Wednesday, October 28, 2015

TMX week 7

TMX is back from its bye week ( shut down last week) for the week 7 recap! 
Creepshots are making their move to the top putting up  172 points and winning the week this week!! Rejuvenated Lamar Miller lead the way putting up 42 points most of them in the first half! Gronk did his thing and the rams d put up 32!! Creepshots has its eyes on the top spot with two impressive weeks in a row. 2nd place this week with 166 were the Beachbums. The Beachbums after some moving and shaking thru the wire and trades is climbing up the standings. Led this week by Luck's huge 2nd half ( 35 pts) and newly picked up wr Diggs (25pt) the Bums put up enough points to usually win the week. Starting old friend Christian Michael may have cost the Beach bums as he posted a lowly two points. Third place this week with 142 was Supah P's. Supah has the two leading rushers in the league with Chris Johnson and league MVP freeman. Mike Evans had a breakout week this week and the Seahawks d did their thing. Supah's just needs to find the right qb to lead his squad to the top. 4th place this week was Charlies Angels with 137. Brady led the way with 38 and rbs Ingram and the resurgent Dougie Fresh both put up over 20pts. Starting tight end Tim Wright putting up 1 point hurt the squad as Angels are stuck just outside the money. 5th place this week with 137 was Slippery Wizards. TY Hilton finally played like a wr1 with 34pts and Beastmode was back but Matt Ryan continues to put up just average  numbers as the defending champs try not to go from first to worst. 6th place this week also with 137 were the Jaybirds. Muddy Rivers again put up big numbers and Antonio Brown finally got back in the groove. Jimmy Graham continues to have a subpar year for the Jaybirds and have to wonder if a change of scenery would help? Jaybirds had a chance to take over first place but came up short. 7th place this week with 127 was DMC. Gurley ran like the new beastmode putting up 35 points while AP and Robinson stop short of 100 yards ( 98 each). Olsen and Beckham had rare off weeks hurting DMC who is trying to get over the hump and into the money. 8th place this week was Black Dynomite with 113. Rodgers and Cobb on a bye 113 isn't a bad bye week. Bell was solid and bye week replacements R. Mathews and Bortles held their own with 34 combined points. Black Dynomite got one point from Alf and will need to address that going forward to continue their stay at the top.  9th place this week was Skza's Squad with 98. Cooper and the Chiefs d had good weeks but Flacco put up noodle arm Manning numbers and Blount, Vjax and Edelman COMBINED for 8 points. Skza's one of the three in a tight fight for last and will need to make the right place to not be that guy! 
10th place this week for a second straight week were the Equalizers. Arian Foster was the only star this week with 27. Kicker J. Tucker actually outscored  3 players on the team and Tucker only had FOUR points. Equalizers need to hit big on the waivers and may want to think about trying to get good value for Dez Bryant cuz it looks like he needs two starters and TMX is not sure dez can come back and put up the numbers of 2 starters. 
Let's make some quick calls. First up old friend Arian Foster. Yo Arian its TMX sorry bout the injury but you left it all out there this week. " Hey TMX yeah Achilles is gone but I tried my best, guess I can maybe write some for the TMX guys hahahaha"  Good one! Well guess the question everyone wants to know is why were you out there when your team was down big in a blowout? " come on TMX you know why. The equalizers TRAIDED for me and I'm the best player they got, they needed me. What can I do?" Wow well now you're gone and Equalizers will have to adjust. Thanks for the time Arian. " Yo yo what about that job writing for you guys??" Ha not so much. Later. "BYE". Man tough break for one of TMX's frequent callers. Lets call Lamar Miller from this weeks winning team Creepshots. Hey Lamar its TMX how's it going? " TMX I heard all about you guys, man I'm honored." Thanks, what a great week, well actually half you had how do you explain it? " well its simple we got rid of the deadbeat coach and we brought in a guy who knows whats up. I'm not sure if Creepshots ownership had anything to do with his firing but he's certainly reaping the rewards and we are all happy for him. Sorry to be brief but I got a short week vs the pats and I'm looking to drop a 50 burger on them. L- out!' Wow high hopes from Mr. Miller!! Ain't bragging if you can do it is what TMX always says.  Let's look at the standings thru 7 weeks

1. Black Dynomite
2. Jaybirds....................................8pts
3. Creepshots...............................28pts
4. Charlies Angels..........................47pts
5. Beachbums................................65pts
6. DMC..........................................86pts
7. Supah P's..................................104pts
8. Slippery Wizards.........................153pts
9. Skza's Squad..............................153pts
10. Equalizers.................................213pts

     The bye week certainly tightened things at the top with Jaybirds now within single digits and four others under 100 for the top spot. The fight for the last place spot looks like the same three jocking back and forth with no one pulling away!! The bye weeks will test teams depth the next few weeks and the waiver wire and trades have already helped teams make up a lot of ground. The halfway point is just about here so its time to get serious and make the moves you need! Good luck in week 8 and hope for no injuries. TMX OUT.

