Thursday, October 1, 2015

Week 3 review

Week three is in the books and once again we had big name players coming down with injuries. 

Many in the league are starting to think there is a voodoo hammy dancing jinx running around ADSL. 

TMX insider Wes Cash is currently doing investigative research!! Hope to find out if voodoo  hammy dancing jinxes are a thing or not.  

Lets get to the week 3 review. This weeks winner was Black Dynomite with a season high 174. Black Dynomite got first round pick Bell back but his 23pts weren't the story it was Monday night magic as Rodgers and Cobb went off for 49 and 31 on Monday night!!! " Black Dynamite is stacked from front to back and ready to cruise like a Cadillac" per team management. Okie dokie.  

Second place this week was Jaybirds with 164. Julio and his 20 targets for 39 points and Brown again led the way. Brown may be in a bit of trouble losing Big Ben but Marshall is a wr1 and Fitzy put up 34 so there is no need to worry at wr spot in Jaybirds land. Muddy Rivers putting up 10pts may have to be addressed!!

Third place this week was DMC. Despite losing Big Ben DMC put up 153. AP, Olsen, J.Jones, and Bills d made up for Big Ben and Rookie Gurly putting up a combined 6pts!! Picking up Dalton should save DMC and keep him at the top. 

Fourth place this week was Creepshots with 138pts Mr first half Randle and Target monsters 36pts led the way in a week were Mega and Gronk had off weeks. Creepshots may have to look and see if he can move Stafford or at least try and start Tannehill to see if he's the answer. 

Fifth place this week was Charlie's Angels with 135. Huge week from Cards d and Brady paced the Angels. The running back stable led the team down with Jones and CJ putting up 4pts combined. A quick look at the bench sees the 91st overall pick outscored the 90th this week. QB controversy?? 

Sixth place with 134 was Beach Bums. Beach Bums had a huge 49 burger from AJ and  28 from Charles and newly acquired Eli put up 23 all were needed as the Bums got ZEROS from Andre Johnson AND Dolphins d! 

Seventh this week were Supah P's with 131.  Supah was led by an impressive week from Freeman 44pts and the triumphant return of Mike evans all of which was needed as Supahs also had two players put up ZEROS, Eifert and Williams put the goose eggs  up.  Supah has the answers on the bench with Wright and Chris Johnson putting up 20 and 32 so just needs to make the right calls going forward. 

Eigth place this week was Skza's squad with 117. Noodle Arm Manning maybe turning the corner as he threw for over 300yds and 2 tds rookie stud Cooper also continues to shine,  Off weeks by McCoy, Forte and Edelman hurt the Skza's this week but that shouldn't be the case most weeks.

Ninth place this week was Slippery Wizards with 102, The Wizards are in terrible shape as if they had played their ENTIRE roster they would have had 154pts ( no one on a  bye) which would have been good enough for 3rd place by one point this week!! Ryan and Gore helped the team but Lynch putting up 2 and prater dropping the impressive MINUS 1 did  not!!

Last place this week was Equalizers with 101. Steve smith answered the bell with 42 while Luck continues to under perform did have 20 aside from pats d getting 11 no one else reached double digits! Back to back last place finishes has to have Equalizers circling the wagon for answers, lets hope they hit the waiver lottery or make a trade to figure this out. 

Lets look at the standing after 3 weeks:
1. Jaybirds
2. Black Dynamite          10pts
3. Charlies Angels          47pts
4. Skza's Squad              73pts
5. Creepshots                 87pts
6. DMC                          88pts
7. Beach Bums                101pts
8. Supah P's                   122pts
9. Slippery Wizards          126pts
10 Equalizers                  149pts

    Jaybirds looking to go wire to wire is now in serious jeopardy as Black Dynomite has found its groove. The bottom of the league looks to be separating itself early and it could be a long season if teams don't find their ways with trades or waiver help!! Its a long season but teams still need to make the right plays each week and hopefully avoid anymore big name injuries. No calls this week as financial crunch at drunknothings had the phones shut down. Hopefully, they can get the bill paid by next week or we may have to make home visits. TMX out.