Monday, February 27, 2012

Request for help

A friend of mine is getting married and he and his fiancee entered a contest to help offset the cost of their wedding. You can vote every day until March 9th. You can only vote once per day per device. If you have a smart phone, laptop, home / work computer etc. you can help push this great couple over the top. They are currently in 2nd place just a few hundred votes back and need a rally to get in the lead. Feel free to watch the video and keep in mind that anyone willing to subject themselves to that kind of ridicule deserves your vote. Also, There is no way I can let any couple from Cambridge (or Maine) take this down without doing all that I can to prevent it.

Click on the link to vote:
When it opens click on the stars under Michelle & Chris to register your vote.

Thanks for your support!


1 comment:

Reality said...

Looking for a handout? Go to town hall grab a justice if the peace its like 50 bucks. Embarrassing. Give that marriage 2yrs tops. Kids ain't willing to work and make sacrifices. Fail.