Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Uh Huh

Yes, I am fully aware that I didn't update the blog yesterday. I had the day off and my home computer does not seem to be working too well and there was no way I was blogging from my phone. I am sorry but it is what it is.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Fruit loops are all the same flavor just different colors.
2. Pats is better than Geno's. Deal with it. Better steak is better steak.
3. Congrats to Mike and Kait Claydon on the addition of a baby boy. Declan Robert Claydon.
4. Boston to Allentown is a 5 hour ride. Mapquest blows.
5. I guess you can tailgate for hockey games in Philly.
6. Is it real life to be off of work for 2 days and come back to 178 unread work emails?
7.  Guess who is gonna be a grandfather? My favorite uncle Willie.
8. People bitched about the Mustache pub crawl being in May now some people are bitching it is in June. I am thinking bout saying fuck it and going with Tank tops this year.
9. Has anyone heard from Jeffrey? Must be stressful with the new job because all he sends is hate texts.
10. Oh and when you order beers in the City of Brotherly Love its always drafts before bottles. Which is backwards from here.
11. I get it people who go Ape shit about Wegmans coming to the Boston area. I fucking get it. That place is awesome.
12. There are tons of casinos popping up the Philly area.
13. PJ Whelihans is the official sponsor of the Wing Bowl. This year is #22 Double Trouble but the wings weren't anything special.
14. What would your WWE finishing move be? Flying elbow, Super Kick, figure 4 leg lock, the crossface chicken wing or something new?
15. I know I have said this before and I will say it again but why isn't the Patty Melt on more menus?
16. Same thing goes for country fried steak.
17. Twin Rivers sent me an invite for a private Super bowl party. Anyone want it?
18. Jeep has stopped making the Jeep Liberty, by by ragtop convertible.
19. Lots of Bruins fans down in Philly but none of them from the Boston area. Kind of weird to me.
20. Tonight is another vet visit for the lump/growth in Ronin's neck. I hope they have a better idea of what it could be, since it hasn't changed in 2 weeks.

That is all for this week.

I got Broncos 38 Seattle 27 in the Superbowl.


Anonymous said...

Tank tops for the Stache Crawl would be phenomenal!

The guy who was almost the next Billy Rogers. said...

#8 I would have to agree with tank tops being a great addition. Also how about skinny jeans or daisy dukes?

#10 Philly in general is a great boozing town. On nights they have their professional soccer team playing you can take a booze bus from the German Beer hall on South Street to the game with a ticket and all the beer you can drink on the buss both ways for like $20-$30.

Mike G said...

It's Declan James Claydon, not Robert, but thanks for the shout out.