Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August is here

The dog days of summer are officially upon us.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1.Never fuck with cole slaw in a baggie.
2. Big Bang Baby is not for me. Maybe it is because I know maybe 6 STP songs but just kind of blah.
3. I am officially retired from darts. After 13/14 years (I can not remember if I started playing before I was legal to drink) I have hung em up. I will still visit during the season though.
4. Supah P is one hard working mother fucker. Dude is always on the go.
5. I can not believe it is $35.00 to park in Boston in a garage at night. I mean really?
6. How did I score a pair of Pavillion Box seats to the Sox for only $100?
7. A friend of mine may be on Say Yes to the Dress. No matter what his fiance is 100% on it.
8. Rio finally made it down to the Cape.
9. It shouldnt be that difficult to get 10 guys together for a fantasy draft.
10. Hey so what if you flash someone by accident. Maybe you should of opted for the belt.
11. Its always good to see Mac and Meg out on the town boozing.
12. Is anyone interested in a Bruins trip to Chicago, February 17th, 2013?
13. CVG gets after it with Bacardi and Cokes.
14. The DMV is a scam. Lines to get a ticket, to wait in line to get service but the line doesn't go in order. Bullshit!
15. I had no idea that the Salvation Army will not take furniture if there are any blemishes on it.
16. Has anyone heard from my Uncle Willie? That dude takes off more time that anyone I have ever met. I ain't mad atcha just kind of jealous.

I totally forgot to update this yesterday.
I hope The Cheifdude has a nice vacation at Water Wiz!

Monday, July 23, 2012

It Monday

Look at this, I plan to have this blog updated before noon today. Thats a first for the summer.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Sears outlet in Fall River, not only is so far away but man it sucks!
2. For as long as it took National Grid to come out to my house -  it took them an hour and 20 minutes to bang out gas to my house.
3. Not Your Average Joes still has not returned the meatloaf to the menu. I am none too happy about this.
4. Bain steals the new Batman movie.
5. I think Jeffrey is on the lam; I have not heard from or seen him in some time.
6. Shaun Larry had a blow out bash on Saturday night but I didn't get an invite. Did you?
7. I watched a martahon of Million Dollar listings and man I am addicted.
8. Fiber glass splinters hurt like a mother fucker.
9. Mike Pres has retired from Blogging.
10. S6, in Quincy, has $1.00 pizzas from 4-7pm every night. And right up Chrissys alley they have a pizza and a pitcher for $10.00 during non $1.00 hours.
11. Congrats to William J Smiddy. He will be moving to Vegas to work at the Tropicanna.
12. Trying to get 10-12 guys together for a fantasy draft is never easy.
13. Muffins never fill anyone up. They are kind of a waste.
14. Rio got a new HTC Rezound phone with the Dr Dre beats audio head phones. The kid has the life.
15. People are trying to jump on and off this Red Sox band wagon quicker than the nation can sing Tessie. Mikey T got his head on a swivel.
16. Most microwaves use more energy powering their digital clocks than heating food.
17. I think ordering a veggie burger with bacon would totally fuck with everyone working at a restaraunt.
18. According to Chrissy, THE WWE expert, Degeneration X is getting back together for RAW's 1000th episode.
19. Those Radio Flyer wagons are made to be pimped out.
20. Just looking to fill out all the paper work but the Whitley's will be a 2 car family in the near future. Katies dad donated his 2002 Dodge Dakota to us.

Don't forget Back Seat Lover and Big Bang Baby at the Hardrock this Saturday night.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No laughing matter

ABC -  A pack of hyenas killed two children and injured six other members of a family when the beasts attacked in the middle of the night.

The Kenya Wildlife Service is airlifting one of the survivors, a 10-year-old boy who was mauled in the attack last week, to a hospital in the capital city of Nairobi to get better medical care.

"The boy's condition has since deteriorated," said the KWS which is assisting the family and paying for their medical care.

The family was attacked July 10 near Dilmanyale village while sleeping inside their traditional family compound, called a manyatta. The KWS said it took immediate action to prevent further attacks by the aggressive animals.

"Rangers pursued and eliminated the hyenas," the KWS said in a statement.

Hyenas are most commonly known as scavengers that eat the remains of dead animals left by other predators, but as this incident demonstrates, they can also be bold and powerful hunters. According to the African Wildlife Foundation hyenas can weigh up to 190 pounds, and despite their reputation as "laughing" cowards that usually go after the easiest prey, they can be quite dangerous.

The nocturnal hunters are coming into conflict with humans more frequently as the human population increases in Africa. In some places, especially where they have attacked livestock, hyenas are heavily hunted as pests. The KWS said its rangers are working in the community near the recent attack to educate people about ways to prevent conflict with hyenas and other wild animals.

See them fucking hyenas in the Lion King would of fucked up Simba!! Not the one who sounded like Whoopie Goldberg though. I mean she wasn't scary at all.

In all honesty, you can not be surprised by anyone getting mauled by any wild animals. You shouldn't be fucking around in their enviroment - camping, swimming, sight seeing, poking them when they are in a cage at the zoo. Let  this be a lesson to anyone camping in the wild.

Monday, July 16, 2012


Sorry it is taking me so long to post today.

Got a few things going against me - 1. Just got back from vacation so I am wading through 278 emails. 2. I have Jeffrey harping on me to get the fantasy football order and draft squared away. 3. I got a new phone so I lost all my shit that I wrote down during my vacation that I learned. 4. I got Chrissy bitching that I have not updated yet. 5. I got texts and emails about Bruins ticket emails.

We all just gotta take a quick breath and relax.

