Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Im on Vacation

I know I am a few days late on posting this. Chrissy has been all over me. Well it's better late than never at all, right?

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Back Seat Lover is an awesome cover band. Especially for $7.00 (they didn't play this when we saw them but I figured I would post it):
They play again at the Hardrock Cafe in Boston on July 28th with a STP cover band. Hope you guys can make it. Chrissys buying tickets as we speak.
2. When getting furniture it is great to measure where it will go, to make sure it fits, but if you can't get it up the are an asshole (or in this case I am THE Asshole).
3. A hippo can open it's mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.
4. National grid is not very customer service friendly.
5. "Billie Jean" was the 1st video to air on MTV by a black artist. Fucking Michael Jackson always on top of shit.
6. Thomas Edison, light bulb inventor, was afraid of the dark.
7. The 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie sucked badly.
8. How did I get a cold while on vacation? God is cruel.
9. Mario moonlights as the CEO of The Ding and Dents moving company.
10. Making a patio level and flawless is a whole hell of a lot harder than I thought.
11. Smiddy is thinking about making the move back to BMC.
12. My dog is not liking this weather at all.
13. I guess most of my family doesn't like red meat. Prime rib was not the thing to serve on fathers day then.
14. Cambridge is looking to follow NYC and ban soda.
15. No one should ever wear yellow shorts. I mean no one and never.
16. Grillo was wearing a leather jacket in the bar on Saturday night. I was hot just looking at him.

I have some errands to run so I am keeping it brief.

See you all next week.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bacon Sundae

So, yesterday burger king came out with their bacon sundae.

I love ice cream and I love bacon so I was instantly intrigued. So I ordered one and the girl was all excited to make the first one of the day even tho she said I don't know who would eat this, it looks disgusting. It definately looked strange. But it was SOOOOO good. One of those odd combinations that just seem to work.

Like Mr booze always says, you really can add bacon to anything and it makes it better! The only complaint I have is the fact its made with vanilla, I hate vanilla. But the fudge and caramel on the bottom and top of the sundae was key. It was decent size and only $2.65. I highly recommend you try one.

Monday, June 11, 2012


Well last week was a total and utter cluster fuck with things I learned. We recently upgraded some of the computers at work and all this damn blogger wants to do is try and get you to use Goggle Chrome. WHO THE FUCK USES GOOGLE CHROME? Anyway, I had listed 27 things I learned with pictures and videos from Dot day but because of the whole google fuck up only 7 posted. I was too frustrated to go back in and update it so you got a half assed effort. Get over it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Ferrets can suffer from depression.(they also smell like piss ALL THE TIME)
2. The modern day tampon was invented in 1933, by a man. He probably got sick of seeing blood on his mattress.
3. For the past month, I can not sleep on the days that I could sleep late and I cant wake up when I need to be up for work. Its quite the conundrum.
4. Grilled sweet potatoes are not bad.
5. There is nothing worse than broken pixels on your phone screen.
6. I downloaded PAC-CHOMP onto my phone. Its a puzzle game with Pac man pieces. Pretty good.
7. Jeffrey is in love with Sam Summers.
8. The Celtics should be embarrassed by that Game 7 4th quarter.
9. I'm still pissed that I couldn't GIVE away Red Sox tickets to a Friday night game.
10. Shaun Larry has a venue picked out for the wedding of the year, The Marriot in Quincy. Don't hold your breath for an invite, there isn't many available tickets for this GALA!
11. Rio is hot into buying a house in Revere. His house warming party is gonna be a huge raging kegger with strippers and a bouncy house for the kids.
12. I had never been to a live auction fund raiser before. Needless to say, I need more of these in my life. I hope the lady who won dinner with Mrs. Wahlberg and 3 guests at Alma Nove brings me.
13. If I am going to convert to gas, should I buy a great stove now or a cheapie and then a great stove if/when I renovate my kitchen?
14. Who doesn't deliver on the weekend? I mean if you are open on the weekends then that's when you should be delivering.
15. I tried the chili cheese fries from Wendy's. They are damn good just not a ton of them.
16. Chrissy became the 13th member of the 40 - 40 club. 40 hours of regular time and 40 overs of overtime in the same week.
17. Katie does not seem to like the bruschetta Boca burgers. I don't blame her who wants to eat that garbage anyways?
18. Sunday was the 1st day that Ronin did not get a walk since we got him(day care days not withstanding).
19. I used to think that no one loved a bargain more than Chrissy but I was wrong. No one loves a bargain more than Nora Mitchell.
20. I have heard that Congress 606 has the best burger in Boston. Can anyone confirm or deny that?
21. Jason Foley has dual citizenship with Ireland.
22. Your ear lobes line up with your nipples.
23. I have been to many events at Florian hall but never have I seen that many people at a fund raiser before.
24. Does anyone need $200 off a DJ or anything? I won it and an Ipod Shuffle at the fund raiser. I think its from this place Bside Charlies.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Brrr...June is here

Now that Dot day is over, I guess the next thing to look forward too is Jeb's pig roast on June 30th. I hear there is a huge bean bag toss tournament and possibly even a beer die event. Hope you guys can make it.