Lets not jump off any cliffs just yet...

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

I am here

Yeah yeah yeah I fucked up last week. I was busy as all hell on Monday and then I was in Baltimore the rest of the week for work so I just kept procrastinating updating the blog. Then I landed yesterday morning and after the 2 hours it took me to get to my house - NO FUCKING WAY!

This is what I learned while I was away:
1. I could never ever live in Florida, 90 degrees in October is not for me.
2. Hong Kong Dave is alive and looking like Adam Levine down in Bmore.
3. A $59 dollar steak is way better than anything from the Outback.
4. Don't worry Mario it is totally normal to be kicked out of a bar at the age of 36.
5. Rumor has it the annual trip to Barretts haunted house is Friday. If you are interested let Chrissy know.
6. If   you are still in a suicide pool congrats.
7. Ever get random join the union mail? Well I did.
8. Looks like the Bruins are moving in the right direction.
9. You can tell a lot from someone over some causal beers.
10. What is everyone doing for the game Thursday night? We (Chris, Chrissy and I) are thinking Iron Furnace or Coops? Who is in?
11. I know salads are boring but if you get a bad salad then that can ruin your whole day/meal.
12. Are the Red Sox really selling Monster tickets for specific games in August already?
13. How come all of a sudden I am seeing all this new Mets garb people are wearing?
14. Awfully scary getting a call from your aunt that your uncle is dizzy and puking and they don't know why. Come to find out he is just another victim of BBD a.k.a Vertigo. Get well Willie!
15. Anyone need tickets to tonights Bs game? Mario is looking to unload his tickets.
16. I have given up raking up leaves and just pile them up and mulch them bitches up.
17. Congrats Mike Layden on your 3rd dog...just in time for your 4th child to be born.
18. We all know people at work who are just bad employees, great people but bad employees.
19. I love country fried steak.
20. Steak N shake is fucking legit.
21. $1.00 beer night or $2.00 bottle beer night need to happen in Boston.
22. If you owned a bar what would you name it? I think I am going with Running Erins Pub. That way when someone asks where you been...Running Erin's (runnin errands for you people who cant get it).
23. CVG may or may not have a love child?
24. Chuy's  is a weird joint. Loved the food but man its eclectic.
25. Jet Blue is flying straight to Daytona Beach from JFK starting in November.
26. Chrissy and I are not the only ones who give out full candy bars on Halloween are we?
27. Anyone have any insight on any new phones? I am thinking about the Nexus 6?
28. If you nickname someone and they don't know that is what you call them, then is it really a nickname or are you making fun of them.
29. I am pretty sure I saw Mike Foley  MORE when he was in NC than when he has returned.
30. I go away and come back and some one smashed my front wall. FUCKING RUDE!!

Sorry I was off last week but hey its a 30 pack of  things!!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

What do you root for?

It has been a while since I posted an actual blog...

For the most part we are all sports fans but not necessarily fans of all sports. I know that there are some people who have no interest in sports what so ever and they are waiting on Halo 5 to come out but I am not talking about them wackos. I am talking about people who remember taking in their first baseball game, playing a pick up basketball game of 3 on 3 with some friends or just throwing a football back and forth. It all started somewhere - with your dad, your mom, your uncle, your best friend, an older brother or cousin, in your neighborhood, at school, at the YMCA, no matter where it started you became a fan.

Now over the years I have had this conversation with people and it always had one underlying tone - do you root for laundry (the name on the front) or players (the name on the back). There are die hard fans (laundry) that will root for any player that wears "their" teams uniform. These fans will then bad mouth that player if they change teams - trades, free agency and some times just a change of scenery all happen. These fans don't care the reason, Player X was here and now they are in another city. Don't need em, Don't want em, They can have them and so on and so on. The flip side of that is the fan who loves the sport and the players who play it . They have a team that they root for but they don't love all the guys that make up their team. They root for the team and want them to win. If their player moves on they follow them and still root for them.