This is what I learned on vacation:
1. A week is too long for my wife to be on vacation anywhere.
2. Mungo moves and works at his own pace.
3. Is it normal to be growled at during Bear week in Provincetown?
4. I went to Nauset beach and I didn't see any sharks.
5. All my references are real.
6. 4 dogs, 1 house no yard is a lot of work.
7. Everything in Provincetown has a double entandre.
8. Never play drunk war with a guy who holds all the Aces. Just ask Chrissy.
9. Nickerson State park is huge and pretty damn nice.
10. I don't know if it is all the tourists but everyone down the Cape is very laid back and chill.
11. Its always a celebration when Mike is drinking Chianti.
12. I recommend Pickle Licker ghost pepper pickles. SHIT IS HOT! Chrissy is ordering a case as we speak.
13. If you haven't caught a Cape league baseball game then you don't know fun free entertainment.
14. Portuguese sweet rolls are highly under rated.
15. Jeffrey and Sarah don't have an anniversary date they have a 3 day bender.
16. It is amazing to see 2 year olds and how one develops motor skills over speaking skills and vice versa.
17. Fucking Verizon making me pay full price for a phone so I could keep my unlimited plan or else my bill goes up $41.06 a month? Thats fucking $985.44 over 2 years for less service!!
18. Posting shit on craigslist is a pain in the ball sack.
19. I had Tuna Shashimi and I am in LOVE. I don;t care who knows it.
20. Finally getting some headway with National Grid and my gas conversion.
21. Nothing screams fashion forward like V-neck sun burns.
22. Mario has the worst luck with phones.
23. Rob and Jeffrey had a deck building party that was supposed to be Saturday and Sunday but they moved it up to Friday and Saturday. From what I hear its a thing of beauty.
24. I do not see the big deal with Yuengling. I don't care if they sell it in Mass or not. It kinda sucks.
25. Jeffrey is accepting names for his new boat. Best name gets a free summer of fishing trips.
26. Speaking of fishing trips, would anyone be interested in chartering a boat and fishing for the day?
27. Mungo broke his tooth on a piece of bacon...yeah a broken tooth on bacon!
28. I am trying to get into the Game of Thrones books and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
29. According to Jeffrey, Banana peppers are the key to a good pasta salad.
30. I had to book an appointment now to get a tattoo in October.

There are so many things that I had in/on my old phone that I lost when the screen got sun spots and stopped charging.

As Always, I will try to do better.

Monday, July 2, 2012

July is upon us

SO I tried posting last week and everytime I posted a picture on this it kicked me out and wouldnt save. So this week I am going to try things I learned the past 2 weekends without any pictures. Some of this shit could be old so suck it.

This is what I learned this week:

1. Tea will absorb odors around it. Pour some tea over your hands and it will remove all odors and leave them smelling great.
2. I know there are belated birthday cards but how come no early birthday cards? I mean Im going on vacation and I give you a card a week early? This is an uptapped market.
3. Back Seat Lover is playing July 28 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Fanuel hall. I hope you guys can make it.
4. Whats better than a $.01(why isn't there any cent signs on this keyboard) ice cream cake? How bout 1 with the name spelled wrong?
5. The Chipman family pig roast was a huge success. It was way more than cookout of the year. It is a must attend event each and every year.
6. LED is the way to go for a television. They weigh practically nothing.
7. There is a beer bandit loose in my neighborhood. My neighbor, Tom, had 7 of his 8 buds stolen from his garage fridge.
8. Nothing is more glutonous as blasting the AC but having the top open in Mike's Jeep Liberty.
9. According to Chrissy it is the Summer of Mikes Harder Lemonades. Either you are on it or you are a terrorist.
10. Speaking of Chrissy, It is never good to get an APB text from his wife after he has been working 22 out of 24 hours and he has been drinking with his parents all day. Lets just say I said a prayer that he wasn't dead in a ditch.
11. According to some elders of mine, I am on the wrong side of 30 and need to take Centrum or a multi vitamin every day.
12. I can not for the life of me seem to sleep past 8:00 on any day.
13. I plan on having a cookout on Wednesday the 4th. Stop on by if you are feeling up for it.
14. It is against the law to fish with canned corn in Oregon. Uhm, guess ill have to shuck it and peel it off the cob myself.
15. Justin Beiber is claustrophobic...I know that Jeffrey is Beliber.
16. I don't get the appeal of the tall ships.
17. I saw some mother fuckers devouring lobster macaroni salad. I mean tearing through it!
18. Jeep guys are adamant about what Jeep is best. I saw 2 grown men argue the finer points of  a CJ 5 vs the CJ 7. Almost came to blows.
19. Choppah shot a 61 in a round of golf. A SIXTY FUCKING ONE!
20. When it gets to be above 90 everything just shuts down.
21. Willie went out and bought his sweetie a beach cruiser for the summer. I don't know if he is sending her a message or just be a dear.
22. The Oreo donut from Dunks is no joke. I am not talking the crumble bullshit, talking the creme filled.
23.  Don;t judge me because I am rocking a tank top tan.
24. Beer Die is back and Mike Foley is a sore loser.
25. Since Shaun larry got engaged has anyone seen or heard from him? I am kind of scared.
26. The Chiefdude finally got the dog of his dreams - a Doberman named Rommel.
27. Rio wants to go catch a Bruins game in Chicago, January 12th. Anyone down?
28. CVG took Italy's loss to Spain rough. Has anyone heard from him?
29. My plants are not liking this hot weather.
30. The new BK menu is too fucking much. It is like 3 pages of lunch/dinner items and it is so overwhelming.
31. No one wants to post hole dig but to do so on a 95 degree day is insanity.
32. I thought they were serving chicharones at the pigroast; I could not of been more excited. I was a little dismayed when it was home made french fries but it was not a bad alternative.

If anyone wants to come by Tuesday night for the Bon fires and fire works on the beach let me know. If not there is always the cookout Wednesday.