This is what I learned this weekend:
1. Mitchell is getting it twice a week on the reg.
2. Half of all robberies take place on a Friday.
3. Elizabeth Warren is someone Chrissy can believe in.
4. According to my uncle, Willie, Mungo will not be Dot Day Bowl off champion for long.
5. Nothing is worse than sleeping on your neck wrong. It doesn't feel good for days/weeks.
6. In 1845 President Andrew Jackson's pet parrot had tp ne removed from his funeral for swearing.
7. Mike lost a lot of respect for Dot out after they disrespected Chrissy:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Darts update PLAYOFF LOSS!

We traveled to Abington to begin round 3 in the dart playoffs and the first night did not go well. We dug ourselves a hole but we did not play ourselves out of the match.
501's Lost 2 & Won 1:
SL and I started the night off the wrong way. We played well but the other team hit too many triple 20's and we lost.
TB & Jared played a great game. It was close the entire way and both teams had their chances to end it and Jared took it down with a double 14 to tie the match.
Jeb & DW spotted a 275 point lead and mounted a great comeback. Both teams had out chances and the other team hit it first.

Cricket Lost 2 & Won 1:
Supa P & I fell way behind early. Supa did what he could to get us back in it but I sucked and we lost.
SL & TB played a great game. They got the lead early and kept it. They also wasted no time in winning the game.
Jeb & Jared were up early and even in the middle of the game. The other team went on a run to take the lead and eventually the game.

After 6 we were down 4 to 2

301's 5 & Won 1:
SL lost game 1 in a close one. In game 2 he had a 200 point lead but got stuck on a tough out. The other guy hit huge darts to take it down.
TB got right on and so did the other guy. It was about even at the 100 point mark and TB hit a great shot to get to the out first but the other guy stole it. In game 2 it was neck and neck but another loss. 
I played a 3 game set. I lost game 1 and came back and won games 2&3. 
DW got shut out in game 1 and lost fast in game 2. 
Jeb lost game 1 in a close one. In game 2 Jeb was down big but made a nice comeback. It came down to an out and Jeb took it. In game 3 they both got it down fast and the other fool hit it. 
P lost 2 fast games to end the night.

We certainly did not position ourselves to advance to the next round by losing 9 out of 12 games but it was back to Quincy on Thursday to see if we could make a charge.

Thursday nights results:
501 Won 2 lost 1:
Me & Dillion got right on and hammered it down. The other team made a charge and SL hit the winner.
Jared & TB were slow to get in and it cost them. They made a comeback but it was too late.
Mark & P got on early and built a small lead and the other guys kept it close. It was anyone's game in the end and Mark hit good set up darts and P hit the out.

Cricket Won 3 Lost  NONE:
TB & SL came to play! The both got hot early and often. The other team made a good run in the middle but it was over when SL hit the final cork
Jeb & Me played from behind the whole game but did not quit. Jeb got hot on the 15's and corks and after my double cork Jeb hit the final for the win.
P & Jared jumped out to an early lead with some solid darts and key triples. They slowed down a bit but wasted no time taking the win.

At this point we did a great job in closing the gap to make the match 10 to 8. We were really confident we could at least win 4 of 6 and force extra games but it was not meant to be.
301 Won 1 & Lost 3 and the last 2 games did not matter: 
SL played well but lost in 2 games.
TB won the first and took a lead in game 2. He was able to take it down and got right on in game 3 which he also won. 
I won the 1st and had a good lead in the 2nd but could not hit the out and lost. The 3rd was even from start to finish and the other guy hit a 20, triple 20, double 20 for the win. F'n repulsive way to lose a game!
MW played great in game 1 for the win. In Game 2 mark got on with a 120 and did not let up even though the other guy hit great darts. In the end it was another bull shit throw by them to take it. In game 3 mark spotted a 179 point lead and made a charge. Unfortunately the other guy hit the out on the first dart for the win

Match over 13 to 9
Jeb & P were scheduled to play next but it was over.

We had a great run and a ton of fun all season but it really sucks to lose. They were a good team but they were certainly beatable. We were a few wins away from playing for the title and there is no doubt we would have taken it down. Sometime soon I will post a recap of the season but I am not in the right frame of mind to do it today.

Have a great time at Dot Day and let's hope the C's and the Sox can win it all!