Tuesday, July 31, 2012

August is here

The dog days of summer are officially upon us.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1.Never fuck with cole slaw in a baggie.
2. Big Bang Baby is not for me. Maybe it is because I know maybe 6 STP songs but just kind of blah.
3. I am officially retired from darts. After 13/14 years (I can not remember if I started playing before I was legal to drink) I have hung em up. I will still visit during the season though.
4. Supah P is one hard working mother fucker. Dude is always on the go.
5. I can not believe it is $35.00 to park in Boston in a garage at night. I mean really?
6. How did I score a pair of Pavillion Box seats to the Sox for only $100?
7. A friend of mine may be on Say Yes to the Dress. No matter what his fiance is 100% on it.
8. Rio finally made it down to the Cape.
9. It shouldnt be that difficult to get 10 guys together for a fantasy draft.
10. Hey so what if you flash someone by accident. Maybe you should of opted for the belt.
11. Its always good to see Mac and Meg out on the town boozing.
12. Is anyone interested in a Bruins trip to Chicago, February 17th, 2013?
13. CVG gets after it with Bacardi and Cokes.
14. The DMV is a scam. Lines to get a ticket, to wait in line to get service but the line doesn't go in order. Bullshit!
15. I had no idea that the Salvation Army will not take furniture if there are any blemishes on it.
16. Has anyone heard from my Uncle Willie? That dude takes off more time that anyone I have ever met. I ain't mad atcha just kind of jealous.

I totally forgot to update this yesterday.
I hope The Cheifdude has a nice vacation at Water Wiz!


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