I am now finding out there is a rare breed who root for coaches - no real team affiliation just the coach and their current team. I get it you guys man crush the shit out of Chip Kelly, Rick Pitino, Joe Maddon but this feels dirty to me.The Larry Browns of the world who build up teams only to move on when the work is done and start a new project isn't my thing.

So I ask again what do you root for - laundry, players or coaches?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Week 5 came and went

TMX back with the week 5 review!

Its been a wild ride so far in fantasy football. This weeks highest qb's? Undrafted Bortles and McCown! Top two rbs? None other than Dougie Martin and Davonta Freeman! Freeman is also the TMX MVP so far this season, guess Supah may ride him to the top!!

Let's get right into it. This week's first place team was Supah P the new bad boy of ADSL refusing to take congrats and just peacocking around like he owns the league. Supah had 169 this week led by Freeman, red hot Bradford, waiver find Hurns and Eifert. Looks like the Supah's are hitting on all cylinders right now!!

Second place this week  was Charlies Angels with 151 new Angel Doug Martin dropped a 40 burger and the usual suspects Cards d, Sanders, Brady and Mcmanus did there thing. Demaryius Thomas , Ingram and Randle let the Angels down but they are still in prime spot with Brady's bye done. Third place this week was DMC with 129. Palmer filled in adequately for Big Ben and new rb Gurley is a monster. ODB and Robinson produced but DMC left alot on the bench with Snead and Rawls. Couple big weeks should put DMC in the money. Fourth place with 128 was Black Dynomite. An off week for Rodgers and Cobb  gave teams hope but Bell and Hopkins did there thing and now with Gates ( 25 bench mob pts) waiting the league may wanna start to play for second place!!   5th place with 125 were the Equalizers. Brees to Cooks carried the club with 48pts! Foster and pats d also had decent weeks but the Equalizers Bench put up 102. Equalizers first day out the basement may wanna keep that bench mob down or he could head back!!

 6th place this week were the Jaybirds with 105. Muddy rivers and Falcons d were the only ones stepping it up this week . Antonio Brown, Jimmy Graham and L. Murray hurt the Jaybirds with off weeks. Luckily Ivory and Marshall are back off the bye so Jaybirds can get back to the top. 7th place this week were the Beach Bums with 102. Bums had a crushing loss as number one pick Charles is done for the year. The only Manning worth starting put up 44 to carry the team while for god only knows why Bums sat Andre Johnson in a known revenge game that hurt the team, this may be the week the Beach Bums pulls off one of his TRAIDS to get him back in contention. 8th this week were the Slippery Wizards who continue to slide.  Matty Ice and starting tight end Owen Daniels combined for 6 pts for the week. Packers did with 28 was the only one who performed. Good luck with that mold problem in the basement Slippery Wizards.

9th place this week were Skza's Squad with 97. Forte, Edelman and the Chiefs d carried the club but noodle arm manning putting up 6 killed the squad!! Skza's finally playing all his guys and not throwing out zeros so if Manning can get on track he should be able to get back up to the top 5. 10th place this week were the Creepshots with 94. Forsett and Yeldon were the only players in double digits. Stafford and Mega continue to disappoint and its only a matter of time before they are shipped out at this rate. Gronk and the Target Monster had rare off weeks that killed the team.

Lets just make some calls. First up Matt Stafford. Hey Matty its TMX whats going on? " oh man not you TMX you giving up on me too? My line is terrible and Mega aint bailing me out like he did all those years" Yeah I'm not giving up Matty but many are you think you can turn it around? " well I hope so but i'm doing all i can and if i don't, I mean you see my wife? Party girl and hot? Lets be honest Creepshots would wear any dress to hang with her so he should think about that when i'm putting up 7pts!! Wow interesting comment. I'll pass it along. Good luck Staff.

Up next Supah P's Devonta Freeman. Hey D its TMX whats going on? " Hi Mr. TMX thanks for the interview. Supah P's mngmnt has a written statement for you. We drafted Devonta Freeman cuz we knew Falcons were now a running team. Rest of the league didnt. On them. Thank you for you time TMX youre blogs are mediocre." Uhhhm Devonta you serious? this a joke? CLICK. WOW guess the Supah P's are feeling good!!  Here's the standings after 5.

