Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For all you guys on the South Shore. Stop by tonight for some samples and to vote for Cape Cod Beer.


We need you to SHOW UP


in Plymouth on


between 7pm and 9pm


They'll be handing out samples.

All you have to do is VOTE!

The top winning brand from each brewery will go on tap (one keg) and the overall winner will be on tap for the month! As a further incentive, they'll do a raffle for prizes just for showing up!

Its CCB vs Cisco & Harpoon!

See you there!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Request for help

A friend of mine is getting married and he and his fiancee entered a contest to help offset the cost of their wedding. You can vote every day until March 9th. You can only vote once per day per device. If you have a smart phone, laptop, home / work computer etc. you can help push this great couple over the top. They are currently in 2nd place just a few hundred votes back and need a rally to get in the lead. Feel free to watch the video and keep in mind that anyone willing to subject themselves to that kind of ridicule deserves your vote. Also, There is no way I can let any couple from Cambridge (or Maine) take this down without doing all that I can to prevent it.

Click on the link to vote:
When it opens click on the stars under Michelle & Chris to register your vote.

Thanks for your support!


Leap Year

I think it would be awesome to have a birthday on a leap year. I have never met anyone who was born on a leap day but every 4 years they must have a great bash, the other 3 years are EHH. If I wasn't working a double on Wednesday I would be out celebrating this Leap year on Leap Day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mike Foley gives his old lady a jump 3 or 4 times a month.
2. Supah P has started his own landscaping business. If you are interested in getting an estimate give him a call at 617-777-9605.
3. A pair of shoes made of shark leather can last 4 times longer than  shoes made from regular leather. How bad ass would it be to own shark skin boots.
4. Foley is trying to get a Wii tournament together every month. Winner take all cash prizes. Call him 617-899-2273 to get on the list.
5. Deadwood IPA tastes like black peppered beer. I would rather drink a dirty bar dishrag.
6. The Real Housewives of Quincy hang out at the Fours in Quincy.
7. Shaun Larry likes to spend his weekends in VT with his lady friend. We all know Vermont is for lovers.
8. Jenny Gamberdella has moved back to Cali. We all wish her well.
9. Rio has a few extra tickets to the Marathon Monday Sox game and Smiddy is eyeing one.
10. Katie took Ronin skijoring and overall I guess it was a success.
11. Installing a closet can lead to ripping out a wall. You never know what you will find in a wall.
12. The Bruins are getting real pushy with their season renewal.
13. Not only is Newt a huge Roger Waters fan but he wants to see him in Europe? There is no one I would want to travel out of the country to see.
14. What are the rules when your mother and law friends you on FB? I mean do you say OK but I swear a fucking lot?
15. I was surprised to hear that the Daytona 500 had never been postponed due to rain until yesterday.
16. I am sick of hearing about gluten free shit.

Darts is away tomorrow night at Paddy Barrys. Hope you can make it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Darts week 3 (Fat Tuesday Edition)

With so much to say and my limited time and attention span, I am struggling to find a starting point for this update (kind of like I am struggling to find a WIN). This was a strange day filled with ups and downs but thankfully no stabbings.

My day started out of state for a work conference which ended up being a Fat Tuesday party with some new friends from Texas who were pounding bloody marys before 8AM. As I was told via a text message, I should question my dedication like the Sox pitchers and the chicken and beer incident. To that I say GFY, darts and drinking go hand and hand. Additionally, I made it to the match which is more than I can say for a few others (including the texter) which I will address later.

So upon my arrival the first thing I see is Chrissy “The King of Wings” looking like Kobayashi in his prime. Unfortunately, there was a big letdown when he could not finish the plate and asked for a to-go container.

The next disappointment came when I looked at the roster and found my name noticeably absent from cricket. I first thought Captain P was benching me to send a message, but I soon found out he was absent and fighting a case of the “Green Apple 2-step” AKA the shits. Special guest captain Derek W. made that call so you can all thank / blame him. I still think I need to reach out to CBV to come out of retirement to redeem myself and right this ship.

I am announcing a changing of the guard in the Super Fan category. Sorry Mike T. but your desire for O/T and your other Allan Iverson like BS excuses do not fly in my book. Chrissy and a few others made their bid to take the crown but Ben Wallace (fear the Fro) and I had a meeting and we decided to give the nod to the Sassman.

The beats were ok until some donkey played Rod Stewart which was about the same time we found out they were out of Coors Light. No problem for the BL & ML drinkers, but it caused havoc on half of the squad which might explain Jeffrey knocking over the same case of empties twice. The beats quickly rallied with Mickey Avalon’s My Dick however the Coors Light supply did not. On a side note, we need to increase our beer kitty from $20 to $30. I’m not sure if it's the economy or an increase in tolerance, but the initial suck has run dry every week.

Now on to the matches:
501: Lost 2 of 3 and the struggles continue
Bright & Jeb jumped out to a 400+ point lead against a guy wearing pajamas. They let the other team back in it but managed to the close the deal and start the night off with a win.

Foley & Shawn Larry took a few hundred shots to get on and could not catch up. Not a good effort, not a good result. Loss

Derek & Jared played a tough game which was close start to finish. In the end it was just another loss.

