Monday, February 20, 2012

A month Away

Can you believe that spring is only a month away? We have to have one huge snow storm before that gets here, right? I am not complaining about the mild winter. God knows my oil bill thanks him. I am still bitter that they took away Washingtons and Lincolns birthday and gave us just 1 Presidents day.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. TK likes to party it up at the Hardrock Cafe on Saturday nights.
2. The blue whales penis is 10 feet long. How come we dont say hung like a blue whale?
3. Rio says the new Smith and Wollensky's, where John Brewer works, is off the chains.
4. George Washington was the wealthiest President. Adjusting for inflation he was worth $500M. Thomas Jefferson was worth $200M.
5. According to Mikey Layden, Nicks on Sea Street has the best onion rings ever.
6. In Providence, it is illegal to sell toothpaste and a toothbrush to the same customer on a Sunday. What do all the one night stands do Sunday morning? Rock dragon breath?
7. A reliable source(MikeyT) informs me Katies Burger Bar in Plymouth is LEGIT - 5 stars!
8. Chrissy is afraid of a night of 40 oz's and drinking games.
9. Red Sox nuts are all geared up for the new Jet Blue park in Fort Myers.
10. Joe's American Bar and grill are back giving out full loaves of bread. I ain't mad at this.
11. Mars candy is no longer going to make King size candy bars. I guess they are against sharing.
12. One of the things to look for that the recession is starting to subsideis men are purchasing clothing now.
13. Game Stop is all out of Amalore for PS3 but there are plenty Xbox 360.
14. I thought Jeffrey and Chrissy were fucking with me when they were talking about Poopies in Pembroke. I hear the pizza is better than Linwood cafe.
15. I tried to trim my beard and messed up. So I have that going for me.
16. I am secretly addicted to the blind auditions on the Voice.
17. THE AMI is planning a "Million Mustache March".
18. Newton is a huge Roger Waters fan but who is paying $255 a ticket?
19. DJ Brighto now has business cards, has dropped the O and will have a website up and running soon.
20. Big L has one vacation saved up. Let him  know where and when.

Darts is at home this Tuesday so feel free to come down and have some beers, laughs and maybe try the wings.


Chrissy said...

#8 sorry riccio,you still have to pay your $50. i have never been afraid of 40 night or drinking games, this is a made up lie. i am down for any friday night!

Chrissy said...

#10 that bread at Joes did look amazing. i am starting to regret my lent decision

Chrissy said...

#14 its Poopsies, not Poopies. maybe thats why you didnt believe us.they are good bar pizzas though. plus they have the high life on draft!