1. Black Dynomite
2. Jaybirds............................71
3. Charlie's Angels.................77
4. Supah P's..........................110
5. DMC..................................132
6. Creepshots.........................135
7. Skza's Squad.......................142
8. Beach Bums.........................142
9. Equalizers............................178
10. Slippery Wizards.................188

  This season has been wild and theres seems to be a new breakout game everyweek and a star who disappears!! Supah P is on the move up from 8 to 4 so there is some hope for the bunched up crew at the bottom but let it be known if you arent putting up at least 141pts you are taking the weekly win!! The lowest has been 141 while we have had 174! Lets  hope its your week to have a break out star and the injuries stop!! Good luck!! Get to the waivers and trades help teams so pull that trigger!! TMX OUT.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Another day closer to Christmas

I mean honestly is this year flying by or what? It seems like only yesterday we were killing hot dogs and hamburgers at the Fourth of July cookouts.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Ruths Chris is still bomb ass even after changing their menu a bit.
2. There was an angry Iggles sighting this weekend.
3. I go to straight Budweiser anytime a place only serves a few select beers.
4. Congrats to Tom and Marie on their nuptials.

5. Fantasy football has been in the dumps this year, GARBAGE!
6. It is Columbus Day ya'll lets hope you guys are celebrating that.
7. Who doesn't like a surprise birthday party?
8. Took a glass blowing class on Saturday at Luke Adams Glass Studio:

9. As the angriest blogger in America has said (In not so many words) - The Boston Bruins may be in some big time trouble.
10. There is nothing worse than being sick at work.
11. #TeamIphone complains that this blogs back ground messes with their views so I changed it, I am easy like that.
12. I think someone stole my belt...who would do such a thing? I mean now my pants fall down.
13. The Lunch Box deli in Norwood is great.
14. Has anyone heard from Tom Kelly? Rumor has it he has been looking for a new local bar to hang out at.
15. Chrissy has really stepped up his Uber game since he heard CVG was in the game.
16. Jeffrey is headed to Myrtle Beach this weekend. Let us pray that it has dried out down there.
17. If you are born in October then all your decorations are pumpkin based, deal with it.
18. Does it seem like the NFL is watered down this year or what?
19. Mike G is alive and kicking. He may also be working on baby number 3!!
20. Katie had no idea what Neflix and Chill was...I mean hello it is 2015.

That is all the time I have for right now. I am off to celebrate Columbus day with some double time and half work time!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Week 4 in the books

TMX week 4 review is here.

Week four was a wild week with a lot of stars putting in average weeks and some guys coming out of nowhere to carry clubs. There were three trades made this week with big name QBs like Killah Cam and Palmer changing teams as well as preseason MVP Doug Martin a.k.a The Muscle Hampster a.k.a The Douggernaut finding a new home! Separation in the standings is starting to take place and the bye weeks have started.

Lets look at how the week played out. For the second week in a row Black Dynomite came away with the win with 146pts. Black D (street name) has won every week since number one pick Leveon Bell has played!! Bell, Hopkins, Maclin and the red hot panthers d let them this week and this team is now the team to beat!! The wagon is rolling over the league! Second place this week was Beach Bums with 121. Bums finally got a big week from J. Hill who had the TD hat trick, Black Unicorn who was TRAIDED to Beach Bums earlier continues to produce and now has Cutler back! Stevie Johnson the fantasy football whore on his third team in 4 weeks didn't help the Bums this week with 5 points. Doug Martin lit up the bench with 27 and was rewarded with a trade to last place Equalizers. Tough love is what TMX calls that move!!

3rd this week were the Creepshots with 120. Forsett found his groove and Rams d produced but Cook in Gronks spot only managed 3 points and the Tannehill playing for the struggling Stafford well STRUGGLED.   Creepshots management responded by trading Tannehill for Killah Cam! Smell ya Tannehill. 4th place this week was Equalizers with 108. Carson Palmer and waiver wire stud Chuckie Clay led the way as Arian Foster was slow to get back in the groove and TMX fav Steve Smith got back bones broken trying to get Equalizers out of the cellar. Cj Spiller broke out on the bench with 19. Equalizers promptly traded spiller and Palmer hoping to cash in on the Brees to cooks waterfall. ( cue up the TLC).