Cricket: Won 2 of 3
Mark & Jeff ran into a point fest and could not keep up. They played well but came up short.

Bright & Jared jumped out to an early lead and did not look back. This was a very classy win with no points scored on either side. Close numbers and win the game that's how it's supposed to happen.

Dillon & Jeb tied up the overall match with a nice win that featured the cleanest scoreboard ever thanks to Welchies scoring debut.

301: Won 3, Lost 3
Bright played well but lost two tough ones.

Jeff's match went 3 games and he played great. He tossed at least 3 100+ throws including a 145 to take the man down.

Derek: Game 1 he had a tough time getting in and lost. Game 2: Similar to game one he had a tough time getting on and spotted a big lead. When he did get in he made a nice comeback and with my great coaching he won. In game 3 he jumped on first and pounded it down. The opponent got right on and scored big points with each throw including a 140 to take the lead. Derek hung tough but lost a close one.

Mark: In game 1 he spotted her, yes I said HER, about a 200 point lead but rallied up to take game 1. Game 2 he jumped out to an early lead and never looked back. Tons of pressure playing a female but he was up to the task.

Foley lost in a three game set. All 3 were close and the last game came down to dubs. No luck for this Irish man.

Jared: He had an easy win in game 1. In game 2 he took a big lead early but faded and lost. Game 3 was a real barnburner and he got it done.

We are at Paddy Barry's next week and we’ll see if Sassi wants to keep his title. He will either be with us mourning the loss of the Pony Room, or throwing the crown away to celebrate their grand re-opening.

'Til next time bitches,

Monday, February 20, 2012

A month Away

Can you believe that spring is only a month away? We have to have one huge snow storm before that gets here, right? I am not complaining about the mild winter. God knows my oil bill thanks him. I am still bitter that they took away Washingtons and Lincolns birthday and gave us just 1 Presidents day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. TK likes to party it up at the Hardrock Cafe on Saturday nights.
2. The blue whales penis is 10 feet long. How come we dont say hung like a blue whale?
3. Rio says the new Smith and Wollensky's, where John Brewer works, is off the chains.
4. George Washington was the wealthiest President. Adjusting for inflation he was worth $500M. Thomas Jefferson was worth $200M.
5. According to Mikey Layden, Nicks on Sea Street has the best onion rings ever.
6. In Providence, it is illegal to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday. What do all the one night stands do Sunday morning? Rock dragon breath?
7. A reliable source(MikeyT) informs me Katies Burger Bar in Plymouth is LEGIT - 5 stars!
8. Chrissy is afraid of a night of 40 oz's and drinking games.
9. Red Sox nuts are all geared up for the new Jet Blue park in Fort Myers.
10. Joe's American Bar and grill are back giving out full loaves of bread. I ain't mad at this.
11. Mars candy is no longer going to make King size candy bars. I guess they are against sharing.
12. One of the things to look for that the recession is starting to subsideis men are purchasing clothing now.
13. Game Stop is all out of Amalore for PS3 but there are plenty Xbox 360.
14. I thought Jeffrey and Chrissy were fucking with me when they were talking about Poopies in Pembroke. I hear the pizza is better than Linwood cafe.
15. I tried to trim my beard and messed up. So I have that going for me.
16. I am secretly addicted to the blind auditions on the Voice.
17. THE AMI is planning a "Million Mustache March".
18. Newton is a huge Roger Waters fan but who is paying $255 a ticket?
19. DJ Brighto now has business cards, has dropped the O and will have a website up and running soon.
20. Big L has one vacation saved up. Let him  know where and when.

Darts is at home this Tuesday so feel free to come down and have some beers, laughs and maybe try the wings.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Darts recap Week 2

Brought back by popular demand…the Dart Night recaps!
2012 is a new year and sweeping changes were made to the old Layden’s crew. We have a new Captain – Sean “Super P.” Meehan, a new team name (I guess we are no longer DTF??), a return addition to the team in Jared Roland who left years ago to “find himself” or as Randy Moss says, “I left the game because of family issues” and a new home field - The South Side Tavern in the finest city in the world - Quincy. I hope you all can find some time this season to stop by for a beer and a few laughs and catch the action live. When I get a chance, I will post a readable version of the schedule.

So now to the action: The team is still shaking off the rust but we have managed to win our first match of the season and scrape out a tie in the second match. Not bad considering no one has picked up a dart in 8 months. I won’t bore you with details of each match (mostly because I can’t remember any details) so I’ll just cover the Wins and Losses, and what I think are the areas in which we need to improve.

501: Week 1 we went 0-3 and in week 2 we went 1-2. In other words, We suck! After losing the first 5 matches in this event Jeb and Mr. Booze finally pulled out a win in the last game of week 2. It’s going to take a lot of work for Capt P. to figure out what chemistry works and he better do it fast. If we want to be successful, we can’t keep spotting the other team points early in the night.

