Monday, July 2, 2012

July is upon us

SO I tried posting last week and everytime I posted a picture on this it kicked me out and wouldnt save. So this week I am going to try things I learned the past 2 weekends without any pictures. Some of this shit could be old so suck it.

This is what I learned this week:

1. Tea will absorb odors around it. Pour some tea over your hands and it will remove all odors and leave them smelling great.
2. I know there are belated birthday cards but how come no early birthday cards? I mean Im going on vacation and I give you a card a week early? This is an uptapped market.
3. Back Seat Lover is playing July 28 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Fanuel hall. I hope you guys can make it.
4. Whats better than a $.01(why isn't there any cent signs on this keyboard) ice cream cake? How bout 1 with the name spelled wrong?
5. The Chipman family pig roast was a huge success. It was way more than cookout of the year. It is a must attend event each and every year.
6. LED is the way to go for a television. They weigh practically nothing.
7. There is a beer bandit loose in my neighborhood. My neighbor, Tom, had 7 of his 8 buds stolen from his garage fridge.
8. Nothing is more glutonous as blasting the AC but having the top open in Mike's Jeep Liberty.
9. According to Chrissy it is the Summer of Mikes Harder Lemonades. Either you are on it or you are a terrorist.
10. Speaking of Chrissy, It is never good to get an APB text from his wife after he has been working 22 out of 24 hours and he has been drinking with his parents all day. Lets just say I said a prayer that he wasn't dead in a ditch.
11. According to some elders of mine, I am on the wrong side of 30 and need to take Centrum or a multi vitamin every day.
12. I can not for the life of me seem to sleep past 8:00 on any day.
13. I plan on having a cookout on Wednesday the 4th. Stop on by if you are feeling up for it.
14. It is against the law to fish with canned corn in Oregon. Uhm, guess ill have to shuck it and peel it off the cob myself.
15. Justin Beiber is claustrophobic...I know that Jeffrey is Beliber.
16. I don't get the appeal of the tall ships.
17. I saw some mother fuckers devouring lobster macaroni salad. I mean tearing through it!
18. Jeep guys are adamant about what Jeep is best. I saw 2 grown men argue the finer points of  a CJ 5 vs the CJ 7. Almost came to blows.
19. Choppah shot a 61 in a round of golf. A SIXTY FUCKING ONE!
20. When it gets to be above 90 everything just shuts down.
21. Willie went out and bought his sweetie a beach cruiser for the summer. I don't know if he is sending her a message or just be a dear.
22. The Oreo donut from Dunks is no joke. I am not talking the crumble bullshit, talking the creme filled.
23.  Don;t judge me because I am rocking a tank top tan.
24. Beer Die is back and Mike Foley is a sore loser.
25. Since Shaun larry got engaged has anyone seen or heard from him? I am kind of scared.
26. The Chiefdude finally got the dog of his dreams - a Doberman named Rommel.
27. Rio wants to go catch a Bruins game in Chicago, January 12th. Anyone down?
28. CVG took Italy's loss to Spain rough. Has anyone heard from him?
29. My plants are not liking this hot weather.
30. The new BK menu is too fucking much. It is like 3 pages of lunch/dinner items and it is so overwhelming.
31. No one wants to post hole dig but to do so on a 95 degree day is insanity.
32. I thought they were serving chicharones at the pigroast; I could not of been more excited. I was a little dismayed when it was home made french fries but it was not a bad alternative.

If anyone wants to come by Tuesday night for the Bon fires and fire works on the beach let me know. If not there is always the cookout Wednesday.


Riccio said...

You are slacking on the post.

Anonymous said...

Was one of those people arguing about the Jeeps Kevin Lacroix, and did he argue in favor of the CJ7?

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