 Fifth place this week was Supah P's with 102. Supah is riding redhot Freeman who put up another 3tds. Supah may have himself a qb controversy with Bradford and Wilson which should be watched. Lacy doing his usual slow to start act is hurting the Supah's right now. 6th place this week was Slippery Wizards with 102. Wizards were led by Packers d 24pts and then the rest was a struggle as Jordan Reed got his 5th concussion and Lynch sat up in the press box giggling and eating skittles. Defending champs are on a downward spiral. 7th place this week were Skza's Squad with 98. Skza continues to peacock the league with his unorthodox style like starting two guys McCoy and Desean Jax who had been declared out!! Vjax picked up the slack as Skza's Squad still was better than three other teams! 8th place this week was DMC with 90pts. Dalton and Ap led the team but the bench had new toy Gurley and Hillman putting up 22pts. 9th place this week was Jaybirds with 84. Gift and a curse having a loaded team for Jaybirds. Bench put up 132 and considering titans d was on a bye if Jaybirds had just started all bench players and Falcons d (27pts) they win the week. OUCH. Last this week was Charlie's Angels with 81. Cam Newton led the team in a week with God Brady on the bye. ( hey cam thanks- smell ya- you're traded) Jones and Ebron putting up 4 total killed the squad. Mcmanus the kicker they love to hate once again put up big numbers ON THE BENCH. 

                                                              ( I believe I can fly!)

Lets make some calls starting with Brandon Mcmanus the kicker they love to hate. Hey Brando its TMX whats good? " Tmx!! Holy cow you're calling a kicker? And its me? I feel so honored since my team hates me!! Hey guys its TMX calling me!! Brando can we talk about how you currently have more points than Eddie Lacy and Marshawn Lynch not to mention 20 more points than your own starting RB CJ Anderson and your team continues to bench you?? " maogahprohaeigiaa;gjkajg" Brando you there??  "ampgajpghaiog;adg" BRANDON?? CAN YOU HEAR US? " sorry, sorry tmx bunch of the guys duct taped me to my locker and spray painted Mcpenis on my shirt again, man these guys hate me." Hmm well TMX doesn't sponsor bully life but at the same time we don't want to be a witness in any sort of hazing case so TMX gotta go! Keep putting up numbers Brando!!  Eeek that got awkward real fast. Charlies Angels control your locker room my goodness!!

Up next lets call Le'veon Bell of Black Dynomite. Yo Le'veon what it is  " Tmx listen I love you guys but we aint talking man and you know why" L?? What we've been tight since you came into the league whats the deal? you serious?? " Listen we were tight but you ask Wes Cash about why I got suspended bro? He was out doing some investigative reporting we all having a good time next thing I know i'm suspended four games YOU FIGURE IT OUT. Click. " Hmmm well lets uhhm get to the standings after 4 weeks.
1. Black Dynomite
2. Jaybirds........................51pts
3. Charlie's Angels.............100pts
4. Creepshots....................102pts
5. Skza's Squad..................111pts
6. Beach Bums...................114pts
7. Dmc...............................133pts
8. Supah P's........................152pts
9. Slippery Wizards..............160pts
10. Equalizers.......................176pts

 Well Black Dynomite seems to be in control comfortably early. Its a long season but the rest of the league better get it going or it may be a long miserable season. The last place race is much tighter and two of the four teams in the bottom have made trades this week so it could  get ugly for the other two if things don't change. Lets hope for our first week with no big name injuries its been brutal. Thanks to drunknothings for the phone card and map of all the local pay phones so TMX can go back to making calls. GOOD LUCK IN WEEK 5 and keep the traids coming and lets ease up on the traid marination!! You get a trade respond pretty simple process. Til next week TMX out.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Heres to Hoping

Here is to hoping that Fall lasts longer than Spring.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Watching a 4 year old over night is exhausting. Always on the go and they never shut up.
2. At what point do you just let your hair grow and not get a cut.
3. If you aren't getting your pasta with cabonara sauce then you aint living.
4. Burning your hand on a pan fresh out the oven is not fun.
5. I heard the Kubie Krawl was a success. Great job by all those involved.
6. CVG is killing the Uber game, nothing confirmed that he also does LYFT on his other cell phone.
7. Chrissy has adjusted nicely to the over night but his wing addiction is through the roof.
8. Honestly who gets married on a Sunday?
9. I always seem to forget about going to Lamberts for fresh meats and veggies.
10. Bye bye Beachcomber.
11. Mario went to the movies for the 1st time in over 4 years and he will not be going back anytime soon.
12. I know I have said this before but this is the worst fantasy season I can remember.
13. Got my first win of Draft Kings this week and it feels great.
14. The Bruins season kicks off Thursday. Are you guys ready for this?

