Monday, July 16, 2012


Sorry it is taking me so long to post today.

Got a few things going against me - 1. Just got back from vacation so I am wading through 278 emails. 2. I have Jeffrey harping on me to get the fantasy football order and draft squared away. 3. I got a new phone so I lost all my shit that I wrote down during my vacation that I learned. 4. I got Chrissy bitching that I have not updated yet. 5. I got texts and emails about Bruins ticket emails.

We all just gotta take a quick breath and relax.

This is what I learned on vacation:
1. A week is too long for my wife to be on vacation anywhere.
2. Mungo moves and works at his own pace.
3. Is it normal to be growled at during Bear week in Provincetown?
4. I went to Nauset beach and I didn't see any sharks.
5. All my references are real.
6. 4 dogs, 1 house no yard is a lot of work.
7. Everything in Provincetown has a double entandre.
8. Never play drunk war with a guy who holds all the Aces. Just ask Chrissy.
9. Nickerson State park is huge and pretty damn nice.
10. I don't know if it is all the tourists but everyone down the Cape is very laid back and chill.
11. Its always a celebration when Mike is drinking Chianti.
12. I recommend Pickle Licker ghost pepper pickles. SHIT IS HOT! Chrissy is ordering a case as we speak.
13. If you haven't caught a Cape league baseball game then you don't know fun free entertainment.
14. Portuguese sweet rolls are highly under rated.
15. Jeffrey and Sarah don't have an anniversary date they have a 3 day bender.
16. It is amazing to see 2 year olds and how one develops motor skills over speaking skills and vice versa.
17. Fucking Verizon making me pay full price for a phone so I could keep my unlimited plan or else my bill goes up $41.06 a month? Thats fucking $985.44 over 2 years for less service!!
18. Posting shit on craigslist is a pain in the ball sack.
19. I had Tuna Shashimi and I am in LOVE. I don;t care who knows it.
20. Finally getting some headway with National Grid and my gas conversion.
21. Nothing screams fashion forward like V-neck sun burns.
22. Mario has the worst luck with phones.
23. Rob and Jeffrey had a deck building party that was supposed to be Saturday and Sunday but they moved it up to Friday and Saturday. From what I hear its a thing of beauty.
24. I do not see the big deal with Yuengling. I don't care if they sell it in Mass or not. It kinda sucks.
25. Jeffrey is accepting names for his new boat. Best name gets a free summer of fishing trips.
26. Speaking of fishing trips, would anyone be interested in chartering a boat and fishing for the day?
27. Mungo broke his tooth on a piece of bacon...yeah a broken tooth on bacon!
28. I am trying to get into the Game of Thrones books and it is a lot harder than I thought it would be.
29. According to Jeffrey, Banana peppers are the key to a good pasta salad.
30. I had to book an appointment now to get a tattoo in October.

There are so many things that I had in/on my old phone that I lost when the screen got sun spots and stopped charging.

As Always, I will try to do better.


Prez. said...

#25 - DTF (down to fish)

chrissy said...

3. It's completely normal. What isn't normal is the scared look on your face or denying to go into the biggest deck party cuz of a $5 cover!

chrisy said...

8. Playing against a stacked deck led to my first hangover in YEARS! But it sure was fun drinking over 60 beers between the 3 of us that night.

chrisy said...

12. The tastiest pickles I ever had. The pickles were not that hott themselves but the juice was on fire.

Nickerson said...

Would you think anything less with the name "Nickerson"?? Hehehe.

jan said...

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