Cricket: Week 1 we went 2-1 and in week 2 we went 2-1 and to put it bluntly, I SUCK! Overall the team has managed to win 4 of the 6 matches and I have managed to lose 2 matches with different partners in each game, and they both won games that they played with someone else. All I can say is, “Where is Crazy Bob V when I need him???” Once is a mistake, twice is bad luck and any more than that is just unacceptable. Let me go on record and say, this is a trend that will not continue!

301: Week 1 we went 4-2 and week 2 we went 4-2 and just as in years past, we continue to dominate in 301. Not sure how we can suck in 501 and win in 301 but whatever. There is only 1 man on this squad that has not brought home a victory in the singles yet. Due to the fact that he has faced 2 good opponents and neither of them were females, I won’t call him out this week, but if the situation does not change soon…

Next week we have a home match against a team from S-6. See you there at 7:30 Tuesday night.

'Til next time bitches,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh man

I know many of you are out there planning the perfect Valentines day for your ladies so I will keep it brief this week.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. The Cheifdude thinks I do not blog nearly enough.
2. Oreo's turn 100 this year. I know many of you love Oreo's. Mario says he can eat 3 bags in one sitting.
3. It is easier for a Harvard grad to become a US president(7) than it is to become an NBA player(3).
4. Fire and Ice was good but the lines were long and the place wasn't very busy. It was like they brought in their closers to slow everyone down.
5. To human taste buds, Zima is virtually indistinguishable from Zebra urine. THANK GOD they stopped making that.
6. Jeffrey Steven Lundrigan and Randy Moss both share today as a birthday. Coincidence? I think not.
7. Dorchester is the birth place of the first public elementary school in America, The Mather school - established in 1639 and still running.
8. The honey badger can withstand hundred of bee stings that would otherwise kill another animal.
9. Speaking earlier of Randy Moss, he announced that he is UN RETIRING.
10. People still in shock of Folan.com breaking the Whitney Houston death. Deal with it.
11. Chrissy feeds his daughter blueberry's so that his wife has to change blue diarrhea.
12. Rio is now CPR certified. I just think he likes to give mouth to mouth.
13. Gas is on a rapid increase of price. Last week it jumped from $3.39 to $3.55 to $3.69 in 3 days.
14. I guess Aiden's fiance was scared of Mike and I, probably more Mike than me, at the bar on Saturday night.
15. Taxes are done. Lets pray for the best.
16. This weeks dart match is in Weymouth, if anyone wants to stop by for some brews.

Thats all I have for right now.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Theres always next year

The Patriots lose on the last possession yet again. On a brighter side at least Chrissy hit the coin toss again.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. TK's son, Pete, is engaged and TK couldn't be happier. ONE VAGINA FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
2. Really a reality show based on "an insider's look at the faith, hard work, and family that make this(SOUTHIE) blue-collar enclave Beantown's beating heart" WHAT!!
3. Another year and yet another year of not winning a square.
4. The party up at the View just ain't the same. Pre game cards, bean bag toss, and reserved tables. Man things changed.
5. Chrissy saves up all his cans and then has a huge kegger with his returns money(he will let you know when his bash is):

6. No, this isn't from this past Sunday:

7. The Valentines day pub crawl is this Saturday. Who is getting their Swole on?
8. I actually went 2 days without showering, Friday and Saturday...longest in a long time.
9. Darts starts back up tonight - same squad; new location.
10. People get so jealous when someone wins a square. I mean Rio hit 2 and I thought people were gonna bum rush him.
11. I am debating doing my taxes myself this year.
12. Finding time to get a haircut has become a pain in my balls.
13. Its always good to have EMT friends around for when you are under the weather. Fall down go boom!
14. There is nothing funnier than when your friend gets spoken to by the Alcohol commission at a sporting event.
15. Joe Q likes his Gin and tonics and then to chew on some ice.
16. I guess there was real surprise that William J Smiddy blew off the Superbowl party.
17. Is there anything more shitty  than having a vivid dream and waking up to total disappointment.
18. $500 is the going rate for bringing Ronin to the vet - for a routine check up?
19. Supah P is looking for a house in the Quincy area; if anyone knows of any please pass the word along.
20. Yes Chrissy I know yesterday was not an official ho ho holiday but it is in Whitleyville.
21. Joe Martell is supposed to be getting his Hummer back today.
22. Mikey T still has several Sox games available for this upcoming season. In packs of 2 or 4 seats.

Here is the dart schedule for the year:

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vegas Baby!

Las Vegas - Metro police officer John Norman turned himself in at the Clark County Detention Center Wednesday afternoon to face charges that he tried to talk women into exposing their breasts to him. Norman’s arrest report outlines the first incident from last summer in which he allegedly followed a woman to her home, admitted he didn’t have any reason to stop her, but wanted her to know she lived in a high crime area, then handcuffed her and instructed her how to shake her breasts out of her bra to show she wasn’t hiding anything. Then in late December accused of asking a woman during a traffic stop to take off her bra, and placing his hands on her breasts claiming to search for drugs. Norman  is on administrative leave.

HMMM I wonder why people don't like the police? I haven't got the foggiest. While reading this I inserted Officer Christian MacPhail, just to give it that Massachusetts feel. I could 100% see Chrissy doing this around Halloween.