Thats all the time I have right now.

Have a nice week.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 3 review

Week three is in the books and once again we had big name players coming down with injuries. 

Many in the league are starting to think there is a voodoo hammy dancing jinx running around ADSL. 

TMX insider Wes Cash is currently doing investigative research!! Hope to find out if voodoo  hammy dancing jinxes are a thing or not.  

Lets get to the week 3 review. This weeks winner was Black Dynomite with a season high 174. Black Dynomite got first round pick Bell back but his 23pts weren't the story it was Monday night magic as Rodgers and Cobb went off for 49 and 31 on Monday night!!! " Black Dynamite is stacked from front to back and ready to cruise like a Cadillac" per team management. Okie dokie.  

Second place this week was Jaybirds with 164. Julio and his 20 targets for 39 points and Brown again led the way. Brown may be in a bit of trouble losing Big Ben but Marshall is a wr1 and Fitzy put up 34 so there is no need to worry at wr spot in Jaybirds land. Muddy Rivers putting up 10pts may have to be addressed!!

Third place this week was DMC. Despite losing Big Ben DMC put up 153. AP, Olsen, J.Jones, and Bills d made up for Big Ben and Rookie Gurly putting up a combined 6pts!! Picking up Dalton should save DMC and keep him at the top. 

Fourth place this week was Creepshots with 138pts Mr first half Randle and Target monsters 36pts led the way in a week were Mega and Gronk had off weeks. Creepshots may have to look and see if he can move Stafford or at least try and start Tannehill to see if he's the answer. 

Fifth place this week was Charlie's Angels with 135. Huge week from Cards d and Brady paced the Angels. The running back stable led the team down with Jones and CJ putting up 4pts combined. A quick look at the bench sees the 91st overall pick outscored the 90th this week. QB controversy?? 

Sixth place with 134 was Beach Bums. Beach Bums had a huge 49 burger from AJ and  28 from Charles and newly acquired Eli put up 23 all were needed as the Bums got ZEROS from Andre Johnson AND Dolphins d! 

Seventh this week were Supah P's with 131.  Supah was led by an impressive week from Freeman 44pts and the triumphant return of Mike evans all of which was needed as Supahs also had two players put up ZEROS, Eifert and Williams put the goose eggs  up.  Supah has the answers on the bench with Wright and Chris Johnson putting up 20 and 32 so just needs to make the right calls going forward. 

Eigth place this week was Skza's squad with 117. Noodle Arm Manning maybe turning the corner as he threw for over 300yds and 2 tds rookie stud Cooper also continues to shine,  Off weeks by McCoy, Forte and Edelman hurt the Skza's this week but that shouldn't be the case most weeks.

Ninth place this week was Slippery Wizards with 102, The Wizards are in terrible shape as if they had played their ENTIRE roster they would have had 154pts ( no one on a  bye) which would have been good enough for 3rd place by one point this week!! Ryan and Gore helped the team but Lynch putting up 2 and prater dropping the impressive MINUS 1 did  not!!

Last place this week was Equalizers with 101. Steve smith answered the bell with 42 while Luck continues to under perform did have 20 aside from pats d getting 11 no one else reached double digits! Back to back last place finishes has to have Equalizers circling the wagon for answers, lets hope they hit the waiver lottery or make a trade to figure this out. 

Lets look at the standing after 3 weeks:
1. Jaybirds
2. Black Dynamite          10pts
3. Charlies Angels          47pts
4. Skza's Squad              73pts
5. Creepshots                 87pts
6. DMC                          88pts
7. Beach Bums                101pts
8. Supah P's                   122pts
9. Slippery Wizards          126pts
10 Equalizers                  149pts

    Jaybirds looking to go wire to wire is now in serious jeopardy as Black Dynomite has found its groove. The bottom of the league looks to be separating itself early and it could be a long season if teams don't find their ways with trades or waiver help!! Its a long season but teams still need to make the right plays each week and hopefully avoid anymore big name injuries. No calls this week as financial crunch at drunknothings had the phones shut down. Hopefully, they can get the bill paid by next week or we may have to make home visits. TMX out.