Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Uh Huh

Yes, I am fully aware that I didn't update the blog yesterday. I had the day off and my home computer does not seem to be working too well and there was no way I was blogging from my phone. I am sorry but it is what it is.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Fruit loops are all the same flavor just different colors.
2. Pats is better than Geno's. Deal with it. Better steak is better steak.
3. Congrats to Mike and Kait Claydon on the addition of a baby boy. Declan Robert Claydon.
4. Boston to Allentown is a 5 hour ride. Mapquest blows.
5. I guess you can tailgate for hockey games in Philly.
6. Is it real life to be off of work for 2 days and come back to 178 unread work emails?
7.  Guess who is gonna be a grandfather? My favorite uncle Willie.
8. People bitched about the Mustache pub crawl being in May now some people are bitching it is in June. I am thinking bout saying fuck it and going with Tank tops this year.
9. Has anyone heard from Jeffrey? Must be stressful with the new job because all he sends is hate texts.
10. Oh and when you order beers in the City of Brotherly Love its always drafts before bottles. Which is backwards from here.
11. I get it people who go Ape shit about Wegmans coming to the Boston area. I fucking get it. That place is awesome.
12. There are tons of casinos popping up the Philly area.
13. PJ Whelihans is the official sponsor of the Wing Bowl. This year is #22 Double Trouble but the wings weren't anything special.
14. What would your WWE finishing move be? Flying elbow, Super Kick, figure 4 leg lock, the crossface chicken wing or something new?
15. I know I have said this before and I will say it again but why isn't the Patty Melt on more menus?
16. Same thing goes for country fried steak.
17. Twin Rivers sent me an invite for a private Super bowl party. Anyone want it?
18. Jeep has stopped making the Jeep Liberty, by by ragtop convertible.
19. Lots of Bruins fans down in Philly but none of them from the Boston area. Kind of weird to me.
20. Tonight is another vet visit for the lump/growth in Ronin's neck. I hope they have a better idea of what it could be, since it hasn't changed in 2 weeks.

That is all for this week.

I got Broncos 38 Seattle 27 in the Superbowl.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy MLK day

I know, I know tough loss for the Patriots. Motherfuckers are all types of upset. Can't we just focus on the positives? There is always next year? Now you can root for either Manning or Rah Rah Pete!

I was not going to write this blog today because it is literally more work today than my job but after Chrissy bitched and complained, how could I not.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Jason Foley is looking forward to baby #3, so much so that he is planning his vasectomy.
2. Martin Luther King changed his name from Michael and that has some people upset.
3. I saw the new Jack Ryan movie - it is a total reboot of the franchise but over all not bad.
4. Brian Folan HATES group texts.
5. John Brewer is living in sin with his lady and working at Stella in the South End.
6. Everyone knows I love burgers, that's my jam, apparently Park in Cambridge has the states best Patty Melt. Ill let ya know when I try it.
7. The dart team lost in the state finals, lets see how they do next year in the C division.
8. Bill Smiddy and Kelly Barker have put in applications to come back to work here.
9. I am going to Philly this weekend, Do you prefer Pats or Genos?
10. Dave and Doe didn't even appreciate their countdown to Boston counter here on the blog. Buncha ingrates.
11. People complaining about having to work on a holiday, when they are getting double time and a half, is absurd to me.
12. Finally took down my Xmas decorations this weekend.
13. If someone changes their eating habits why do other people have to shit on that change?
14. Paw Patrol is just Voltron for little kids but with dogs.
15. Kevin Barbere is back on the radio, 104.5.
16. Samsung Galaxy 5 is coming out in a few months so if you are waiting on a new phone, you will have that and the Iphone 6.
17. Has anyone else been watching True Detectives on HBO? I love Matthew McConaghy's character. I'm convinced that Woody Harrlesons character is the serial killer.
18. Chrissy is mad at his  boss. Guess he is back on the 10:00-6:30 shift.
19. If you have any HVAC needs call Rob 781-234-5120 or Jeffrey 781-223-7285. Ask em for the Drunknothings special - 10% off your first visit.
20. Mark Welch is not ignoring people he has just been run down by the flu.

That is all for this week people.
Stay safe and remember to call me if you have any squares available.

Sorry if there are any errors. I was in a rush.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

TMX season review

The Season is over and Tmx is here to give out the final results!!! It has been busy wrapping everything up.

Spending first place money this year is Who's Your favorite New Kid (Donnie D).  A remarkable season in which he traded top wide receiver Josh Gordon and made only 35 dollars worth of transactions!!  New Kid rode often injured Jamal Charles ( hurt 2nd play of playoffs!!) Desean Jackson, Frank Gore and even an off season fantasy wise from Brady to a 27pt victory!! Tmx did make a surprise visit to the New Kid compound but was unable to get in?? Doors bolted and Wilson Philips Hold On For One more day blaring. Weird situation but a winner no the less!! Congrats!!! 

Second place this year and always in the mix for the top spot were the Beach Bums. As mentioned they almost caught New Kid the last week making a huge push with Rodgers and Cobb coming back. Beach Bums per usual were in the Tmx headlines all year with controversy and collusion allegations (none of which were ever proven)!! The nickname ROBFREY was invented this season and Beach Bums set a new transaction record with 180 dollars!! Gotta pay you wanna win people!! Third place this year with a wonderful coaching job in a season full of injuries was DMC. Each week losing a player the red cross unit was able to hang on long enough to finish in the cash. DMC also pulled off a trade of Gordon after he acquired him for top tight end Julius Thomas who immediately got game after the trade!!! Fourth place this year was Setitfgit. The Detroit city all stars led by Stafford, Bush and Megatron were running away with it til the Philly snow game. The high risk-high reward move of taking 3 star Lions almost paid off, once again the city of Philadelphia ruins something that seemed so good. No shock. 

