumor has it Chris Leaden is looking to lease a Prius.

8. Papa Ginos always slaps. 

9. At least the rain is going to come in on Wednesday and stay around through the weekend.

10. Why are Slides so hard to buy? I feel like I tried on a million different ones.

11. At least we still have the Celtics.

12. Planet Fitness losing millions and jacking fees!

Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Yeah yeah yeah

 We back again baby! Lots to chat about in so little time.

This is what I learned while away:

1. Church has changed a whole lot. Jesus now enters you at your first Holy Communion. I do NOT think I ever consented to that.

2. Congrats to Chrissy on being a god father.

3. Congrats to Julie Nickerson getting hitched...onward and upward. The world is your oyster.

4. I do not know if my body can take Bs and Cs every fucking night.

5. Who knows if Mario will keep his Bruins tickets next season but I am here for it.

6. People slowly creeping back on the Sox bandwagon.

7. Biggie Brunch is this Saturday at Liberty Tavern.

8. Pinched elbow nerves are no joke.

9. Anyone else all of a sudden get heart burn very easily?

10. Missed Star wars day - hope you all celebrated accordingly.

11. Also if you are not watching X-men 97, are you even alive?

12. Why didn't anyone tell me that High Noon Passion Fruit tastes like sweaty arm pits. Bunch of fucking Jerks!

13. Speaking of High Noon's I am excited to try the Tea flavors, I have been known to fuck up some tea.

14. Can anyone explain the love of the Planet of the Apes films?