Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Theres always next year

The Patriots lose on the last possession yet again. On a brighter side at least Chrissy hit the coin toss again.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. TK's son, Pete, is engaged and TK couldn't be happier. ONE VAGINA FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!
2. Really a reality show based on "an insider's look at the faith, hard work, and family that make this(SOUTHIE) blue-collar enclave Beantown's beating heart" WHAT!!
3. Another year and yet another year of not winning a square.
4. The party up at the View just ain't the same. Pre game cards, bean bag toss, and reserved tables. Man things changed.
5. Chrissy saves up all his cans and then has a huge kegger with his returns money(he will let you know when his bash is):

6. No, this isn't from this past Sunday:

7. The Valentines day pub crawl is this Saturday. Who is getting their Swole on?
8. I actually went 2 days without showering, Friday and Saturday...longest in a long time.
9. Darts starts back up tonight - same squad; new location.
10. People get so jealous when someone wins a square. I mean Rio hit 2 and I thought people were gonna bum rush him.
11. I am debating doing my taxes myself this year.
12. Finding time to get a haircut has become a pain in my balls.
13. Its always good to have EMT friends around for when you are under the weather. Fall down go boom!
14. There is nothing funnier than when your friend gets spoken to by the Alcohol commission at a sporting event.
15. Joe Q likes his Gin and tonics and then to chew on some ice.
16. I guess there was real surprise that William J Smiddy blew off the Superbowl party.
17. Is there anything more shitty  than having a vivid dream and waking up to total disappointment.
18. $500 is the going rate for bringing Ronin to the vet - for a routine check up?
19. Supah P is looking for a house in the Quincy area; if anyone knows of any please pass the word along.
20. Yes Chrissy I know yesterday was not an official ho ho holiday but it is in Whitleyville.
21. Joe Martell is supposed to be getting his Hummer back today.
22. Mikey T still has several Sox games available for this upcoming season. In packs of 2 or 4 seats.

Here is the dart schedule for the year:


Anonymous said...

What days the dart review. Only reason I read this blog

Kodiak said...

what division is the dart team this year? and is my boy DJ Brighto on the roster