5th place with the steal of the draft Shady Mccoy carrying the squad was Black Dynamite. BD had a good season and always looked primed to make a move but never got over the hump. Black Dynamite's future looks promising as he own future draft picks in next years draft in a controversial rule changing trade made on draft day!!! 6th place was IN Peyton WE Trust who seems to have only trusted Peyton as he was the only star on the team. Peyton put up record breaking numbers but they weren't enough as the team took a dive and never recovered!! 7th place were Slippery Wizards who never climbed higher than 7th and spend many weeks in the basement. The benefactor of Josh Gordon's explosion Slippery Wizards survived losing Foster and Cobb. 8th place was Sflabo who made moves up til the last second to avoid coming in last. Tmx was the first to break Sflabo a long time ADSL member will be leaving this year. The rule changes as well as basic life not allowing to keep up with fantasy have made Sflabo move on. Good luck!!! Beer Bitch this year is Nutsaway. Nutsaway came out of the basement just in time. Brees did his thing and helped keep him out of the dress. Sadly if Nutsaway didnt lose points due to lack of payment he wouldnt be beer bitch! Pay your bills son!! The last place and dress wearer this year is Jerkshots. The healthiest team and inventor of the hammy dance (for those that dont know that is a dance designed to injure an opponents player) came upon some back luck in the final week as his one season injury happened. Tony "Holy" Romo went down and the poor pick up of Tannehill sealed his fate. Tmx expects Jerkshots to come with a legit dress and bring respectability back to last place as the dresses have gotten sloppy and seem like oversized t-shirts. Thanks to ADSL management for running another successful season and study up off season is short!! 

Anyone looking to get in the league can contact ADSL corporate headquarters. TMX out.

(There are rumors that Jason "Big Show" Foley is in talks about taking over SFlabos spot in the league but having just found out his wife is pregnant with his 3rd child. That may be short lived)

Monday, January 13, 2014

Party on

As many people know 2014 has been labelled the year of hope. Here is to hoping for another Patriots Super bowl win.

This is what I learned this weekend - a quick bakers dozen:
1. Sarah really wants Jeffrey to go on another baseball trip, gonna be tough to do when you are trying to jump start a new company.
2. Dry skin is the worst.
3. Almond milk is not bad. It tastes like skim milk.
4. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the Yankee re-gift party. Lots of good (an electric blanket) and bad (a bag full of creamed corn) gift, were swapped around.
5. Ronin has some sort of golf ball sized lump on his throat. So far the vet doesn't know what it is but she prescribed antibiotics in case its an infection.
6. The TMX season ending review is in and I will post that up tomorrow.
7. The WWE is launching a 24/7 wrestling channel for $9.99 a month. You get all the PPVs and classic matches. The issue is its only online.
8. Mario has found a venue for his wedding. Hope you keep next August (2015) opened.
9. In this day and age you can not be mad about any raise.
10. It takes exactly 11 minutes for Jeffrey to get a hair cut. Why he is timing the barber the world may never know.
11. Its still hard to find Miller High Life light anywhere.
12. Speaking of light beers have you  seen Miller Light has gone back to the throw back Lite cans?
13. It is girl scout cookie season. Those little ones are out shilling their cookies at Stop and Shop now.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


Congrats to the old Laydens pub/Peggy Oniels/South Side Tavern/Heights Boyz dart team on winning the D league dart championship.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Holy BABY Jesus

60 degrees in January. Smiddy and Grillo keep on using the spray deodorant, killing the ozone with CFCs like a mother fucker.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mario found out that porn stars are people too.
2. I know that the supermarket is a zoo the day before a storm. It could be worse the says after.
3. How the fuck is the mall busier after Christmas than the days leading up to Christmas.
4. Hey Target if I am even exchanging a XL for a 2XL and they are the same price, why are you charging me $4.00? You think people are trying to get receipts for a package of white t shirts?
5. Hair in your ears is no good, shave that shit.
6. Since when did socks get so expensive?
7. I could eat meatloaf every day.
8. Dog food is expensive but when you get a free $58.00 bag you feel like you hit the lottery.
9. Who gets a dog trainer for a dog who is almost 2 years old?
10. Jeffrey loves the term HAM!
11. Rob and Jeffrey are venturing out on their own. They have given their 2 weeks and are starting their own HVAC/Sheet Metal company. It has not been confirmed that it will be called Robfreys HVAC.
12. All these college bowl games have been pretty good. Good old football.
13. Planters has a new Pistachio Lovers blend - Pistachios, Cashews and roasted Almonds. Can't really beat it. Best of all the nuts.
14. MikeyT is looking for some serious OT or a trip to scalp the Indians. Heat pumps ain't cheap kids!
15. Looking for a 10th person to join the fantasy league. Right now Jason Foley is showing some interest but the thought of coming in last and having to wear a dress is scaring him off.
16. Stephen Flaherty has a new in-ground pool going in. Must be nice living in Squantum and keeping up with Jonses.
17. Anyone have any ideas on what is a good affordable snow blower? I feel like I need one even though I dont have all that much to shovel.
18. Ke$ha is in rehab. And you are saying I don't have a chance?
19. Everyone once and a while you need a wasted Saturday of boozing.
20. Ozzie has 5 extra tickets to the Pats game this Saturday. Section 320 row 3 and $150. If you are interested let him know.

Till next week bitches...
I know some of you are waiting on a TMX season wrap up. Hope to have it by Thursday..